Hello Mr. King

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Sister Was so Beautiful

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Unfortunately, Wei Shanshan was not Yun Xiangxiang.

Wei Shanshan was already timid. No one understood Huan Yu Century Entertainment better than her. As long as she put her name out, even if it was a silver-tier agent, their opinions were still extremely meticulous. If anyone who had no confidence, ambition, or personality, they would be exposed in front of them, even people with a flawless beauty like Yun Xiangxiang would be cast aside.

With Wei Shanshan’s personality, she practically had no chance with Huan Yu Century Entertainment.

However, her only choice other than Huan Yu Century Entertainment would be The Era of Stars. However, The Era of Stars was really not suitable for her. After Chen Yinghui’s wife passed away, he had stayed single since then. This caused those working under him to have a fake illusion that they could marry him and become the madam of The Era of the Stars. Compared to this kind of person that left people hanging in anticipation, Yun Xiangxiang preferred He Zhen who would not beat around the bush.

If it were in the past, Yun Xiangxiang would absolutely not participate in this kind of topic. However, now that they got along with each other, they became real friends. Perhaps it was because of the environmental influences, Yun Xiangxiang did not hold much guards against others unlike her previous life. She began to get along with her peers seriously. She could not bear to see Wei Shanshan enter The Era of Stars.

Although Wei Shanshan of this level would not encounter any problems if she entered The Era of Stars, people tended to aim high. Unless Wei Shanshan was not ambitious, if she ever shone even a little, she would undoubtedly become a fat piece of meat exposed to a pack of hungry wolves.

[Yun [email protected] Nanyuan: Can I inquire about the details of Brilliant Entertainment?]

She already knew that Fang Nanyuan’s hometown was in Beijing. His family’s financial condition was exceptional. He insisted on entering the entertainment industry despite being an only child. This caused his father to become enraged and cut off his financial income in order to force him to change his mind.


Fang Nanyuan must have a way to inquire about Brilliant Entertainment.

[Yun Xiangxiang: Shanshan, I’m only giving my opinions as references. You have the final call for your decision. First of all, I think that The Era of Stars is a corrupt place. Next, with how Huan Yu Century Entertainment usually acts, it will be really hard for you to enter there. You might as well choose a new company with a strong financial background. With that, the competition will be less, the resources obtained will increase, and you will also be prioritized by the company.]

[Fang Nanyuan: I agree with what Xiangxiang said. I will help you inquire information regarding Brilliant Entertainment.]

Wei Shanshan: [{♥️}, thank you Nanzi; thank you Xiangxiang. It is not early anymore, so sleep early.]

Putting down the phone, Yun Xiangxiang tidied herself up and laid on her bed. However, she did not fall asleep.

Before reincarnating, she wanted to study properly and enroll in Huaying University to try and convince Yun Zhibin. Since Yun Zhibin was already convinced now, they wouldn’t reject this path anymore.

The most important thing as of now was the way to gain initiative in order to sign a contract with Huan Yu Century Entertainment. After all, this company would not take bother to accept her just because she starred in one or two films that received a decent review. She had to think of a way to became the leading actress of a wonderful script and present herself with confidence in front of Huan Yu Century Entertainment. With this, she would only be able to achieve her ideal results.

“Caring Love” was in decent progress. It was only in early October, and the film shooting should be ending during December. Zhou Wei was just earning a small profit. The editing of the film was also not that exclusive. The show didn’t even get a chance to have a roadshow. At most, it would just be advertised by the publisher. It really wasn’t that hard to catch up to the release date during Chinese New Year.

If the response was good at the time, she should receive some attention, which would definitely allow her to be offered a place in a new script. However, being the heroine would be impossible. Even if she did a good job in “Caring Love”, she was not a trained actress. She was still very young, and still had no contract with any companies.

Her only choice was to see if there were any famous directors organizing an audition during the holiday period. If there were any, she would strive to fight for it.

