Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1

Chapter 0001: Heaven’s Eyes

“Wu Yu! You're the Imperial Crown Prince! How dare you engage in such a disgraceful and harmful deed!"

“You are the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s greatest shame in history! Our Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s reputation has been untarnished for over 10,000 years. Yet it has all been brought to ruin in your hands!”

“If the previous emperor was still alive… if he had known of your beastly conduct… he would definitely have been angered to the point of death!”

These sharp and embarrassing words from his surroundings overwhelmed him, threatening to tear his eardrums apart. Wu Yu was experiencing a splitting headache. He tried his very best to open his eyes, yet his eyelids felt like they were glued shut. His head was constantly throbbing.

“I must be dreaming. I remember… It's my coronation ceremony tomorrow. I need to sleep now, only then can I wake up early tomorrow…”

With his martial cultivation, the only time he was unable to control his body was in his dreams.

“Wu Yu! You are utterly heartless. For how much longer do you plan to continue with this facade?” Yet another sharp voice rang out. It was as though a cold wind had pierced through his ears and bones. It seemed as though someone was shouting right into his ear.


The scene in front of him was a little blurry. It seemed as though he was on a bed.

It felt as though he was in the midst of winter. Even with his martial cultivation, he still felt the cold seep through his bones.


His head throbbed in pain and his vision was blurry. As he looked towards the side of his bed, on it sat a dishevelled girl. She looked extremely seductive, one who could move crowds with just her beauty. Her ragged clothes barely hid her pristine and tender white flesh. Her head of messy, long hair lay scattered across her chest. The sight was indeed moving.

She was a true beauty. What’s more, they had just shared the night. Yet she was curled up in a corner, panic evident in her eyes with her delicate and exquisite face ruined by tear streaks.

“Imperial Concubine Xi!”

This situation struck Wu Yu like a bolt from the blue.

Imperial Concubine Xi was the prior Emperor’s imperial concubine. In other words, she was his dad’s woman.

Wu Yu did not like this woman. Why was he even dreaming of her? And what was this scene?

Furthermore, he felt extremely cold. It was as though he was only wearing a pair of shorts.

His splitting headache threatened to crack his head open. Wu Yu fainted once again.


A basin of icy water was doused upon him. Wu Yu woke up in shock. He realized that he was lying on the icy ground and he truly had no clothes on! There were numerous people around him, giving him vicious and disappointed stares.

“This… is not a dream!”

Wu Yu was hit with a sudden bout of clarity. Although he was still feeling weak and relatively disorientated, he was able to discern what was happening. This was definitely not a dream.

“Tomorrow was supposed to be the day of my coronation! That bed which I was on was adorned with a colorful phoenix… It was definitely not my bed!” This was Imperial Concubine Xi’s palace hall, her imperial residence! Just why was he there?

His eyes glazed across the audience. The beautiful Imperial Concubine Xi was already surrounded by her private guards. A thick, fur coat was draped over her body.

With the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s rules, it was forbidden for any official to step into the official harem’s chambers. Yet, currently, all the numerous members of royalty and aristocrats were swarming over him! It was truly an impenetrable crowd. Clearly something heaven-shaking had occurred. Thinking back to what had previously happened, Wu Yu knew that immense trouble was coming.

“Not good!”

As he tried to sit up, he realised that he was completely unable to. His entire body was devoid of strength, and even remaining down was strenuous.

“Wu Yu! You! You! You are a greedy beast! Imperial Concubine Xi is your mother-in-law! You dare to violate even her?! If this was not discovered sooner, you would have completely sullied the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s reputation!

“A scandal! This is truly a scandal! Oh, late Emperor! He is truly the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s misfortune! It is truly humiliating!”

Each and every individual there, whether they were an official or a member of royalty, could only feel seething anger at this act.

“I have always said that this Wu Yu does not deserve to be the crown prince, much less to ascend the throne as the emperor! He chose to declare wars for his own entertainment, and his personality is unreasonable and ruthless. He does not care for the law and does whatever he wishes! He did not choose to learn how to administrate the country and is only concerned with the martial way! How does he deserve to be an emperor?”

The one who spoke was another prince. His position in the kingdom was high and he had never seen eye to eye with Wu Yu.

Wu Yu couldn't help but to laugh coldly. To the accusations of those so-called wars, when he was 14, he had brought the armies of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom to defend against the neighboring country’s incursions. In the end. he had managed to repel the enemies and even managed to conquer a quarter of the enemy’s territory. As the Crown Prince, he had become revered, shocking the masses. He had even been titled the Young War God!

