High School DxD

Volume 2 Chapter 2

Life.2 I Pick a Fight

“Hurry, go to the bed. I will get ready for it now.”

Buchou hassles me while taking her uniform off!

H-Hold on! What is this!? What’s happening!? My mind can’t catch up to Buchou’s actions!


She takes her skirt off and her underwear becomes visible! Guha! Her pure white panties are so bright! Her beautiful long legs are excellent like always! She still has thighs that you want to touch a lot!

She then reaches for her bra!

“B-Buchou! This is—!?”

I’m panicking. Of course! Obviously! Even a horny student like me will get confused if Buchou suddenly appears and says something like “Let’s have sex” and starts taking her clothes off!


She finally takes her shirt off! Her oppai that is supported by the bra are visible! I can’t take my eyes off her white and huge breasts!

Buchou who only has her panties on, takes a huge breath, and then walks towards me.

“Ise, aren’t I good enough?”

“N-No! Absolutely not!”

“I thought about all sorts of things, but this is the only method left.”

Method for what!? I can’t see where this is leading to!?

“If there is evidence, then they can’t complain about it. The only person close to me who is able to do it with me is you.”

Me!? I’m not really sure, but have I been chosen to be her first time!?

It’s an honour! That’s what I want to say but I don’t have the confidence to say it!

“……Yuuto won’t do. He is a pure knight. He would decline it for sure. That’s why you were the only one possible, Ise.”

I won over Kiba!? Uhahaha! I don’t know what’s going on, but for that part I can be proud! I won against you handsome!

“……There are things you still lack in, but you seem to have the potential.”

Buchou’s fingertip touches my cheek. My heart is beating. I feel something mysterious running through my body!

“You are the only one who would do it as soon as I ask and will go till the end.”


Buchou approaches me. I have myself pushed down onto the bed. Buchou horse rides on me. The place where her buttocks and thighs are touching is my important part!

Her crimson hair falls down on my body. The smell of her crimson hair excites me.


The sound of the bra being unhooked. The second coming of Buchou’s oppai! Her beautiful pink nipples are already erect.

Her breasts bounces with her slight movements. This has too many destructive powers!

This is my second contact with this breast! I never thought that I will be able to see it again on this bed!

“This is your first time, right Ise? Or do you already have experience?”

“I-It’s my first time!”

“I see. It’s my first time as well, so let’s do it till the end even if both of us have no experience. It’s all right, it’s very simple. You just have to put it inside here.”

Buchou touches her important part with her finger. It’s so stimulating that my brain is about to burst!

Then Buchou takes my right hand and……!


My right hand which was grasped by Buchou is placed on top of her oppai! I can feel a really soft sensation on all five fingers while it sinks in! It's a guy's thing to concentrate their thoughts and sensations on their right hand at times like this!


I know that there is an insane amount of blood bursting out from my nose.

T-The sensation of the oppai that I dreamed so much about! Crap, my head is about to burst because of this amazing situation! But if I have to describe this sensation, then it’s like a pudding that won’t crumble! Or the best quality marshmallow! No, you still can’t describe this sensation with expressions like that! You absolutely can’tttttt!

“Do you realise it?”

Buchou says that to me with a charming voice.

“I’m also nervous. You can tell by my heart beat right?”

Now that you mention it, I can feel her heart beating fast through her soft oppai that I’m touching with my right hand. If I look carefully, her pure white skin starts to turn red.

……B-Buchou is also nervous? So Buchou who usually acts with elegance gets nervous for her first time as well huh.

Then Buchou starts to strip my clothes off! Uwaaaaaah! I’m getting stripped naked by a giiiiiirl!

“B-But! I-I don’t actually have the confidence!”

I accidentally made a whiny voice because I’m so nervous! Well, obviously! That’s because I really am a virginnnnnn!

Buchou gets her face close to mine and says it.

“Are you trying to embarrass me?”


With that comment, my brain blows. I know it’s the sound indicating that I can’t hold my instinct back anymore.

I grab Buchou by her shoulders and put her down against my bed!

On my bed. There is a fully naked girl below me. She’s saying that I can do her! Make your determination, Hyoudou Issei! I’m not really sure, but my time has come! I have to do it!

Wait, is this really all right!? But I can’t control myself if the beauty I admire says things like this to me!

After I gulped down my spit and took a deep breath, I lean my body against Buchou—.


Then the floor of my room flashes once again. W-What is it!?

Seeing that, Buchou sighs.

“……Looks like I was a bit late……”

Buchou stares at the magic circle with disgust. The symbol on the magic circle is—Gremory group?

Who is it? Kiba? Akeno-san? Koneko-chan?

Wait, no matter who it is, getting caught in this situation is baaaaaad!!

But my prediction was wrong, and the person who appears from the magic-circle is a silver haired woman. Her clothes look like that of a maid. Is she a maid?

The beautiful silver-haired maid speaks silently after seeing me and Buchou.

“Are you trying to break the agreement by doing something like this?”

The maid says it plainly as if she is astonished. Buchou twitches her eyebrows hearing that.

“If I don’t go this far, both Otou-sama and Onii-sama won’t listen to me right?”

“Both Sirzechs-sama and the master will become sad after they find out that you tried to give your purity to some lowly person like this.”

Master? S-Sirzechs-sama? Who is it? From what Buchou said, is it her father and her brother? So Buchou has a brother.

But lowly…… She’s talking about me right? I feel a bit shocked if someone I just met calls me that.

Hearing the maid woman say that, Buchou becomes unpleasant immediately.

“My purity is mine only. What’s wrong with giving it to someone whom I acknowledged? Also don’t call my cute servant lowly. Even if it’s you, I won’t forgive you, Grayfia.”

B-Buchouuuuu! I’m so moved because you became mad for me!

The woman called Grayfia picks up Buchou’s bra.

“Anyway, you are the next heiress of the House of Gremory, so please don’t show your skin to a man recklessly. Even more so if you are in the middle of this situation.”