If it really happened, she would have to take leave in order to have some shooting sessions. Unless she could guarantee a good result, otherwise she would not be able to convince Yun Zhibin.

The following days, Yun Xiangxiang studied even harder. She had finished learning whichever needed to be learned for her Grade 10 and 11 syllabus, then she would do a comprehensive revision during Grade 12. As long as she fully understood the syllabus for these two years, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to take leave and bring the past-year papers to filming sessions.

Thanks to Yun Xiangxiang’s seriousness, she managed to influence those around her to move forward as well. Seeing how she managed to take every single scene in one go without the director shouting “Not Good”, Wei Shanshan and others which were Huaying University’s students decided to work even harder. The filming progressed faster than what Zhou Wei predicted. In the end, the filming only took up seventy five days, and the final edits were finished by mid-November.

During this period of time, Yun Xiangxiang had scored number one among her peers in her monthly exam two times. Yun Zhibin was very satisfied with this result.

Zhou Wei liked Yun Xiangxiang a lot. He had to rush the editing of the film, so he could not stay here any longer. Before he left, he reminded Yun Zhibin again to ensure that Yun Xiangxiang walked down the acting path.

Yun Xiangxiang also toasted Zhou Wei with a glass of juice, “Uncle Zhou, I also enjoy shooting films. If there is a chance in the future, please do remember to find me.”

“Hahahaha, you can rest assured. If there is a good script, uncle will definitely help you.” Zhou Wei promised.

After that, she accompanied Wei Shanshan and the others. After being with each other for such a long time, they had all developed a deep bond with each other. Even though the transportation was very convenient and efficient with no issue in communication, they were still reluctant to part. That night, Wei Shanshan and Yun Xiangxiang slept together for a night. The next day was a weekend, so Yun Xiangxiang and her family sent them to the airport.

After the “Caring Love” crew left, Yun Xiangxiang’s life resumed as normal. The difference was that Yun Zhibin would take her family to play on Saturday. After New Year’s Day, Yun Xiangxiang would enter the studying mode for her final exams.

Before her final exam, major news broke out at home.

Su Xiuling, who was thirty-eight years old, had gotten pregnant!

Yun Xiangxiang, who was sixteen years old, would have another brother or sister soon.

Yun Zhibin was both happy and worried when he heard the news. He was happy because he was going to become a dad at the age of forty. For any guy, they would not be able to contain the happiness felt on this occasion. However, he was worried because Su Xiuling’s age was too old. She was in an advanced maternal age!

“Dad, don’t worry, the doctor said that although mother is old, her body is in good condition, and her mentality is stable as well; it will not affect the child’s growth.” Under the influence of Yun Xiangxiang, the family had already treated her as an adult. Her words meant a lot to them. “Mother can choose to go to a good hospital when that time comes. We will have an operation to allow the baby to be delivered, and find a confinement center to let her rest after that.”

Su Xiuling, on the other hand, was not so worried. In fact, she felt very happy. When she thought about how she would soon have a beautiful child, her happiness could not be contained.

Yun Xiangxiang and Yun Lin were six years apart; they were born within the bound of the family planning rules set by the government. Only the child in the stomach exceeded the maximum amount of children a family could possess. If it were five years ago when the policy was strict, Yun Zhibin as an educator would definitely never be allowed to have more children. However, since now the times had changed, what else did Su Xiuling need to worry about?

“Little Lin, do you want a brother or sister?” Su Xiuling was not worried about her daughter resisting the new child, but it was a different story for her son who was still quite young.

Yun Lin, who was under the age of ten immediately answered, “I want a brother!”

He only wanted to have a beautiful older sister. If there was a younger sister, mom and dad would definitely be eccentric.

Sister is so beautiful, so she should be unique.

He didn’t want a delicate younger sister. He only wanted a younger brother who would listen to everything he said. If his brother didn’t obey, he would hit him!

Naturally, no one knew about Yun Lin’s thoughts, not even Yun Xiangxiang.

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