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Chapter 873 - I Do Not Accept It

Chapter 873: I Do Not Accept It

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“Getting everything back?!” Gu Yanran almost screamed. The moment she thought about such a huge amount of wealth disappearing just like that, Gu Yanran suddenly became alert. “You have no right to get everything back! Since both of us have equal rights to the inheritance, you can only get back half of what has been donated at most!”

Jin Wanyi was surprised at the sudden “quick thinking” on Gu Yanran’s part. She continued, “My client is right. Lawyer Gu and my client both have equal rights to the inheritance. Since there isn’t any will, you will each be able to own half of the inheritance, which means my client will have the right to own 15 billion US dollars of the inheritance.”

Gu Nianzhi lowered her eyes and looked at the form in front of her. Her full lips curled into a smile. “The right to inherit 15 billion US dollars of assets?” Gu Nianzhi raised her eyebrows. “However, the assets left are merely ten billion US dollars. Which means, Gu Yanran would owe me five billion US dollars?”

“Five billion? Fine, I will give you that five billion. Then we will be through!” Gu Yanran shouted even before Jin Wanyi spoke.

Jin Wanyi glared at her and whispered fiercely, “Shut the hell up!”

Gu Yanran pursed her lips. However, Jin Wanyi had an extremely fierce glare, so she did not dare to talk anymore.

Jin Wanyi turned around to look at Gu Nianzhi. “Whatever was donated, Lawyer Gu would be responsible for half of it. If Lawyer Gu would like to get it back, please help yourself. As for the leftover ten billion US dollars, you will divide it equally between my client and yourself.”

Gu Yanran was elated to hear that. She had not expected Jin Wanyi to come up with such a great idea. It was way better than the one she had thought up!

Gu Nianzhi chuckled and even applauded Jin Wanyi. “You are indeed daring, Lawyer Jin. That way, your client would not even have to take out any money, but would still be able to gain another five billion US dollars! Genius! Such a genius!”

“Thank you for your praise, Lawyer Gu.” Jin Wanyi glared at Gu Nianzhi. “If Lawyer Gu has no objections, our inheritance lawsuit can finally reach an agreement.”

Gu Nianzhi put her hands down and looked at Jin Wanyi quietly. “Lawyer Jin’s idea was a good one. However, I would like to say that I. Do. Not. Accept. It.”

Jin Wanyi’s heart wrenched. “Why not? Am I wrong? You will divide equally all the assets in the inheritance. Therefore, you are free to get back your half of whatever was donated. As for the rest, you will divide it equally. What else do you want?”

“Lawyer Jin is rather good at taking advantage of others. However, you cannot calculate things like that.” Gu Nianzhi opened Excel and typed out a couple of simple equations. “Please take a look, Lawyer Jin. How can we simply ignore the 70 million US dollars that Gu Yanran has splurged for the past seven years? And the loss of five billion US dollars when she sold the patents at a huge loss—how should we calculate that as well? Also, the loss of three billion US dollars she incurred by signing investment documents illegally—how should we calculate that? Must I be responsible for half of that, too?”

Lawyer Jin furrowed her eyebrows. “That is chump change.”

“Excuse me?! Chump change?!” Gu Nianzhi was almost speechless. “More than ten billion US dollars lost just like that, and it is only ‘chump change’ to Lawyer Jin? My hat is really off to you.”

Jin Wanyi bit her lips and blinked. “In the perspective of the inheritance from the Gu family, it is chump change.”

Seeing that both Jin Wanyi and Gu Yanran were still in denial, Gu Nianzhi did not want to bother beating around the bush with them any longer. They want half the inheritance? Dream on!

Gu Nianzhi raised her head and faced the judge. “Your Honor, I request that the hearing be postponed and moved to another date. I still have two important witnesses who won’t arrive for a couple of days.”

The judge looked at the proceedings and asked, “What kind of witnesses?”

“They are two people who are able to prove my and Gu Yanran’s identities.” Gu Nianzhi handed the names of the two witnesses to the judge.

