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Chapter 1950: Zhan Jia ‘er i s death-seeking performance

Chapter 1950: Zhan Jia ‘er i s death-seeking performance



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The person-in-charge quickly found their experienced horse tamer and brought Louis down.

When Zhan Jia ‘er saw Louis suddenly appear in front of her-fat, strong, smooth, tall, and majestic-her heart began to beat violently for some reason.

From a distance, the horse did not look that tall and handsome.

It was only when he was close that he could feel his might and magnificence.

When Zhan Jia ‘er saw this fine horse, her heart couldn’t help but beat like a drum-she had never ridden a horse alone before.

In the past, when her body was weak and her heart was weak, even if she wanted to ride a horse, it was her brother who helped her.

Zhan Jia ‘er was always protected in Zhan MO’s arms. With her brother’s protection, she didn’t need to learn any horse riding skills. But now, she had to rely on herself to get on such a famous horse.

For a moment, Zhan Jia ‘er wanted to retreat.

However, she thought of what her father had just said in front of outsiders. He had said ‘this horse is for my daughter’.

Zhan Yang did not specify which daughter he was going to buy the horse for.

Zhan Jia ‘er wanted to make the first move. Ruan Mengmeng was pregnant and could not ride a horse. As long as she rode Louis out, others would naturally think that it was a fine horse that her father had given her.

Moreover, after she brought Louis for a ride, everyone would think that Louis was hers. Even if her father wanted to ask for it back for ruan Mengmeng, it would not be convenient.

Zhan Jia ‘er just couldn’t stand ruan Mengmeng snatching away all of her things one by one. Her father, her brother, khiton, the shares of the family business, and now, even this horse, her father was going to give it to ruan Mengmeng!

She didn’t want it. She had to get Louis back.

She still wanted to gallop her horse in front of everyone, to let them see her heroic gallop.

Ruan Mengmeng had stolen the limelight in front of the crowd just now. Zhan Jia ‘er did not know how to shoot, so he was determined to steal back the limelight in other ways.

miss Dale, this is the most famous horse trainer in the Royal Horse stables, Peter. He’s the most famous master in the world. You must listen to his guidance later, Zhenzhen.

Lawrence had specially transferred over the most famous horse trainer, Peter, to serve Zhan Jia ‘er.

However, Zhan Jia ‘er was afraid that the people outside would leave, so she waved her hand before she even finished listening.”Alright, I’ve been learning how to ride a horse from my brother since I was young. Don’t waste your time on such a small matter. Alright, Yingluo, help me onto the horse.”

She couldn’t wait to go out and let the guests outside, especially the Esther and her sister, see her heroic posture.

Zhan Jia ‘er was not in the mood to listen to Peter’s teachings. Under her impatient urging, the rest of the people could only follow her instructions and help her onto the horse.

Outside the Royal Horse stables, Zhan Yang and the Aston siblings were taking a stroll.

Ruan Mengmeng was supported by khiton as they followed behind.

Other than that, Zhan mo and the other guests who had not left followed behind in groups of two or three.

Everyone was either talking in a low voice or admiring the heroic posture of the horses galloping on the horse track. The cloudless sky made everyone’s mood become distant and open.

At this moment, a woman in a gorgeous Knight’s suit, riding pants, a helmet, and riding boots on a tall brown horse appeared in everyone’s sight.

The horse was tall and strong, its bones and bones were strong, and its muscles were strong and powerful. Under the sunlight, it glowed with a shiny light.

The woman on the horse was tall and straight, and the fitting noble knight suit made her look solemn and elegant. Her pure and white face diluted the stubbornness that the riding pants and boots gave her, and instead, it made her exude the radiance of a noble girl from the Middle Ages..

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