With regards to not learning about administration but being focused on the martial way, it was Wu Yu’s style of running the kingdom. He was determined to use his martial cultivation to assist him in doing so. He was only 15 this year, but he had already reached the fifth tier of the Sky Realm

In the entire kingdom, including the surrounding countries, there was no one who could compare with Wu Yu. Within the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, Wu Yu was the number one genius, a cultivating demon!

In fact, many had predicted that in his lifetime, he would definitely manage to reach the 10th tier of the Sky Realm, becoming a Supreme Martial Artist!

In the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s 10,000 years of history, only the founding Emperor possessed such a level of cultivational talent!

Yet, in the words of this prince, Wu Yu's achievements had become nothing more than acts of wanton aggression!

“Hmph! I also refuse to accept this Wu Yu as emperor. He does not possess the demeanor of a crown prince! If it was not for the untimely death of the previous Crown Prince, why would he have managed to obtain such a position? Furthermore, his mother is of lowly birth, born in the wilderness. If not for the late Emperor’s doting affection, how would he have managed to snatch the position of crown prince? This Wu Yu has the blood of savages running within him, so it's natural that he would be crude and unrefined. His behaviour today is even worse than that of a beast!”

The one who spoke was a marshal in the army. Regardless of whether it was in terms of influence or cultivation, he was vastly inferior to Wu Yu.

He had a wastrel for a son. This son of his would often cause trouble in the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. Once, he even killed innocents and then was caught by Wu Yu. That wastrel had even wanted to gift the things he had looted from the bodies to Wu Yu. Yet Wu Yu was incensed by this behavior and had hung him on top of the city gates, leaving him under the scorching sun for three days and three nights until he died. This piece of news had terrified everyone in the kingdom. After which, no one dared to commit such actions again.

Wu Yu understood what was going on. He had been framed. Furthermore, he had been caught in the act. Someone was definitely pulling the strings in the background. This person was able to utilize Imperial Concubine Xi to stop him from ascending the throne. Just who could it be? Furthermore, this individual was able to suppress him by a head!

To be frank, when it came to one’s methods and one’s cultivation, Wu Yu was unparalleled! Ever since the passing of the previous Emperor, no one had dared to slight him. Furthermore, he was known to be virtuous and upright and possessed fame amongst the commoners.

“All hail Hao Tian the Heavenly Immortal!”

A piercing sound caused Wu Yu’s head to ring.

“Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, he…” Wu Yu was stunned for a moment. He had not heard wrongly. It was the Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was a true immortal!

He was the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s immortal protector. It was said that he was over 100 years old.

He was a Heavenly Immortal, something completely different from a human. Even if Wu Yu managed to cultivate to the 10th tier and became a Supreme Martial Artist, he was still far removed from a true immortal. An immortal was such. He had been sent here by the heavens to protect the kingdom from disasters.

As the Immortal Protector, he would almost never involve himself in the affairs of mortals. They were here for just one reason: to protect the people and slay any demons. Only when demons appeared and were harming people would these usually reclusive immortals come out to slay them.

Even the late Emperor was extremely respectful towards this heavenly immortal. He had also heeded the advice of this immortal many a time.

Unimaginably, he had actually appeared.

Everyone’s faces immediately turned pious at the sight of him.

Wu Yu raised his head to look. At Imperial Concubine Xi’s palace door, there appeared a faint shadow. It was just an instant, but Wu Yu was unable to see the movement of this immortal.

This was a heavenly immortal, the only person Wu Yu was truly respectful of.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was over a 100 years old, but he looked just like a young man. His face was rosy and his body tall and willowy. Although his hair and eyebrows were white, he possessed exuberant vitality. This was the overwhelming vital energy that an immortal possessed!

He wore a white robe, and on it was engraved numerous Ba Guas while in his hand he held a horsetail whisk. No evil spirit would dare approach him. A pair of bright eyes adorned his face, shining like the stars above. Nothing could evade his starry gaze.

“Our respects to Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian

The Imperial Chancellor, Imperial Concubine Xi, and her guards all prostrated themselves against the ground.

“I have understood what has happened today.”

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian’s voice was extremely youthful and resonant. It was full of strength, and everyone who heard it felt their spirits surge with energy. This was the voice of an immortal!

“Please judge the offender, Esteemed Immortal!” Imperial Concubine Xi’s face was full of tears, her body trembling. It looked as though she was feeling extremely aggrieved.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian declared, “It’s fine. One cannot rule the kingdom if one is evil.” His pair of scorching eyes stared at Wu Yu. This gave Wu Yu the feeling of immense guilt. That very glance had almost coerced him to confess his very actions.

