Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 23

Chapter 0023: Stained Glass Palace

The Bipo Mountain Range stretched out endlessly, of which Heavenly Peak was the highest!

On Heavenly Peak, there was the Heavenly Palace, which was one of the major cores of the Heavenly Sword Sect. The Sect Leader and his master, Feng Xueya, resided there, and major matters and the imparting of the sword’s legend were there as well.

Heavenly Peak’s sword qi was extremely high, even pervading the clouds thousands of li away. It was very impressive.

But within the Bipo Mountain Range, there was another mountain, which was almost its match. It was the Stained Glass Stained Glass Sky Peak.

Although Stained Glass Sky Peak was also within the Bipo Mountain Range, it was an anomaly because it was covered in white snow year round. The entire mountain was like a colored glass jewel, embedded above the Bipo Mountain Range. It was like an eye of the mountain range, sparkling brilliantly.

This Stained Glass Sky Peak was the most beautiful mountain in the Heavenly Sword Sect. Naturally, it was a place that normal disciples and elders were forbidden from entering.

On Stained Glass Sky Peak stood Stained Glass Palace. It was the place where Sect Protector Lan Huayi cultivated, lived, and managed matters of the Heavenly Sword Sect! The Stained Glass Palace was extremely beautiful, like a pearl on the snow. It was said that it had been directly carved from a natural jewel.

Stained Glass Palace was concealed within the rainbow clouds.

At this time, a line of people were walking down Stained Glass Sky Peak. Amongst them was 14-year-old Situ Minglang. Situ Minglang had grown quite a lot. Although he was just a year older, he already had the bearing of an elegant prince. Especially after he had condensed his qi, the immortal aura cloaked him and elevated his aura. In the hearts of mortals, he was no different from a young immortal.

In his light blue eyes were concealed dancing flashes of lightning. Between their flashes, it was very eeries.

“Fifth Disciple is a talent that is out of this world. You have only condensed qi a mere year ago and have already mastered one school of the martial way. You are truly walking your martial path now,” aman who was full of immortal aura said.

“Minglang accomplishing this much is thanks to Third Senior Brother’s guidance.” Situ Minglang was still very humble. That attitude and tone left one feeling good. This kid’s future was unlimited.

“It is all your own hard work.”

A few of the Sect Protector’s personal disciples were congratulating each other. It was quite a lively scene.

“Minglang, did Master tell you to join the contest to become an Immortal Kingdom Supervisor and let the sect send you to to control the mortal kingdoms?” that Third Senior Brother asked.

“How did Senior Brother know?” This was what Lan Huayi had told him in private, and Situ Minglang had yet to tell this Third Senior Brother.

All four laughed.

“Junior Brother, you are so cute. Let us tell you the truth. Actually, after the four of us became Master’s disciples, we all served for a time as Immortal Kingdom Supervisors. Although you have to leave the sect to become an Immortal Kingdom Supervisor, and gain experience in the mortal world, there are many benefits. After all, the mortal world is vast, and immortal objects are not recognized by mortals. In the end, they all end up in the hands of the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor. In the time that we were Immortal Kingdom Supervisors, we earned much from our time in the mortal realm.”

“Everyone knows that Immortal Kingdom Supervisor is a cushy job. Besides, it is the only job where you have the chance to go out and smell fresh air and be free. You cannot imagine how many mortals revere us in the mortal realm. In their hearts, we are the dominators of the world. They hail us as Immortal Protectors, and even the concubines of mortal emperors are ours if we want them. They will come gladly, because they are too weak!”

At this time, all the men laughed in common understanding.

“No wonder. Looks like I have to become the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor then.” Situ Minglang had come from the mortal realm, so he naturally knew that there were many good things buried there.

“It seems like there’s still a while before the contest for the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor begins. In this time, I will first go and let Wu Yu taste death.”

Situ Minglang’s eyes danced with electricity, glittering murderously.

This was a thorn in his heart that would remain painful to bear if he did not remove it.

“Today is the day that Wu Yu is released. I don’t know if he will dare to show his face!”

It was evening, and Situ Minglang had returned to his Proud Lightning Peak, which belonged to him alone. This was the mountain that Lan Huayi had personally bestowed upon him, which was not inferior to Su Yanli’s Yanli Mountain.

Situ Minglang was unwilling to let anybody into his Proud Lightning Palace, which was why Proud Lightning Palace was completely dark. When he stepped into the empty hall, someone emerged from the gloom.

“Ye Guyu.” Situ Minglang lifted his head. He looked at this girl who stood a full head taller than him. She was a girl with an exceptional figure and was very petite. She wore a jet-black figure-hugging suit, made from some sort of beast skin. It clung to her body, accentuating an amazing figure. Those swells and dips – she was basically a diva.

What was even more amazing was that face. It was extremely beautiful, and it disarmed one’s composure.

Although her body was smoking hot, her eyes were extremely cold, as though they held knives. One look could chill one to the marrow.

“Situ Minglang. You’re back.” Ye Guyu was expressionless. But that only made men want to conquer her all the more.

Situ Minglang did not reveal much interest, but he asked, “What news do you bring?”

“Wu Yu was released today. He returned to Sky Gazing Mountain. It’s said that he defeated Qing Mang, eighth tier Body Refining Realm, and ninth tier Body Refining Realm Yu Huaishan consecutively. Additionally, he basically won in just one move.” As Ye Guyu spoke, she watched Situ Minglang’s eyes, as though hoping to spot surprise or fear in them.

