Hello, Mr. Major General

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: You Are My Medicine (5)

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Pressing down on her shoulders, Huo Shaoheng maintained distance from her body. The strength of his arms bore down on and immobilized her.

Huo Shaoheng didn’t watch to touch her body because he feared it was a trap that would doom him eternally—an addiction he would never shake off from after the first try. But in this moment, it should be fine if he just used his hands and had no actual and direct contact.

Gu Nianzhi felt as though she was being submerged in cold water one moment, then burned in flames the next.

It was as though someone was gently kissing her all over her body. Her most sensitive spot was being teased, faster and harder.

The long suppressed desire in her heart was released by the increasingly passionate kiss. She gave a long moan, sweat drenching her body while she was unable to stop trembling.

Huo Shaoheng gave a deep growl with her release.

Her voice was seductive and carried the relief from straining for so long, but his own outburst took him off guard.

His heart dropped.

He had never lost control like this before, he hadn’t done anything but help her.

No, he couldn’t allow himself to lose control like this.

He couldn’t afford any weaknesses.

Raising his head, he sighed deeply twice in the darkness to calm his increasing heart rate.

His vision was getting accustomed to the darkness, and although it was blurry, he could see her face.

Though her eyes were blindfolded by a silk scarf, it happened to draw attention to the exquisite plane of her nose, and her delicate, full, and soft lips. Like a rose, it bloomed before him.

Her pants grew heavier and her mouth let out gasps like a lure.

All lures were sweet and beautiful.

He reached out his hand to palm her lovely cheek, his right thumb unintentionally brushing across her lips: moist, trembling, and soft beyond belief.

He quickly moved his hand away as though it were burnt, his right hand traveling down her face to her exquisite collarbone.

Although it was bone, it felt so delicate that he could easily snap them with a touch.

Huo Shaoheng faltered, the pads of his fingers skimming along her collarbone gently like a breeze, across her thin shoulder, her seemingly boneless arms, and finally her waist.

He paused slightly.

It was truly a delicate and tiny waist.

Pressing his lips together, Huo Shaoheng’s adam’s apple bobbed laboriously and he panted heavily.

Suddenly, he didn’t dare to get any closer and increased his distance.

Although Huo Shaoheng had never had sex with anyone before, he had ample theoretical knowledge. He had seen the bodies of many women during his training to resist sexual temptation, but had never been aroused.

Facing those women, he was even able to control his biological desires and suppress arousal.

With Gu Nianzhi however, merely looking at her had destroyed his defences.

Huo Shaoheng coughed gently and made the logical decision to not think about this.

Looking at his own powerful body and how tiny she was, how on earth would he…

Huo Shaoheng knew he couldn’t ruminate about this problem.

As soon as he began thinking, he was completely covered with sweat as he clamoured to quell his desires and relieve her hunger.

Fortunately she had already received release, so Huo Shaoheng thought it would be alright to undo the Hermes scarves tied on her body.He sat up from the bed to go wash up in the bathroom and he even filled a basin of water to clean Gu Nianzhi as well.

As soon as he touched her bare arm, Huo Shaoheng felt that her body temperature was frighteningly high.

How could this be?

Gu Nianzhi pressed against him as soon as he withdrew his hand.

Her long legs circled him and refused to let go, like a person suffering from a long thirst and craving for hydration from the rain.

Huo Shaoheng grimaced. It appeared once wasn’t enough to satisfy her, so he would have to do it again.

It wasn’t as if they were really doing it anyway.

Huo Shaoheng tossed the towel and tied Gu Nianzhi up again so he could use his hands to help her.

Gu Nianzhi had already turned to jelly from the aphrodisiac, but when Huo Shaoheng caressed her, she felt herself come like a summer storm— swift and electric.

She wanted to move closer to the source of her ecstasy, but her wrists and ankles were marked red from being tied by the silk scarves and she was unable to escape.

Huo Shaoheng’s palm grew heated, and Gu Nianzhi felt herself getting warmer and softer.

Finally, just as Huo Shaoheng thought he was about to explode, Gu Nianzhi shivered fiercely. Her entire body shook and her eyes were unable to see— her mind unable to think.

Gu Nianzhi wanted to embrace the source of her pleasure, but her arms and legs were tightly bound. She couldn’t help but cry.

Though Huo Shaoheng was normally strong willed and normally demonstrated great restraint, her moans combined with her weeping were about to drive him insane.

“Ah—–!” Gu Nianzhi cried sharply from deep inside her throat.

Luckily the room is sound proof, Huo Shaoheng couldn’t help having the thought flash through his mind.

He had the sudden urge to kill when he thought of anyone else hearing Gu Nianzhi make this kind of sound.

It all came swiftly and like electricity. Although her eyes were covered, Gu Nianzhi saw golden blossoms bloom before her, before her mind went blank and her entire body collapsed.

This time should truly do it for her, Huo Shaoheng thought, as he rose up and picked up the clean towel from earlier to wipe her down so she that she could sleep comfortably.

Only after he cleaned up did he lie next to her.

Gu Nianzhi was now still, as docile as before she had been afflicted by the aphrodisiac.

Huo Shaoheng gave a sigh of relief and thought how potent an aphrodisiac this was. She had to come twice to resolve the effects.

He turned towards her to undo the Hermes scarves on her arms and legs once again, then massaged the swelling and bruising on her wrists.

Gu Nianzhi’s calmed breathing became heavier again with his touch on her wrists.

She turned her head, her blindfolded face moving towards Huo Shaoheng and lips pouting.

Huo Shaoheng was looking down as he massaged her wrists when he suddenly felt Gu Nianzhi coming closer.

Without moving, he lowered his eyes to avoid looking at her. He only wanted to know what she would do next.

And, what occurred next left Huo Shaoheng in shock: it was all too fast. It was as though all his previous training to resist sexual temptation and the effects of aphrodisiacs had become useless.

He had forgotten to shut off the bathroom light, and the dim yellow glow shone through the frosted glass.

The female body before him was tender and voluptuous, with a very conflicting sense of allure.

“You want it again already? Hmm?” Huo Shaosheng murmured in her ear, pulling her into his arms and lowering his head to kiss her.

This time he didn’t use his hands, but rather his kisses to take her to climax.

Under his new technique, her third time came suddenly.

But it wasn’t enough, so there was a fourth,a fifth, a sixth…

After the sixth time, Gu Nianzhi’s breathing gradually subsided. She lay unmoving, her breathing evening out. Only then did he close his eyes to sleep.

However, he was still alert while dreaming.

After sleeping for an undetermined amount of time, when Gu Nianzhi began moaning softly and wound around his body, he didn’t even open his eyes as he pulled her into his arms and his hand found its familiar way in.

Huo Shaoheng had never thought that such a normally docile looking girl could be like the demon feeding on scholars’ blood in Liaozhai.

In under fifteen minutes, she orgasmed twice. She only panted and didn’t take a single breath.

Huo Shaoheng gave a long sigh and looked at the watch on the night table, it was already four in the morning.

Will she be able to sleep longer this time? Huo Shaoheng wondered.

However, Huo Shaoheng was unable to sleep, as he was used to waking up at four or five in the morning to train. Although he had gone through an absurd night, he was still able to hold up thanks to his usual high intensity training. He got up quietly to go shower in the bathroom.

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