She then puts the bra on Buchou’s body.

The woman looks at me. She then bows her head down.

“How do you do. I’m a maid that serves the House of Gremory. My name is Grayfia. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

I received a polite introduction from her. I feel a bit awkward because I was called a lowly person when I first saw her, but if I look carefully she’s quite a beauty. If she’s human then she will be in her early 20’s.

She seems like a calm and collected person, and her silver hair that is shining looks beautiful. She has her hair split into three strings, which are then knotted with each other. Grayfia-san huh, I think older woman are also quite good……


Buchou pinches me because I’m gazing at Grayfia-san. It hurts, Buchou.

“Grayfia, did you come here of your own accord? Or because the household sent you? ……Or is it Onii-sama?”

Buchou makes an unpleasant face. Somehow she’s acting like girls her age. This is a new side of her I haven’t seen.

“All of them.”

Grayfia-san answers like that. Hearing that, Buchou sighs as if she is giving up.

“Is that so? You, who is brother’s [Queen], came to the human world personally. So it can only be one thing. I understand.”

Buchou picks her clothes up. She puts her arm through her clothes. Her wonderful naked body is getting covered.

“I’m sorry, Ise. Let’s make it so that the thing from earlier never happened. I wasn’t thinking straight either. Let’s forget about today’s incident.”

……Ah, so it’s over then. W-Well, I don’t know what’s going on either…… But I know that I will definitely regret it afterwards.

“Ise? Wait, is this person?”

Hmm? Grayfia-looks at me with a shocked expression. I never expected a cool woman like her to be this shocked.

“Yes, Hyoudou Issei. My [Pawn]. The user of the [Boosted Gear].”

“……[Boosted Gear], the one possessed by the Emperor of Dragons……”

What is it? Suddenly Grayfia-san starts to look at me as if she’s looking at something extraordinary.

“Grayfia, let’s go back to my room. I will listen to what you have to say over there. Akeno can also attend, right?”

“The “Priestess of Thunder”? I don’t mind. It’s a must for High-class Devils to have their [Queen] by their side all the time.”

“Very well. Ise.”

Buchou calls me. She walks towards me and then she—.


Buchou’s lip touches my cheek. …………Wow. Uoooooooooooo!

I got kissed on the cheeeeeeeek!!

“Please forgive me for today with this. I troubled you a lot. Let’s meet again in the clubroom tomorrow.”

She gives me a farewell and disappears in the magic-circle together with Grayfia-san.

……I’m the only one left in the room now. I’m standing there dazzled while touching the cheek where I was kissed.

“Ise-san! I finished using the shower!”

I heard Asia’s voice soon after that.

Part 2

Next morning. Asia and I are walking towards school.

I rub my eyes since I wasn’t able to get a single bit of sleep.

Damn it. Damn itttttttttt!

I regretted it about last night! I regretted so much! I was suffering inside my bed!

The feeling of the oppai in my hand, and the image of Buchou’s naked body burned into my eyes has impacted both my mind and soul!

So I got up at night and started to do lot of lecherous things by myself! For the whole night! I had to pleasure myself because I had so much hornyness within my body since she stopped right before doing it! That’s why I’m flat out tired from the morning!

“Are you okay?”

Asia asks me with a worried voice. I feel like I know how dirty I am when I get stared at by her innocent eyes!

I’m sorry Asia. I was doing something you shouldn’t know about while you weren’t looking. I can’t tell her that Buchou wanted to have sex with me last night no matter what.

“You didn’t do the morning training today, so I thought your body was hurt.”

Asia seems like she is very worried. I’m very sorry.

The morning training was cancelled today. I received a call early this morning from Buchou, and she cancelled it by saying “Can we cancel it today”.

Well, I can’t do training with Buchou herself in this state……

I’m walking towards the classroom while my legs are moving very slowly. Then—.


Matsuda is running towards me with an extremely pissed face from the end of the corridor.

Ah! It’s about that!


From the other direction Motohama is running really fast.

Both of them got ready to do a lariat on me! I have nowhere to run since we are in the corridor!


Ugah! Both of their lariats hit my neck. It hurts idiots!

I coughed while touching my neck.

“D-Don’t fuck with meeeee!”

Matsuda shouts.

“Ise! You bastard!”

Motohama grabs me by my collar and glares at me with eyes filled with murderous intent.

“Seriously, what is it?”

I acted like I didn’t know what they are on about, but it doesn’t stop them from being pissed at me.

“Don’t fuck around! Fuck! What the heck was that!? He looked like those really strong guys from a martial arts manga! And why was he wearing Gothic Lolita clothes!? Is that an ultimate weapon!?”

Matsuda complains to me while crying. Looks like the two of them met him yesterday.

It seems like the impact of “Mil-tan” was too much for them.

Mil-tan— a regular customer of mine as a Devil. My contractor.

He is a girl born from a man that has the body of the world’s strongest person, and he looks up to mahou-shoujo. His charming point is his Gothic Lolita outfit and the cat ears he wears.

You may think this information doesn’t make any sense, but I can’t help it if this is the truth.

The heart of a maiden, and a body of a man! That’s the only explanation I have.

“Not only that! He also brought some friends! He made a gathering of some sorts! There were couple of those who looked like “Mil-tan”! I was so scared! I thought I was going to get killed!”

Damn. So there are more of them…… Just thinking about it gives me shivers and nightmares. Where do “Mil-tan series” get produced from……? Yeah, I definitely don’t want to meet them……

“They were going on about the world of magic! Whaaaaaat the fuck is the “World of Magic Serabenia”!? I don’t know any shit like thaaaaaat!”

Matsuda-kun continues to complain to me while shaking my body violently.

“In my case, they were telling me about how to defeat the “Dark Creatures” if I ever encounter one…… Apparently you can kill them by using a special item which is made by mixing the salt from the sea of the dead and a flower that only appears at night called “Moonlight flower”, and then burn them to make a powder…… No matter how you think about it, a punch from Mil-tan would be enough to kill any living thing in this world……”

Motohama says it to me while holding his head down.

