Hidden Marriage

Chapter 6: The Sparkling Little Prince

Chapter 6: The Sparkling Little Prince

“President Lu, this……” The owner of the bar had a face full of bewilderment, and was failing to understand the current situation.

Lu Tingxiao’s gaze swept across the female manager, whose face was completely showing her guilt. He then swept an eye across the ladder on the ground and the skylight that was only about the size of a small child, and was able to guess most of what had happened.

He raised his hand to let everyone retreat, then he walked over and personally picked the woman up.

That faintly cool fragrance was even more distinct in his embrace.

Seeing that Lu Tingxiao had already gone over to carry the woman, Little Treasure did not stop him, but his face showed his unwillingness. He showed an expression that spoke of his inner thoughts: ‘If I wasn’t too small, I would definitely have carried her myself’.


The First People’s Hospital in Beijing.

By the time Ning Xi woke up, it was already the next morning.

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was the man sitting in the chair at the window opposite her.

His slender legs crossed carelessly, he was wearing a fitted tailored suit outlining his broad shoulders and slim waist, with the white shirt buttons meticulously fastened up to his collar. Although he was clearly under the morning sunlight, his body seemed to be cloaked in a layer of ancient everlasting ice, his indifferent expression was like that of a king in a medieval castle……

The man seemed to have detected her gaze, and abruptly lifted that pair of ocean-deep eyes. His cold gaze seemed to pierce right through her.

That line of sight was too aggressive, like a sharpened scalpel, peeling her open inch by inch, giving her the creeps.

After trying to ignore him for a while, Ning Xi could no longer care about how uncomfortable this stranger’s gaze made her feel. She asked with an anxious expression: “Excuse me, mister, how did I get here? Did you see a little boy? About four or five years old, doesn’t really like to talk? He’s really white and soft, and looks a little dazed and cute!”


The man slightly raised his brow from Ning Xi’s description, he shifted his gaze to her right, and spoke with a voice as cold as his person, “You mean Little Treasure?”

Ning Xi quickly followed the ice statue man’s line of sight, only to see a white, soft little bun sleeping soundly on the little cot next to hers with an IV attached to the back of his hand, “Yes, it’s him! He’s called Little Treasure?”

Ning Xi finally let out a sigh of relief, and turned over to touch the little bun’s forehead, at least his fever had already broken.

She had started to regret a little after letting the child out previously. The child was so young after all, and he was even running a fever. What if something had happened to him after he had gone out alone into a place as messy as a bar?

Ning Xi looked towards the ice statue man, who had a formidable atmosphere around him, “You’re this child’s…?”

After speaking those words, Ning Xi found that she had just wasted her breath.

This man and the little bun were so alike, it was as if they had been carved out of the same mold. They were definitely biologically father and son.

Sure enough, Ice Statue replied: “Father.”

“Hey, little beauty, you’re awake! I’m Little Treasure’s second uncle!”

A large face suddenly popped over from the side, and Ning Xi subconsciously retreated a little. After looking clearly at the man’s face, she went into a daze, “Lu… Lu Jingli?”

The Lu Corporation’s second son, the owner of Golden Age Entertainment, had appeared in more newspapers and magazines than most artistes due to his eye-catching appearance and amorous personality.

She absolutely could not make a mistake in recognising this face.

Ice Statue was Little Treasure’s father, Lu Jingli was Little Treasure’s second uncle…

Then wasn’t Ice Statue Lu Jingli’s older brother Lu Tingxiao?

Lu Tingxiao, the god of wealth as termed by the people; he was like the uncrowned emperor of the capital!

She could never have imagined that the little boy she had saved, would turn out to be Lu Tingxiao’s legendary bastard son, the golden sparkling little prince…

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