Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 128 - Let Him Deliver Himself to Death!

Chapter 128 – Let Him Deliver Himself to Death!

Lu Lingzhi came back very late. Ye Zhen was accompanying the Old Madam for a stroll in the garden to aid digestion after a sumptuous meal when she saw him slip inside.

“Grandma, I’m back.” Lu Lingzhi held Old Madam Lu’s hand and looked back at Ye Zhen.

“Where have you been? Is your foot alright?!” She looked anxiously at Lu Lingzhi’s injured foot. Just now, he walked so unsteadily that she couldn’t help but fuss over her adored grandson.

“Go to the gazebo over there and sit still!”

To ease up the Old Madam’s worry, Lu Lingzhi laughed indifferently, “I didn’t walk very much today. I accompanied the Emperor to the hunting ground but just stayed at a corner to watch and didn’t participate in hunting.”

“Still, you should have come back earlier.” Old Madam Lu softly scolded. “Yao Yao got four A’s today so we had a little celebration. We were waiting for your return.”

Displaying an apologetic smile on his face, Lu Lingzhi’s gaze flickered across Ye Zhen then to his grandmother with certainty.

“I already know about this, and I saw Yao Yao dance on the drum at the college today. She was splendid!”

“Really?” The Old Madam’s eyes lit up with utmost pride.

Hearing Lu Lingzhi says so, Ye Zhen forced a smile. “Grandma, I’ll show you later.”

The madam immediately nodded with a smile, then asked Lu Lingzhi, “The princess knows her power. You should watch out for Yao Yao and make sure that she receives the notice from the college…whatever it is called.”

“I will.” Lu Lingzhi said firmly.

Ye Zhen frowned, this indeed happens—women who performed excellent sometimes didn’t get the notice for some unknown reason. Although this possibility is small, who knows what Princess Liu Hua has on her sleeves?

“This matter is being watched by the little prince. Therefore, the princess is afraid to do so.”

“Little prince?” Old Madam Lu had some doubts. What does this matter have to do with the Little Prince?

“Yao Yao did save the little prince once, he probably feels grateful to our Yao Yao. ” Lu Lingzhi smiled and reminded her grandma of this incident. “Grandma, you can rest assured that the two teachers who deliberately made things difficult for Yao Yao today have been expelled from the college by the dean.”

Immediately, Ye Zhen’s eyes widened in surprise and she looked at Lu Lingzhi with uncanny disbelief. “So soon?”

“They argued in with the little prince. How can Mo Rongyi let them go?”

He was leaving out some details in purpose, Ye Zhen thought. The prince certainly asked his brother emperor to give the order for the expulsion of the two teachers.

Upon the mention of the surname ‘Mo’, Lu Lingzhi visibly looked agitated at himself. As much as possible, he did not want his sister to think too much about Mo Rongzhan and his family.

Ye Zhen had slowly become fond of the little prince Mo Rongyi. The young boy was really bloody! In less than a day, he managed to punish the two teachers.

While the Old Madam listened, she soon felt tired and asked Chen Wei to accompany her inside the mansion. This, of course, left Lu Lingzhi and Ye Zhen sitting in the pavilion. The tension was imminent in the air.

Ye Zhen was not interested in sitting there facing him so as soon as Old Madam excused herself and left the pavilion, she immediately stood up to follow her.

“Yao Yao.” Before she could take a step or two, Lu Lingzhi called her name and quickly, stood opposite her. “I’ve heard from Three uncle, do you really plan to live in the college in the future?”

Thinking of Lu Xiangzhi’s warning, Ye Zhen reluctantly smiled, “Yes, it is more convenient to live inside the college.”

He wanted to speak a few more words to persuade her in changing her plan but thinking of her temper, he swallowed the words back, “Take a maid with you.”

“No, I can take care of myself.” Ye Zhen assured him with a gentle smile.

“The rest of the students must also have maids so you don’t have to worry about being noticed by being…different.” He spoke a little hard.

Ye Zhen smiled faintly and looked at him with her eyebrows raised. “Even if I don’t have a maid, I am already very popular.”

Lu Lingzhi was shocked when he heard this and could only force out a chuckle, “That’s exactly what I said.”

“How did the eldest brother go to college today?” She just heard him say she saw her dancing, but she didn’t notice him at all.

“I just happen to pass through the college and was attracted by the festive noise. ” Lu Lingzhi explained vaguely for he didn’t want to say that he was with Mo Rongzhan who came to the college to look for his little brother.

Ye Zhen suddenly remembered that when her soul was trapped in the palace, she had not seen Lu Lingzhi for a period of time. Thinking about this memory, she realized that it was about this time.

“Aren’t you the assistant war minister? Why don’t you look occupied these days? Now that the border is not peaceful, aren’t there rebellions everywhere?

“Originally, the emperor wanted me to lead troops to suppress rebellion, but now I’m injured and I can’t even go.” Lu Lingzhi’s eyes became filled with disappointment. In fact, he direly hoped to lead troops out to suppress those rebellious captaincies. Although he had been given a high position, he still needs to seal the Lu family’s position in the emperor’s mind.

Mo Rongzhan was different from the first emperor. He was not a ruler who could be controlled by others. After following him for so many years, Lu Lingzhi learned very well how powerful the emperor is today.

From an unpopular Prince of Qin to a forbearing, composed, resolute and omnipotent emperor whom everyone could not help but follow and serve, he usurped the throne with an iron fist. Lu Lingzhi was deeply devoted to him, and he especially condemns those who rebel against the emperor.

When did he become guilty and defensive about Mo Rongzhan? It seems that it all started since he poisoned Ye Zhen on his own initiative…

“I have made a new medicine, which can make your foot heal faster,” said Ye Zhen with a bright face. She now felt some regrets about not giving Lu Lingzhi the medicine added with her miraculous liquid. If not for his injury, he must have long left for the border!

More importantly, he would perhaps be seriously injured when he goes to suppress the rebellious captaincy, and would only be able to recover after recuperating at home for less than a year.

Ye Zhen didn’t want to change these things that should happen because of her rebirth—she didn’t want to watch Lu Lingzhi escape this disaster.

“How did you know that the eldest brother wants to go out with troops?” The confusion in his face was showing.

“Every brave man seeks to serve his country—and his family. If the eldest brother doesn’t have such a heart, how can the Lu family today come into being? How many people’s blood did you spill in the battle to give this family a strong foundation? Eldest brother surely knows what I mean. That injury keeps you from your duties.”

Lu family was not a century-old family, with no foundation and no connections, so Lu Lingzhi needed more achievements to stabilize the family’s position. Ye Zhen pointed out in precision his plans.

“How do you know so much, Third sister?”

Ye Zhen snorted softly, “Do you still underestimate this me?”

“That’s not what I meant. Eldest brother is just surprised.” Before, he only thought Yao Yao was just a thoughtless wild girl, he didn’t expect her to have such knowledge.

“Do you want my medicine or not?” Ye Zhen asked.

Lu Lingzhi, who had seen the effects of her medicine definitely couldn’t refuse, “Thank you, Third sister.”

Ye Zhen’s mouth slightly tilted, “I’ll have the maid deliver it to you later.”

Hurriedly letting his injury heal so he can lead troops to war and die on the battlefield is even an act of better revenge. Let him deliver himself to death!

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