I-I see, looks like these two have went through hell.

“Congratulations. Now you can beat the “Dark creatures” whenever you encounter one.”

After I said that, Matsuda and Motohama does a double brain buster on me.

Part 3

“Buchou’s problem? Maybe it has something to do with the House of Gremory.”

Kiba says that to me while we are walking towards the clubroom located in the old school building.

I met with Kiba while I was on my way to the clubroom along with Asia. So I asked Kiba about how Buchou is acting strange lately, but it seems like Kiba also doesn’t know the reason why.

“Akeno-san would know, right?”

Kiba nods at my question.

“Akeno-san is Buchou’s most trusted servant, so she obviously would know.”

I know that asking Buchou about her problem is rude, but I became concerned about her since I was involved in it last night.

But I don’t feel like talking about last night with anyone. I mean, it will cause an uproar if I do.

Well, never mind. Anyway, if there is a thing I can help her with then I will.

When we arrived to front of the door, Kiba notice something.

“……For me to finally realise the presence here……”

Kiba puts on a serious face by narrowing his eyes. Huh? What is it?

I open the door without any concerns.

Inside the room are Buchou, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, and—. The silver haired maid Grayfia-san! She sure does act calm.

Buchou has a very unpleasant face. Akeno-san is smiling like usual, but she has cold vibe.

Koneko-chan is sitting on a chair at the corner quietly. It seems like she doesn’t want to get involved with others much as possible.

The room has an atmosphere where no one is talking.

Kiba quietly says “Oh my” from behind me. The three of us goes inside the room but none of the members are talking to us like they always do.

That’s how tense the atmosphere of this room is.

Asia is also feeling uneasy so she holds onto my sleeve with an uneasy face. I pat on her head to comfort her and to make her feel safe.

Buchou speaks after looking at each of us.

“Looks like everyone is here. Before we start the club, there’s something I need to tell all of you.”

“Ojou-sama, do you want me to explain the situation?”

Buchou rejects Grayfia-san’s offer by waving her hand.

“The truth is—”

It happens exactly when Buchou speaks. The magic-circle on the floor glows.

Eh……? Teleportation? But all of the people from Gremory group are here. So is it a Devil who serves the House of Gremory just like Grayfia-san?

After this, I realise that my guess is way off from the correct answer, and I will come to realise that I still lack knowledge as a Devil.

The symbol of the Gremory drawn on the magic-circle changes into an unfamiliar pattern.

—! What is this!? Isn’t this the Gremory’s magic-circle?


That’s what Kiba who is close to me says. Phoenix? T-Then it isn’t a Gremory!

The light shines through the room and a person appears from the magic-circle.


Flames come out from the magic-circle, and the room gets flowed with heat. Hot! Sparks are burning my skin.

There is a silhouette of a man inside the flames. When he swings his arm across to the side, the flames disappear.

“Fuu, it’s been a while since I came to the human’s world.”

The one standing there is a man wearing a red suit. Since he’s wearing his suit casually, he didn’t have a tie and his shirt is opened till his chest. He looks like he’s in his early 20’s.

He’s handsome but he seems more of the bad boy type. He has his hands inside his pockets.

Somehow, he looks like a host. More like, is he a host-Devil? His good looking face kind of pisses me off. If Kiba is the gentle type, then this guy is the wild type.

The guy looks around the room, and then smirks after finding Buchou.

“My lovely Rias. I came to see you.”

……M-My lovely Rias? This guy, what kind of relation does he have with Buchou?

Buchou is looking at him with her eyes half closed. It doesn’t seem like she is welcoming this guy. But the guy doesn’t seem to care and approaches Buchou.

“Now then, Rias. Let’s go and take a look at the ceremony hall. The date of the ceremony is decided so we need to check it before then.”

What a frivolous guy…… From which household is this Devil from? Kiba said Phoenix earlier……

The guy grabs Buchou’s arm. W-What a rude guy!

“……Let go of me, Raiser.”

Buchou says that with a deep and serious voice while shaking the guys hand off. Uwah, her voice sounds really scary…… She’s really pissed off!

The guy called Raiser doesn’t seem to care about having his hand shook off and is just smirking.

Somehow, his slight movement is ticking me off. I’m starting to get pissed.

I then say this to him.

“Hey, you. You are being rude to Buchou. Actually, what’s with that attitude towards a girl?”

I said it clearly to him. The guy looks at me, and starts looking at me as if he is looking at some trash. This bastard is pissing me off even more!

“Ah? Who are you?”

He said it with a displeased voice. It’s totally different from the sweet voice he has towards Buchou. Nggh, he’s clearly looking down on me. I can feel his hatred towards me. But I will say what I have to!

“I am the servant Devil of Rias Gremory-sama! I’m the [Pawn], Hyoudou Issei.”

I said it to him! I even told him my name! How’s that host-Devil!

“Hmm. Ah, okay.”


I slipped after he makes a dull reaction. Ugh……Somehow I feel hurt by that kind of reaction. So you don’t care about me. Is that right?

“I mean, who the heck are you?”

The guy seems a bit surprised by my question.

“……Oh? Rias, you haven’t mentioned me to your servants? I mean, are there guys who don’t know me? A reincarnated Devil? Even so.”

“I didn’t tell them because there was no need.”

“Oh my, harsh like always. Hahaha……”

The guy starts laughing. Then Grayfia-san comes into the discussion.

“Hyoudou Issei-sama.”


“This person is Raiser Phoenix-sama. He’s a pure-blood High-class Devil, and the third son of the House of Phoenix.”

Grayfia-san explains it to me about this guy.

Yeah, so he’s a High-class Devil from the House of Phoenix. So he holds a peerage then. Isn’t Phoenix a legendary creature that appears in books and is said to be a fire bird or immortal bird……? So there are things similar to it among the Devils.

