Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1352: Mark of an Immortal King, Obtained

This was no time to hesitate.

Each moment of delay could cause one of the Ancient Ink Camp members' death!

Wu Yu moved swiftly. Within the hall, he could use his Somersault Cloud's Fulgurating Shadows mystique. He quickly passed them, appearing at the Mark of an Immortal King!

If he had rushed past them, they would probably have turned on him. If that was the case, he probably had no choice but to flee.

"He's trying to snatch the Mark of an Immortal King! Kill him!"

Even so, they immediately switched targets when Wu Yu appeared by the Mark of an Immortal King, charging towards him.

"Unshackled Doppelganger."

In order to distract the crazed members, Wu Yu again used Unshackled Doppelganger, bringing out his remaining 50,000 clones. They filled the entire hall, surrounding them all. Wu Yu did not need to stop them, he simply needed to cause temporary confusion!

He used his Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast body and then the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth strength buff with it. And then he used the Violent Art from his 72 Transformations, combined with the Great Fissure Qian Kun Design of his Floating Dreams Sword. He chopped down with all his might on the Mark of an Immortal King!

"Don't you dare think of destroying it!"

They roared as one, fighting their way towards him.

Wu Yu did not care. He was risking his life on this. Their destinable immortal treasures came beating their way towards him, unrelenting. He ignored them, bringing the Floating Dreams Sword down on the Mark!


The keen edge of the Floating Dreams Sword cracked the Mark of an Immortal King along with the Qian Kun space around it with a sharp report.

If this was a real Mark of an Immortal King, Wu Yu guessed that the destinable immortal treasure Floating Dreams Sword would have been completely unable to destroy what should be a great void immortal treasure. Even a first-grade Mark of an Immortal King was much higher in quality than a destinable immortal treasure.

After he destroyed it, he felt the pressure grow behind him. He immediately used Fulgurating Shadows again, trying to escape. At the same time, he used the Sky Cloud Realm, hoping it would block a blow or two for him.


His Heaven Dao Mystique managed to save his life, but he did not escape unscathed. Wu Yu escaped with some flesh wounds, hiding in a corner of the hall.


He looked around him and saw that Xu Zidong and the others had regained their reason. They were looking around themselves, startled. Some of them were very badly injured and had to be immediately treated with immortal medicines. The others that were still conscious were slowly recalling what had transpired.

"This is the Heart Ghost Hall! Another test. That was really close, I almost killed Fifth Brother...." Qin Chuan paled as he recalled this.

"We almost teamed up and killed Big Brother as well...."

They all had chills as they recalled what had happened. They were shocked at such a chilling turn.

"In the end, it was Wu Yu who smashed the Mark of an Immortal King and saved us from that mad state." Those who were alert at this time and were not too seriously injured were looking at Wu Yu tucked in his corner.

Wu Yu took a deep breath. "I'm glad that everyone is fine. That was very dangerous."

They looked at him with deep respect.

"Wu Yu, you have helped us too much this time. We even feel a little embarrassed that you still call us big brother and sister."

Yang Wenlan said.

Wu Yu came back over to join them. "Don't say that. If I had not gone to smash that Mark of an Immortal King, I would also have been very severely affected. Perhaps there is some sort of immortal design here that can unsettle one's mind. Objectively speaking, this was much more terrifying than the Green or Yellow Ghost Halls."

"We were all affected, but you could think through it. This shows that your immortal spirit is very strong. Your immortal beast bloodline must be one of the greatest."

They were in full awe at Wu Yu's performance. They had not dreamed that Wu Yu, who they had brought in by a twist of fate, would become such a great help for them. If not for Wu Yu, they would not have gotten out of this alive.

Although no one else was fighting them in this underground palace, and there were no Endless Immortal Soldiers, it had been extremely perilous.

"What's the situation now?" They were gathered together, recuperating as they surveyed their surroundings warily. It was likely that the challenge had yet to end. Therefore, they were still on their guard. There were still a few amongst them who needed some more time to heal.


Ye Yi pointed. Where the Mark of an Immortal King had been, a black Mark of an Immortal King suddenly appeared on the high dais. It looked like it had not been destroyed by Wu Yu at all.

