Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 379 - To Find the Evidence

Chapter 379 To Find the Evidence

Three months compressed to one month, that is a harsh condition. However, because it is harsh, it is a challenge as well as an opportunity.

If Jing Shu can get Xia Ning’s approval within the short period of a month, she will easily become well-established in World Era Weekly.

“Can you accept that?” Xia Ning asks her again. When she speaks, the girl keeps looking at her. Jing Shu’s eyes are so bright that Xia Ning wonders whether she is doing something immoral.

Suddenly, Jing Shu stands up and responds in a loud voice, “Yes, I accept that!” Then, she bows seriously at Xia Ning, “Assistant Xia, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I promise that I will work hard. I won’t let you down.”

Looking at Jing Shu’s happy face, Xia Ning slightly freezes her eyes.

This girl may or may not come to her with bad intentions, but either way, Xia Ning doesn’t have the right to stifle talents. As Jing Shu said, when she gives a chance to Jing Shu, she also gives a chance to herself.

In one month, she may be able to figure out the real intentions of the girl.

She may admit that…she doesn’t want to feel regretful in the future.

In the following days, Jing Shu works harder than anyone else. She even seizes every chance to do or learn about Ruoruo’s work. If she doesn’t know that Jing Shu has a one-month probation, Gu Ruoruo may wonder what the girl is planning.

“Ruoruo, this is your file. I have had it revised and edited. There can’t be any mistakes. You may check.” Jing Shu bows politely and puts the file on Gu Ruoruo’s desk.

Gu Ruoruo lifts her eyebrows. Having learnt a lesson from the Su Xueli case, she can’t be cheated so easily now. She opens the file and reads it carefully. After checking again and again, she comments, “Well done. Keep working.”

“OK. Do you have any other work that I can do?”

Gu Ruoruo’s lips slightly twitch; she wonders if Jing Shu is a workaholic. As far as she knows, this young girl works overtime every evening and doesn’t leave the company till eight or nine. When Gu Ruoruo came to the company, she was not comparable to Jing Shu in the enthusiasm and attitude.

Gu Ruoruo glances at the time. She thinks for a while and says, “Well, you may make a cup of coffee for Sister Xia. Remember, she likes cappuccino. Then, we will meet Mr. Su of TC Group at three this afternoon for new products advertising. You may check with Sister Xia to see whether she is willing to take you with us. ”

Jing Shu is qualified enough to meet clients. However, it is up to Xia Ning.

“I see. I am going to make the coffee now.”

In the Chief Editor Assistant Office.

Xia Ning quietly drinks the coffee made by Jing Shu. She finds out that Jing Shu makes better coffee than Gu Ruoruo.

At least, she is able to make the flavor Xia Ning prefers.

Xia Ning feels confused to see Jing Shu standing quietly in front of her. “Do you have any other things?”

“Assistant Xia, I want to ask you for a favor.”

Xia Ning puts down the coffee, “Well. What is it?”

Jing Shu is different from other assistants. She always speaks directly to the point, which Xia Ning likes.

“Can I go with you to the meeting at three this afternoon?”

Hearing this, Xia Ning lifts her eyebrows.

She calculates the date and finds that Jing Shu has been working in World Era Weekly for over a week. Normally speaking, it is time to take her out and teach her some practical skills. However, because she still has some concerns, she doesn’t dare to take the move.

Jing Shu finds Xia Ning silent with no responses. She continues, “Assistant, I will behave myself. Please don’t worry.”

Xia Ning hears her ask for it again. She asks herself in her heart whether she has been too strict with this young girl.

“OK. You can get prepared and go to TC Group with me later.”

“Assistant, thank you.”

At three in the afternoon, Xia Ning arrives punctually at TC Group with Gu Ruoruo and Jing Shu. They wait for Su Shen in the VIP room.

Soon, the door of the VIP room is opened. Su Shen comes in with a smiling face. Xia Ning stands up and holds out her hand to Su Shen politely. “President Su, good afternoon.”

When she was told that it was because of Su Shen that her whereabouts became known by others, she couldn’t believe that. It took her quite some time to accept the truth.

Yi Yunrui told her specially that she should never mention this issue to Su Shen, or, she may alarm him by that.

Anyway, why did Su Shen do that to her? It seemed that she had ever offended him.

“Ning, you are too polite. Call me Shen.” Su Shen smiles and holds her hand, “Please sit down.”

Xia Ning pays special attention to Su Shen’s expressions. However, she feels disappointed to see nothing strange. She wonders whether she is not good enough in pretending calmness.

They all sit down. Soon, someone comes in with cups of fragrant coffee.

Xia Ning feels surprised to see her.

She is Su Xueli!

Su Xueli notices that Xia Ning stares at her. She feels a little panic and lowers her head. She walks to them and puts down the coffee.

“I forgot to introduce for you. Sorry.” Su Shen stops Su Xueli who is just about to leave. He says slowly, “Assistant Xia, this is my new secretary, Miss Su Xueli. You must be familiar with her.”

Xia Ning’s eyes gleam. She responds in a deep voice, “Sure. I know her. Xueli is lucky to find such a nice supervisor.”

“I am flattered. Xueli, why are you still standing here. Say hello to Assistant Xia!”