So how does a guy like that related to Buchou? A friend? Or is he some childhood friend?

But soon, I found out the true reason that far surpasses my prediction.

“And he is the husband of the next heiress of the House of Gremory.”

……Hm? H-H-Husband....? The next heiress……she’s talking about Buchou right……?

“He is engaged to Rias-ojousama.”


Huh? E-E-E-E-E-E-Engageeeeeed!?


I screamed because of the shocking revelation. This bastard is Rias-buchou’s fiancé.

Part 4

“The tea made by Rias’s [Queen] is superb.”

“Thank you very much.”

The guy who praises Akeno-san’s tea, —Raiser. Akeno-san is also smiling, but she doesn’t say her usual “Ara ara” and “Ufufu”. I feel a bit scared……

Buchou who is sitting on the sofa. Raiser who carelessly sat next to her and is holding her shoulder. Buchou keeps on shaking his hands off, but the bastard keeps on touching her hair, hands and shoulders. That guy is way too close to her!

We, her servants, are sitting away from the two High-class Devils and can only look at them.

Ku…… Just looking at him pisses me off! He keeps on touching her body! If he starts touching her legs, I’m seriously going to jump at him! I also want to touch that thighs of hers as well!

Ah, if I think about it I already know the sensation of Buchou’s oppai. Does that make me more amazing since I know the sensation of those breasts even before him who is her fiancé?

Fufufu, yeah. I am. I have already seen her naked body twice. Fufufu. So it’s my win then!? Nuhahaha!

“U-Umm, Ise-san. Did something good happen?”

Asia who is next to me, asks with a worried face.

Huh!? I made a victory declaration in my mind against Raiser.

“……Indecent thinking is prohibited.”

Koneko-chan gives me her harsh words again. Ungh, does this girl have some power that allows her to read my mind?

“Ise-kun, in any case you should wipe your drool.”

Kiba gives me a handkerchief with a refreshing smile.

“I-It’s none of your business!”

I tried to wipe my drool with my sleeve, but Asia wipes it for me with her handkerchief.

“It’s almost time to eat snacks, so you drooled thinking about it, correct?”

Ugh. My heart hurts because she said that with a smile. This girl probably doesn’t know that I was thinking about naughty stuff.

“Thank you, Asia.”

I’m sorry Asia. I thanked her, while apologising to her in my heart.

Then at that time—.

“Stop it already!”

Buchou’s angry voice echoes through the room.

When I look, Buchou got up from the sofa and is glaring sharply at Raiser. Raiser on the other hand is smirking like usual.

“Raiser! I told you before! I will not marry you!”

“Yeah, I heard that before. But Rias, that won’t do, you know? I think the situation of your household is quite serious.”

“That’s none of your concern! If I’m the next heiress for the House of Gremory, then I will choose who will become my husband! My father, brother, and everyone in the clan are rushing it! Also it was a promise that I will be free until I graduate from university of the human world!”

“That’s right. You will basically be free. You can go to college and you can do whatever you like with your servants. But your Otou-sama and Sirzechs-sama are worried. They are afraid that your household will become extinct. We lost a great number of pure-blood Devils in the last war. Even if the war has ended, our rivalry with the Fallen Angels and God hasn’t ended yet. It’s not rare for the successors of pure-blood Devil to get killed in the worthless battle against them, which leads to the household becoming extinct. So for a pure-blood Devil that are also happens to be a High-class Devil, getting together would be the obvious solution for the forces of Devils. A pure-blood High-class Devil. Even you know that these children will be important from now on, right?”

Buchou and Raiser starts to argue about something I don’t get. But even an idiot like me knows that they are discussing an important thing about the World of Devils.

Buchou becomes quiet when Raiser started a serious topic. Though her sharp eyes hasn’t changed. Raiser continues to talk after drinking the tea.

“The newly produced Devils—. The ones like your servants, the reincarnated Devils, are expanding in terms of strength but that would make us, the High-class Devils with old history background, lose our place. There are old nobles who gets close to the reincarnated Devils because they are very powerful. Well, that might be alright. The newly produced Devils are also important for our future. But we can’t allow the pure-blood Devils to go extinct right? You and I were chosen in order to prevent the pure-bloods from going extinct. My house is safe because I have my older brothers. But there are only two siblings in your house. And your brother is someone who left the house. Then there would only be you, Rias, who can inherit the House of Gremory. If you don’t take a husband, the House of Gremory will go extinct in your generation. Are you trying to crush the household that has been continuing for a very long time? Because of the past war, there is not even half the number of Devils who were referred as “72 pillars”. This marriage has the future of the Devils on the line.”

……It seems like the discussion is getting really serious……

The “72 pillars”, I was told about it from Kiba before.

A long time ago there were 72 Devils that held a peerage, and each clan had dozens of armies, but most of them died in the war. Buchou’s clan are one of the important pure-blood Devils that survived the war.

I was pissed when Raiser kept on saying engagement, but listening to the whole story makes it seem very complicated.

Pure-blood Devils, in other words Buchou and Raiser. A pure Devil. It means their parents are also pure-blood Devils. A real Devil. Asia and I will be categorised as reincarnated Devils then.

A rule from ancient time, huh. Then my opinion won’t mean a thing huh……

But it’s alright. I will just agree with Buchou’s decision. Of course that’s after hearing her true feelings.

“I’m not going to crush my house. And I am willing to take a husband.”

Hearing Buchou, Raiser makes a big smile.

“Oh, to be expected from Rias! Then let’s—”

“But I won’t marry you, Raiser. I will marry the one I acknowledge. Even the Devils from the old noble house have the right to choose.”

Buchou talks over Raiser and says it clearly.

Hearing that, Raiser suddenly becomes unpleasant. His eyes become sharper and he even makes a noise with his tongue.

“……You know, Rias. I’m also a Devil who carries the name of House of Phoenix behind me. I can’t let that name get tarnished. I didn’t even want to come to a small old building like this in the human world. Rather, I don’t like the human world that much. The fire and wind of this world is filthy. For a Devil like me who rules fire and wind, I can’t stand it!”


