Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1452: Army of Impermanence

Chapter 1452: Army of Impermanence

Wu Yu's yell had fallen on deaf ears within the madness.

Besides, held back by the game rules, they would not rush up to Wu Yu immediately either.

With no response, Wu Yu was able to confirm that they were nowhere near him. He immediately sent out immortal message talismans to convey his fury to these Hell masters!

"Who on earth got those three pearls! You will leave no stone unturned! Find them for me! Their locations! The Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere is gone, and you are all at full strength! It should be all too easy for you to get them!"

As Hell masters, they were much stronger than Xuanyang Emperor Lord and Qin Yunling, and could indeed snatch them easily.

But first, they had to find them. There were billions of ghostly immortals in the vicinity, and anyone could hide easily and not be found.

Very quickly, Wu Yu had received replies.

Volcanic Hell master, Thunder Ray Hell Master, and the others all did not know who had obtained the three pearls, and could only guess that White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, Qin Yunling, or Xuanyang Emperor Lord stood a chance, among other likelies.

It was Empty Air Hell master who gave Wu Yu a confirmed answer. "In the last moments, just as I emerged from the mini world, I saw Xuanyang Emperor Lord, White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, and Qin Yunling swept into a mini world with the three pearls. They should be the ones!"

This was but an individual observation, and many of the ghostly immortals, including the other Hell masters, ghostly kings, and eternal devil emperor descendants, were all in the dark.

"Locate Xuanyang Emperor Lord, Qin Yunling, and White-Eyed Ghostly Lord! Find them for me! You too can snatch the pearls! Catch them! If they are allowed to get away, it won't be so easy to find them!"

Wu Yu conveyed his rage and urgency through his immortal message talismans, commanding them to search.


Hell masters and ghostly kings, when they had regained their full strength, were a force to be reckoned with. Although there were many people here, but there was a definite possibility, given their abilities.

"Can't find White-Eyed Ghostly Lord!"

"Don't know where that Chakravarti Ghostly King squirreled away either."

"Why is there no White-Eyed Ghostly Lord?" Their first choice was of course White-Eyed Ghostly Lord. He had suddenly come to strength in the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere, and also kicked up a huge hullabaloo. He stood a good chance of possessing a pearl.

Even if they were working for White Chalk Ghostly Lord, they would not dare to snatch the Rainbow Pearls from Xuanyang Emperor Lord or Qin Yunling. They could only do it secretly. Therefore, it was the sponsor-less White-Eyed Ghostly Lord who had become their number one target.

Besides, their guess was that White-Eyed Ghostly Lord must be who White Chalk Ghostly Lord hated the most!

"Find Xuanyang and Qin Yunling for me! They stand a higher chance!" Wu Yu pulsed.

He too was searching, and also listening to the other ghostly immortals' conversations. Most of them had no idea what had happened. They remained stunned where they were. After all, most of them had never even heard of stopped space.

"Found Qin Yunling. She's fleeing, and has no Hell master or ghostly king with her!"

Suddenly, an immortal message talisman had come from Blood Abyss Hell master. He had pinpointed the direction that Qin Yunling was fleeing in. She was not very far from Wu Yu, who immediately left in pursuit. Whether Qin Yunling or Xuanyang Emperor Lord, he would show no mercy at this time.

Although Blood Abyss Hell master had found Qin Yunling, but he would not dare to stop her directly. After all, the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King did not concern him now. He simply had to do his best to help White Chalk Ghostly Lord, while avoiding any offense to Qin Yunling. That way, Qin Sha Forgiveness Sect Heavenly Palace Master would not target him, while White Impermanence might even reward him. That was the most prudent course of action. If he took a direct hand in stopping Qin Yunling, even snatching the Rainbow Pearl, he might get more rewards from White Impermanence, but the anger of Qin Sha Forgiveness Sect Heavenly Palace Master was not fun to bear.

If it had been the real White Chalk Ghostly Lord, he might have flown into a rage at Blood Abyss Hell master's passivity. But it was Wu Yu, who was only too happy to take it for himself!

He moved with frightening speed, the Somersault Cloud traversing through space. Besides, he was not far, and had soon arrived, continuing to pursue in the direction given. Blood Abyss Hell master had been tailing Qin Yunling for Wu Yu, and Wu Yu now arrived, locking on to Qin Yunling. Blood Abyss Hell master asked: "Do you need me to fight? If I take a hand, it might only be convenient for me to hand you the pearl after the remaining 10 years are over. If I blatantly hand it over to you now, Jade Emperor might even find out and confiscate it back......"

These were all wild guesses, but Blood Abyss Hell master did not want to fight and offend Qin Sha Forgiveness Sect Heavenly Palace Master. Therefore, he used this excuse as a shield. Of course, if Wu Yu forced him to help, he had no choice either.

