Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024: The Eve of the Pilgrimage

Wu Yu was very familiar with the elites in the Nanyin Empire, including the six demon lords, the Seven Ape Kings, and other demon kings .

During the period of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, no one dared to lift a finger against other powers or immortal kingdoms, so even though they had left the Nanyin Empire's work-in-progress borders unguarded, there would not be a problem .

Otherwise, there would be huge trouble if the Ancient Emperor was angered .

As the Phoenix Supreme approached, Wu Yu's worry was about whether Princess Phoenix Dawn, aka Nangong Wei, would be here .

Why would the fire phoenix symbol on his neck heat up at this time? However, it passed in a moment, and Wu Yu thought that it might be a figment of his imagination .

He saw Nangong Wei in the crowd . She was by the Phoenix Supreme's side, following her . Their regal grace was testament to their identity as women of the Eternal Phoenix race, and drew attention to them . Especially her, since the Phoenix Supreme was a veiled and severe figure that not many dared to look at directly .

Wu Yu was starting to feel suspicious .

"What is this symbol? It appeared on me at the fifth platform in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, but the Nangong Wei at that time was fake . Why would I feel it heat up when she nears?"

He had already checked it against the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi's testimonies, and confirmed that the fifth platform had been a lie . He, too, had been convinced of it, and Nangong Wei's current aloof manner did not seem capable of being what she was during that time, nor reside in his memories . That was why he was sure .

Therefore, he could only put it down to his imagination . Or perhaps this fire phoenix symbol had some connection to the Phoenix Supreme . He had tried many methods before but was unable to remove the symbol .

While he was thinking about these things, the Regent had already led the Nanyin Empire contingent to the City of 10,000 Kingdoms . The princes and princesses parted ways for the Regent and the delegation .

"That's the Phoenix Supreme? One person alone beating the Eight Demon Sea Lords is incredible . And the six demon lords before as well . . . . "

"That sort of power is definitely in the top five in the Jambu Realm . The Phoenix Supreme is too powerful . The Nanyin Demon Continent demons will definitely rise because of her . "

"I really admire the Nanyin Demon Continent . It's the Nanyin Empire now . The Nanyin Empire can probably compare to the Sky Demon Nation or the Million Demon Mountain . . . . "

"But of course . And the foremost people in those two powers could not match the Eternal Phoenix, the Phoenix Supreme . "

"I heard that Princess Phoenix Dawn is also an Eternal Phoenix . "

"Obviously . She's the Phoenix Supreme's daughter . "

"Princess Phoenix Dawn is too pretty . I feel like I could die happy having seen her . Her noble qualities are truly . . . . "

"Watch your mouth if you don't want to be killed . Look at the others . They're gawping . "

Nangong Wei had completely stolen the thunder from Wu Yu and the others . All eyes were on her now . She was haughty and cold, her head slightly dipped as she followed the Phoenix Supreme . Her face was expressionless, even as she walked past Wu Yu, as though she had not seen him .

Right now, she was Princess Phoenix Dawn, a new star . Wu Yu had no regrets, and so his heart was not confused . She seemed to be doing well for herself .

However, the Phoenix Supreme suddenly stopped at this time . The Regent was introducing a few princes and princesses to her, albeit just briefly .

The Phoenix Supreme's gaze went straight past Prince Le to land on Wu Yu . The six demon lords with her, including the Eight Immortals Kunwu, the Black and Gold Termite Queen, the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree, and the others, were all watching Wu Yu as well .

The Phoenix Supreme looked at Wu Yu and asked the Regent with a smile . "What prince is this? I saw him in the Nanyin Empire . "

The Regent gave a hoarse laugh . "He's not a prince, but a Kingmaker . "

"What is a Kingmaker?" The Phoenix Supreme seemed like she had never heard of it before .

The Regent explained patiently .

The Phoenix Supreme nodded . "I see . A supporter to the prince . But it seems to me like this Kingmaker Le is much stronger than the other princes and princesses . After seeing so many of them, only he seems most fitting to be the Ancient Emperor's son . "

These were sensational words that stunned everyone nearby . The Regent hurriedly dissolved the tension with a forced laugh . "The Phoenix Supreme has a great sense of humor . However, Wu Yu is indeed good, and the Ancient Emperor favors him . We hope that he can help Prince Le in the future . "

Saying thus, he urged the Phoenix Supreme onwards, as their residence was more or less finished with preparations .

The Phoenix Supreme said no more, but smiled and entered the City of 10,000 Kingdoms with her retinue of demons . No one dared to speak for a long time after she left .