There are flames around Raiser. There are small bits of fire around the room.

“I will take you back to the underworld, even if I have to burn all of your servants.”


His hostility and killing intent fills the room. The pressure from Raiser’s body come right at me, no, at us.

I feel something cold on my back, and it feels like all the hair on my body is about to stand. The killing intent directed by a High-class Devil. This is bad! My hands and body are trembling.

Asia hugs my arm because she got scared. Yeah, Asia won’t be able to withstand this atmosphere. I feel the uneasiness like the time when I fought that Fallen Angel, no, it’s even worse.

Kiba and Koneko-chan aren’t trembling but they are getting ready to fight any time.

Buchou makes a stance against Raiser, and there are red aura coming out of her body.

Raiser also starts covering his body with fire. Intense heat fills the room. Hot…… That fire, it’s obvious that we will get turned to ash if we get hit by that! I can feel the same strength of demonic-power as Buchou from his flames!

Buchou is stronger than the Fallen Angel I beat…… If I can sense the same strength from him, does it mean that Raiser is a Devil who is incredibly strong?

The flame gathers around Raiser’s back and forms into wings of flame. Exactly like a fire bird.

The atmosphere is intense. But there is one person who interfered calmly. –It’s Grayfia-san.

“Ojou-sama, Raiser-sama, please calm down. If both of you were to continue, then I won’t be quiet about it. For Sirzechs-sama’s honour, I won’t hold back.”

Buchou and Raiser both make a serious face after hearing Grayfia-san’s quiet and intense voice. It seems like they are scared of her.

Raiser calms the flames around his body and sighs while shaking his head.

“……To be told that by the “Strongest Queen”, even I would be scared…… I definitely wouldn’t want to fight the people from Sirzech-sama’s group, which is known to be made up of monsters.”

So Buchou’s brother has that much influential power huh. I also didn’t know that Grayfia-san is that strong. I don’t even feel any killing intent coming from her at all.

Buchou also stops her red demonic-power and disbands her battle position. Looks like we avoided the worst case scenario.

Seeing that both Buchou and Raiser have no intention to fight, Grayfia-san speaks.

“Master, Sirzechs-sama, and those from the House of Phoenix knew it would turn out like this. To tell you the truth this was to be the last discussion meeting. Everyone knew that it wouldn’t be solved, so they decided to make a last resort.”

“Last resort? What do you mean, Grayfia?”

“Ojou-sama, if you wish to push your opinion forward, then how about you settle it by having a [Rating Game] against Raiser-sama?


Buchou becomes speechless hearing Grayfia-san. She seems to be very shocked.

[Rating Game]? I think I heard about it before……

“It’s a game that is played by the Devils with peerage, and they compete by making their servants battle.”

Kiba explains it to me because I have a confused look.

Oh, I think I remember about it. It’s a battle amongst Devils where you use your servants, [Pawn], [Knight], [Bishop], [Rook], and [Queen].

I heard that your strength in the game reflects greatly in your social standing among other Devils. But wasn’t that game only played by mature aged Devils, and Buchou who isn’t at the mature age can’t participate in it?

Grayfia-san continues her explanation and answers my questions.

“Just as you know, Ojou-sama, only mature aged Devils can participate in official [Rating Game]. But if it’s an unofficial match between pure-blood Devils, even immature Devils can participate. However, in this case—”

“When it involves the family and household problems.”

Buchou continues to talk while making a sigh.

“In other words Otou-sama and the others decided to have a game as a last resort if I was to decline, right? ……Just how far are they intending to interfere with my life to feel satisfied......!”

Buchou is really ticked off. Uwah……I can feel her urge to kill! Scary……

“Then Ojou-sama, you are saying you would also decline to participate in the game?”

“No, I won’t, since this is a chance. Alright then. Let’s settle this with a game, Raiser.”

Raiser smirks after Buchou’s provocative words.

“Hee, so you're accepting it. I don’t mind. But I’m already a matured Devil and I have already participated in the official game. Right now I have won most of the games. Even so, you still want to play, Rias?”

Raiser replied back with an even more provocative words. Buchou sends back a fearless smile.

“I will. I will blow you away, Raiser!”

“Fine. If you win, do whatever you like. But if I win, you will marry me immediately.”

Both of them glares at each other. They are both glaring at each other with scary eyes. Oh, their glares are so intense that a Low-class Devil like myself can’t butt in!

“Understood. I, Grayfia, have confirmed both sides opinion. I will be in charge of the game between the two household. Is that okay?”



Buchou and Raiser both agrees to Grayfia-san’s approval.

“Understood. I will inform the two households then.”

Grayfia-san bows her head after confirming.

Wow, it has turned into a serious situation! Game! So I will be participating in it as well! Raiser looks at me and then smirks. He then makes a smirk which pisses me off.

“Hey, Rias. Would the ones here be your servants?”

Buchou twitches her eyes at his words.

“So what?”

Raiser starts laughing after Buchou answers him as if he finds it amusing.

“Then this match will be a laugh. Only your [Queen], the “Priestess of Thunder” can fight on par with my adorable servants.”

Saying that, Raiser clicks his fingers, and the magic-circle on the floor glows.

The magic-circle has the same emblem of Phoenix that Raiser appeared from. Then shadows appears from the magic-circle.

One, two, three……s-shit……

I got speechless after I saw the number of shadows that appears from the magic-circle.

“Well, these are my cute servants.”

Around Raiser who said that, 15 people that seems to be his servants gathers around him.

There’s a person in armour that seems to be a [Knight]. There’s also a person wearing a hood that seems to be a magician.

Full members! Just like in real chess, you can have a maximum number of 15 servant Devils under your control.

It seems like High-class Devils receives 15 [Evil Pieces] from Maou. You can form a master and servant relationship by using it to those who you want to make as your servant.

