Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 930 - : Finale (2)

Chapter 930: Finale (2)

Li Beinian did not attempt to hide her expression in front of Mu Xichen. The man could clearly read her.

He stroked her head and whispered, “There shouldn’t be any problems.”

“If it fails, will he know that you all did it?”

Li Beinian could feel her heart pounding.

Lin Ya’s power was not to be underestimated.

He had the audacity to covet the Rothschild family’s business. Of course, there was an element of external help, but he, naturally, had to be capable too.

Although in this lifetime she had been able to stop the tragedy of Nico’s death from repeating itself, and prevented any accidents from happening, but that aside, the person who had chosen Lin Ya to be his gunman must have taken a fancy to some extraordinary quality the man had.

Li Beinian’s guess was that, if Lin Ya were to fall from grace, then the person behind would definitely not sit back and do nothing. Since that person had his eyes on the Rothschild family fortune, he must covet other powers as well.

Even if Lin Ya was just a springboard, he was a good one.

It would be difficult to find a replacement.

Li Beinian briefly explained her thoughts. Mu Xichen pondered for a moment and then reassured her. “I know what to do. Besides, do you know who provided us with these documents?”


Mu Xichen paused and said, “Lin Kerou.”

Li Beinian felt her eyelid twitch once. “Lin Kerou? No way? Lin Ya is her very own brother…” Immediately, a flash went off in her mind and she said,” Could she be trying to frame us? To retreat in order to advance? What if…”

“Hmmm.” To be honest, Mu Xichen had his doubts too. He looked at her and said, “But the information she handed over is genuine. And all the evidence and clues are directed at herself. We are not implicated at all.”

Li Beinian couldn’t understand it and frowned in confusion. “What is she trying to do?”

“Showdown.” Mu Xichen’s voice was faint. “Mu Donglin is where he is thanks to Lin Ya.”

Li Beinian was even more alarmed. Suddenly, she felt a little confused and turned to look out the window.

Dawn had broken and the birds were chirping.

Beyond the skyscrapers, the clouds covering the skies were dyed red by the morning sun.

A new day had begun.

Li Beinian put her fingers on her eyelid in an attempt to stop it from twitching. She said, “Lin Kerou is even sacrificing her own brother for Mu Donglin?”

“Looking at the situation in totality, yes,” Mu Xichen replied. Suddenly, he reached out and put his arms around her, placing his palm on her flat belly. “She’s pregnant, so… she’s doing what a mother would do?”

“Pregnant again?” Li Beinian was taken aback. “I thought that she recently…”

Li Beinian was reluctant to say any inauspicious words aloud.

Mu Xichen knew what she meant and faintly acknowledged it. He looked at her fingers and asked, “What’s going on with your eye?”

“I don’t know.” Li Beinian was feeling inexplicably frustrated and her heartbeat was oddly quickened. She frowned unconsciously and said in a flustered tone, “My eyelid keeps twitching.”

As soon as she said this, Mu Xichen reached out and massaged her eyelid.

Feeling the warmth of his hand suddenly calmed her down. Her eyelid stopped twitching.

However, at the same time, she felt her heart emptying out, leaving a void behind.

Li Beinian did not like this feeling at all and looked out of the window again.

Suddenly, as though realizing something, she asked, “What time is it?”

“6.01 am.”

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