“Wu Yu, you have committed a grave mistake. The Immortal Dao does not agree with your actions. With the mandate of heaven, I hereby relieve you of your position as the Crown Prince and your right to ascend the throne. From today onwards, I will waste your martial cultivation and banish you. You will serve your sentence in exile, allowing you to experience the mortal world and to be reborn anew.”

With the Mandate of Heaven, he was stripped of his title, his martial cultivation was ruined, and he was banished!

Tragic! Tragic! Tragic!

Upon hearing the judgment, the royalty and officials began to cheer loudly, “The Heavenly Immortal is wise!”

Wu Yu was instead extremely calm. He did not cry or make any noise. All of his feelings were suppressed in his heart. Deep within, his heart was like a raging, flaming mountain with lava roiling about. This was a hatred born from the bones!

This was fate! It was his fate!

Wu Yu couldn't help but to bitterly smile. He finally understood.

“Ever since I reached my current state, no one within this entire kingdom would dare to go against me! Except for him! Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian! It turns out that he was the instigator for today’s scene! If Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian wants me to die, then this is fate! I cannot not die!

“Today, the gods want to kill me.”

Wu Yu couldn't help but to laugh out loud. Everyone thought that he had gone crazy.

“How unbridled! To lack in propriety in front of the Heavenly Immortal and laugh out loud!”

The officials seemed even more disappointed in Wu Yu.

“You are the shame of Dong Yue Wu!”

The surroundings were filled with comments of a similar nature. Wu Yu did not mind. He felt that his entire world had been crushed. Why would he have to bother with the superfluous words of the people around him?

“Wu Yu, I bestow you with the Spirit Severing Powder.”

Bestow. This word was truly a joke.

Wu Yu was bestowed with the loss of 10 years of bitter cultivation and the destruction of his grand dreams. All of it was going to vanish like a puff of smoke.

From today onwards, he would become a cripple.

He was supposed to become emperor the next day, yet he had his spirit severed.

If one were to look at Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, it would seem as though he was grand and glorious. Yet in Wu Yu’s heart, this immortal had fallen off his lofty pedestal.

“Hao Tian is just the strongest person in this kingdom. It seems that the kingdom has always only belonged to him.”

After swallowing the Spirit Severing Powder, his 10 years of hard work, the dreams that he had held, all turned into dust.

Late at night.

Wu Yu had been cooly sent away to be banished.

He was to become a meat shield, mere cannon fodder.

With his stature, it would be a miracle if he would be able to survive for just 10 days.


All of a sudden, a familiar yet warm voice was heard.

In the cold, prisoner carriage, a dying Wu Yu opened his eyes. A girl was shaking the carriage. Her eyes were bloodshot and her face was streaked with tears.

“Wu You.”

This dignified lady was Wu Yu’s elder sister. She had been nicknamed the “Carefree Princess.” Although they were not of the same mother, Wu Yu had always respected and loved her. She was the one who understood Wu Yu the best in the entire kingdom.

Wu Yu’s mother had died young, leaving him with only Wu You as his sole relative.

“How could this be? How could this be?” Wu Yu was trembling in the cold powerlessly. She was crying endlessly, her heart extremely pained; it was as though she had been cut with a knife.

“Sister, today’s result was not of my own actions. It is because the heavens wanted to condemn me. Do you understand?” Wu Yu’s hand reached out from within the cage, tightly clutching onto Wu You’s pale hands. He was not afraid of the winter cold, but being able to feel the warmth coming from Wu You had caused the calm Wu Yu to tear.

“I don't understand what happened, but I believe in you.” Wu You painfully shook her head.

“Then that is enough. I have always had a clear conscience. However, the heavens are unfair. Do not be sad. In my next life, I want to be your younger brother again.” Wu Yu suddenly trembled. The Spirit Severing Powder’s backlash was extremely strong.

“Next life… Next life…”

Hearing those words, Wu You’s face turned pale. She stumbled and fell onto the ground.

At this point, the soldiers in charge of the carriage shouted loudly and the carriage was led away.

The wooden wheels of the carriage knocked against the stone pavement, making ka ka sounds, much like one’s heartbeat.

Looking back, although Wu You attempted to chase after the carriage, she was weak and unable to keep up. Eventually, the carriage left her behind.

Hua la!

All of a sudden, a blizzard descended.

From above, countless snowflakes were falling onto the city.

It was an incomparably beautiful winter night. There were even a few stars in the sky, as though they were the eyes of the heavens, watching over the populace.

Wu Yu’s entire body was covered in snow as he gradually left the territory of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.


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