Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 3

Chapter 0003: Jindan Immortal

That immortal naturally saw him. He pointed his finger at the prisoner carriage and it shattered instantly.

Despite being severely injured and feeling weak throughout his body, Wu Yu still insisted on staggering down the prisoner carriage towards that immortal. He gave several loud kowtows and used all his strength to say, “Immortal, Heavenly Immortal! My name is Wu Yu and I’m the crown prince of Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. I was framed and have landed in such a state. I sincerely plead Immortal to take me as your disciple!”

He raised his head and saw the immortal looking silently at him, not revealing the slightest emotion.

“Please take me in as your disciple! I will dedicate my life to you so as to repay this gratitude!”

After going through such a huge calamity and wanting to take revenge for his father’s death, for crippling him, and for the countless lost lives of the ordinary citizens of the kingdom, Wu Yu was currently in the lowest point in his life. If this Daoist Priest was willing to help him, Wu Yu definitely was willing to use his life to repay him.

He had always been like this. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Similarly, if he was indebted to others, he would also repay them fully.

“Respected Master! Disciple Wu Yu pays respects to Master. I hereby swear that I will remain respectful of Master for my whole life and will definitely repay this kindness that you showed on me.”

He knew that if he missed this opportunity, he probably wouldn’t have any hopes left for his life.

This immortal was probably shocked by his attitude.

“Your foundation wasn’t bad and you could have possibly cultivated the Immortal Dao. It’s a shame that you were hit by the Spirit Severing Powder. There’s no hope for martial cultivation in your lifetime, so I cannot accept you as my disciple. To be a disciple of I, Feng Xueya, you have to have talents that triumph at least a hundred thousand people,” the immortal said coldly.

This situation struck Wu Yu like a bolt from the blue.

He had expected this long ago.

However, he wasn’t someone who would give up so easily.

“As long as Immortal is willing to keep me by your side, I’m willing to do anything for you!” Speaking till here, Wu Yu’s consciousness had already turned blurry. "

The Spirit Severing Powder truly left one’s spirit severed and weak.

“You are suffering from the effects of the Spirit Severing Powder. However, I, Feng Xueya, am not willing to be involved in the matters of mortals. Forget it, I’ll let you enter my immortal sect and be a servant for ‘Yanli.'”

While still in a groggy state, Wu Yu could feel that he was being carried by the clouds and was flying through the mist.

That was something that even Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian couldn’t do!

“I did it.” Even in his unconscious state, Wu Yu revealed a smile.


Pa pa!

This was the sound from the burning and crackling of firewood. It was getting louder and louder.

“Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian! That bitch, Imperial Concubine Xi!"

In a loud bang, Wu Yu woke up drenched in perspiration. He sat up from a bed and stared at the surroundings.

“It was a dream.”

Recalling back, given that he was still alive despite being in such perilous situation previously, the immortal must have brought him to his immortal sect.

Wu Yu looked around and noticed that he was in a wooden hut. This wooden hut was very simple, but was neat and clean. There was a tea set, tables, chairs, cabinets and other things. In the middle of the room, there was a fireplace. This gave Wu Yu a little warmth amidst the chilling winter.

Wu Yu took a deep breath. Despite the fact that his body was still weak, Wu Yu felt very comfortable. He noticed that there was something different in the air of this place that nourished his heart.

“Just as I thought. This is spiritual qi. This is definitely not a place in the mortal world. Spiritual energy can't be so dense there. If I could have practiced cultivation in this place from young, I would have reached the seventh tier of martial cultivation, or even the eighth tier by now."

He felt joy in his heart. This had to be the immortal sect. However, his mind was mature and he knew that he was afflicted by the Spirit Severing Powder. He remembered that the immortal wanted to make him a servant to attend to “Yanli.”

That should entail rearing beasts, cleaning, cutting firewood, watering the flowers. and other tasks.

Thud thud!

Sounds of footsteps were coming from outside the hut, and soon the door creaked as it was pushed opened lightly. Wu Yu looked up and saw that it was a hunchbacked old man. His body was skinny and he was shorter than Wu Yu by a head. He had a head of silverish hair, wrinkles spreading throughout his face, and murky eyes. The old man was wearing a serious face on him and didn’t seem to be fond of Wu Yu.

“You are finally awake. Quickly, get up, get changed, and do your chores.” The old man was very stern and staring at Wu Yu with his murky eyes. This sent a chill down Wu Yu’s spine.

Wu Yu observed him and noticed that the old man was wearing something held by a red thread around his neck. This object was a two-inch-long metal rod. At the two edges, it was gold in color and felt like it was made of gold. In the middle, it was black and seemed to be made of black metal.

“This is an immortal sect. Since you are here, you have to remain here for your lifetime. To survive in this place, you have to know the rules of this sect. Since the upper echelon has arranged for you to be here, you have to work diligently. Do not speak frequently, follow the rules, and don’t cause me any trouble.” The old man threw dark blue clothing onto Wu Yu before heading to the next room.

