Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 30

Chapter 0030: Art of Lightning Control

“When did Wu Yu grow so tall?” Qing Mang did not dare to approach Su Yanli and the other personal disciples of the Sect Leader. She stood with a bunch of Sky Gazing Mountain disciples some ways away. Her little head popped out of the crowd and stared at this surprising scene. Her little mouth was open so wide that you could stuff an egg inside.

She did a quick comparison. She was already puny, and now, beside Wu Yu, she would only reach his belly.

“It’ll be his turn to fight very soon. I really don’t want him to lose.” Qing Mang watched mutely from the sidelines, her pale white face lined with anxiety.

To her, Wu Yu was like an elder brother. Actually, she did have a brother back in the mortal realm, but because Qing Mang had embarked on the path of immortals, she had never met him again.

Time flew, and the closely-matched core disciples of the Qi Condensation Realm fought to a result one after another. In the blink of an eye it was evening, and the sun had gradually retreated. It was a beautiful evening, and the Immortal’s Battle Stage in twilight was like an orange longsword, canted towards the sky. And the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect were like ants on this Immortal’s Battle Stage.

“Last battle, Situ Minglang, Wu Yu.” The crowd had been in a lull, but hearing Mu Ge’s declaration, the crowd held its breath. Finally, the main highlight of today would begin. It was as though everyone had been waiting for this suspenseful moment. The number of disciples on the Immortal’s Battle Stage had increased rather than decreased. Their anxious heartbeats were clearly reflected.

Before he left, Mo Shishu suddenly turned serious and addressed Wu Yu gravely. “Junior Brother, don’t disgrace my master. If I were you, as long as I survive on that stage, then all honor is saved.”

Clearly, because the Sect Leader had protected Wu Yu a year earlier, he was now also seen as part of the Sect Leader’s reputation.

“Understood!” At this moment, there was no benefit to saying more. Wu Yu hefted his keen Demon Banishing Blade and reached the center of the battlefield in a few steps. Instantly, numerous gazes turned to focus on him again. After so many years as the prince of Dong Wu, he had stood in the limelight long enough. Even here at the immortal sect, Wu Yu was calm enough.

Mo Shishu, Su Yanli, Qing Mang, and the rest looked on with anticipation.

From the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples, looks of doubt and disdain.

Situ Minglang, a cold and hateful gaze.

On the high platform, Lan Huayi and the various elders were watching closely from above!

All gazes were on Wu Yu. They were like infinite stinging points of light that scorched his body. Normal people were afraid of this level of heat, but Wu Yu actually luxuriated in it. He had his Invincible Vajra Body. This level of heat only made his hot blood boil!

And now his Agile Rock Body was cultivated. Under the setting sun, one could see just barely the golden veins and roiling blood. His golden bones were glowing, and his entire body was covered in golden crystal meridians. It was like a sky full of stars. And within his mind, an indomitable Monkey King that burned in the flames. A blood-red gust of wind howled around him!

“Wu Yu! That day you picked up the trash I left on the ground, do you remember your shame?” Situ Minglang had waited for this chance to vent his hatred. It was unbearable. His body crackled with electricity, and he appeared in front of Wu Yu. His martial cultivator’s spiritual power started to whip up a tempest within the mountains.

“Situ Minglang, that day, I slaughtered your two brothers but walked away without shit happening to me. You remember how glum you were?” Wu Yu’s words were delivered calmly. Situ Minglang was too naive. Such pre-battle taunts were nothing new to Wu Yu, who had been training on the battlefield for a long time. The moment he said it, all the composure that Situ Minglang had carefully built up was shattered, and only his raging anger was left.


Situ Minglang seethed, and the disciples could feel his fearsome spiritual power!

“This Wu Yu, he’s so brazen. And that’s with the Sect Protector being present……” The disciples were taken aback by how bold Wu Yu was.

Given what they saw, Wu Yu’s greatest battle accolade was defeating Yu Huaishan, and there was a world of difference between Yu Huaishan and Situ Minglang. At this time, the crowd was guessing that Wu Yu would be cut down by Situ Minglang within a matter of a few breaths.

“Wu Yu is doomed.”

“Today, the Sect Leader is not here, and the Sect Protector is. No one can save Wu Yu under the watch of the Sect Protector.”

Actually, a majority of the people thought this way.

In the instant that the crowd stirred to life, Situ Minglang really could not resist. This young demon stood before Wu Yu and recited his chant. In a trice, an immortal treasure appeared, flying into the clouds and then descending into his hands. It was a hardened spirit sword. Blue light flowed along the keen, gleaming edge. When it clashed, the blue light spat out thunder and lightning that lingered on the blade, creating loud cracking sounds, emanating an intimidating power that left one numb.

A lightning symbol could vaguely be made out on the sword hilt. It was precisely that symbol that absorbed the lightning essence from the world and channeled it into the sword. It was precisely that which made it an immortal treasure.

Only immortals could use immortal treasures.