"How is that possible?" Wu Yu recalled that he had smashed the Mark of an Immortal King. Could it have reformed? Was the terrifying immortal design of the Heart Ghost Hall going to activate again?

They were all extremely tense.

Wu Yu thought about it. "It is possible that it is the genuine Mark of an Immortal King. I suggest that we split up and send one person up to take it. If we are still affected by the immortal design, then that person should swiftly destroy the Mark of an Immortal King."

Everyone agreed with this plan, and Xu Zidong opened his eyes. "Wu Yu, you do it. Only you could maintain your calm through the last crisis. If you sense something off, destroy it immediately. We will not get close, so we shouldn't hurt you again."

That was indeed a sensible decision.

"Alright." Wu Yu nodded. If anything happened, he could escape quicker as well. As agreed, they all dispersed to various corners of the hall. And then Wu Yu used Fulgurating Shadows to appear beside the Mark of an Immortal King. This time, he had a different feeling.

"It's likely that it's the real Mark. After all, we have already passed the trials of the Green, Yellow, and Heart Ghost Halls!"

Wu Yu reached out and swiftly took hold of the Mark of an Immortal King. It felt like a real immortal treasure. Although he did not know what grade it was, it felt better than the immortal city.

"A real Mark of an Immortal King!" His excitement showed. Without a word, he put it in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. That was the safest place.

He was 90% sure that they had obtained the Mark of an Immortal King.

"Really?" Everyone let their joy show, crowding up. The madness-inducing immortal design did not seem to trigger, and they were all very alert. After they saw Wu Yu stow the Mark of an Immortal King, Xu Zidong quickly said,”Let's quickly think about how we will get out of here, and find a place to hide."


"Given our strength, getting a Mark of an Immortal King is extremely lucky!"

Just as they spoke, they were alarmed to find that the Heart Ghost Hall had started shuddering. It was as though the entire star itself were shaking. And then the ground started to shift above their heads. A vertical tunnel opened up, like a well at which they were at the bottom of. Through the well, they could make out the starry sky outside.

The Mark of an Immortal King had been obtained, so they could leave safely. They were all overjoyed, and immediately hurried to leave this ghastly place behind. They shared a look, then hurried upwards. Wu Yu was relieved to see them so happy as well. He had managed to do something for them.

Of course, he had only helped a little. This Mark of an Immortal King had been obtained through their combined efforts.

He knew that Xu Zidong would very likely want to give him the Mark of an Immortal King, but no matter what he said, Wu Yu would not take it.

Through this well, they quickly flew out, and obviously at full speed in order to leave this place behind as soon as possible.

"We fought underground through this entire time. No one could even know. We have to hide the Mark of an Immortal King well so that no one else finds out. It must be as though we have never been here."

Xu Zidong reminded them.

It was like the saying: a common man's only crime was to carry jade.

For many of the ordinary immortal lords who had come here, it was perhaps possible to obtain a Mark of an Immortal King unless one was superbly lucky. Protecting a Mark of an Immortal King for 100 years was even harder than obtaining it in the first place. And the later on they got, the more 9-realm immortal lords who had not been able to obtain Marks of an Immortal King would begin to eye them.


They flew out of the well in a flash.

Just as they were about to celebrate, a fire-red net descended from the skies. It fell neatly over the hole and captured them all as they rushed out. It was like a spider's web, and they were cocooned in the countless silk-thin threads that trussed them all up tightly and firmly. They felt like silkworms, and yet the silk around them was fiery. Yang Wenlan and the others howled painfully, and Wu Yu was only slightly better off thanks to his hardy body.

This was bad news indeed!

They had thought themselves well hidden, but had immediately walked into an ambush when they emerged. And this fire-red net probably belonged to someone who meant them no good!

Caught by this destinable immortal treasure, they heard a coy female voice cry out, "My two brothers, didn't I say that a well suddenly opening here was strange? These people emerged from within. They might have gotten a Mark of an Immortal King!"

So they were passersby who had stumbled upon the exit and moved decisively to set up an ambush. Wu Yu and the others had walked out right into it.

The Ancient Ink Camp members were extremely worn out. Facing a well-prepared opponent, it looked like holding on to their Mark of an Immortal King was going to be difficult.

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