“Assistant…Assistant Xia, it is nice to meet you.” Su Xueli’s voice sounds a little trembling. She is obviously not confident enough.

“Hum. What a bad luck. I may check the almanac carefully to decide when I should go out next time.” Gu Ruoruo says sarcastically.

Su Xueli purses her lips. Xia Ning glances at Gu Ruoruo. Then she turns to Su Shen. “Xueli is a talent. President Su made a good choice.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha!” Su Shen laughs brightly. He waves at Su Xueli, “It is OK. You may leave.”

Su Xueli nods and leaves the VIP room as if she is escaping.

They all feel little awkward. Su Shen takes a sip of the coffee and says after a pause, “I heard that Junhao Group is going to launch a new season of Cheongsams. TC Group can’t fall behind. We will promote some new items soon under the theme: Cloud Dress.”

Su Shen passes a file to Xia Ning and says, “This is a brief introduction to the Cloud Dress. There are also some design models. Ning, you may read them first. You always have some unique ideas and I look forward to your comments.”

When it describes a beauty, a poem reads: The clouds remind me of her clothes while the flowers remind me of her face. The spring wind blows by the handrails. The dew makes the flowers more beautiful as she is.

TC Group’s Cloud Dress products are mainly about one-piece dresses. The material is light and smooth as water. When women put on the dresses, they look as if they are flying like a fairy. Such a dreamy fantasy is too beautiful to be described.

If it happened in the past, Xia Ning might give some unprofessional comments. However, she has surprisingly become the exclusive model of Wu Ying. She has to behave like a professional model. Therefore, it is obvious that she can’t participate in Su Shen’s new products promotion report any longer.

Thinking about this, Xia Ning closes the file and gives it back to Su Shen. “President Su, I have to say sorry. I am afraid that I can’t report the new products promotion for you this time.”

Su Shen feels very confused. “Why?”

Xia Ning thinks for a while. She responds, “I know some people in Junhao Group.”

It is about six at the dusk. The sun is getting down and the setting sun shines to the ground.

Su Shen stands in front of the large French window, holding a glass of red wine of 70s. He shakes it slowly.

“President Su, this is the wine you want.” Su Xueli puts down the golden plate, on which there is a bottle of Rémy Martin XO.

Su Shen doesn’t speak, so Su Xueli can’t do anything but stand there waiting. She doesn’t understand why Su Shen asks for another wine when he has already got a glass of red wine in his hand.

After quite a while, Su Shen slowly asks, “Xueli, Do you like Rémy Martin or red wine?”

Su Xueli thinks for a little while and responds, “I think women all prefer red wine.”

“You are right.” Su Shen turns around. He puts down the red wine in his hand and pours a glass of Rémy Martin for himself. “As you said, women all prefer red wine, while men like Rémy Martin.”

While speaking, Su Shen takes a sip of the Rémy Martin. He tastes it and then takes up the red wine for a sip, too.

Su Xueli can never predict what Su Shen will do next. She looks at his actions now but can’t understand what he means.

“Red wine and Rémy Martin are just like women and men. As long as you taste them slowly, you will find out some of their intrinsic qualities.” Su Shen mixes the two wines together and takes a sip. He closes his eyes. After swallowing down the wine, he continues. “What I am doing now is to mix them together and add some other ingredients in it to adjust it into the flavor I like.”

Su Shen takes up a piece of ice and puts it into the wine. Looking at the wine which is mixed but still transparent, he smiles. “Xueli, have you finished the task I told you to do?”

“Yes. It is finished.”

“Good.” He raises his head and drinks up the wine in the glass.

One day, he will put the red wine of Xia Ning into his Rémy Martin and melt her into his body. They will never separate again…

“There are three people sitting there. Can you see clearly who they are?” Fang Youqi sits on the top floor of a building. He asks He Hong, who is watching with a telescope.

He Hong adjusts the focal distance, “Yes. I see clearly. It can’t be wrong! Commander, you may want to look at it.”

Fang Youqi takes the military telescope from He Hong and looks at a coffee shop.

“The one sitting on the left is Yi Yuntian. Yi Yunrui is in the middle. The man on the right is the deputy director of Genbu team of Yamaguchi-gumi.”

Listening to He Hong’s explanation, Fang Youqi adjusts the focal distance for some other times. When he sees them clearly, he slaps his leg and cries, “Bastards, I got you! Come on, video it by your phone.”

He Hong takes out his phone and tries to shoot in several angles, but the scene still looks vague. He says, “Commander, my phone is poorly-equipped. I can’t video clearly.”

“You loser!” Fang Youqi puts down the telescope heavily. He takes up his phone and focuses on the table by the window. However, the picture also turns out vague, just like what He Hong saw just now.

“F**k.” Fang Youqi scolds. He shouts at the guards behind, “Whose phone has a better camera? Bring it to me!”

The guards look at each other with embarrassment and all shake their heads.

They are soldiers from normal families. How do they have much money to buy a well-equipped phones?

“You all losers.” Fang Youqi grits his teeth. F**k. It is an excellent chance!

“Commander.” He Hong murmurs, “I told you that we can see clearly right on the opposite of the street. You insisted on coming to a higher position…It is not strange that we can’t video it from here.”

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