Wu Yu could roughly understand the situation upon hearing these words. It should be that the immortal had arranged for him to be at "Yanli" to be a servant. After which, he was assigned to the old man, who would be leading him, to do work.

“This old man doesn’t seem to be too fond of me, huh?” As Wu Yu was still feeling confused, he quickly got up and changed into the new clothing. The effects of the Spirit Severing Powder had wore off and he felt more alert. However, his battered body was like a withering plant, weakened and full of holes.

A short while later, the old man walked out from the side room. He brought out a bowl of soup that was still hot and passed it to Wu Yu. “Drink it.”

Wu Yu was born in the palace and could tell with one look that the ginseng soup had been made with a very old ginseng that had to be very valuable. There were only the two of them in the hut. Clearly, the old man had made this specially for him. Based on this, the old man should be the type that seemed cold externally but kind internally and he didn’t dislike him.

“Thank you, Old Uncle. My name is Wu Yu. How should I address you?” He would have to adapt to the surrounding. Wu Yu had a strong desire to take a look at this immortal sect that belonged to the legends.

“You can call me Sun Wudao,” said the old man as he rushed him to quicken up.

“Uncle Sun.” Wu Yu finished the bowl of ginseng soup quickly and instantly felt more refreshed. The great exhaustion over this period of time had also received some replenishment. This had to be some spiritual medicine of the immortal sect for it to have such an effect!

“Keep up!”

At this moment, Old Man Sun Wudao had already opened the door to the house and stepped out. Wu Yu followed behind quickly. After all, he owed a debt of gratitude to him for taking care of him. Therefore, it was natural for him to listen to the old man’s instructions.

After Wu Yu stepped out of the door and took a look, he was instantly shocked. It was winter time, so the thousands of mountains should've been covered with thick tiers of white snow. However, what was in front of him was a boundless lush, green forest and endless mountain peaks enshrouded in immortal fog! Amidst the immortal fog, one could vaguely see a countless number of magnificent, vast, and beautiful palaces and pavilions. The palaces at Capital Wu couldn’t even be compared with some of them.

This was simply equivalent to the land of the immortals!

Just how Wu Yu had always imagined them to be, the palaces in heaven should be like this.

Wu Yu was currently in the middle of a tall, lush, green mountain. There were several gravel paths in the vicinity that extended to the peak and foot of the mountain. Sun Wudao was walking on one of the gravel paths leading to the foot of the mountain. Wu Yu followed behind. As he stepped on the gravel covered by moss, the surrounding spiritual qi flooded towards him. All of a sudden, he felt like he was in heaven and had gone beyond the material world.

“Land of the immortals!” Being his first time in this place, Wu Yu was feeling agitated.

Sun Wudao walked quickly at the front and said, “Before we head to Immortal Beast Garden, I will only explain it to you once. Our immortal sect is an immortal sect for cultivators. However, it’s a little unique compared to others. This is because the various Dao techniques of this place are all related to swords. Therefore, we are known as Sword Cultivators. Our immortal sect has a domineering name: Heavenly Sword Sect!”

Heavenly, throughout the skies! It was indeed domineering. With just a name, an aura roiled forth, making Wu Yu recall the golden sword of the Sect Leader. That aura from the sword could indeed sweep through the heavens.

“The Heavenly Sword Sect spans across the land of multiple kingdoms. Our sect is located in the Bipo Mountain Range, which possesses the densest spiritual qi across different kingdoms. The entire Bipo Mountain Range is the size of half a kingdom. Within it, there are countless cultivators who are practicing cultivation! Their goal is to become an Immortal of the Heavens, a real immortal!

“Mortals are not allowed into the Bipo Mountain Range. In the eyes of the mortals from several kingdoms, the Bipo Mountain Range is equivalent to the heavenly palace! And you are currently standing on the mountain known as Yanli Peak, located within the Bipo Mountain Range.”

Upon hearing these words, Wu Yu was getting a little agitated. So that’s how it was. So a real immortal sect looked like this!

Sun Wudao continued, “You should know that the Heavenly Sword Sect is very big. Among which, the supreme leader is our Sect Leader. He is also the one you met previously. We don’t usually get to see him around and he is the most powerful person, known as a Jindan Immortal! I think that he is close to becoming a real immortal by now! Below him, there are various elders and other senior cultivators.”

So the one who saved him was actually the supreme Sect Leader.

“Other than that, there are also various disciples. Among which, the most precious of all are the core disciples. After the core disciples, it would be the external disciples. The number of external disciples is a few hundred times higher than that of the core disciples.”

“The truth is that within the Bipo Mountain Range, we, the servants, are the most common around. The cultivators are usually busy with their practice, while we are responsible for their meals, house-cleaning, feeding their immortal beasts, planting spiritual herbs, cleaning the palaces, and many other tasks. A core disciple will have at least a hundred servants, while an external disciple will have ten servants.”