“Lightning Rod Blade!”

When Situ Minglang held the Lightning Rod Blade with both hands, electricity coursed through his body. In an instant, his black hair flew wildly. He looked awe-inspiring!

Wu Yu had heard that in the year Situ Minglang had secluded himself, he had not only succeeded in condensing his qi, but had also cultivated the Art of Lightning Control. Against those of an equal level, its fighting power was rather blasphemous.

When Situ Minglang was in the Body Refining Realm, his specialty affinities were frost and water, but Lan Huayi had seen his talent for lightning abilities. And to a martial cultivator, learning lightning skills earlier would result in more deadly power. It helped one’s battle power; therefore, he put what he had previously learned aside and focused on cultivating the Art of Lightning Control.

Tch! Tch!

Situ Minglang suddenly raised his head. His eyes were already blanketed with electricity. He stared at Wu Yu and charged without a word!

“Heartpiercer Lightning!”

This was a dao technique!

Situ Minglang recited his chants while he was grasping his sword in one hand. Halfway through, he finished chanting, tapping his Lightning Rod Blade. In that instant, it seemed like he had unlimited spiritual power, which manifested on the longsword. The electricity on the blade was amplified by 10 times. Situ Minglang used his dominating power to charge forward with lightning-quick footwork. Each step covered 100 feet, and he lunged straight for Wu Yu’s heart. If he was pierced through by the lightning, then he would be dead.

Situ Minglang’s move immediately raised a commotion. In the overall picture, this dao technique combined with his physical power to elevate him to first place among the 12.

In comparison, although Wu Yu was taller and was looking down on him, one who had condensed their qi could control qi! Dao techniques and immortal treasures combined to be a definite walkover over one who could not! The Heavenly Sword Sect disciples could basically predict that this was a sure kill!


With the Sect Protector sitting nearby, Situ Minglang could kill with impunity today! The lightning sword was coming for his heart. Before the sword arrived, the lightning had already exploded a large quantity of debris along the way, causing the ground to catch fire and blacken.

At this moment, Qing Mang’s heart was already in her throat and her face was pale…

Wu Yu’s counter seemed effortless. He simply lifted his sword in both hands and swept it out.

“Sweeping Golden Inferno!”

The Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art that he had mastered recently was used.


The sound was deafening, as though an avalanche had occurred, or a 5,000 kg metal ball had fallen to the ground from high up. It rumbled everyone’s eardrums and knocked the sense from their brains. In that instant, all they could see was Wu Yu’s sword sweeping out, trailing embers. The incomparably aggressive blow landed on the Lightning Rod Blade and immediately exploded with inhuman power. Situ Minglang and the Lightning Rod Blade were sent flying more than 300 feet!

Situ Minglang flew. In the setting sun, the Demon Banishing Blade gleamed, and the youth was glowing with golden light from his entire body… The picture left the entire Immortal’s Battle Stage silent. Even a single pin drop could be heard clearly.

The silence extended on, until Situ Minglang landed on the floor. He almost did not manage to execute a recovery roll.

“Nngh……” Situ Minglang raised his head. The one who could bear this the least was, in fact, himself.

From this exchange, the one who was favored with 99% chance to win had actually come out worse. Wu Yu had actually used the power of the Body Refining Realm alone to send him flying……

Such a scene was just too unexepected.

It was true that the drop of blood from the Monkey Head Fruit had helped Wu Yu train day and night without sleep or rest until this day. He had entered the ninth tier of the Body Refining Realm and was at the Immortal Transformation tier. If he already had 3,000 warhorses worth of power before, now he had above 5,000 warhorses worth of power. Just in terms of physical power alone, he was well above Situ Minglang.

That was why he had such a powerful strike that could send Situ Minglang flying and shock everybody!

Even Lan Huayi’s gaze wavered for a moment, and the look in her eyes started to change. Or perhaps now she started to understand why Feng Xueya had taken Wu Yu under his wing.

Of course, Wu Yu was not arrogant. Before, Situ Minglang had not treated him as an opponent. And now that he had tasted pain, he would enter a berserk state, given his personality. Therefore, the real battle was just about to begin!

As expected, Situ Minglang was chafing and he spat a mouthful of blood, then he hefted his Lightning Rod Blade. His left hand extended two fingers, which touched the Lightning Rod Blade. He raised his angry eyes to the sky and executed marvellous footwork. He shouted, “The power of the sky is boundless, and the immortals rule all. Lightning and thunder, hither to my blade!”

Instantly, the sky darkened and debris flew. Only immortals could have the power to hail the wind and rain like this. Wu Yu raised his head in shock. He could see that the clouds had already become inky black, and the thunder was roaring out. And then he saw a coarse lightning snake slithering through the clouds. It bore the ultimate killing intent!

“The Art of Lightning Control will leave you without even a corpse!”

As the weather changed, Situ Minglang’s mouth curled in a cold smile. The Lightning Rod Blade was already pointed at Wu Yu.

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