Hello, Mr. Major General

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: You Are My Medicine (3)

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Chen Lie’s eyes bulged as he pointed at the scarves and stuttered, “Major…Major Huo! You’re actually using Hermes scarves as ties?!”

Oh my god. Hermes scarves are at least five or six thousand RMB! The expensive ones are at least forty or fifty thousand RMB. Was it really a good idea to use such things to tie up Gu Nianzhi’s wrists and ankles?! Chen Lie thought anxiously.

Huo Shaoheng ignored him and pursed his lips tightly. He quickly tied Gu Nianzhi’s arms and legs onto the 4 corners of the bed.

Chen Lie helped on the side, a strange expression on his face as he looked at Huo Shaoheng. “Major Huo, how do you have so many Hermes scarves?”

All the while he was thinking, these are for women.

Huo Shaoheng stated dryly, “Gu Nianzhi loves them, so the last time I was on business in France, I picked up two dozen or so at the Hermes headquarters on the way. These were going to be her birthday gifts this year.”

He actually had no spare time to pick and choose, so he had a quick look and bought all the new styles for the year. It was a dizzying variety of short and long ones, square and rectangular ones; all kinds of different styles, colorful and patterned ones.

Chen Lie gave a thumbs up and grinned. “As expected of Major Huo! A guardian who puts in effort and money. You are completely qualified!”

Huo Shaoheng glanced at him coldly and motioned with his chin towards Gu Nianzhi to get back to business. She’ll be ok if she gets relief right?”

Chen Lie winked and smiled, his head nodded rapidly like a bobblehead. “Exactly, exactly! That’s the desired effect of normal aphrodisiacs, right?”

Huo Shaoheng’s lips pressed even tighter, his sharp jawline revealing obvious tension.

His strapping physique was like an arched bow, giving the impression of subjecting anyone within three feet of him to a merciless death.

Chen Lie was frightened by Huo Shaoheng’s sudden display of cold cruelty. He backed away, tripped, and fell on the ground with a thud. Huo Shaoheng shifted his gaze, his face expressionless.

Lifting his head to see that Huo Shaoheng had already looked away, Chen Lie gripped on to the table and quietly stood up. He took off his fogged up glasses and gave them a wipe. “Actually, honestly speaking, she’ll be fine once we find a guy to have sex with her. The problem is that she’s not 18 yet and has no consciousness. I can’t make the call, so I had to find you. You’re her guardian, so as long as you agree, I’ll go find a guy right away.”

Chen Lie finished speaking and squinted his 800-degree myopic eyes to look at Huo Shaoheng in a business like manner.

To Chen Lie, this wasn’t a dire situation. He had seen it all in his years as a medical officer for the Special Military Forces.

Huo Shaoheng couldn’t help but make a fist as his eyes flashed, but then quietly, he folded his hands behind his back.

His gaze fell on Chen Lie’s face, sweeping over it inch by inch as though he were dismembering him.

“Find a guy? Who, exactly? What do you take her for?” His hands behind him, he stalked towards Chen Lie aggressively.

Without his glasses on, Chen Lie couldn’t see Huo Shaoheng’s expression. He only felt an icy draft hit his face so hard that it hurt.

He could only back away a few steps and put his glasses back on. Looking at the notes he made on Gu Nianzhi while she was in the infirmary, he muttered, “Nianzhi hasn’t had a boyfriend yet, so she’s still a virgin. I’ve got to find her a reliable man.”

Huo Shangheng was silent.

He reached out to grab the notes Chen Lie was reading and scanned through them. His face expressionless, he ripped all the pages out and took a lighter out from his trouser pockets. The flame lit up with a click, igniting the bottom of the notes which were then tossed into a stainless steel garbage can in the corner.

The flames lit up in the garbage can and the notes turned to ash in a second.

“Major Huo! What have you done?!” Chen Lie stomped towards the fire to put it out, only to be blocked by Huo Shaoheng’s arms.

“Why would you make a paper record of something like this?” Huo Shaoheng glared at him. “Are you stupid? Tell me, did you record this on your laptop?”

“This is important data!” Chen Lie wailed and he watched the detailed record become ash in the garbage can, his heart wrenching. “Look what you’ve done! I didn’t get a chance to record it into my laptop yet!”

Chen Lie was a medical genius and had almost a perverse obsession with all medically related data.

Huo Shaoheng had destroyed his precious observations in one moment.

Chen Lie was so livid he forgot his fears and turned away to the door. He crossed his arms and looked at the ceiling, his face like stone. “Well, let’s not talk anymore. Let’s find a guy!”

Huo Shaoheng only felt a lump in his throat, like something was stuck inside and he was unable to utter, “Yes.”

After a long moment, he turned his head to look at Chen Lie. His voice was cold enough to form frost. “She just needs to find relief, right? Why do we need to find a man? For her relief, it doesn’t require direct contact, right?”

Chen Lie was stunned for a second and murmured, “Theoretically—absolutely, as long as she finds ‘pleasure,’ it should resolve naturally. But, she has no consciousness right now. You can’t expect her to find ‘pleasure’ by herself?”

He was too uncomfortable to volunteer “pleasing” Nianzhi himself, which was why he had called Huo Shaoheng. “If you have a problem with it being a man, I can find a female physician to help her.”

Chen Lie made a lewd gesture gingerly.

Huo Shaoheng glowered at at Chen Lie’s gesture.

Chen Lie felt as though his fingers were about to be sliced off by his glare.

He hurriedly put his hands behind himself and chuckled. “Of course, if Major Huo does not agree, let’s just pretend I didn’t say a single thing. Not one single thing. We might be able to let her bear through it.”

It was only someone like Huo Shaoheng, with his mind full of weapons and massacres, who could fathom letting a young lady bear through this.

Chen Lie couldn’t help chiding Huo Shaoheng in his mind: he really treats women like men, and men like livestock.

Huo Shaoheng’s brows tightened and he raised his hand. “That’s enough, let me think.”

He took out a pack of cigarettes. His slim and powerful fingers plucked one out and placed it between his lips. He then lit it up and inhaled deeply.

It was already late at night, the Special Operations Forces established base in the backcountry of C City.

The moon appeared washed and shone between the trees in the forest. Its light was slanted and icy, but did nothing to quell the fever deep in his heart.

Huo Shaoheng sat on the balcony in silence, the cigarette dangling between his fingers. He took a draw occasionally, his heart agitated.

Before he could make sense of what was happening, Gu Nianzhi’s wails sounded relentlessly from the open French windows, numbing his scalp.

Tossing away the butt, he turned to the room with resolve. “No need to find anyone. I’ll watch over her. I don’t believe she can’t bear through this!”

He bent over to pick up Gu Nianzhi and headed towards his bedroom, closing the door in Chen Lie’s face with a loud thud.

Chen Lie had already predicted this while he watched Huo Shaoheng’s silhouette smoke on the balcony.

He had never seen such hesitation from him. Huo Shaoheng had commanded whole armies with the snap of his fingers. As a soldier, and an outstanding one at that, hesitation in battle was the most unacceptable. This time, it was surprising that Huo Shaoheng had hesitated.

However, it was fortunate that he had quickly made a decision.

Chen Lie knocked on the Huo Shaoheng’s bedroom door and shouted, “Remember to watch her heart rate. If it gets too high, call me right away! I’ll go do the drug composition analysis!”

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