Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1944 - 1944 Just To Meet You

Chapter 1944 - 1944 Just To Meet You

1944 Just To Meet You

Ning Luyao’s fans naturally didn’t believe Zhou Wan’er either. [Yao Yao’s ability is obvious to all. She never pulls any tricks. Let Yao Yao have her time to shine! Why are the others talking so much?]

Ning Luyao’s anti-fans: [She’s causing trouble again!]

[As expected of a troublemaker!]

Ning Luyao’s fans immediately retorted: [May I ask how our Yao Yao isolated Zhou Wan’er alone? If one person doesn’t like another, is that called isolating?]

The other fans also felt that it made sense. They gathered together and said: [I’m afraid Zhou Wan’er is the one causing trouble alone!]


[Isn’t she usually quite magnanimous? How did she become like this?]

[You can’t judge a book by its cover. Yao Yao is a good girl, but she…]

[It’s reasonable to suspect that Zhou Wan’er is just hyping herself up. After all, she’s the only one who didn’t make much of a splash during the first and second episodes. The others are all quite likable!]

[That’s enough gimmicks! Look, everyone likes Yao Yao. Could it be that they’re all blind?]

For a moment, everyone joined forces to target Zhou Wan’er alone.

Zhou Wan’er almost died of anger when she saw the comments on Weibo.

All these bad comments came surging at her overnight!

It was no wonder. With just one statement, she treated everyone as her imaginary enemy. After the fans were temporarily unhappy, they would definitely join forces to target her!

The popularity she wanted turned out to be infamy in the end!

The next day, the matter continued to spread.

At the mention of Zhou Wan’er, the fans were unhappy.

Her popularity had completely collapsed.

The magnanimous and open-minded persona that she had maintained previously shattered.

After feeling displeased, Zhou Wan’er remembered that Ning Luyao had also been in a similar situation.

As long as she could become famous, she could win back her popularity in the future. What she was most afraid of was not being criticized but there not being any news about her!

At the thought of this, she decided to continue to maintain this traction, regardless if it was good or bad. When the time came, she would do what was needed to regain her popularity.

In the end, she was the last to know that everyone was going to the depths of the forest to observe wild animals in the morning.

In the past, no one had really isolated her. This time, although no one showed anything on their faces, they were really too lazy to bother themselves with her.

She packed her bag and followed the rest.

When it was noon, Ning Nuo shushed them. “Everyone, hold up.”

Everyone was now very convinced by her and immediately stopped in their tracks to wait.

“There are monkeys’ footsteps nearby, and some fruit cores. There must be wild monkeys.”

Everyone was excited when they heard that. They immediately widened their eyes and looked around.

“Everyone, keep quiet and slowly approach. Try not to affect them, let alone anger them,” Ning Nuo said.

The director had said these words before.

Although the relevant departments had agreed to let them film the show this time, the production team had also guaranteed that they would not destroy the environment or affect the lives of the wild animals. They were just here to observe.

Everyone nodded and looked around.

“Found them!” Ouyang Lujia shouted in surprise.

Everyone walked over quietly and saw a mother monkey with three cubs watching them warily.

Duan Xiuwen had already checked the information and said, “These are triplets. They’re really rare. I read that most monkeys only give birth to one baby.”

“Yes.” Ning Nuo nodded. She thought that it was a rare sight as well.

Zhou Wan’er wanted to get more scenes. She reached out to touch the little monkeys, but she was pulled back by Ning Nuo.

Zhou Wan’er was really angry. “Ning Luyao, what are you doing? I just want to touch them. I won’t hurt them! Why is everything you say right and everything I say wrong?”

Ning Nuo looked at her speechlessly. “If you touch the little monkeys, the mother monkey might fall to her death because of your actions. They’re wild animals and don’t like humans touching their babies, do you understand? Also, please lower your voice and don’t scare them!”

Ning Nuo’s voice was very soft.

Everyone looked at Zhou Wan’er in unison. Zhou Wan’er was ashamed.

She gritted her teeth. She was going to post something on Weibo!

She was going to blow things up!

Was she afraid of them?

“Alright, everyone, let’s go first,” Song Xianxian said. “The monkeys don’t seem to like us very much.”

Ouyang Lujia nodded. “Let’s go back first so as not to disturb their lives.”

Everyone tiptoed away. Actually, it was quite a pity. If Zhou Wan’er hadn’t reached out to touch the monkeys, everyone could have observed them from a closer distance.

It was rare to have such an experience, but she ruined it.

Everyone slowly set off for the camp.

A few pheasants came out of the woods, making clucking sounds.

Birds also flew out of the forest.

Song Xianxian teased, “What’s going on? Did you guys fly out to be my food?”

“Could it be that they were surprised by so many of us?” Duan Xiuwen said.

“But there were this many of us when we first arrived and the animals were all quiet. They shouldn’t be surprised now,” Ouyang Lujia said.

Ning Nuo frowned, thinking about something.

Duan Xiuwen asked, “Yao Yao, what do you think?”

Ning Nuo thought of something and said, “Let’s go to the ravine over there first and wait for things to stabilize. It seems to be a sign of an earthquake.”

“No way?” Everyone was a little surprised.

Zhou Wan’er couldn’t help but mock, “Even experts can’t predict an earthquake but you can? Have you eaten too many poisonous mushrooms? Are you hallucinating?”

Ning Nuo couldn’t be bothered to explain to her, but she had to give the staff an explanation. “It’s indeed hard for people to predict earthquakes in the city. However, wild animals are the most sensitive to these things, so we might as well choose to believe it this time. If there’s really nothing, it doesn’t matter even if we return to our camp, right?”

“Then who will be responsible for the delay?” Zhou Wan’er asked.

Actually, what Ning Nuo said made sense, but Zhou Wan’er was doing it on purpose. No matter what Ning Nuo said, she would not let her off.

Ning Nuo could not be bothered to ask for Zhou Wan’er’s opinion. Besides, her opinion was not important.

The staff quickly agreed to her request and found a stable-looking ravine to wait.

Cheng Kang said, “Actually, Yao Yao’s words make sense. It would be even better if we can find a flat space. But if not, such a place is also excellent.”

“Oh no!” Ning Nuo stood up. “There’s no one to take care of those little monkeys. The mother can’t take care of three babies all at once. I’ll bring them over.”

“Didn’t you say that we can’t touch them? Why are you going to carry them over now?” Zhou Wan’er mocked.

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