Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Tourmaline Sacrifice, Alexandrite Cat’s Eye (2)

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I… I actually became the sacrifice for his Heavenly Jewel Awakening. Tears started to flow from her eyes, she never expected that her first time would be taken in such a dubious manner, by such a man. Kill him, I have to kill him.

As she tried to gather her Heavenly Energy, she woefully realised that she only had a shred of Heavenly Energy left, and she wasn’t even able to summon her Heavenly Jewels. Without any other choice, she started to look around for a sharp weapon.

“En…” At this time, Zhou Weiqing made a sound as he started to wake up, mostly because when Shangguan Bing’er got up she just happened to land on his arm.

As he opened his eyes in a daze, the first thing he saw was the naked Shangguan Bing’er, and instantly his eyes widened. Shangguan Bing’er froze in place, her eyes filled with anger and killing intent, and she glared at him. However, to her utmost surprise, Zhou Weiqing’s surprise quickly eased away, and he even closed his eyes immediately, muttering to himself: “That scared me to death, I must be having a wet dream. I must continue dreaming, who knows something might happen between the two of us.”

“I’m … Going… To … Kill…. You….!” The five words seemed to be squeezed out from Shangguan Bing’er’s gritted teeth. By now, she had found the sharp weapon she had been looking for, as she struggled to move her body and draw an arrow from the quiver lying there, then lunged with it towards Zhou Weiqing.

When Zhou Weiqing heard her cry, he had already cleared his head and came to, just in time to see Shangguan Bing’er lunging at him. In shock, he quickly flipped his body around, at a much faster speed than ever before, and instantly flipped away from the bunk and dodging Shangguan Bing’er’s blow. After launching this attack, Shangguan Bing’er’s last shred of energy was drained, and she couldn’t attack any further.

“This… is real?” Zhou Weiqing stared in shock at Shangguan Bing’er. As his mind cleared, this time he really wasn’t acting but was really shocked by the scene in front of him.

What he saw was not just the naked Shangguan Bing’er, but the fact that her soft skin was almost covered fully with ugly green-purple bruises, and her long legs were still blood-stained.

Zhou Weiqing’s first thought was that he was doomed, he had finally remembered some of what had happened last night, but his last clear memory was seeing a strange tiger with 2 pairs of wings on its back and a scorpion’s tail, after which he had lost control of his body and lapsed into semi-consciousness, immersed in inhuman agony. However, the feeling had changed later on, as if he had found a relief outlet, and a comfortable feeling had replaced the pain. The various energies rampaging through his body had slowly straightened themselves out, and the pain had vanished. At that time, he still remembered a flash of clarity, and what he saw at that point was indeed Shangguan Bing’er below him, moaning…

Although Zhou Weiqing was rather cunning and a little dirty-minded, being precocious for his age, but he did not have a bad character. Having met with such a scenario, his entire mind blanked out. Sullying her, and even with such violence, no matter how Shangguan Bing’er took revenge on him, he would not have any complaint.

Shangguan Bing’er struggled again to get up, tears flowing down her cheeks. With much difficulty, she raised the arrow in her hand, and once again stabbed down towards Zhou Weiqing.

*Ting* A light metallic sound rang out as the arrow struck Zhou Weiqing’s chest area, and was blocked by the titanium alloy inner armour. Shangguan Bing’er did not have much strength left, and her exertion actually caused her to fall back into Zhou Weiqing’s arms.

Zhou Weiqing subconsciously embraced her soft, bruised body, Shangguan Bing’er’s stabbing caused him to fully wake up.

“I’m so… sorry, I really did not mean to, it was not intentional, I don’t know how that happened. Although I know I am not worthy of you, but if you don’t mind, I will take responsibility for everything, and take care of you.” When Zhou Weiqing said that, he was being very serious, and had none of his usual bantering. In the past at home, only when he had committed a serious mistake would he use such a tone.

Shangguan Bing’er’s body stiffened in Zhou Weiqing’s arms. At this moment, as she was in his arms with her head turned, her gaze just happened to fall upon his left wrist. What she saw was a rose-red Elemental Jewel that looked similar to a ruby. The reason why it was similar was because the colour was exactly the same, but there were some very unique markings on the Jewel, markings that seemed to be like a narrow cat’s eye. Yes, in fact, this was the very characteristic of a cat’s eye jewel.

As a Heavenly Jewel Master, Shangguan Bing’er was extremely sensitive to Heavenly Jewel Master’s Elemental Jewels. Even though she was in immense grief at the moment, it still didn’t change her instincts. The reason she had stiffened suddenly was because she had noticed this strange Jewel, in her memory she could not remember an Elemental Jewel with such an attribute.

Heavenly Jewels consisting of Cat’s Eye did exist, it symbolised one of the 4 Great Attributes – the Spatial Attribute. However, an ordinary Elemental Jewel Master with the Cat’s Eye Jewel would have it in a dark yellow colour, this was universal. As for Heavenly Jewel Master’s with the Cat’s Eye Jewel, it would usually be the prime quality Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye. Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eyes were a light gold with an inner pale jade green glow, not the rose red colour that Zhou Weiqing’s was showing.

Shangguan Bing’er raised her hands to try to wipe off her tears in order to see clearly. However, this made Zhou Weiqing who was holding her misunderstand, and he thought that Shangguan Bing’er was trying to hit him again.

Although Zhou Weiqing was wearing the titanium inner armour, it only protected his upper body. Shangguan Bing’er was after all a Heavenly Jewel Master! The innate fear of death he had made him subconsciously let go of Shangguan Bing’er, and with a roll he had dodged into the edge of the tent.

Shangguan Bing’er fell down onto the bunk again, and the pain caused her to curl up. This also caused her to recover from her shock and her anger to return.

Zhou Weiqing had taken off his outer clothing when he started cultivating last night, as such when his Jewels were Awakened, only his underclothes were torn apart. As such, now that his fear of death mode was activated, he grabbed his pants and coat, flipped around and ran out of the tent at a much faster speed than usual.

It was now the first glimmer of dawn, and the first signs of light were just showing in the outside skies.

As soon as he was out of the tent, Zhou Weiqing donned his clothes in a jiffy and ran. He knew he had done much wrong to Shangguan Bing’er, but nevertheless he was just running for his life now.

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