If the person you wish to make your servant has high potential capacities, then the chess consumption can be doubled.

That’s why there are cases where there is only 1 [Rook] or 1 [Knight].

Buchou also had the same incident. That is me. You can get a maximum of 8 [Pawns], but Buchou used all 8 pieces on me because there is an extremely fiendish thing within me.

That’s why there are High-class Devils that doesn’t have 15 servants. But Raiser has the maximum number of 15 servants.

It’s a magnificent view to see all 16 Devils including the [King].

We only have one of each of [King], [Queen], [Rook], [Bishop], [Knight], and [Pawn]. So that makes it a 6 versus 16!? I got shocked by this fact.

No, I’m sorry. There’s something else on my mind. I mean, I can’t help it! What is this!?

—They’re all girls!

The knight and the magician I mentioned earlier are also girls! A girl wearing a Chinese dress! Two girls with beast ears! Two girls with identical face that seems to be twins! A loli girl! Two older girls with nice bodies! A Yamato Nadeshiko like girl wearing a kimono! There’s also a girl wearing a dress who looks like a European princess! A wild looking older woman who is carrying a sword on her back! There’s also a girl wearing a dancer’s outfit! There’s also a mysterious woman wearing a mask that hides half of her face!

They are all beautiful woman or beautiful young girls!! An army of beauty actually exist!?

Electricity runs through my body!

……! I see, so that’s what it is! This guy, Raiser, actually done it!

Every guy's dream, —a harem! The High-class Devil who turned harem into reality! Raiser Phoenix! What a person…… What a guy……

“H-Hey, Rias…… This servant-kun over here is crying a lot while looking at me.”

Raiser said it while looking at me. He seems to be really freaked out by me.

Buchou places her hand on her forehead when she sees me.

“This boy’s dream is to have a harem. I think he was moved after looking at your servants.”

Yup yup. That’s exactly right. I’m crying because I saw my dream, my objective, right in front of me.

Ah, what a lucky guy. They are all girls.


“Raiser-sama, this person is freaking me out~.”

Raiser’s girls make a disgusted face while looking at me. Damn it! Fuck you all!

Raiser calms them while patting their bodies.

“Don’t say that, my cute girls. Looking up to upper stream folks is what a lowly ones does. Let’s show them how passionate we are.”

Saying that, Raiser starts to have a tongue kiss with one of the girls!

Uwah! He’s making noise by moving his tongue around!

Buchou seems like she didn’t care.


The girl is making a sweet voice while putting her legs around Raiser’s! Ugh, it’s also affecting my crotch!


Next to me, Asia has her face turn red and has her brain blow. This view must be too strong for Asia.

Raiser takes his mouth away while there is a thread of saliva, and then starts to tongue kiss another girl! Don’t start the 2nd round in here!

I mean, you can actually do those kinds of things with your servants!? So we can! Shit! So if I work hard I can become like this one day!

Raiser who finished his 2nd tongue kiss smirks while looking down at me.

—You will never be able to do this.

I feel like this bastard is saying that to me.

“You will never be able to do this.”

“Don’t say what I think you were saying! Damn it! Boosted Gear!”

I have my head full with rage and am super jealous, so I put my left hand up in the air, and then shouted.

While emitting red lights, the thing that is possessed in my left arm shows itself. A red gauntlet which has a mark of a dragon engraved in it, — [Boosted Gear]. It’s a masterpiece Sacred Gear that gives enormous power to the possessor.

I point my finger at Raiser and then tell him.

“A womaniser like you isn’t good enough to be with Buchou!”

“Huh? Weren’t you looking up to the so-called womaniser?”

Ugh! He got right at the point!

“S-Shut up! That’s different with the thing about Buchou! At this rate, you will continue to flirt with other girls even after you marry Buchou!”

“Heroes love women. That’s a saying in the human world, right? A good phrase indeed. But this is just a close relationship with my servants. Aren’t you also getting adored by Rias?”

T-That’s true…… But somehow I can’t forgive him! A hate towards a similar type as me? Ugggh, does it mean I’m still a kid since I’m getting irritated the more I come to know?

“Hero my ass! You are just a bird guy! Fire bird Phoenix? Hahaha! That’s the same as Yakitori!” [1]

Raiser puts a furious expression at my provocation.

“Yakitori!? Y-You Low-class Deeeeevil! Don’t get ahead of yourself! That’s not the way you talk to a High-class Devil! Rias, what’s going on with your discipline towards your servants!?”

Buchou just looks away and says “Like I care”.

“Hey Yakitori-guy! I will just beat the crap out of you with my Boosted Gear!”

My Boosted Gear that I am so proud of! It doubles my power every 10 seconds, and after a while, I can even defeat a God!

“We don’t need to have a game! I will just take you all down, right here, right now!”


The sound came from the jewel located on the gauntlet, and at the same time my body gets overflowed with strength! It’s the proof that my power has doubled! My strike that even defeated the Fallen Angel, taste it with your own body!

I was full of spirits, but Raiser just sighs.

“Mira. Do it.”

“Yes, Raiser-sama.”

Raiser gives an order to his servant. She is small just like Koneko-chan and has a childish face.

She takes out a stick that martial artists use and makes a battle posture after swinging her stick around.

Hmm, I don’t feel like fighting such a small girl, but if I knock her stick away she will probably back down—.

That’s what I thought, but suddenly my body feel lighter. It feels like my body is floating.

Huh? The floor is—.


A loud noise comes to my ears.

…………Ouch…… Pain passes through my whole body. ……What happened?


I’m in agony due to the pain in my stomach. Ouch...... My stomach? Was I hit in my stomach……?


Asia comes to my side and she put her hands on my stomach. Instantly, a green light envelops around my body. A warm feeling takes the pain in my stomach away.

It’s the healing power that Asia possesses. It’s a Sacred Gear that can even heal Devils that doesn’t even have the divine protection of God.

