Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Practicing with You

The door is opened?!

Xia Ning is shocked.

The housekeeper stands at the gate, smiles and looks kindly, “Mrs. Yi, please come in.”

Mrs. Yi…

It seems that the housekeeper already knew her relationship with Yi Yunrui.

That’s why they let her in?

Xia Ning comes to the living room again with the housekeeper.

As soon as Xia Ning enters the door, Xia Ning sees two men with the same stalwart body confronting each other in the big living room.

Dai Zhen and Yi Yunrui.

Xia Ning is stunned.

Yi Yunrui makes a posture and salutes at Dai Zhen, “Excuse me, Uncle.”

When the voice faded, Yi Yunrui throws a heavy punch to hit Dai Zhen.

The momentum of this is like a troop with thousands of people, which scares Xia Ning and makes her take a breath!

Dai Zhen’s face is solemn. He is an experienced soldier, afraid of nothing, but he must focus when encountering the third son of the Yi family.

The title of the commander is definitely not just a title.

Yi Yunrui’s move is very simple, but every kick and every fist is powerful. Ordinary people can’t take even one move.

Dai Zhen is in his forties, and he is still energetic. He uses his Tai Chi to soften Yi’s strength.

In general, Yi’s fists can be blocked, but several times it is dangerous.

After a half hour, Dai Zhen is sweating.

Then it ended with a heavy punch from Yi Yunrui.

Dai Zhen could have blocked it, but he doesn’t have more strength.

Stepping back, he is supported by the housekeeper.

“I’m old.” Dai Zhen waves his hand and sits down. He takes the towel that the housekeeper hands over, “I’m not as powerful as who I used to be.”

“You are in your forties. You’re not old.” After a half-hour fighting, Yi Yunrui breathes calmly, as if nothing happened.

Seeing Xia Ning, Yi Yunrui’s hand stretches out, “Wife, come over.”

Xia Ning is a little embarrassed and goes to Yi Yunrui.

“I understand.” Dai Zhen takes over the tea handed by the housekeeper, “I drove your wife out yesterday. You came to revenge today! You brat!”

“There is no such thing,” Yi Yunrui faintly retorts, “I am coming to practice with Uncle Dai.”

“Isn’t it a coincidence for you to come to practice with me today?”

Yi Yunrui puts down the tea pot and smiles mysteriously, “Didn’t my sister come over yesterday?”

Speaking of Yi Yun’ai, Dai Zhen can’t help touching his own head, “No, I didn’t see her.”

“Uncle Dai must feel relieved as she didn’t come.”

Dai Zhen pauses and coughs a few times, “She looked for you yesterday?”

“Yes. She took down some bandits and called me to deal with the aftermath.”

Dai Zhen finds something between his lines, “What? Something happened when your sister came over?”

“Well. There have been some problems. But we have all cleaned up.”

“How dare them! Dare to do something under my nose! Found out who is behind it?”

Yi Yunrui puts the tea cup aside and nods to Dai Zhen.

Dai Zhen glances at Xia Ning and stands up, “You kid come over. I have something to tell you.”

Then, Dai Zhen turns and leaves.

“Wife,” Yi Yunrui says to Xia Ning softly, “Wait for a while. I’ll come back soon.”

Xia Ning quickly asks, “Are you coming over to find Mr. Dai today because of me?”

Yi Yunrui’s eyes are soft, and he gently strokes her hair, “Your husband will help you settle any problems.”

Looking at the back of Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning feels warm.

Is this the feeling of being protected?

“Your final decision is her?” Seeing Yi Yunrui, Dai Zhen goes straight to the subject.


“Thinking clearly?”


“She is from TIME TV station, and her ex-boyfriend is Ou Yixuan. Ou Yixuan is engaged with Yin Mayor’s daughter. You are not just saving the beauty because of the sense of justice, do you?”

“This is one of the reasons.” Yi Yunrui says frankly, “The most important reason is not simple.”

Dai Zhen raises an eyebrow, “There are other reasons?”

“Yes.” Yi Yunrui says, “I love her.”


Dai Zhen looks surprised and responds after a while, “Do you even know this word?”

Yi Yunrui smiles.

“Fine, fine!” Dai Zhen points to Yi Yunrui, “Don’t tell me that you never dated any girl because of her?”

“Yes.” Yi Yunrui replies simply and neatly.

Dai Zhen pauses, “Then. It’s very good. There is definitely something good in her that makes you love her.”

“Little Ning is the best woman in the world. She is the only woman I’ll marry in my life.”

“…very good, good.” Dai Zhen takes a deep breath, “Since you have decided, you should treat her well.”

“I will, Uncle Dai. I promise.”

“I will agree to take her interview. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, Uncle Dai.”

“And,” Dai Zhen turns around, “Send a message to little Ai. Let her find a good husband. Someone is not worth her heart.”

Yi Yunrui understands the meaning of Dai Zhen.

Little Ai loves Dai Zhen.

But Dai Zhen belongs to the last generation.

The ages of the two are very different.

His mother has always disagreed and his father’s attitude is silent.

But this little girl, she insists.

In love, age is not a problem, but he knows that there is too wide a gap between Little Ai and Uncle Dai.

They have to solve these problems slowly, one by one.

The road between the two may be still very long.

“Uncle, I will tell her. As for whether she will listen to me, it’s her business.”

Dai Zhen pauses and changes the topic, “Bring your wife here.”


Yi Yunrui leaves, and Xia Ning comes in after a moment.

“Mr. Dai.” Xia Ning opens her mouth.

“I understand,” says Dai Zhen, “Is it the interview? I agree.”

He accepts so smoothly?!

The surprise comes too fast, and Xia Ning is stunned.

“There is a request,” Dai Zhen says gloomily, “I don’t want you to ask anything about my personal affairs.”

“I know.”

Dai Zhen puts down the tea pot in his hand and looks straight at Xia Ning, “You come to me just for an interview?”

“I…” Xia Ning holds back.

He finally agrees to take the interview. Can she say the rest words?

“Speak directly!”

“I…” Xia Ning bites her lips, determined, “to be honest, Mr. Dai, I am here for two things. One is to interview you, the other is that we want you to sponsor the TIME TV interviews with celebrities. For the second request, we can discuss it slowly, such as how to earn the cost and make the program continue to develop.”

“You want me to sponsor the TV program?” Dai Zhen looks puzzled, “You are wife of Yi. Why do you want me to solve your financial problem?”

“…” Xia Ning is speechless.

Dai Zhen sees some clues, “Hah, the relationship between you two is really interesting. So many women want to sleep with the kid. And you get the luck, but still don’t know how to ask him.”

“Sorry, Mr. Dai, my relationship with Commander Yi is…not what you think it is…”

“Sponsor, right?” Dai Zhen takes the checkbook out, “You fill in. I sign.”

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