Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 324 - Cooperation Test

Chapter 324 Cooperation Test

“Look for some fun?” Lei Buyang lifts his eyebrows. He looks at Xia Ning, “For me, the best fun is Ning.”

“What are you saying?” Xia Ning protests his words, wondering what he regards her as.

Lei Buyang purses his lips to smile. He drinks a mouthful of wine, “You understand.”

Xia Ning grits her teeth. Lei Buyang says so on purpose! He deliberately says so in front of Yi Yuntian!

“President Lei, have you heard about the project Yu Di Long Tu?” Yi Yuntian asks indifferently.

Lei Buyang feels shocked.

The project Yu Di Long Tu is an important project which is planned by the government and not yet announced. If the information is true, he knows that the area of the ground used will be millions of square meters. The government plans to build a small city like a mother ship. It will be fully equipped with healthy and entertaining facilities. If it is carried out as the plan, there will be a small town added to C City.

The project is not announced yet. It requires a large capital investment. The government is looking for contractors and bidders.

However, Lei Buyang learns from Yi Yuntian’s eyes that a conclusion has been drawn that the Yi’s International Group will participate in the construction of Yu Di Long Tu.

Lei Buyang has not even received any notice, while Yi Yuntian has got it under control. Well. He is really awesome!

“Yes, I do.” Lei Buyang puts down the glass, “I change my mind now. I am very interested in the fun President Yi mentioned.”

Yi Yuntian puts on a bigger smile, “If you do well in the task, I will cooperate with you.”

Lei Buyang blinks his eyes. What Yi Yuntian just said means a lot of money coming to him…

“OK. I agree!” There is profit ahead. Those who don’t want to take it are fools!

It must be difficult to complete the task Yi Yuntian mentioned. However, Lei Buyang realizes that it is the test for him from Yi Yuntian. He is going to complete the task perfectly!

Yi Yuntian puts down the glass in his hand. He puts down the Centurion Card, “Ning, enjoy yourself. It is my treat. President Lei, this way please.”

Lei Buyang reluctantly looks at Xia Ning, “Ning, I am going to work. I go to earn money for you. Wait patiently for me to come back.”

Xia Ning feels a dreadful chill.

Xia Ning sees Yi Yuntian lead Lei Buyang away. She gives a sigh of relief.

As to men, business and work are always put in priority.

But Xia Ning brings unexpected trouble to Yi Yunrui. If Rui is unlucky, his title may be…

Thinking about this, Xia Ning feels her heart ache. She takes a cold breath from the bottom of her heart.

She can’t imagine that. She is really afraid of imagining that.

She feels her heart painful.

It is past eleven in the evening. Xia Ning is not sleepy at all. She orders another bottle of Glenfiddich.

When she is pouring wine, a man wearing a suit comes to her. He puts on a polite smile, “Miss, may I join you?”

The man looks elegant. Xia Ning slightly lifts her lips. She waves the ring in her finger, “Sorry. I am married. I am waiting for my friend.”

The man turns serious, “Oh. I am sorry.”

The man turns to walk away.

“Well. President Lei, you should feel satisfied.”

Yi Yuntian’s voice is heard from behind. Xia Ning feels surprised. She turns her head and sees Lei Buyang and Yi Yuntian walking back to her.

Xia Ning is confused. Didn’t they go for business negotiation? Why do they come back so soon?

Lei Buyang smiles helplessly. His eyes gleam with some vague emotions, as if he is restraining some things. When he sees Xia Ning looking at him, the sadness in his eyes disappears at once.

“I know that Ning doesn’t want to avoid me. Look, she refuses other men so soon.” Lei Buyang sits down by Xia Ning.

Xia Ning twitches her lips, “Sorry. I didn’t refuse other men because of you, but because I am married.”

The smile on Lei Buyang’s face is frozen.

“Puff.” Yi Yuntian laughs. He shakes his head, “President Lei, I told you that. You need to strengthen your charm. You will be easily ignored when comparing with my youngest brother.”

“It is OK. One day, Ning will find my advantages.” Lei Buyang drops a deadly charming smile at Xia Ning.

“Ahem…” Xia Ning almost spurts out the wine from her mouth.

Yi Yuntian glances at the time. He takes out his phone and dials a number, “Weiwei, it is already the time to sleep. I will call you again at three. Oh. I don’t go to hell. I haven’t married you. How can I bear to go to hell now?”

Yi Yuntian suddenly puts his phone away and Leng Weiwei’s angry voice is heard, “Yi Yuntian, you get out. The farther, the better! Never disturb me again!”

Xia Ning is shocked. Leng Weiwei who is always calm can be so violent. It is imaginable how crazy Yi Yuntian draws her.

At the time, Xia Ning’s phone rings.

It is a message alarm.

Xia Ning takes out her phone. It is a message from Yi Yunrui!

Xia Ning feels greatly happy. She says, “Excuse me.” She goes away with the phone.

Lei Buyang looks at Xia Ning’s back. He feels confused. He turns to Yi Yuntian, “What’s wrong with Ning?”

“What are you asking?” Yi Yuntian responds. He puts his phone aside, “It must be my youngest brother sending her messages.”