However, due to this, Asia was targeted by a Fallen Angel before……

More importantly, what happened to me? I know that I’m down on the floor. When I look around, there is a desk broken in half and stuff spread around the floor.

When I look towards Raiser, the girl who has her stick aimed forward put her stick away.

……So I got hit. I couldn’t see it. Does it mean I received a damage without realising it? So I was hit towards the desk……

Raiser walks towards me, and says it to my ears while crouching down.

“You are weak.”

—! That word carves a deep scar in my heart.

“The one who you just fought is my [Pawn] Mira. She’s the weakest out of my servants, but she has more battle experience and has more talent as a Devil than you. Boosted Gear? Huh.”

Raiser starts knocking on my Sacred Gear and starts laughing with his nose.

“This is certainly one of the invincible and dangerous Sacred Gears. By how you use it, not only me, but you can also defeat a Maou and God. There were quite a number of possessors who had that before. But there hasn’t been any case where it defeated a God or Maou. Do you know what this means?”

Raiser then laughs really loudly.

“It means that this Sacred Gear is imperfect, and the possessors were also bunch of weaklings that couldn’t use it! You are no exception! How do you say this in the human world again? ……Yes, “Pearls before swine”. Fuhahaha! Yeah, pearls before swine! It’s about you! Rias’s [Pawn]-kun!”

Raiser starts slapping my head while laughing so loud.

…………Damn it! I got so mortified that I clenched my teeth. I wanted to talk back but I can’t. It’s the truth that I am weak. I even lost to a girl smaller than me just now. I couldn’t even see her attack. I’m disappointed in myself!

“But the match would be interesting if you were to get used to it.”

Raiser put his hand on his chin, and it seems like he thought of something.

“Rias, how about we have a match in 10 days? We could do it now, but that wouldn't be interesting.”

“……Are you giving me a handicap.”

“Are you against it? Is it humiliating? [Rating Game] isn’t something simple that you can win with only your feelings. If you can’t use your servant’s power to the fullest, then you will lose immediately. So it’s not weird for you to train with your servants for your first [Rating Game]. I have seen Devils who lost without using their power to the fullest countless of times, no matter how great their potential and power was.”

Buchou doesn’t complain and listened quietly to what Raiser’s said.

When Raiser directs his palm towards the ground, the magic-circle starts to glow.

“—10 days. If it’s you, then you should be able to improve your servants.”

He then looks at me.

“Don’t be a disgrace to Rias, Rias’s [Pawn]. Your blow is Rias’s blow.”


I understood immediately that his words carries his concern towards Buchou.

“Rias, the next time we meet will be at the game.”

Saying that, Raiser disappears in the light of the magic-circle along with his servants.

Part 5


I was desperate in keeping my anger and regret within myself while lying down on my bed.

After that, the club activity; Devil’s job, was cancelled. Buchou went deep inside the old school building together with Akeno-san.

It seems like they are having a strategy meeting. It looks like they are making strategies for the [Rating game]. This will be Buchou’s first match. Of course she wants to cancel the club activity to build a strategy.

―In 10 days.

That’s too soon. I wonder if we can gather the factors needed to defeat Raiser and his servants within that time.

Well, it won’t change much if a [Pawn] like myself says it. More than that, I showed off in front of Buchou and provoked Raiser only to get beaten down by a small girl……

Uwaaaaah! Just remembering it makes me want to die because of the embarrassment and regret that I have!

……Sigh. I’m so weak.

I then look at my left arm. The absolute power which is possessed in here. [Boosted Gear] which increases the power to no limits.

But it has many weak points. That’s me, who is vulnerable.

In other words “Pearl before swine”. Just like Raiser said.

Shit! I’m so weak……

Harem-king. My dream. The Devil who accomplished making a harem. Raiser. What’s the difference between us?

“Ah, shit!”

I got up from the bed and then start to mess my hair up.

Buchou said she still didn’t want to get married. She said she didn’t want to get married if her husband is Raiser. She chose to battle Raiser in order to break off the engagement.

I don’t know much about their household and relation between High-class Devils issues because it’s too complicated, but I will only fight for Buchou’s sake!

I have a debt of gratitude towards Buchou. A lot in fact. I want to fight for Buchou. I need to support Buchou!

Okay! From tomorrow morning I will start my training again! More like training for the whole day!

I can skip school if I tell Buchou. I’m going to spend my next 10 days on training.

I will contact Kiba so I can learn how to use swords.

I will ask Akeno-san how to use demonic-powers as well. I will learn close combat from Koneko-chan!

Yup! I have decided! My decision is made! I will train for the next 10 days!

I started to feel a bit at ease after making my decision. Hmm, I will go and have a bath now.

I went downstairs and got ready to take a bath. I went inside the bathroom while feeling fired up and then took my clothes off quickly.

After I take a bath, I will talk to Asia about tomorrow.


It happens when I open the door.


“What the……”

Asia and I meet inside the bathroom.

A naked me—

And a naked Asia—!!

A blonde haired beauty is standing fully naked in front of me! What luck! No no no, I mean accident!

She was inside!?

Since I was thinking about many things, I forgot to check if anyone is inside!

Asia’s body is wet because she was taking a shower.

Her blonde hair which is wet with hot water is glued onto her soft looking white skin. I-It’s sexy.

More than that, you have nice proportions……Asia……

Her tight hips. Your small buttock is so lovely, damn it!

Her thighs aren’t too skinny nor too fat, just the right size for me.

If I see these thighs when she wears a skirt, I will be down on my knees.

And her oppai which you can’t possibly know when she wears her clothes. It’s not small, and it isn’t that bad!

Asia……I’m glad you have grown this much…… No, it’s not the time for being emotional! Why on earth am I staring at her body!?

Shit! Why don’t I have a three-size scouter! This is my second time regretting it!

Next time I will seriously ask Motohama to teach me that ability! That's the ultimate power! Isn’t it more impressive than my Sacred Gear!?

That’s not it! I shouldn’t be staring at her anymore!

