Hello, Mr. Major General

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Afflicted

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Smiling, Gu Nianzhi entered the banquet hall with Mei Xiawen.

Behind a giant taro plant not far away, Feng Yixi, who donned an apricot hued, shoulder baring evening gown, witnessed this scene. Her expression contorted greatly and she grasped the wine glass so hard it nearly shattered.

Feng Yichen nudged her. “Go on, she’s here.”

Feng Yixi swallowed all the wine in her glass with one gulp. She mustered her courage, rearranged her face into a smile, and approached Gu Nianzhi and Mei Xiawen. Covertly turning the position of the pear shaped diamond ring on her middle finger, she then patted Gu Nianzhi’s rosy and fair half-exposed shoulder to swiftly stab into it. Her sweet voice exclaimed, “Nianzhi, you’re here!” She eyed her evening gown, “Wow, you’re truly the most beautiful girl in C University’s Faculty of Law. You’re just stunning in this gown!”

Gu Nianzhi merely thought her shoulder was stung by a mosquito. There was a moment of sharp pain, but the feeling quickly dissipated. She dismissed it, passed a small box into Fend Yixi’s hand, and said, “Yixi, Happy Birthday!”

Feng Yixi accepted the box and grasped Gu Nianzhi’s hand, the pear shaped diamond ring on the middle finger of her left hand returned to its original position.

“You are too kind! You only had to show up, what’s with bringing a gift? Think about how close we are. We don’t need these formalities,” Feng Yixi passed the gift box to a domestic helper, then took Gu Nianzhi’s hand and winked at her. “Let’s go, I’ll introduce you to a few of my friends. You remember my cousin, right? He’s liked you for a long time. Have a chat and drink with him today for my sake.”

Gu Nianzhi couldn’t decline, and was pulled along, stumbling to outside the hall.

Colored lanterns hung in the backyard, where the silhouettes of people in groups of two and three stood, and sounds of laughter erupted intermittently.

Feng Yixi dragged Gu Nianzhi before five or six men. “Cousin, this is Gu Nianzhi. She’s the genius in our Faculty of Law, and not only is she smart and pretty, but she’s also young. She is a youth university student, who started when she was fourteen and is graduating this year at eighteen!”

Gu Nianzhi lowered her eyes. Her birthday was in October, so she was only 17 and not 18 yet.

The men snickered and looked over.

Their gaze was wanton, pausing at her chest and the area below her waist and above her thighs for a long time.

Gu Nianzhi was slightly displeased, but did not walk out, for Feng Xiyi’s sake. She forced a smile and nodded, “Pleased to meet you.”

“I like this babe, she’s nice and juicy.” A lecherous looking man with hair dyed in multiple colors was almost drooling.

Under the night and colored lanterns, Gu Nianzhi’s skin appeared almost luminous and truly delicate.

Feng Yixi loosened her hand and let go of Gu Nianzhi’s elbow. The men saw that a ring of red had already imprinted her fair and rosy skin

They wondered what it would feel like to have such a supple and delicate girl pressed underneath their bodies to do as they pleased? Without even taking any type of aphrodisiac, they were as aroused as if they had been injected directly.

Seeing how much Gu Nianzhi stirred the men, Feng Xiyi almost couldn’t conceal the deep jealousy and hatred in her eyes. She quickly averted her gaze and said laughingly, “Take your time chatting. I’m going to greet guests back there” and turned to leave.

Gu Nianzhi wanted to go with her, but the men surrounded her.

“Babe, don’t leave so quickly. Come have a drink with us first!” A hideous man handed her a cocktail.

Gu Nianzhi knew she couldn’t drink, but suddenly she felt weak and a wave of arousal began rising from her abdomen.

The man facing her was disgusting and someone she would certainly slap on a normal day. However, as he moved closer now, she breathed in an irresistible male scent and had a sudden urge to throw herself at him!

Hands shaking and eyes brimming, she wanted to refuse and back away. Her voice was weak and breathy…

Was she possessed?!

She didn’t know that a normal person would have lost control of their body by now. However, she had a unique body constitution and her resistance was stronger than normal.

In a moment of desperation, she bit her tongue fiercely.

The sharp pain suppressed the fever in her body, and the lust brimming in her watery eyes ebbed away. She took a step back and looked both ways smiling. “Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.” Holding her skirt, she slipped away like a fish and darted into the the crowded banquet hall of the hotel.

Feng Xiyi’s cousin was dumbfounded.

What happened to turning the virtuous girl into a slut?! How could she have just run off?!