"No need!" Wu Yu could not wait for him to leave. He had already locked on to Qin Yunling. She had changed her appearance as well, but such form changing was not as thorough as Wu Yu's own transformation. It might fool an average person, but not Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold.

There were many people around for now, and he did not immediately engage her, instead trailing along.

"I will be nearby. Feel free to call me if you need help." OF course, Blood Abyss Hell master did not dare to wash his hands of the matter entirely either. He might anger White Chalk Ghostly Lord, and then there would be no rewards.

Wu Yu ignored him. As long as he did not get in the way. Blood Abyss Hell master himself did not want to get too near. After all, in a fight between eternal devil emperor descendants like White Chalk Ghostly Lord and Qin Yunling, there was no good news for him.

Qin Yunling was acting furtively, skulking around as if she had a treasure. She very quickly left the other ghostly immortals behind, and continued to flee swiftly. Soon enough, Wu Yu could no longer see the other ghostly immortals behind, and they were headed for another region now. However, he was not anxious yet. He needed some more distance, so that the other ghostly kings and Hell masters would be inconvenienced when they came to her aid.

In truth, Qin Yunling was not weak, but Wu Yu had gained another huge boost after devouring White Chalk Ghostly Lord. Although he was not of the Great Void Ghostly Realm, but he had been personally groomed by White Impermanence, and he had many mental transformations that had helped Wu Yu greatly. Most of all was the Abominable Hook Soul Chains.

As for Xuanyang Emperor Lord, he must have run for it. His Rainbow Pearl was probably out of reach.

Qin Yunling was probably also worried that her ghostly kings and Hell masters would betray her, now that she had the treasure. Therefore, she told no one, going off by herself to find the safest place. She had flown for the better part of a day away from the scene of battle, and had left Monsoon Star completely behind. She felt much more relaxed now.

She had stopped on a star, and took out the Rainbow Pearl to marvel at. Although she only had one, which she was unsatisfied with.

"I'll send an immortal message talisman to White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, ask him to come." A malicious glint flashed through Qin Yunling's eyes, displaying clear killing intent. She had left Wu Yu immortal message talismans before, at the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere.

Wu Yu could not wait. If she sent an immortal message talisman to him, he would be exposed. Therefore, before she sent it, he appeared on the broken star, a cold smirk playing across his face: "Qin Yunling, I've gone to so much trouble to track you down, but as they say, nothing is impossible for a willing heart. I saw the treasure in your hand. Looks like you got it in the end."

"You!" His appearance had given Qin Yunling a big fright. She broke out in sweat, taking a while to compose herself. "You couldn't even defeat White-Eyed Ghostly Lord. You're a disgrace to eternal devil emperor descendants. Were you not hurt from that battle? And to even trail me. You must have a death wish." She sneered at him.

Wu Yu put a menacing expression on White Chalk Ghostly Lord's face, as he threatened her: "Less talk, more handing over the treasure. And I'll let you leave unharmed. Otherwise, don't blame me for getting uncivil. The last time you ganked me with that scum - I haven't paid you back for it yet!"

Qin Yunling saw that she could not run, so she could only fight. She was not afraid of White Chalk Ghostly Lord, and taunted him: "What a joke. I overestimated you previously. Well, since you're here to accept your humiliation, then I have no choice but to oblige you. You've already been humiliated once today, so it seems like you're all warmed up for another. Let me see if you still dare to strut around after this one."

Wu Yu's acting skills came to the fore. First anger, then malice, then greedy lust. "Say, if I knock you up here, do you think your mother will agree to give me your hand in marriage? Haha!"

"F*ck off!" Qin Yunling burst, her Tragic Mirror already in hand.

Within the Tragic Mirror, light and shadows danced. There seemed to be a vast world within, a rich realm that was tinged by darkness. Blood and malevolence loomed over their heads, and their glittering, wicked eyes shot forth light out of the mirror. Their anger formed light that shone on the earth with no effect. But once it touched a person, the Tragic heavenly rule would wither one's flesh and disintegrate the immortal spirit. It was probably a little more devastating in effect compared to the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush.

Cold as the dark night, and purple hair akimbo, Qin Yunling took up position behind the mirror. The Tragic Mirror moved like an extension of her body, a cannon that lit up the starry sky, leaving Wu Yu nowhere to run.

As for Wu Yu, he was now White Chalk Ghostly Lord. A thought, and the Abominable Hook Soul Chains layered itself around him, also reaching out to blanket the skies. Within the Abominable Hook Soul Chains, White Chalk Ghostly Lord's white robes and red tongue sailed through, accompanied by ten thousand ghosts. It was as though the entire field was full of the Army of Impermanence!

This was one of White Chalk Ghostly Lord's Mystiques, Army of Impermanence. It could create many ghostly shadows. However, what Wu Yu actually used this time was Unshackled Doppelganger.

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