Hello Mr. King

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Tough Environment

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After she finished reading the script, Yun Xiangxiang remained silent.

This was a realist film, and Han Jing only took Xia Hong as the classical main character. The whole script could be said to be emphasized on Xia Hong’s perseverance. In such a difficult environment, she still persisted with her own university dream. This show could be classified as a one-man show for Xia Hong.

If the film wasn’t good, it would become a boring film.

It aroused the urge of conquest in Yun Xiangxiang’s heart.

She now understood why this script fell into her hands.

It was really hard to get this film to become famous. Secondly, the environment for the shots were too difficult. Just by looking at a few scenes written on the script was enough to make most people discouraged. Students who could be admitted to the film and television university would definitely have a good family background. Not many people could handle these harsh environments. Even if some people forced themselves to participate in the filming, they would definitely be shocked after experiencing such a situation themselves, which would impede them from producing the desired reactions and scenes that Han Jing wanted.

In the past, Yun Xiangxiang was like a star brimming with infinite glow. Just by simply going under the rain, or doing some wire fu acrobatic stunts [1], her fans would all praise her for her efforts.

In this life, Yun Xiangxiang wanted to become a down-to-earth actor. She did not want to rely on her fan’s support alone, but her performance in acting. “University Dream” would just be a start.

She decided to accept the role, and immediately gave Zhou Wei a reply.

The next day, a number from Hong Kong called Yun Xiangxiang’s phone. Yun Xiangxiang already knew who it was.

“You know who I am right?” At the end of the phone, a forthright female voice responded.

“If I am not mistaken, you should be Teacher Han Jing.” Yun Xiangxiang did not beat around the bush.

“Smart girl.” Han Jing praised. “You read the script. You tell me, what did you see?”

After a slight pause, Yun Xiangxiang replied, “Toughness.”

It was toughness. No matter Xia Hong’s experience, or the filming process of this film. Both would be tough.

“It seems like you are ready.” Han Jing said in a straightforward manner. “You’re on your winter vacation now right? I will book a plane ticket for you. You will have a look at our filming location first. I want you to see it yourself, and tell me again if you want to accept this role. There were a few girls before you who were very confident. However, after reaching the location, almost all of them were crying and begging to leave the location .”

“Ok.” Yun Xiangxiang was very happy with the Han Jing’s arrangement.

Many directors only focused on appearance; many directors only focused on investments; many directors only focused on skills. Although there were scene descriptions in the script, the text description and visiting the place personally were two completely different things. However, since the contract was signed, the actor couldn’t quit at the last minute. It’s either they find a substitute, or they are forced to act. Otherwise, they would have to pay the sum for breaching the contract.

If the film was filmed like this, how good would the effects be?

Han Jing’s was incredibly efficient. Zhou Wei personally called Yun Zhibin at noon that day and somehow managed to convince him to let Yun Xiangxiang go. Yun Zhibin let Yun Xiangxiang’s grandmother to take care of Su Xiuling, and prepared to take Yun Xiangxiang to Sichuan Province. Yun Lin also made a commotion to go together. Yun Zhibin thought that he could let Yun Lin experience the environment of the poor mountain area along the way.

Everyone arrived at the airport the next day. Han Jing personally came to fetch them.

The role model from before stood right in front of her. She was already over forty years old, but it seemed like god really treasured beauties. She was still so beautiful, and she had an unreachable experienced demeanor. Although Wen Lan also had that aura around her, it was completely different compared to Han Jing’s, whose demeanor was more heroic.

After she greeted Yun Zhibin and others, Han Jing took a look at Yun Xiangxiang seriously.

“I have seen the first recording of “Caring Love”. You have the charm to stand out on any occasion.” This charm did not come from an outstanding appearance. If Han Jing weren’t so desperate to find someone to become the female lead, she would never have taken a second look at Yun Xiangxiang who was recommended by Zhou Wei.

“I hope I will not let Teacher Han down.” Yun Xiangxiang was also not modest.

The more they interacted, the more Han Jing liked Yun Xiangxiang’s personality. Han Jing took them to the hotel she booked beforehand, which was a five-star hotel. After that, it didn’t progress as how Yun Xiangxiang and Yun Zhibin expected as they would need to take a few hours to drive, walk more than ten kilometers of mountain roads, and climb over the mountains to reach the shooting location, Han Jing just used a helicopter and brought them to the filming location.

Yun Lin, who was riding the helicopter for the first time, was very excited. Looking at the mountains and rivers from above the sky, the soul-stirring experience was beyond words. The deeper into the mountains they went, the heavier the snow was.

“Our filming location has no road to allow cars to enter.” The heavy snow had already covered the whole area to the point where it was not feasible to reach by foot.

When they arrived at the location, even Yun Zhibin was appalled by the scenery. He was born before the country was developed. He himself had already suffered a lot of hardship during that period of time. However, he had never thought that there would be such a house which was so worn-out. The house itself seemed like it was going to collapse soon. The bed in the house was old and broken, it was as if someone were to put some force onto it, it would collapse. There were several skylights which were covered by rags on the roof; the tables and stoves were built with stones.

The door was assembled by pieces of decaying wood. When the wind blew, the creaking sound emitted from it resembled the sound of a dying old woman screaming at the top of her lungs; it was sharp and cold.

The thing that made Yun Zhibin feel unacceptable was still behind. The children who lived here would have to walk down from a cliff that was perpendicular to the ground. The road was a ladder made of rope and planks. Standing on the cliff, the bottom of the cliff could not be seen. His mind arose the thought “What if someone slipped his hand…”

After that, they went to the filming location for the school. They walked through the rugged mountain road that could be walked. On the way, there were many people who were in a bad condition. Their faces were pale and skinny; their cheeks cracked because of the wind; their outfits were horrendous. This made Yun Zhibin, who was supposedly someone from the 70s, realize how good his life had been.

“If you are sure that you want to shoot this film, enter the group in July after the year. My shooting cycle is long. In order to get the real scene, the filming will span from July to January. I will arrange a dietitian to take care of you before we start filming. You need to be skinny. ” Han Jing stood on the cliff, and the cold wind blew her face. Her dark and deep eyes looked calm. “Be so skinny that you’re malnourished.”

The children living in the mountain; the environment Xia Hong lived in. It goes without saying how her body condition would be like.

Make-up might be able to draw the malnourished effect, but the body figure and expression could not be fully presented even by the best actors.

“No problem.” Yun Xiangxiang said without hesitation.

Han Jing had already seen many sides of people. While this movie had potential actresses who came here to view the location, only Yun Xiangxiang never gave any concerns about the location, remaining calm throughout.

She had seen all kinds of people and actors throughout her whole life, and she had never appreciated someone before, but this young lady had just made her heart flutter.

“I want to know why are you willing to partake in this film.” Such a beautiful girl, a rare beauty that was rare even in the entertainment industry… such a young girl who should be soft and elegant, but possessed a will and resolve that exceeded Han Jing’s imagination.

If Yun Xiangxiang were to rely on her looks, she would also be able to get famous easily by just acting in normal movies comfortably. She did not have to suffer at all.

“I want to be a real actor.”

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