Hello Mr. King

1044 Chapter 1044

Yun Xiangxiang left the company under the crowd of enthusiastic employees and reluctant eyes.

Since she had gone to Xin ‘an company, she had to go to the foundation. The New Year gifts were the same, not favoring one over the other. They were also delivered on the same day. In previous years, she had basically been filming, she had never attended the foundation’s annual meeting.

There was Qiao Guan Here, and most of them were her classmates, seniors, and sisters. Yun Xiangxiang’s attitude was very intimate and a little more casual.

Qiao Guan took this opportunity to tell Yun Xiangxiang about the plans for some new projects in the coming year. Yun Xiangxiang listened carefully, and those who could give suggestions gave their opinions. Finally, Qiao Guan said, “Xiangxiang, I have a suggestion.”

“What do you think?”Yun Xiangxiang rarely saw Qiao Guan make requests to her.

“I hope that our foundation can build a group of medical talents,”Qiao Guan said after some consideration, “Actually, we have many practical activities to help the poor. After each activity, I will ask the participants to submit an activity report. The team leader needs to have some thoughts about the activity.

“After reading a lot, I found that there are too many accidents when we go to barren places. With medical personnel following us, not only will we protect the volunteers, but we will also bring more hope to the mountain areas.”

Yun Xiangxiang Thought for a moment and nodded. “It’s not difficult. I’ll arrange it for you before the New Year.”

“Also, there’s another idea, but it’s not easy to put into practice.”Qiao Guan hesitated and said.


“It’s okay. Tell me first. We’ll think of a way to overcome the difficulties together.”Yun Xiangxiang encouraged Qiao Guan.

“The places we’re going now are getting more and more remote. There are many accidents on and off.”Qiao Guan Handed Yun Xiangxiang a book of all the accidents that happened last year because of excessive activities, “Fortunately, everyone is strong-willed. Although some people were seriously injured, no one died.

“What I mean is that when we organize activities in the future, we have to sign an accident consent form, and it can’t just be owed by the participants. It has to be signed by the family members of the participants. In addition, I have listed the compensation for work-related injuries. You should take some time to read it.”

Yun Xiangxiang casually flipped through it and nodded cautiously. “Okay, I will take it to heart. I will read it carefully and then communicate with you.”

“This is something related to accidents. I’m more concerned about preventing accidents now.”Qiao Guan laid out his thoughts, “I hope that those of us who want to organize activities and practice public welfare can have a training program. There are two ways to train their willpower and improve their physical quality.”

Yun Xiangxiang looked at Qiao Guan and motioned for him to speak.

“First, we build our own training ground. The advantage is that it’s convenient for us to use, but the disadvantage is that it’s too torturous. Besides, it takes time to build the training ground. “Second, we can apply with the government department to achieve the possibility of cooperating with the army. We will arrange our employees to attend the Army training regularly. Professional coaches and professional training bases. I think it will be more appropriate than us.”

Yun Xiangxiang had seriously considered the pros and cons of the two. She was also inclined to the second question.

“I will arrange this. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can ask me. If I am not here, Qianqian can also handle it.”Yun Xiangxiang asked Song Qian to give her contact information to Qiao Guan, song Qian was no longer just her bodyguard.

After leaving the foundation, Yun Xiangxiang went to the hospital and met the person song Mian arranged for her. This person was not here to check up on Yun Xiangxiang, but she still had to put on an act.

In the end, she even opened a ward, which scared su xiuling. “What’s wrong? Why are you hospitalized?”

“Mom, I’m not hospitalized. The ward was opened a long time ago. Look at the date.”Yun Xiangxiang handed the receipt to Su Xiuling, “There’s something I need to take care of outside. I’ll go home tomorrow and stay here for a day.”

“You’re not even here. Why are you opening a Ward?”Wasn’t this taking up medical resources? Su xiuling did not say this in the end.

Yun Xiangxiang knew her mother very well. “I booked a ward that ordinary people would not go to. I’ve also informed the hospital. If anyone needs it urgently, I’ll give it up.”

“I’ll stay with you.”Su xiuling was still worried that her daughter would be alone in the hospital.

“Little Ting can’t stay with me, right? Who’s going to take care of him if I send him back alone?”Yun Xiangxiang thought about it. She was just going through the motions here, but she had no intention of leaving su xiuling behind, “You have to believe me. Besides, Qianqian is with me 24/7. Why are you still worried?”

Su xiuling looked at her daughter’s rosy face, then at her youngest son. Finally, her gaze fell on song Qian. She was still a little worried. “I’ll go back and ask Ai Li to come over?”

“Don’t. Ai Li has something to do. I’ve arranged for her to do it.”Yun Xiangxiang had already assigned Ai Li to do it.

Zhou Xifu was abroad. Song Qian had never shown her face abroad in the past, but Ai Li was different. In order to be safe, Yun Xiangxiang would not let Zhou Xifu see Ai Li easily.

“What are you doing so mysteriously?”Su xiuling found it more and more strange.

Yun Xiangxiang held onto Su Xiuling’s arm and leaned on her shoulder, acting coquettishly. “Mom, things are complicated. It’s hard to explain in just a few words. You just need to know that I’m fine and will go back tomorrow morning.”

Her daughter had grown up and had her own things to do. SU xiuling did not probe further. In the end, she helplessly accompanied Yun Xiangxiang to the hospital for dinner. Song Qian arranged for the chauffeur to bring her son back to the song family.

When they arrived at the song family home, Su Xiuling had no choice but to personally greet song Chi. Seeing that song Chi was not surprised at all and did not pursue the matter, her last bit of worry vanished into thin air.

After sending su xiuling off, Yun Xiangxiang washed up briefly, watched some water, and prepared to send a video call to Song Mian. In the end, Zhao guibi called first. “Miss Yun Xiangxiang, Jinxing asked me if you could attend the annual party.”

“I can’t. You know that.”Zhao guibi knew that Yun Xiangxiang was pregnant when Yun Xiangxiang’s wedding was held.

“Sure, I was just asked by someone.”Zhao guibi knew the result. “You’re really a hands-off boss.”

“Who asked me to meet so many capable people like you?”Yun Xiangxiang said with a smile.

“I’m calling to reserve a batch of movie tickets for you,”Zhao Guibi returned to the topic. “Xianghua yaoding, I’ll order more and ask him to give me a discount.”

“Chairman Zhao, you’ve risen three positions on the rich list this year, and you still want to haggle over this small profit?”Yun Xiangxiang asked in amusement.

“What do you know? This is a mutual exchange. Only then can the two sides slowly accept their friendship and cooperate with each other in the future.”Of course, Zhao Guibi was not interested in that small discount, “I’m organizing the staff to support you. You have to help me set up a connection.”


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