Hello Mr. King

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Meeting the Three Leads

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Even people in her industry would be hard pressed to purchase a house in such a short period in Beijing, where cost of living was higher.

Moreover, this was her second life. Even if she decided to enter the industry again, Yun Xiangxiang’s mindset had changed.

She did not have the right, nor did she choose her scripts seriously in her previous life. She only cared about making money. Unless there was some sort of scandal, a star would be forgotten quickly if they were inactive for merely a year. The competition in this industry was too great with too many people striving for it.

She wanted to be an actress in this life instead of a star.

As for filming, she’d rather go without than have something shoddy.

She still decided to enter Huan Yu Century Entertainment. Even though the competition was fierce, it was one of the rare companies that were not corrupted.

At the very least, she didn’t go through any dirty deals in the decade of her previous life. He Zhen was an amazing man. He lived in Hong Kong in his early years and got along well with both the authorities and the underworld. He would protect those that he valued.

Huan Yu Century Entertainment’s resources were absolutely top-notch. This was not only limited to the China mainland, but it also included Hong Kong and the international region.

She had to display her own worth if she wanted to have the chips to negotiate with Huan Yu.

A movie was not enough.

Yun Xiangxiang drifted into dreamland as she planned for the future.

The whole school knew about the news of her starring in a movie the next day. After all, Yun Xiangxiang was popular in school and a lot of movie extras were chosen from the 10th graders. This made it impossible to hide the news.

However, students from various years and classes should have been informed of the news by their class teachers. Even though she received more glances down the hallways now, it didn’t bother her at all.

“Ah!” The first one to burst with excitement was Song Meng. She waited for Yun Xiangxiang early in the morning, and lunged at her in a fit of screams the moment she saw her. “Xiangxiang, Xiangxiang, you’re going to be a big star after shooting this movie! I’m feeling the revival of my heart that died with the death of my idol! I’ll be your first fan from now on!”

“Well, that’s a heart that’s revived easily.” Yun Xiangxiang threw her a disdainful gaze. To think that she even reflected on herself yesterday because Song Meng shed tears.

She said it before. There might be some sentimental people outside of her close circle that would feel some sorrow about her death, but it would never go as far as causing real trauma.

“Xiangxiang~” Song Meng shook Yun Xiangxiang whom she was hugging, “Even though you’re not my first love, I guarantee that you’re my only one from now on!”

“Is your homework done?” Yun Xiangxiang squinted at her

“Oh, homework! My English paper! Lend me yours!” Song Meng got distracted immediately.

Yun Xiangxiang gave her own English paper to Song Meng helplessly.

She was baffled about this. Their seats in class were arranged based on the results of their monthly tests. The ones who could sit beside Yun Xiangxiang who claimed third place in their year were at least the top fifteen in their class, and top fifty in the same grade. Song Meng’s results weren’t bad, but this brat had been copying her homework every single day since high school started.

Yun Xiangxiang’s classmates paid more attention to her today. However, after a year of being classmates, they felt that Yun Xiangxiang was an unattainable goal; basically nobody tried to approach her. Their class teacher specifically mentioned this during lecture and reminded everyone to focus on their studies, then everyone returned to normal after that.

Although the shooting occured during weekends, Yun Xiangxiang still hoped that she wouldn’t drag the team down.

She understood the reasons for the compromise on Zhou Wei’s part. The first reason was his acknowledgement of her appearance and acting skills. The second one was that he most probably had no more money to find a suitable candidate from the professional Huaying University.

That was why she wouldn’t be cut off. However, since she had decided to do it, she might as well be serious about it. She decided to give up her afternoon break time every day to follow the team.

Song Meng was determined to follow her no matter what, so Yun Xiangxiang brought her along.

Yun Xiangxiang saw the other three leads in the studio. She knew that they were all students from Huaying University yesterday.

The most senior one here was Yi Yan who played Wei You. He was a fourth-year in college, and he was twenty-two this year; he had a slender body and was approximately 1.85m tall, with clean facial features that was pleasing to the eyes. But overall, he was not overwhelmingly attractive.

“You must be Yun Xiangxiang. I’m Wei You,” Yi Yan greeted her warmly.

“I’m Yang Qi, I’ll be in your care,” replied Yun Xiangxiang.

‘You’re such a cute boy,’ Song Meng smiled and praised.

‘If you enter Huaying, you’ll know how normal I am,’ Yi Yan had a pair of dimples when he smiled. He was also an honest person. When he saw a pair of man and woman coming their way, he said, “Here, this one is better looking than me.”

Yun Xiangxiang knew about the attractive pair. The girl was Wei Shanshan who was playing Qi Xiaoran, and the boy who was playing Xu Chen was Fang Nanyuan. Both of them were second years in Huaying University. Wei Shanshan was nineteen years old while Fang Nanyuan was twenty years old.

Wei Shanshan was a delicate and pretty girl; she had fair skin and sparkling eyes. She looked like the quintessential girl next door.

Fang Nanyuan was indeed good-looking. The moment he appeared, Song Meng gripped Yun Xiangxiang’s hand tightly to suppress her excitement.

Exquisite facial features; perfect outlines; seductive slanted eyes; standard thin-lips. This guy had a vastly different temperament. For Yun Xiangxiang who had come across various brands of luxury fashion items in her previous life, she could tell by one glance that the cost of the accessories on Fang Nanyuan exceeded six figures. Just the watch on his wrist alone cost three hundred thousand yuan.

This was a bona fide rich young man. However, there’s no air of aloofness nor impetuousness in him.

“Oh God! How can you be so beautiful!” Wei Shanshan who had her head lowered in discussion of a script with Fang Nanyuan was astounded as she saw Yun Xiangxiang. She strode over and stood in front of Yun Xiangxiang. She couldn’t believe that Yun was the same height as her! “Are you really not even sixteen years old?”

She was 1.65m now. Wei Shanshan thought that she could only grow until 1.68m in this life. Yun Xiangxiang was already at this height when she was not even sixteen. She should be able to grow taller than 1.7m. This beautiful face! These curves!

Wei Shanshan hugged Yun Xiangxiang immediately, “Please carry me in this industry.”

“It might be the other way around,” Yun Xiangxiang smiled; she did not reject the intimacy Wei Shanshan showed.

There was nothing to vie for here since they were all newbies and teenagers. Yun Xiangxiang who had had a lot of experience in life felt the trio’s kindness, and she did not reject the idea of being friends with them. There was still three months’ time to get along with each other.

“Hi, I’m Fang Nanyuan. Both of them call me Nanzi,” Fang Nanyuan’s smile made him even better looking.

“Ah…! So handsome! So handsome! I’m gonna faint,” Song Meng finally couldn’t take it and squealed.

“She’s my classmate, Song Meng. She had always been this forthright. I hope you don’t mind her,” said Yun Xiangxiang helplessly.

“Hi, pleasure to meet you,” Song Meng shook their hands hurriedly, and she didn’t even want to release her hand when it was Fang Nanyuan’s turn.

It was fortunate that Fang Nanyuan was civilized. He just let her dawdle like a life-and-death farewell one. The polite smile on his face remained unchanged.

“I’ve decided; I want to enter the entertainment industry!” Song Meng looked at Fang Nan Yuan with enthusiasm.

“*Cough*, pardon me for speaking bluntly, but I’m afraid that it might be a little difficult,” said Wei Shanshan bluntly.

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