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Chapter 1767 - Chapter 1767 the Little Princess of the slightly chubby world (second update)

Chapter 1767: Chapter 1767 the Little Princess of the slightly chubby world (second update)

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Gu Nianzhi’s tears suddenly disappeared.

She stood up from the sofa and said unhappily, “Then why did you lie to me? ! Is it fun to lie to me? !”

“I didn’t mean to lie to you.”Lu Jin saw that Gu Nianzhi no longer had any intention of crying, so he breathed a sigh of relief and walked over to stand in front of her, he said carefully, “Qin yaoguang knows about your condition. Your special constitution and perfect genes have been her coveted goal for a long time.”

“If I don’t tell her about this, she’ll keep hoping for luck and won’t reveal anything about you.”

Lu Jin grabbed Gu Nianzhi’s shoulder and said seriously, “Nianzhi, in my heart, nothing is more important than your safety. As long as you’re alive, I can live free and unfettered.”

Gu Nianzhi recalled the danger of being hunted down in the Alps in the other world. The despair of being cornered allowed her to understand Lu Jin’s feelings.

However, she had a different personality from Lu Jin, or perhaps it could be said that a newborn calf was not afraid of Tigers. She was a person who liked to face problems head-on and solve them.

In her dictionary, there was no word to avoid.

Gu nianzhi also said seriously, “Dad, if someone really covets my constitution and my genes, do you think they’ll let me go if you don’t tell them about it?”

“Think about the kidnapping eight years ago. If it wasn’t for you intercepting it halfway, I would either be a living dead person in the lab or a specimen.”

Lu Jin’s hands tightened and his brows furrowed, “That’s why I can’t let them succeed. Qin Yaoguang is your biological mother. With her abilities, those people won’t go beyond her to deal with you. So we only need to deal with Qin Yaoguang. If Qin Yaoguang finds out that her secret has been exposed, she will take the risk and use you to make a deal with someone else.”

Gu Nianzhi sneered. “After all, you just don’t dare to confront the Qin family head-on.”

The Qin family stood behind Qin Yaoguang, and the Qin family’s financial power had become “Unrivaled.”.

Lu Jin was silent for a moment before saying, “Just think of me as a coward and don’t dare to fight the Qin family head -on.’

Gu Nianzhi saw how worried Lu Jin was and quickly said, “Dad, don’t worry. Young master he will help us. No matter how powerful the Qin family is, we still have to depend on the he family…”

Lu Jin almost didn’t dare to look Gu Nianzhi in the eye.

How was he afraid of the Qin family? !

He was afraid of someone else!

But when he saw Gu Nianzhi’s bright smile and Bright Eyes, Lu Jin didn’t say a word.

He nodded. “Young master he is indeed not bad. He helped you a lot in court today. He is also an outstanding barrister.’

Gu Nianzhi pulled Lu Jin to sit down on the sofa and said, “Of course! He is also my graduate professor. Besides, Mrs. He is also a barrister. Young master he is from a family background.”

Lu Jin nodded silently. “Mrs. He is naturally the best.”

“It’s a pity that she passed away too early. Otherwise, I could have asked her for advice. “Gu Nianzhi was very regretful. She rested her chin on her hand and was lost in thought for a while.

Huo Shaoheng followed her and sat down opposite Gu Nianzhi and Lu Jin. He said plainly, “Qin Yaoguang refuses to admit to plastic surgery now. Looks like we still have to look for photos of her infancy and childhood before she turns ten.”

Gu Nianzhi’s thoughts were pulled back. She frowned and asked in confusion, “Did she really have plastic surgery? Although I insisted in court, I still think that this kind of plastic surgery is too magical…”

Lu Jin’s two thumbs moved slightly. He looked at Gu Nianzhi, then at Huo Shaoheng. He wanted to say something, but stopped himself.

Huo shaoheng said calmly, “Uncle Lu, do you have any opinions? To be honest, I’m also very confused. I believe that Qin Yaoguang had plastic surgery, but how did she happen to look so much like Nianzhi when she grew up?

Huo Shaoheng recalled the first time he had met Gu Nianzhi. At that time, Gu Nianzhi had also looked a little different from how she looked now.

However, she was different. She was not as shocked as Qin yaoguang.

Gu nianzhi understood what Huo Shaoheng meant. She rolled her eyes and asked Lu Jin, “Dad, when I was young, did I look a little like the daughter of the Qin family? I remember that I was quite fat when I was 12.”

Lu Jin looked away uncomfortably. He thought for a moment and said, “Actually, I didn’t really understand this at first, but I’ve understood it recently. ”

Gu Nianzhi:”…

Was this some kind of amazing problem?

Lu Jin glanced at Huo Shaoheng and frowned. “Peter is here, so there are some things I don’t want to say.”

Huo Shaoheng: “.

He had no intention of leaving this time. Instead, he said frankly, “Uncle Lu, feel free to say anything. I will never tell the Committee of State Security (KGB) anything about Gu Nianzhi.”

Seeing Lu Jin’s doubtful expression, huo shaoheng added, “If I wanted to say anything, I would have said it long ago. The Committee of State Security (KGB) wouldn’t be able to stop them if they knew about Nianzhi’s situation.”

Lu Jin’s lips twitched. “Then I’ll believe you for now. If you’re really up to no good, I won’t Let You Go!”

Gu nianzhi trusted Huo Shaoheng completely. She smiled and hugged Lu Jin’s arm. “Dad, tell me, what’s going on?