The man hurried after her, his forehead covered with sweat, and instead found Feng Xiyi in the banquet hall. “Crap, your friend escaped…”

“Escaped?” Feng Xiyi wanted to splash the glass of wine over her cousin’s head. “What the h*ll were you doing? Didn’t you say that this was the finest aphrodisiac from abroad?! That it’s worth more than gold?!”

Feng Yichen walked over and said, lightly, “No matter, it’s actually worse if it happens in the house…” She looked around and saw Gu Nianzhi’s violet organza gown flitting through the crowd and towards the door. She hastily pointed in her direction. “She’s going to leave, hurry up and follow her. It’s better if you take her to the field outside to do it.”

“Outdoor sex?! I like this idea!” Their cousin’s eyes gleamed as he took his friends to chase after her, but once they stepped out the door Gu Nianzhi was nowhere to be seen!

There was only one road out of the Dexing villa precinct, yet they didn’t see any sign of Gu Nianzhi along the way.

“What the h*ll, it’s not like she can fly away!”

“No way, we have to get this girl tonight and teach her a lesson!”

Gu Nianzhi did not leave Dexing Villas.

Immediately after fleeing the Feng’s villa, she had turned onto a path in the the direction of Huo Shaoheng’s villa in the center of the precinct.

Her hands were shaking as she groped for the keys and opened the door.

Upon entering, she quickly closed the door. Her back against it, she hugged herself and lay on the floor. She detested her urge earlier. It was as though she hadn’t seen a man for hundreds of years!

No one knew that she saw the lecherous and hideous men earlier, inhaled the strong scent of male pheromones on their bodies, and desperately wanted to throw herself at them…

Her mouth was dry with thirst, but her body was thirstier.

She was soaked all over.

Gu Nianzhi set the air conditioning in the house to the highest setting and stripped down. It did nothing to quell the fever inside her body.

I can’t take it anymore. I have to find a doctor.

However, in her current state, she was afraid she would throw herself at the first man she saw and tear at their clothes before she could even realize what she was doing.

Gu Nianzhi smiled bitterly while looking at her phone, but she finally managed to get through to Chen Lie’s number.

Chen Lie was a very busy person. He was the youngest and most skilled physician in the entire Empire Military Hospital. He was also the entrusted by her guardian, Huo Shaoheng, to take care of her.

Chen Lie saw Gu Nianzhi calling and picked up immediately. He asked her jokingly, “What? It’s so rare that you would finally call me.”

“Brother Chen? Can you come over? I’m at Major Huo’s villa. I… I… I don’t feel so well…”

“What’s wrong? Is it serious?” Chen Lie had been organizing his mail when he had taken Gu Nianzhi’s call. Her voice sounded raspy, deep, and extremely seductive. His heart couldn’t help but drop, and he instinctively sensed something was wrong instantly.

Switching the phone to his other hand, Chen Lie had already closed his laptop lid and began packing as he said to Gu Nianzhi, “Where do you feel unwell? I’ll come over right away.”

“I… I… I can’t explain it, something’s very wrong. I’m heating up, feverish, I’m… I’m turned on…” Her face was flushed when she finished the sentence. Gu Nianzhi wanted to bite her tongue off.

Chen Lie’s hand paused, his round mouth gasping before he said, “I get it, don’t move and don’t go outside. I’m going to bring my medical equipment over.”

Carrying his laptop bag and a suitcase full of portable medical equipment, Chen Lie left the base infirmary with a grim expression.

“What did you do tonight?” Chen Lie laid out his equipment as he asked Gu Nianzhi and took her blood for testing.

After an hour, the blood test results were ready. His eyes suddenly widened as he saw the results, and he stuttered, “You… you… you’ve been afflicted by an aphrodisiac! Who did this to you?!”

The drug’s potency appeared to be very powerful. This wasn’t a normal product off the streets.

Gu Nianzhi’s heart sank violently as she listened, but she no longer had the energy to speak to him. Her body twitched and collapsed onto the sofa in the room. Her eyes were brimming with tears and she had been biting her lower lip so hard it was about to bleed.

“Cr*p! Cr*p! What should I do?!” Chen Lie panicked and quickly said, “Gu Nianzhi! You! You! You have to hang on! I… I will call your guardian!”

Gu Nianzhi wasn’t eighteen yet, but she was afflicted with such a potent aphrodisiac. What could be done?!

Holy Sh*t!

Chen Lie shook his head and took out his phone to call Gu Nianzhi’s guardian, Huo Shaoheng.

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