Wu Yu was very grateful to Sun Wudao. Not only had he taken care of him, he had even given him an introduction to the real immortal world.

“Remember all of this!” At this point, Sun Wudao turned his head around before emphasizing each word. “As a servant, we have to follow the guiding principle: never offend the immortals! Don’t even offend the external disciples. Otherwise, we might provoke disaster. This wouldn’t simply be about you, I would be affected too! You have to carve this in your mind!”

Wu Yu had grown up in the palace, so he knew how to position himself. To put it bluntly, in the Heavenly Sword Sect, he was of the lowest level. It was the complete opposite of his position when he was still in Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.

“Don’t be demoralized. Even the servants have some hopes. The majority of the servants are young children with barely qualified talents brought back by cultivators from the mortal world. I was also brought to this place because of this in the past. In this place, one can understand cultivation and has the opportunity to practice the Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment. If your talents are indeed great and you can reach the sixth tier of the Body Refining Realm by the age of 15, you can also become a real disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect and have the opportunity to really become an immortal in the future by passing some assessments. I happened to miss the deadline by a year and couldn’t enter the immortal sect and take the path of the immortal.

Sun Wudao seemed reluctant to accept this. As he spoke of this, his expression turned grave as he probably recalled something from the past.

Wu Yu only remembered one key point: as long as he could reach the sixth tier of the Body Refining Realm by the time he was 15 years old, he would have the chance to enter the immortal sect….

15 years old, 15 years old!

He was 15 years old now and would be 16 in another two months. He would forever miss out on this opportunity.

“What a shame that I have been crippled!”

Wu Yu clenched his fist tightly. Otherwise, he would definitely fight for a chance for this opportunity.

If he couldn’t become an immortal, how was he going to kill an immortal?

“I forgot to mention that the so-called Body Refining Realm is equivalent to what the mortals call the Sky Realm. The sixth tier of our Body Refining Realm would be equivalent to the sixth tier of the Sky Realm.

If Wu Yu had not been hit by the Spirit Severing Powder, he would be confident in achieving the sixth tier in just a few days.

What a shame, what a shame!

Just like Sun Wudao, he was a step away from entering a real immortal sect!

After getting off the mountain peak, they traversed through the mountain ranges and soon arrived at another tall mountain.

“Above this place is where you will be working in the future, the Immortal Beast Garden. Follow me up.”


“What kind of immortal beasts are in the Immortal Beast Garden?” Wu Yu thought to himself.

As he climbed the tall mountain, Wu Yu was starting to feel a little tired. Nonetheless, he was still feeling rather excited. After all, the shocks he was getting from this immortal sect were truly too big.

After climbing over a thousand stone steps that were covered in green moss, the Immortal Beast Garden was finally right in front of him. However, at this moment, following a sharp shriek, a huge animal soared to the skies right in front of Wu Yu!

In the sky, snow-white giant birds were flying. They were over 20 feet long when they spread their wings, and they had black and white feathers with little red spots as decorations. One of these flying beasts could clearly tear a tiger or a leopard apart. Squinting his eyes to take a closer look, Wu Yu identified them as the Immortal Cranes recorded in the legends.

On one of the Immortal Cranes sat a young girl in a white dress. Wu Yu could only see her back. The green silk from her dress fluttered in the wind. She had a slender waist and snow-white skin. Dancing with the Immortal Crane was an image Wu Yu had in his mind about an immortal girl in a heavenly palace. This was the kind of form an immortal girl from the heavenly palace should have and was completely different from the norms of the mortal world.

“She feels a little like Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian!”

She was definitely an immortal. Any immortal could give Wu Yu the impression Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian had given him. This was also sufficient to show how powerful and outstanding she was! And there should be quite a number of disciples that were similar to her

At this point, Wu Yu clearly understood that Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian wasn’t the master of this world. In this world, there were plenty of people who could completely crush him.

He was not an immortal.

At this very moment, the young girl in the white dress turned around.

Her features were delicate and she was definitely a peerless beauty. However, her expression was cold and her eyes were just like the butterflies who had lost their breath. Just like how the laws of nature were cold, most of the cultivators were the same.

“Lower your head!” At his moment, Sun Wudao rapped Wu Yu’s head fiercely.

“This is the Peak Master of Yanli’s Mountain, Heavenly Immortal Su Yanli! Not only is she a main disciple, she is also a direct disciple of the Sect Leader. Among all the disciples, her authority is probably the highest. She isn’t someone you can look at directly!

“Wu Yu, remember this: within the Heavenly Sword Sect, you have to lower your head whenever you encounter any heavenly immortal!” Sun Wudao looked at him with burning eyes.

“Lower your head, or you die.”

The last six words kept reverberating in Wu Yu’s ears.

He could tell that Sun Wudao was very nervous.

“So the path of the immortals is even more merciless!”

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