Heavenly Star

Chapter 556

Chapter 556

Feng Xiao nodded, and his deep eyes seemed to contain everything in the world: "the power of chaos has reached the peak. We coexist with heaven and earth. Unless chaos is destroyed, we will never grow old and die, but those relatives and lovers around us who can't give up will be sad for a hundred years. Therefore, whether you or I, the first thing to do is to let the most important people around us get a permanent life like ourselves. "

"Eternal array." Ye Wuchen shouted out the name in a relaxed tone. Immortality, for ordinary people, only exists in myths, but it is easy for them to complete. Taking the last five of the top ten artifacts in ancient times as the energy carrier and Kongtong seal as the center, we can start the eternal array of Kongtong seal. All people standing in the array will never be old and immortal.

"No," Feng Xiao shook his head in ye Wuchen's slight surprise and said with a smile, "it's the array of Tianhuang! The lost array centered on Kongtong seal is the eternal array, but launching the lost array is at the cost of losing the most important memory. The chaotic array centered on Kongtong seal is the array of heavenly brilliance. It can not only obtain permanent life, but also be blessed by the ten artifacts. It will never produce disease. Even if you don't drink or eat, life will never fail. Chaos array, only you and I can start in the world. In those years, you, who did not fully awaken the power of chaos, lost all your concerns because you forcibly launched the chaos array. And now there will be no reverse bite of any power. I'll wait until you get home. "

"Yes!" Ye Wuchen nodded hard,

"However, in this world, 251934243560 you already have too many concerns that you can't give up. You have the most important person in your life, new parents and relatives, and real friends. According to destiny, you are also born for this world... Even if you go home, you will come back after all. You have become the king of chaos in this chaotic space. If you leave for too long, there will be chaos. So, remember to bring Ruo back, no matter where you go, she will be willing to follow you. She is a person you can't live up to. "

Ye Wuchen nodded again. In his mind, he reflected the affectionate eyes and the lonely figure when he first met her. In my memory, I recall my childhood, every minute she spent with him and every word she said.

King of chaos... Before he was seven years old, he never thought he would live to be eight years old. When he woke up after ten years of deep sleep, he could never think that he would embark on such a path of life. Now he is really standing at the highest peak of the world, and there is nothing to surpass.

Two different and parallel chaotic spaces, two chaotic kings connected by blood. Different -- green @ color @ small @ say & net @ different trajectories, the same destination. The mystery of fate is often far beyond the scope of imagination. At the moment when ye Wuchen reached the peak of the seventh layer and recovered all his memories, he was lamenting the wonder of fate.

"Dad, why did sichen appear? Is it the power of you and aunt Liuli? " He asked. Sichen is his daughter, but it is far from so simple as his daughter. Without sichen's birth, he couldn't even imagine what would happen in the end.

"No, that's Kunlun mirror's own obsession and power." Feng Xiao shook his head and sighed with emotion: "the top ten ancient artifacts never easily recognize the Lord, but once they recognize the Lord, they will not betray and abandon all their lives unless the master dies. After you were sent to this space 17 years ago, the Kunlun mirror has been restless, and there is a sad force in the restlessness... In this way, it has lasted for ten years and has never weakened. Later, you woke up from ten years of sleep. Connected with your destiny, it felt the turbulence of your breath and the agitation was more intense. Finally, under its amazing obsession, it used its anti heaven samsara method, crossed the space and reincarnated into your daughter. She is not only your daughter, but also the Kunlun mirror that always belongs to you. "

Sichen's voice and appearance came to mind. He always believed that she was the most precious gift given to him by God. He whispered the name of "sichen" and wanted to appear in front of her immediately and hold her tightly.

"She is my granddaughter and will be the most grateful person in my life." Feng Xiao sighed with a smile: "if it weren't for the Kunlun mirror, your life would be exhausted at the age of four. It is also because of it that the earth could recover in the reversal of the time wheel... If it weren't for sichen, I might never see you today. "

There is no impurity in the blood, but it is a complicated relationship. It used to be his weapon, his partner, but now it has become his daughter. This is really a mystery that ordinary people can't understand.

