Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1827: Heaven Devouring Tribe

Chapter 1827: Heaven Devouring Tribe

The white cat's whereabouts were unknown.

It was likely digesting the immortal buddhas that it had recently devoured in Heavenly Buddha's Domain, converting it to strength.

Realizing that Wu Yu was devouring the Heavenly Domain, it could only send Nangong Wei to stop it.

However, Nangong Wei's strength was laughable compared to Wu Yu's now.

With the Unworldly Abomination's assistance, Nangong Wei had grown even stronger now, able to fight the Jade Emperor alone.

Still, it was nothing compared to Wu Yu's master of the immortal domain level. He was the Heavenly Buddha's Domain's master!

As the black flames rained down from the sky, Wu Yu's Ruyi Jingu Bang swept out, dispersing them. He did not even need to use any Mystiques, his raw power negating them with ease. He attacked Nangong Wei!

Her eyes were expressionless. She looked like she had no will of her own anymore.

Wu Yu still cared for her. He thought that he could only bring her back to Heavenly Buddha's Domain first, and let Guanyin Pusa and Luo Pin try to purify her.

Wu Yu was racing against time, and had no time to linger. He resumed his devouring after sending her back.

In a few years, word came that Nangong Wei had been purified by World Cleanser Mystique. All that was left was Nangong Wei's soul. As for Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's soul, it had vanished without a trace.

As for Nangong Wei, she did not know what had happened. One day, she had suddenly sensed the will of the Unworldly Abomination, and she had lost all memory after that. She had become a sentient puppet roaming the Heavenly Domain.....

Still, fortunately it was all over now.

With Nangong Wei recovered, Wu Yu could finally lay one of his great burdens down.

He was completely devoted to his devouring of the 8,000 Sky Palaces. All of his energies were dedicated to converting it to his own strength. Alongside him was the Jade Emperor, frantically simplifying the very space of the 8,000 Sky Palaces, making it more digestible for Wu Yu.

But as he finished devouring 6000 sky palaces, a powerful sonic wave blew into existence, and the white Unworldly Abomination appeared before Wu Yu and the Jade Emperor!

The Unworldly Abomination was in the form of a large, white cat. Its eyes were filled with the death of worlds, and they could sense the deadliness of its aura!

This was the first time that Wu Yu had been so close to the Unworldly Abomination. Both he and the Jade Emperor braced themselves.

Finally, the Unworldly Abomination had shown itself!

From the stature of the white cat, it was evident that it had already assimilated much of the immortal buddhas' powers, and was back at its full strength, or more.

The Jade Emperor despaired to see this. He knew that the situation was bleak.

Wu Yu at his current level was definitely not its match!

However, the Unworldly Abomination did not attack Wu Yu and Jade Emperor immediately, but instead eyed Wu Yu with interest.

The Jade Emperor - it had already devoured him once before, and he was not worth its attention.

"What is it doing?"

Wu Yu frowned, but did not dare make a move. He could not possibly carry on blatantly devouring Heavenly Domain in the enemy's presence either.

After all, it was a part of his foe's body as well.

Finally, the Unworldly Abomination spoke, its voice echoing out as though from a fathomlessly deep place: "You are a descendant of I, Cat God! Why would you oppose me? We of the Heaven Devouring tribe should not be enemies. Join me, devour worlds, and become master over a thousand worlds!"

It could see that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was indeed from the same bloodline.

If it was still the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord in control, it might well join forces with the Unworldly Abomination, and kill all hopes of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and Heavenly Domain.

"Luckily the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was completely purged by Guanyin Pusa....." Wu Yu rejoiced inwardly.

At this time it was him controlling the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. Of course he would not listen to Unworldly Abomination and go on a quest of world domination with him.

Seeing Wu Yu unmoved, a feral glint gleamed in the eye of the Unworldly Abomination, Cat God. "Once, I almost completely devoured a place called Great World of the Capering Dragons. In the end, only a bit was left, just that tiny little bit....... This time, I will not let the two immortal domains live. If you stand with them, only death awaits!"

Great World of the Capering Dragons?

Of course, Wu Yu had never heard of this place before.

Wu Yu answered with deep feeling. "Lucky that you didn't manage to finish them off. This time as well, you will fail."

"Is that so?" A look of playful amusement flickered across Cat God's features. It did not seem at all convinced that anyone could stop it.

The only threat here was Wu Yu.

But his growth was too slow compared to its own!

Now it was fully recovered, and Wu Yu was uncooperative, it would not let him go!

The world itself seemed to be on the verge of breaking down.

Even the void itself began to shudder, and a wild twitching began in the Unworldly Abomination's eyes. Wu Yu knew that the final battle was upon him!

And yet he knew there was no chance that he could win. The Heaven Devouring Avatar within him told him as much - the Unworldly Abomination Cat God was far stronger than he was.

In the next instant, a white streak sliced through the void, barreling straight at Wu Yu.

Devouring energy caged Wu Yu. It was trying to devour him.

Wu Yu roared in anger. He matched its mad anger, and morphed instantly into his Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast form, his own devouring energy surging forth in response.

Their devouring energies were like two skies colliding; like two tsunamis crashing against each other.

Before long, Wu Yu could feel his own deficiencies. He was not its match. Besides, they were fighting in Heavenly Domain, which was ultimately part of its body. It was too difficult to fight it here.

But if he fled back to Heavenly Buddha's Domain, possibly even Heavenly Buddha's Domain would be completely devoured.......

Wu Yu gritted his teeth. He battled on grimly.

But suddenly at this time, a huge army of immortal buddhas and immortal emperors swarmed out beside him!

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