Unexpectedly, Situ Minglang gave a derisive laugh, saying, “He can really hold out. Perhaps in hopes of beating me, he’s trained as hard as he could.” At this point, he raised his head to look at Ye Guyu again, and said in a chilly tone, “Do as we discussed. You kill him for me, his Spirit Concentration Pill is yours, and I’ll help you condense your qi. Let the time be tonight.”

“You’re in such a hurry?” Ye Guyu laughed coldly.


“Alright. I’ll come and see you after I harvest his skull.”

Ye Guyu passed him. That lithe, devil-like body, and her long, cascading hair that covered her plump rump. Her back view was indeed breathtaking, and Situ Minglang turned to look at her. The gaze left Ye Guyu secretly pleased. “This old man in a youngster’s body. Has he finally succumbed to my charms?”

In the Heavenly Sword Sect, there were not many who could face her without showing the slightest hint of interest.

“I’ll give you this. A Golden Flame Talisman that my Master has personally given me. If you’re not his match, then use this Golden Flame Talisman to destroy him,” Situ Minglang said.

“Eh?” Ye Guyu had still thought that his resistance had finally crumbled. But this Golden Flame Talisman surprised her. “Such an important item. Only you could possess such a thing. What if the suspicion falls to you?”

Situ Minglang gave a wintry smile. “What if the suspicion falls to me? He’ll be dead. And with my master around, no one can touch me.”

“Then why don’t you do it yourself?”

“Because I don’t want to sully my own questing sword. I have long thought this through. I cannot let the hatred for my two brothers’ killer affect my path of dao. My sword is only for those opponents who are stronger than myself. Such as Su Yanli! And not for a despicable servant with dogshit luck!”

Situ Minglang wanted to laugh. In this year, his transformation had been huge. Lan Huayi had given him some good guidance. But many in the sect might think that he still hated Wu Yu deeply. That was merely a thorn in his eye. Just extract it, and all would be well.

“You’re too arrogant.” Ye Guyu shook her head and vanished back into the darkness.

She realized that she had underestimated this Situ Minglang. He was not like a kid. He was too mature for his age. She had wanted to use her body to seduce him, to make him go crazy over her, and be under her control. But today, it was clear that his calling was too solid, and he would not have any thoughts in regard to her.

“Might as well slaughter that Wu Yu and take the Spirit Concentration Pill.

“I’m just a step away from condensing my qi. How do I say this – slaughtering that servant should be easy peasy.”


Yanli Mountain, the wooden hut on the back hill. The trees were not high. Many were shrubs that encircled the tomb. The crescent moon’s dim light filtered down. There was a ghostly feel all around.

Wu Yu gave three kowtows and nine bows, then sprinkled wine for Sun Wudao.

“Uncle Sun, you changed my fate. But I could not let you enjoy your last years.”

This was a regret of Wu Yu’s heart that he would not be able to forget for life.

Right now, he could only talk to Sun Wudao.

“I will definitely treasure the transformation that you helped me achieve. I will show you even greater progress.

“Now that my sealing is over, I will focus on cultivation and spare no effort until I can return to Dong Yue Wu and take back all that was mine!”

The Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, a place that Wu Yu had to return to.

A year was long enough.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, Imperial Concubine Xi, Wan Qing! How could he forget such a grudge of extermination!

“Sister Wu You, how are you now……”

In Capital Wu, she was the one he could not forget. Their sibling relationship, and the care that she had shown him.

“Our time was too short.”

Wu Yu stood up, his eyes still emitting golden light. He took out the Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art that Su Yanli had given him and seriously began to train it. This way, Sun Wudao could personally see his progress. From the other world, he had to be at ease.

“Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas is only a middle-grade art. Its moves are simple and its artistry shallow. It’s no longer enough ballast for my power. And this Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art, known as the Dragon Slayer, is an even more powerful, supreme-grade martial art. It won’t be bad at all, right!”

Bearing this in mind, he began to study even more seriously. Briefly perusing, he discovered that it was a very good fit for him. After all, the Sect Leader had personally chosen it for him.

“As expected, Master is different from others. I can avoid going down any winding routes.”

Wu Yu was engrossed in this martial art. As he was deeply engrossed, he unsheathed the Demon Banishing Blade, beginning to train in front of Sun Wudao’s grave. There were many complex and advanced arts that he had not encountered for a long time. For the moment, he forgot where he was.

“This Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art is actually something that the Sect Leader created. No wonder it is so sublime and powerful. It is wide and harmonious. It can open mountains and divide rivers. It has the power to enter the sea and slay dragons. The knack is not that difficult, but it has a mental will, a never-say-die courage that drives it.

“On this point, it’s the perfect complement for my Invincible Vajra Body. It’s almost like it was made specifically for my Invincible Vajra Body.”

The more he read and trained, the more shaken Wu Yu was. He was more and more immersed. Being paired with a martial art that seemed to be made for his existence, his cultivation and mastery rate was uncommonly quick!

At first, when Wu Yu was learning Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas in Capital Wu, he had gone to the East Sea and trained the sword in the waves. He had spent a year before he had mastered the Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas. But now, in just a night, there were already results.

In the second half of the night, a sudden wave of killing intent alerted Wu Yu, who had been engrossed in swordwork!

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