However, Wu Yu felt a little embarrassed . This was not the first time that the sentiment had been voiced today . Although he knew that it was rubbish, it made him worried . Last time, the Phoenix Supreme had shown him special treatment because of his connection with the Ancient Emperor . Today's comment had proven that the mark of the Ancient Emperor was strong within him . But why could he not see it? And neither could Ming Long?

This was a real cause of worry for him . He did not want to be overly involved with the Ancient Emperor .

The others did not think this way . Wu Yu did not see the other princes laughing, laughing at Prince Le . Prince Le stood before Wu Yu, his expression hidden . But Qu Haoyan, Qu Fengyu, and Baili Zhuihun all turned back to regard Wu Yu with strange expressions .

Fortunately, the relieving princes and princesses had arrived, and they could leave . Prince Le called out, and they returned to Prince Le's Residence speedily .

A thought suddenly occurred to Wu Yu that he should be considerate of Prince Le's feelings . Therefore, he said, "I honestly don't know what the Phoenix Supreme's intentions were behind saying that . "

Prince Le said, "It's nothing much . But I wager that my brothers and sisters will use this opportunity to draw us apart . But these are petty tricks . If there is truly an opportunity to contest them in the future, it will not be over such things . What makes me worried is that the Regent has pushed me into the thick of things . And I have no idea what the rules for the Ancient Soul Tower are . But I'm afraid there will be a lot of targeting . "

"That cannot be helped . All we can do is react accordingly . " Wu Yu nodded .

His relationship with Prince Le was a little strange now . Wu Yu could not possibly develop any real brotherly feelings for him . That could not be forced . But in his current situation, Wu Yu would naturally help him with all that he should . After all, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor controlled all .

Since his mental state seemed to be fine, Wu Yu did not belabor the issue . After returning to Kingmaker Hall, the Full Moon of Nanshan had already returned . "I was scared to death . Why did that old witch come? What a specter, haunting us like that . I have to dodge her throughout the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage . If she discovers the Demonic Eye of Illusions, I'm done for . "

"Best not to face her straight . And use the Demonic Eye of Illusions less in the future . " In just five days, the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage would be upon them .

Time flew by .

In these few days, the Full Moon of Nanshan still could not resist going out to join the festivities . The Immortal's Capital was bustling now, and many of the elite powers had arrived as well, including the Central Golden Shine Empire, the Green Wind Immortal Kingdom, the Raging Thunder Marsh, etc .

"I hear that even for immortal kingdoms of this level, at least half of their emperors have come personally . Others might still be on the way . Many came unannounced . It's obvious that this 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage is something special," the Full Moon of Nanshan observed .

Wu Yu remembered that the Dark Sea Emperor had also joined the delegation later, while the Phoenix Supreme had come personally . Previously, they would just delegate any random expert . The six demon lords had not even come themselves before .

After all, they were here to present offerings .

The day before the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, Prince Le told them that all the envoys that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had summoned were present . All had arrived on the eve, in the Immortal's Capital .

The liveliness of the Immortal's Capital reached new heights, and the City of 10,000 Kingdoms was said to be running at a full house .

Whether it was night or day, there were people all around the Immortal's Capital . Many shops were piled full of wares, especially the special products of the Yan Huang Ancient Country . The shop owners had made a huge fortune in these few days .

However, Wu Yu had a question . He asked, "The immortal beasts of the sea region - the mystical dragons . Did anyone come?" Prince Le shook his head . "As far as I know, all who received the summons had a safe journey, and so all the powers in the Jambu Realm, big and small, are present . The only ones who haven't arrived are the mystical dragon tribe . The mystical dragon tribe surpassed the Yan Huang Tribe at the height of their power . Back then, they had not treated the Yan Huang Tribe seriously . Previously, they sent a representative, but they chose not to come this time . After this ends, my father will personally see to their punishment . "

This was not what Wu Yu wanted to hear . Although he was not looking forward to seeing Luo Pin, he did not wish any ill fate to befall the mystical dragon tribe . Although it seemed like things were headed that way .

However, there was still some time . Wu Yu composed himself to wait . Perhaps they would come by tomorrow .

But his wish did not come true . The next day arrived, and all the princes and their followers headed for the Windy Fiery Skies Platform to welcome the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms . Wu Yu was amongst their number as well . But today was the day of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage . It was said that no representative from the mystical dragon tribe had come forth, and the news had spread amongst virtually all the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms .

Although immortal beasts were normally impossible to find, it was inexcusable that they would fail to turn up on such a day .

However, they did not care about the others . Today, they would present their treasures to the Ancient Emperor . It was an unwilling process that recurred every decade . But no matter how much resentment they felt, they could do nothing but quell it in the face of the fearsome Yan Huang Ancient Emperor .

After all, it was protection money .

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