Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 258

Chapter 258

At night .

Moonlight lit the night sky .

Ye Xiaochen was appraising a batch of immortal plants .

Immortal watermelon .

These watermelons were not much big, each was about two to three kg, and had a jasper like an appearance .

The skin was very thin .

Ordinary thin-skinned watermelon couldn’t be compared with these .

The skin of the immortal watermelon was really thinner than paper!

Ye Xiaochen was unable to bear and directly cut it .

Inside, it was bright red, without a hint of other color and extremely pure .

Ye Xiaochen cut the watermelon into several pieces .

“Come on, have some pieces . ”

Ye Xiaochen said to Lu Dongcheng and several bean soldiers .

Yes, bean soldiers could also eat .

However, it could only be immortal plants .

Ordinary food was of little use to them .

The immortal plant contains the immortal spirit qi and was of great benefit to bean soldiers .

Lu Dongcheng couldn’t bear it, because after the watermelon was cut, its rich melon fragrance had let his saliva involuntarily flow down .

There was no image of being a cultivator .

“Really very delicious . ”

Though Lu Dongcheng was eating hurriedly, he didn’t waste any juice .

The most important thing was when the watermelon reached the stomach, a strong aura was released in his body .

He felt his whole body comfortable .

Vaguely, he felt that he had touched the perfect foundation construction stage barrier .

After eating a piece of watermelon, he hurriedly said, “No good, I have to digest the aura . ”

Just a piece of watermelon had let the late foundation construction stage overflow with aura .

Seeing Lu Dongcheng leaving in a hurry, Ye Xiaochen just smiled and immediately started to eat .

This immortal watermelon really tastes good!

Worthy of yellow grade fourth level immortal plant .

This was the most advanced immortal plant he’s ever had .

Its level was higher than the grapes .

Indeed, the immortal spirit qi was astonishing .

However, Ye Xiaochen practiced Shennong tactics and was able to bear the impact of the aura more than Lu Dongcheng .

Currently, he has cultivated the Shennong tactic to a certain extent where it was close to turning into plant spirit .

Several bean soldiers were also eating watermelon .

Obviously, their way of eating was not the same as ordinary people . They directly absorbed the immortal spirit qi of watermelon .

Now, Ye Xiaochen has seven bean soldiers .

In the ancestral land, in addition to Dou Hongliu, Ye Xiaochen refined the other four incarnations into an immortal yellow bean . Unexpectedly, these four incarnations were also smoothly promoted to the Qi refining stage .

It was not inferior to Dou Hongliu .

Ye Xiaochen named the bean soldier formed by the four incarnations as Dou Huangqi .

All of a sudden, Ye Xiaochen has two bean soldiers at the qi refining stage .

It was a powerful force .

Due to this, even in the face of Lu Dongcheng, he didn’t worry much .

There were two qi refining stage bean soldiers, let alone Lu Dongcheng, even if thirty cultivators gathered together, they could be killed in minutes .

The gap between the foundation construction stage and the qi refining stage was too large .

“Haha, it’s time to have an auction . ”

Ye Xiaochen now has accumulated a large number of immortal plants .

Immediately, he started sending messages about the auction .

According to his estimate, this auction could bring around 30,000 to 40,000 immortal yuan .

Now that there were so many bean soldiers, he was ready to expand immortal land again .

Currently in the whole farm, no longer ordinary vegetables were grown, they have all been put in the Earth Shennong farm .

Good things, why shouldn’t it be shared with the family?

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen moved several immortal watermelons back home after removing the immortal spirit qi and let his parents eat it .

Mother and father could only marvel at the watermelon whose skin was as thin as paper, and of course, they praised its taste .

When Ye Xiaochen went to Yang city, he also brought a few watermelons with him, ready to take them to Wang Xinyi .

A few immortal plants were nothing to him now .

Having been away for a few days, Ye Xiaochen first learned about the situation of super rice suer rapeseed .

The super rapeseeds were growing very smoothly . The super rapeseeds which had problems last time have also been restored to normal, and the growth looked very good .

Now the farmers were very confident .

In the afternoon, Zeng Hongye took some officials to the countryside to investigate the growth of super rapeseed .

This was also a message to the people that the government was very supportive of the promotion of super rapeseed .

Wang Shuisheng’s home .

“Haha, Ye Xiaochen, this Cao Xinhong seems to have taken some wrong medicine . Unexpectedly, he is showing goodwill, and also said that he wanted to cooperate with our Earth Shennong farm . ”

Wang Shuisheng suddenly said the matter .

The relationship between him and Cao Xinhong hasn’t been good and has many contradictions .

Now that the Cao Xinhong was showing goodwill, the sun seemed to rise from the west .

“Haha, brother Wang, since he is friendly, is it not good?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

He knew that Cao Xinhong was grateful to him for saving his life .

“I’m afraid he’s up to something . ”

Wang Shuisheng had little faith in Cao Xinhong .

As a competitor, he knew that Cao Xinhong was very cunning and insidious .

“Haha, brother Wang, this time you can rest assured and cooperate with him . ”

Ye Xiaochen took a sip of tea and felt its aroma in his mouth .

“Xiaochen, did you do something?”

Wang Shuisheng was surprised .

Wang Shuisheng knew since Ye Xiaochen said that, he must have some kind of assurance .

“Haha, it’s simple, I actually saved his life . ”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t play any riddles and directly said .

Anyway, they were one family, so there was nothing to hide .

Wang Shuisheng showed a surprised expression and immediately nodded “I thought so, otherwise this old man wouldn’t be so soft . ”

After discussing some things, Ye Xiaochen got up and went to look for Wang Xinyi .

Two days passed .

At night .

Ye Xiaochen moved his thoughts and created the virtual space .

The auction of immortal plants began .

More than two hours passed .

Ye Xiaochen slowly opened his eyes .

This auction sale brought him more revenue than expected .

The immortals liked the immortal watermelon more than he imagined .

It’s bidding was more intense than the immortal red bean .

It seems that the immortal fruit was also very popular among immortals . In other words, there were a lot of foodies in the immortal .

Ye Xiaochen saw that there was more than 50,000 immortal yuan in his account and felt good .


Ye Xiaochen immediately bought several second-level immortal lands .

He also brought two immortal spring water .

In addition, he decided to upgrade all the fences .

The thirty fences alone cost him thirty thousand immortal yuan .

He then purchased several other kinds of immortal seeds and a lot of immortal fertilizer .

He now only has a few thousand immortal yuan left in his account .

The faster you earn, the faster you use it .

As soon as the fence upgraded, the air in the whole farm suddenly changed .

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