Hello Mr. King

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Yun Xiangxiang’s Counterattack

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Right now as “Caring Love” reached its peak popularity, Yun Xiangxiang’s Weibo fans increased to one million in a flash. One could imagine the power of “Caring Love”.

Since the second day of the Lunar New Year, the popular topics on Weibo were all #On the first day of the Lunar New Year I cried like a dog for “Caring Love”#, #I once had a crush on a school belle like Yang Qi#, #I was once forced to switch classes# and so on, pushing “Caring Love” higher and higher in the search rankings.

Yun Xiangxiang didn’t mind people rubbing off on the heat of the moment, but she didn’t want people to rain on her parade, even slandering her name in the process.

It was obvious that it was some sort of timely marketing account [1], as there were suddenly a lot of questions surfacing.

There were quite a lot of marketing account that came to her Weibo to comment:

[It’s amazing to have such a dad.]

[You’ve already known how to snatch characters at such a young age. Really can’t afford to offend you.]

[Your face has already become so popular, yet we have never seen you off-screen.]

[Could you talk about the dirty work behind the screen?]

Such negative news flooded her Weibo in an instant. They didn’t realize how vicious they were toward an underaged female high school student.

“Caring Love” group

[Wei Shanshan: {😠} {😠} {😠} This is too much. Qin Yue must have intentionally done this. These are all a marketing account. She’s an amatuer who has not even debuted. Her agency must be the ones behind this!]

[Fang Nanyuan: Calm down. We should be thinking of countermeasures right now.]

[Yi Yan: Don’t be impulsive. We can’t be creating chaos among ourselves now.]

[Wei Shanshan: We should testify for Xiangxiang.]

[Yun Xiangxiang: You all need to stay silent. Even if you say anything, they won’t believe it.]

At the moment, if anyone from “Caring Love” crew said anything, the effect might be counterproductive. It would only let people feel like the whole crew bullied her.

Even Han Jing called to ask her, “Do you want me to help you?”

“If I can’t even handle such a small issue, I might as well leave while it’s still early.” Yun Xiangxiang smiled.

“Hahaha, that’s true.” Han Jing just called to ask. She genuinely liked this girl. “You can’t just let it be at this time. You have not signed any contracts, and a lot of people are watching your every reaction. The more capable a company is, the less they like to see an actor who is only being bullied. Of course, they dislike an actor who causes trouble even more.”

“Thank you for the advice, Teacher.” Yun Xiangxiang thanked. “Please help me to add fuel to the fire, if it’s not too troublesome for you.”

“You still want to play with fire.” Han Jing suddenly found it interesting.

“Someone wants to ride on my coattails. If I don’t collect the interest, I won’t have the face to look myself in the mirror.” Yun Xiangxiang smiled.

Did they really treat me like a sixteen year old high school student by using such juvenile methods on me?

“Okay, I am looking forward to your stunning appearance.” Han Jing suddenly wondered what Yun Xiangxiang would do.

After she hung up, Han Jing went to look for people to work on it. A little girl like Qin Yue was no match for her vast network. Even if Qin Yue had a company behind her, they wouldn’t resist Han Jing for such a newcomer.

For a while, the most popular search became #real life school belle, the real Yang Qi#.

Even though “Caring Love” was soaring in popularity, Yun Xiangxiang had been on the popular search as well. However, she was always behind the most popular search, never reaching the top five searches.

When this popular search emerged, many people were questioning. Who is Yang Qi?

But of course, everyone was curious about beauty. The words school belle were enough to attract people’s attention. When this topic emerged, there were many of Qin Yue’s beautifully edited pictures and artistic pictures. In comparison, Yun Xiangxiang’s pictures were all taken from the film where they purposely picked the most blurred with lighting issues.

Yun Xiangxiang was pretty without a doubt. If the actress were changed, even with such a huge gap she could not overpass Yun Xiangxiang. However, Qin Yue was also a real beauty. In this contrast, Qin Yue naturally won.

So there were many comments that appeared:

[Pity the pretty girl. She’s so gorgeous yet she missed a chance to be famous.]

[Don’t worry pretty girl, we support you. Gold will always shine.]

[Resist using the unspoken rules to get the role.]

[Ah, this is the Yang Qi in my heart.]

All the praises were obviously directing at Qin Yue. They were one-sidedly holding up Qin Yue while denigrating Yun Xiangxiang.

As more and more people joined, the topic became more and more popular. There were occasionally a few people who spoke in vindication, but they were soon overwhelmed. Soon, they were getting exhausted, and Qin Yue’s support was losing momentum. The reverse psychology [2] of passers-by was aroused.

[Hehe, using well-edited pictures to fight against blurry ones, this is society.]

[I don’t understand how this works, but riding on the other’s coattails to this extent is really OP [3].]

[You speak as if as long as you’re beautiful you can act well as Yang Qi. The key is that you are only average looking.]

[Since when could an amateur who hasn’t even debuted ride on a new star’s coattails to become the most popular search????]

Yun Xiangxiang had been monitoring the status. Only now did she log into her Weibo and post two Weibo statuses that shocked the netizens.

[Actor Yun Xiangxiang V: I heard that an amateur like me was able to steal the role who was supposed to be played by your company’s actress {I’ve been blown away, I’ll hold my hips for a while JPG} @ChangSheng Media]

Nobody expected Yun Xiangxiang to ignore Qin Yue, instead she questioned her contracting company directly.

People who paid close attention to this incident were shocked, leaving comments below in a frenzy:

[OP, Sister Yang Qi V587]

[We will not be convinced by the majority; we only submit to sister school belle.]

[That’s awesome, so cool! ! ! ]

[Hahaha, is ChangSheng this weak? I should go grab a role too]

This Weibo post dragged ChangSheng into the water. Even though Yun Xiangxiang was a newcomer who had just established her presence, they couldn’t just ignore the provocation.

If ChangSheng Media admitted to their wrongdoings, then they would lose al face? If they couldn’t even protect their own actor and allowed an amateur to steal away the role for their actors, how would they be able to draw in talents in the future?

If they don’t admit it, are they going to clarify what was posted online? How are they going to do that?

However, without waiting for Changsheng Media to respond, Yun Xiangxiang posted something else on Weibo.

[Actor Yun Xiangxiang V: I heard that you are prettier than me. Sorry, I don’t accept that @Qin Yue[two sets of makeup photos JPG]]

One of the makeup photos was of Yun Xiangxiang while the another was of Qin Yue. Both of the photos didn’t undergo any editing; they were just posted generously. The comments started heating up again.

[No way, you’re beautiful and anything you say is correct.]

[We don’t accept this.]

[Oh mom, I am in love, licking the screen]

[Sister Xiang really has her own personality. Just because of your beauty, I will watch “Caring Love” tomorrow.]

[Let’s go watch “Caring Love”.]

[Let’s go.]


[+10086 [4]]

“Caring Love” group

[Wei Shanshan: Hahahaha. You’re amazing, Sister Xiang. How did you think of this counterattack?]

[Fang Nanyuan: Sister Xiang, please accept my kowtow.]

[Yi Yan: Sister Xiang, please protect me.]

[Zhou Wei: I estimate that our film box office will increase tomorrow {😏}.]

[Yun Xiangxiang: Hit the critical spot if you want to make a move, and it has to be fatal.]

[Wei Shanshan: This little b*tch Qin Yue wants to ride on your coattails to be famous. Just wait for her to be kept away by the company {😎}.]

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