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Chapter 2070: Chapter 2070 was quite arrogant

Chapter 2070: Chapter 2070 was quite arrogant

Huo Guanchen didn’t come back to his senses for a long time.

He looked at his colleague in a daze. After a while, he tilted his head and asked,”… What did you say? Did I hear you correctly?”

The man smiled and walked slowly to him. He picked up the marriage application report from his desk, he repeated, “General Huo, you didn’t hear it wrong. Superintendent song applied for an associate to avoid suspicion. I’m taking over her marriage application now.”

He casually flipped through the application and confirmed that there were no missing pages. Huo Guanchen did not have the time to approve it and let out a sigh of relief.

He put the application into his briefcase, nodded at Huo Guanchen, and turned to leave.

Huo Guanchen finally came back to his senses. He grabbed his hand and said in a deep voice, “Wait, what’s going on? What related person to avoid suspicion? How come I’ve never heard of it?”

The person smiled and said, “Not to mention that you’ve never heard of General Huo, even I, who has been doing the marriage application review all year round, have never heard of it. However, my secretary checked the information and found that there was indeed such a clause, but it was very secretive and had many restrictions. It was considered not to sue and not to talk.”

As he said that, he pushed Huo Guanchen’s hand away without leaving a trace and patted his briefcase, he said, “In fact, most of the people who can come here for the administrative review will not be involved in the relevant clauses to avoid suspicion. This time, superintendent song is considered special among the special ones.”

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Huo Guanchen’s face turned cold as he said in a deep voice,”… where did this come from? Superintendent song and I divorced many years ago. Where did the connection come from? Did I quote the wrong clauses?”

“No Way.”The man shrugged and said frankly, “I’ve read it. Superintendent song wrote it clearly on the application.”

“It’s mainly because your son, Huo Shao, is too powerful. “His rank determines that even if you get divorced, you’ll be permanently connected. “So, anything related to her, you have to avoid suspicion. “Similarly, you must avoid any suspicion that has anything to do with you.”

Huo Guanchen felt a chill in his heart when he heard that.

He knew very well that if someone could dig out such a hidden clause and use it on him, it must be Lu Jin’s handiwork!

Yesterday, Lu Jin had said that he wanted to “Change people for a political review”..

So that was how he wanted to “Change people”.

Because he wanted to avoid suspicion, he had no choice but to change people.

As for song jinning, she probably wanted to “Avoid suspicion”, right?

Song jinning probably wouldn’t even bat an eye when it came to anything related to him.

Huo Guanchen’s heart was bitter and bitter. He almost collapsed in his seat. His face was stiff, and he didn’t even bat an eye.

The person chuckled and finally left with his briefcase.

Huo Guanchen narrowed his eyes as he watched the person leave.

When the man was far away, Huo Guanchen’s personal secretary came over and whispered, “Chief, why don’t you tell him to do you a favor?”

This was not a matter that concerned the national economy and the People’s livelihood, so it was understandable for him to ask for a favor.

However, Huo Guanchen shook his head with a profound look in his eyes.

The man that song Jinning had picked to take over song Jinning’s marriage application had indeed been carefully considered.

This person was ten years younger than Huo Guanchen. Although he was now a lieutenant general, he was already in the same position as Huo Guanchen.

In time, this person would be his most powerful opponent..

Since there was such a competitive relationship, it could be imagined that even if this person was willing to do Huo Guanchen a favor, Huo Guanchen would definitely not beg him.

Because the moment he opened his mouth, he would give the other party a huge piece of evidence. Wouldn’t he have to obediently give up his position in the future?

No matter what, Huo Guanchen would not do that, even if it was for song jinning.

Knowing so much about him and the structure of the entire department, Huo Guanchen subconsciously felt that this was definitely the handiwork of his big brother.

Lu Jin had found the terms, and Lu Yuan had chosen a replacement.

What a pair of “Brothers in distress”.

Huo Guanchen sneered and threw the pen aside. He stood up abruptly and said with a livid face, “How’s the interrogation going over there? I want to go and take a look personally.”

His personal secretary quickly said, “It’s more troublesome over at Keven’s side. His family in the United States seems to have hired a very powerful lawyer for him. He’s expected to arrive in the imperial capital after the New Year. “Keven said that he won’t say a word until his lawyer arrives.”

Huo Guanchen suddenly looked at his personal secretary. “You won’t ask if he won’t say anything?”

“Since when did you guys use such tricks? !”

Huo Guanchen’s personal secretary smiled bitterly and lowered his head.”… To tell you the truth, his company, Carlyle International Investment Co. , Ltd. , has been spreading rumors that their foreign employees have gone missing without a reason. They are contacting the media to create momentum, asking us to disclose Kevin’s whereabouts and give them an explanation!”

“Ha, they are quite arrogant!”Huo Guanchen was full of anger. It was all on Kevin’s group.

He thought about it. If it wasn’t for Kevin and his group, why would he deliberately mislead Guo Huining?

If it wasn’t for them, he and song Jinning wouldn’t have gotten to such an irreparable state.

He put on his military cap and went to watch the interrogation angrily.


After changing the examiner, Song Jinning’s marriage application was approved in half a day.

Lu Yuan was even faster. He directly took it to General Ji to sign and stamp, not accepting any rebuttal at all.

General Ji saw that the person he applied for marriage was song jinning, and was speechless for a long time.

Lu Yuan waited for a while, but did not receive a reply from General Ji. He simply stuffed the pen into General Ji’s hand, held his hand for him to sign, and then stamped General Ji’s official seal.

After the formalities were completed, General Ji came back to his senses and scolded jokingly, “Lu Yuan, oh Lu Yuan, you’re already so old, yet you still do such a Thing!”

Lu Yuan smiled. “General Ji, there’s nothing I can do. I’ve already missed more than thirty years, I can’t continue to be wrong.”

When General Ji heard that there was a story here, he wished he could hand Lu Yuan a microphone and let him tell his story.

Of course, Lu Yuan did not care about General Ji’s bad taste. He calmly took the signed and stamped marriage application report and went to the organization department to register before returning to Song Jinning’s apartment.

At that time, Song Jinning had not returned. Only Lu Jin was fiddling with his weather weapon control system in his room.

Lu Yuan came to his room and knocked on the door. He smiled and said, “Professor Lu, how is the preparation of your personal laboratory coming along?”

“Soon,”Lu Jin said without turning his head, “Where’s your marriage application? Has It been approved?”

“Yes.”Lu Yuan raised the application document, and the paper rustled.

Lu Jin smiled and raised his hand to give him a beating. “Awesome, Boss Lu! Prepare for the wedding night!”

Lu Yuan:”…”

He knew that a dog’s mouth could not spit out ivory.

But when he turned around and left, the corners of his lips could not help but curl up.

The wedding night..

It must have been a very good night..

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