"Dad," ye Wuchen thought of another question: "you once told me that neither chaos nor people with the surname of dragon can have only one son for life. But sichen is her daughter. Now that I have sichen, does that mean... "

"No matter what, there will be no real absolute." Feng Xiao said, "my dragon surname has been handed down by a single generation for countless years. Each generation must be an only child. Those who have chaos will only have one descendant. However, the obsession of Kunlun mirror inadvertently tore open the only flaw of this rule under the coincidence of karma. Because these two rules are only applicable to normal fertility, but Kunlun mirror is reincarnation, avoiding this rule. In addition, Kunlun mirror is Yin, and it will only be women regardless of its spiritual form. Therefore, you can't have a daughter. You have a daughter. However, "a strange light flickered in Feng Xiao's eyes:" this may be another ingenious law of order. You and I have become two chaotic kings of chaos. With eternal life, blood will never be cut off, so there is no need for blood inheritance. Sichen will depend on you and be inseparable from you all her life. Even if she grows up, she will never marry, and there will be no future generations of her. So, it all stops at sichen. "

"In fact, this is not a perfect ending." Ye Wuchen smiled“ Good! " Feng Xiao nodded. Then, he suddenly took a long sigh of relief and showed a lazy attitude: "in this way, I can finally have no concern and do whatever I want... In other words, it feels good to have a son, but if there is no son... Sometimes it seems better..." three black lines appeared on ye Wuchen's head, The father opposite him had laughed. The land of God. Farewell to the God Emperor, holding the hands of Ning Xue and Tong Xin, feeling their body temperature and infatuated gaze, listening to the leaping voice and the gentle swing of the soft wind, looking at the front and future without a trace of dark awn, he suddenly understood what heaven is. Power is not what he wants, and power is not his persistent pursuit. What he has been longing for is a life with the people he loves most and will never be disturbed by anyone again“ Brother, where are we going? " Ning Xue raised her small face, revealing a smile that can completely melt the most sinful heart“ Go home. " Ye Wuchen looked ahead and smiled as softly as the breeze“ When you get home? "“ Of course, it is to play all the places you want to play, eat all the things you want to eat, and bully all the people who want to bully. "“ Hee, as long as I can stay with my brother forever, no matter where I go or whether there is something delicious to eat, I will always be willing to be bullied every day! " From the first day ye Wuchen came to Tianchen mainland, their fate was intertwined. They were separated again and again, and their hearts throbbed again and again. With countless tears and laughter, they were finally connected together and never separated again. For them, a hundred years is very short, a thousand years is very short, and ten thousand years is not enough... Only eternal time is their eternal desire... The end of the full text [well, have you calculated how many women related to Wuchen appear in the book? Here, let's show you: Ning Xue (Princess BAI), Tong Xin (Princess HEI), Xiao Mo, ye Shuiyao, Hua shuirou, Yan Zhimeng, Xue Feiyan, Xue Xin, Xue Wu, Shui mengchan, Zhuge Xiaoyu, Yan gongruo, Yan gongyue, Yue Siqi, Xiang Xiang, Jia Xiaoluo (God emperor), Xiao Ruo... A total of 17, oh? Shuiling'er and Xiaolu, the servant girl, are missing. Well, it's not the woman who makes the bed and brings tea and water and warms the bed. Oh? Missing a south son... Well, we are really the same passer-by, eh? There's also a missing miss... You beast ⊙ [less than two million words, why pile so many female masters? Can you come here?]【 In fact, I really wanted to control it at about seven or eight. Only when the average playing time is long enough can everyone be brilliant. However, a very tangled Yin of ten women has been inherited into this book, so it is absolutely impossible to think of less than ten. And those little spots in Ning Xue Tong's heart must not be ruined, so there are only some to spoil. For example... See, snow heart snow dance is used to gather up those ten numbers. Another factor is that later, both male and female roles will become a little out of control. In short, I want to portray more female types I like, one by one, one by one... I feel like I can't stop. The new book will be noticed.]【 In addition, although I prefer Lori, the favorite of these women is Hua shuirou. Ah, the perfect wife candidate, clever and gentle, virtuous Shu, virtuous Hui, listens to everything and can do anything. You never have to worry about betrayal, and you won't nag at all... It seems that the theory exists in the real world, but it should not exist in fact.]【 Is there anything else to say? Yes... No. This is not an end, but another beginning. Please do your best to support. The wind is light and the style of Shura will not be as depressing as the sky (although I like to write the plot of hope after despair, but it seems that more people don't like it). The author is the one who makes a book, and the readers are the ones who make a book. Readers greatly... Click, red ticket, collection... Ask for all kinds of support ▽ ▽ system ╭] the new book is below: m{thank you for your support, Your support is our biggest motivation}

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