“Xie Dezhao and Xie Qingying?” The judge took a look and turned to inform Gu Yanran and Jin Wanyi, “Due to the fact that the plaintiff has managed to get two more witnesses, Xie Dezhao and Xie Qingying, we will postpone the hearing.”

“Xie Dezhao and Xie Qingying?” Jin Wanyi’s brows furrowed tightly. These two names were somewhat familiar. Who were they? Jin Wanyi moved closer to Gu Yanran and whispered, “Who are these two people? Do you know them?”

Gu Yanran shook her head blankly. “No, I do not know them.”

Upon exiting the courthouse, Jin Wanyi boarded Gu Yanran’s luxury limousine. The heaters were already turned on towards the end of November in Di Capital. It was clear how low the temperature was. However, Jin Wanyi did not feel cold at all. She felt hot with panic.

“Yanran, do you really have no idea who Xie Dezhao and Xie Qingying are?” Jin Wanyi instinctively felt that these two people were extremely important. The mistakes that Gu Yanran had made previously that made her lose face were all fine, because Jin Wanyi felt that those were not moral mistakes. No matter what, Gu Yanran would be able to get half of the inheritance.

However, seeing Gu Nianzhi put forth so much effort in court, and the sudden appearance of the two witnesses, Jin Wanyi instinctively felt that something was about to happen…

Gu Yanran still looked lost. She supported her head with one hand and looked tired. “Why should I know these two people? Are you okay?”

“You are the one who is not okay!” Jin Wanyi’s anger was over the top. “Gu Nianzhi said that those two people could prove your and her identities! Tell me, if you do not know them, how can they prove your identity?!”

“Must I still prove my identity?!” Gu Yanran was red with anger as well. “Will I, a biological daughter, be chased out of the Gu family by that adoptive daughter?!”

Jin Wanyi’s heart sank. She wrapped her knuckles on the wooden paneling in the car. “Knock on wood. Don’t spout nonsense!”

Gu Yanran snorted. However, she began thinking who else there would be in the Gu family…

Now that she thought about it. She shivered. “Xie… Which Xie? Do you know which Xie family the witnesses come from?”

“Which Xie? Which Xie do you think they would come from?” Jin Wanyi asked curiously. “Or you have managed to remember who they are?”

Gu Yanran finally managed to remember that Xie family… She stammered, “I have an aunt who married into the Xie’s. However, she passed away many years ago. I only heard my mother mention her once.”

“Your aunt? Then those two people are your uncle and cousin?” Jin Wanyi looked at the information about the witnesses provided by the court. She pointed at their ages and said, “If that is the case, then they will be able to prove your identities.”

Gu Yanran fell silent. After a long while, she laughed coldly. “Sure. They know how to find people, don’t they? They should pray that it doesn’t backfire.”

Jin Wanyi knew that there were hidden meanings in her words. “What happened? Tell me so I will be able to defend you properly in court.”

However, Gu Yanran shook her head. She had a strange smile. “That is okay. If they were these two people, I would personally say it out loud.”

Jin Wanyi’s mouth fell open. However, seeing that Gu Yanran was so stubborn, she could not be bothered to talk about it anymore. She sent an invoice over to Gu Yanran. “Please transfer the lawyer’s fees to this account. Thank you.”

Gu Yanran said casually, “Why are you in such a hurry? Can’t I pay you after everything has ended?”

Jin Wanyi smiled dryly. “I think it would be better to pay the fees up ’til now first. There will be another hearing.”

Seeing that she was insisting, Gu Yanran did not argue further. She made a phone call to her accountant to transfer the amount to Jin Wanyi’s account.

In less than five minutes, the accountant returned her call. “Miss Gu, your bank accounts have all been frozen. You will not be able to do bank transfers as of now. The lawyer fees for Lawyer Jin are one million dollars. Would you like to settle that payment in cash now please?”

Gu Yanran’s face fell. She stood up abruptly and screamed, “What did you say?! How are my accounts frozen?!”

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