Lu Jin took out Gu Nianzhi’s laptop and opened it. He connected it to the computer in his lab and opened a software. “This is the genetic analysis software.”

“I checked your genetic data again after you told me about the uniqueness of your body.”Lu Jin looked at Gu Nianzhi with emotion. “I just realized what ‘perfect’means!”

Gu Nianzhi blinked and asked in confusion, “You mean you don’t seem to know much about my body?”

“I used to think I did, but no matter how much I know, I didn’t expect your body to be this strong! “Lu Jin opened the software and showed Gu Nianzhi all the data with his mouse.

“This is the data of your physique when you were young, and the DNA sequencmg.”

“This is the data of your physique after you came back this time, and the DNA sequencmg.”

Lu Jin opened up the two sets of data side by side and displayed them on the display screen.

When it came to experiments, he started talking nonstop.

“Nianzhi, you said that you were in danger over there, that your leg was fractured, and that you were shot, right?”Lu Jin confirmed.

Gu Nianzhi nodded. “When I was in the Alps, I was hunted down. My leg was broken and my arm was grazed by a bullet.”

“Then the next day, your leg recovered and the wound on your arm was completely healed, right?”

Gu Nianzhi nodded again and said with lingering fear, “That time scared me. It could be said that I was never afraid of the people who were hunting me, but I was terrified of my own body.”

Lu Jin grunted and opened another document to open another set of genetic maps.

“Nianzhi, you have to know that the human body has the ability to heal itself.” “For example, if a normal person’s finger is cut, the wound will heal itself.” “If the leg is broken, it will heal after a few months.”

“No matter where it is cut, as long as it is not fatal, it will heal in the end.”

“Of course, the healing process varies from person to person, but everyone has a self-healing ability.”

“It’s just that this kind of self-healing takes a long time, and the effect is not perfect.”

“As long as it has been injured, it can leave a scar. Even if you can’t see it on the surface, the tissue below the surface will remain.”

“But you don’t have it. The injuries you have received have already healed to the point that they are completely invisible. From the inside out, it is as if you have never been injured.”

“This is the true power of the perfect gene.’

“Not only is it the complete human gene, but it also has a powerful self-repair and self-improvement ability.”

“But it didn’t have such a powerful ability from the start.”

“For example, when you were young, when you were tested by Qin Yaoguang, your healing ability was only slightly better than that of an ordinary person. You didn’t have a heaven-defying self-recovery ability.”

“Therefore, when I heard about the self-healing speed you mentioned, I was very surprised. I took the opportunity to test your genetic data again during the paternity test

“I found that your genes showed a much higher ability in tissue repair than when you were young

“In short, the perfection of a perfect gene lies in self-evolution and self-correction ability

“In terms of physique, the most obvious manifestation is your heaven-defying ability to heal.”

Lu Jin’s gaze moved from the computer screen to Gu Nianzhi’s calf, where she had once broken it.

Huo Shaoheng’s heart instantly tightened when he heard this.

It turned out that Gu Nianzhi’s physique was only slightly better than that of an ordinary person when she was young..

Therefore, the torture that she had gone through was very difficult for an ordinary person to endure..

Huo Shaoheng had never been so sad before. A violent emotion rose in his heart. He wanted to destroy everything and use all the methods he had learned to torture that vicious woman.

Gu Nianzhi did not remember anything about her childhood at all. She only asked curiously, “Doesn’t that Disappoint Qin Yaoguang? She can’t figure out

why either, right?”

Lu Jin nodded, “I guess that’s why she won’t give up. Also, the people behind her who were watching the experiment didn’t take you away. It’s probably because you didn’t show this kind of physique back then.”

If she had this kind of physique back then, even Qin Yaoguang wouldn’t have been able to keep her.

Lu Jin’s eyes flashed with anger.

Huo shaoheng listened carefully and asked thoughtfully, “Are you saymg that during the years when Nianzhi was young and Qin Yaoguang used her to do research, she didn’t show too much of her ‘perfect genes ?

“You can say that. “Lu Jin glanced at Gu Nianzhi uneasily. “When Nianzhi was six, I came back and found out what Qin Yaoguang had done. I took you away and planned to send you to the he family.”

Gu Nianzhi:”…

“Because you were tortured by Qin Yaoguang until you were skinny and Bony, I wanted to give you a good check-up to see if your genes were damaged by her experiments.”

It was during the genetic test that Lu Jin found the genes related to appearance. He secretly weakened some of the genes and strengthened the obesity genes.

In the six years that she had lived in the He family, Gu Nianzhi had grown from a skinny little girl to a chubby little princess, all the way until she was sent to the other side of the world.

However, Lu Jin had not expected that Gu Nianzhi’s perfect genes would automatically repair the genes that he had deliberately weakened, and the obesity genes that had been strengthened would also be repaired, returning to normal.

The power of genes was really too strong..

Gu Nianzhi nodded repeatedly. “Yes, yes, I was indeed quite fat at that time. I seemed to have lost weight later on.”

Lu Jin smiled awlwvardly. “Actually, you’re very good-looking no matter what you look like.”

Gu Nianzhi pouted. “Dad, don’t talk about him all the time. Let’s talk about Qin Yaoguang’s plastic surgery. Could it be the evolution of this perfect gene? But you also said that I’m the first perfect gene in the world.”

Lu Jin widened his eyes and said unwillingly, “How is that possible? ! What perfect genes does Qin yaoguang have? ! — she is just a biological plastic surgeon!”

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