Lei Buyang hears the words. He takes up the glass and lowers his eyes to hide the complicated emotions in them.

Xia Ning goes to a quiet corner. She glances around and stops.

At the time, it is really a hard thing to receive messages from Yi Yunrui.

She clicks the message. It says: Sweetheart, I have just had a late dinner. A portion of fried rice noodles, a dish of appetizer and a bowl of porridge. I am going to sleep. Do you behave well? Do you miss me? (Don’t reply to the message.)

Xia Ning feels sweet. She holds the phone tightly in her palm and puts it on her chest.

Darling, I miss you very much. However, I am in a bar now. I may not be able to fall asleep at night.

As if they know how she feels, Yi Yuntian and Lei Buyang stay with her till very late in Tang Bar. When Xia Ning goes back to the hotel, it is already three in the early morning.

Xia Ning lies on the bed. Tonight, she drinks quite a lot of wine. She can still smell wine after the bath. She gives a sigh. With a dizzy brain, Xia Ning closes her eyes.

She remembers that her brother-in-law said that he would call Weiwei at three. She wonders what her brother wants to do.

Xia Ning falls asleep and doesn’t wake up until the next afternoon. The first thing she does after waking up is to check whether there are any messages from Yi Yunrui on her phone.

She hasn’t got any calls or messages.

Xia Ning purses her lips. She glances at the time. It is past three in the afternoon. Then, she feels very hungry.

If she eats anything now, she will not need to have any supper.

She wonders whether Lei Buyang stays in Wangfujing Hotel. She feels like eating French food in the Roman Garden of it.

However, if she shows up there again and encounters Lei Buyang, he must repeat that she misses him.

Well. She will go there some days later. It is said that the snacks in Niujie Street are quite tasty.

Xia Ning makes up her mind. She puts on a sport suit. She gets on a bus and gets off at the Niujie Street stop soon.

Niujie Street is a nationality cultural street with a long history in Beijing. The main residents there are of Hui Nationality. Xia Ning likes eating and she is not picky. She is very interested in the special snacks of Hui Nationality.

Unsurprisingly, there are lots of snack bars in the street. Xia Ning feels excited. She takes out her phone and can’t stop taking photos.

Xia Ning doesn’t know how many photos she has taken before she puts her phone aside. She walks around the snack bars one by one.

Xia Ning feeds herself with kebab, all kinds of done beef and mutton, fried dough cake, fried tripe, etc. until she feels full.

Then, Xia Ning takes out her phone to photograph herself eating. She plans to choose some photos and send them to Zhang Hai.

There are a lot of people in Niujie Street. Xia Ning stands in a corner and carefully picks the photos.

Suddenly, Xia Ning finds someone flashes in front of her and she is forcefully hit. Her phone falls down. She clearly sees that the man who hit her takes her phone and runs away fast.

“Robbing! Stop him!”

Xia Ning yells and immediately runs after him.

Shit. She has got Rui’s messages and the photos she was going to send in the phone!

Her important thing was robbed. Xia Ning chases after the man with all her strength. She knows clearly that she can’t run as fast as the thief. But she can’t give up!

She even thinks of shooting him.

However, there are too many people here. She can’t openly do so. In addition, Yi Yunrui is still in trouble, she can’t but control herself.

She doesn’t know how long she has run after the thief before the distance between the thief and her gradually becomes shorter. The thief realizes that the situation is not good. He is going to drop the phone away.

At the time, someone suddenly shows up and sticks out her leg to stop the thief on his feet.


The thief screams and falls flop on his face.

Xia Ning is worried that her phone may be broken. She hurriedly runs forwards and grabs her phone back from the thief. She anxiously checks whether the phone is broken.

Xia Ning checks her phone carefully and doesn’t notice that the thief gets up from the ground with a shining knife in his hand!

“How dare you break the rules in the capital? You have got your guts!”

A woman is shouting. Xia Ning hears the thief scream painfully. She feels shocked. She turns to look.

The thief is hit at his eyes, which are swollen and look like that of a red cat. A mini fruit knife is dropped aside.

In an instant, Xia Ning figures out what has just happened. She can’t help taking a cold breath. She looks at the person who is drawing the collar of the thief.

Based on the voice heard and the body shape, it is a hot woman.

With long black hair and an oval face, even though she wears a cap and a pair of big sunglasses, it can be estimated that the woman looks pretty.

However, the apparently tender woman is so forceful in her actions. She hits the thief badly with her fists. She is awesome.

“Madam, please show some mercy. I won’t do that again…” The thief feels afraid and kneels down to beg for mercy. He tried to fight back, but the woman was astonishingly powerful. No matter how hard he struggled, she kept him under control tightly.

“People like you should be sent to the police office!” The woman says. She pulls the thief up, “Don’t even want to escape. Or, I will break your legs!”

The woman says and takes out a phone.

“Wait!” Xia Ning stops her hurriedly. She believes that the woman is calling the police. Xia Ning can’t go to the police office now, “It is OK. I have got my phone back…”

“Oh!” the woman cries loudly before Xia Ning finished her words. As if she remembers something, she lifts her hand and slaps the thief, “Take out all your money!”

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