I-I need to protect her! I need to make sure she can live safely! That’s what I promised myself!

And yet I got excited by looking at her naked body—



If I look carefully, Asia’s gaze is moving down towards my crotch.


Asia! It’s too early for you to look at—.


I was too late covering my partner.


And the one who screamed is me.

What am I doing!? I accidentally screamed! I mean it’s embarrassing to have my partner exposed to a girl!


Asia’s whole body starts to go really red, and she looks away.

Hey hey, don’t forget to hide your private parts, Asia! I can see everything! Is my thing so astonishing that you forgot to hide your private parts!?

Thinking carefully, this will be her first time seeing a guy’s thing since she was a Sister. The word astonishing won’t even describe how she is feeling right now.

In the worst case, it might become a trauma for her. Oh my, what have I done to this poor child!

“S-Sorry! I-I will leave now!”

I turned around on the spot so I can leave the bathroom. However—

Asia grabs my wrist as if she is trying to stop me from leaving.

W-What’s going on, Asia-chan!?

“…………I-I’m sorry. It was……my first time seeing a boy’s…… I’m sorry……”

I couldn’t hear what she said because she said it while mumbling. Don’t push yourself.

“N-No, I’m sorry too…… I came in without checking…… I’m sorry, I saw a lot of your……”

I apologised as well. I’m the one at fault here. I came in without checking who was inside the bath.

I should have checked even if it wasn’t locked. After all, we got an additional new family member.

But I saved the image of Asia’s naked body within my memory. Forgive me if I start remembering this afterwards.

“No, I understand…… Everyone told me about the rule when you have a bath in Japan, s-so I’m all right……”

Asia says it shyly.

Huh? S-She was told? Rule? Japanese rule for what?

“In Japan, I heard that there is the thing called having a bath together…… That you get to know each other by having a bath together……”


W-Who was it!? Who told Asia this wonderful……no! Who told Asia this weird information!?

No, that’s not a mistake. There certainly is a thing like that in Japan. But that’s only between the same genders!

Asia continues while having her cheeks go red.

“……I-I was told……to do this with someone I want to form a special relationship with…… I-I don’t mind if its Ise-san……no, I want to deepen my relation with Ise-san even more…… That’s why will you have a bath together with me……?”


So much blood comes out from my nose. Lately it has been happening a lot!

…………Wait. It will be dangerous if it stays like this any longer, Asia.

I-I’m also a guy. I will lose myself if I hear a magic word like that! This girl doesn’t know what will happen to me if I did.

I mean, Asia believes in me from the bottom of her heart. If I become a wolf and push her down—.


I can’t do that! No, I want to! But I can’t!

I mean, it’s this girl! It seems like she will forgive me even if I do her!

I can’t do something like that to someone innocent like her!


This is the situation I longed for! It was stopped just before the good stuff with Buchou! This is revenge! I know that! But why do I feel so guilty when it’s with Asia!?

Pushing her down is easy. I can do it now with this flow and get a feeling of enjoyment.

But the problem is after that. I know I will regret it very much.

I probably won’t forgive myself for the rest of my life. It won’t be a problem if it happens after we build that sort of relationship, but Asia and I aren’t in that kind of relationship yet!

Last time with Buchou, I went along with the flow, but now I have to control myself!

Simply having a physical relationship will hurt both of us! I need to protect Asia!

I can’t lose myself! I have to endure it!

I turned around to Asia after making up my mind. I grab onto her shoulders and then opened my mouth.

But Asia’s skin is soooooft!

“Asia! Listen carefully, I will tell you about having a bath together! More importantly, since you are a girl, if a guy enters the bathroom then you have to make sure you defend—”

I kept my ambition inside myself desperately while being confused. I need to tell her the action she must take when she encounters a guy in the bathroom—.


The door suddenly opens.

“Asia-chan. I will leave the towel here—”

My “Okaa-sama” appears.

It seems like she is trying to put the towel on top of the washing machine, but she froze her posture after seeing me and Asia together.

……Holy shit. I can’t make any excuses, since we don’t have our clothes on!

No matter how you look at us, we only look like a guy and a girl that is trying to have sex!

Mum leaves the bathroom while moving like a robot. Then, my mum shouts.

“O-Otou-san~! W-We are going to have a grandchild~!”

I got out of the bathroom while being naked. I used both my hands to hide my face. There is one thing I was thinking about while I’m running towards my room.

Someone, please kill me!

Part 6

The next morning.

I called Asia into my room. We are sitting opposite each other in a seiza posture. [2]

“Listen up, Asia-san.”

“Yes, Ise-san.”

“Guys are wolves. You will be eaten if you approach them carelessly.”

“……Men are werewolves? That is scary……I sure won’t be able to walk outside during the full moon then.....”

Asia takes what I had said seriously. I got a headache. ……Man, I’m seriously getting a headache.

The day after the bathroom incident, I started to give a lecture to Asia about how dangerous guys are.

This girl is too defenceless. Well, it’s not like Asia had an ordinary life, so it can’t be helped if she is a bit different.

But, I have to tell her how guys my age are dangerous, and that girls like her that isn’t careful will become their prey easily. If I don’t, she won’t be able to have a safe school life.

Well, if there are guys like that who approaches Asia, then I will beat the crap out of them.

No, that won’t be enough. I need to teach her how her purity is something very important to her.

However, shouldn’t it be girls teaching these things to other girls……?

By the way, after that incident, my parents went to a discount store which is opened even at night. They bought baby clothes and baby toys while putting on a big smile.

No matter how much I explained to them, they simply said things like, “Don’t worry, I know about it. Shotgun marriage are accepted nowadays. Oh my, I sure would like a girl for my first grandchild!”, or, “So I ‘m going to become a grandpa…… If it’s a boy then I have to buy him a new carp streamer. Looks like my family has become “international” now. Maybe I should learn how to speak English.”

It’s useless. My family is worthless.

Now, getting back to the part where guys are dangerous. I say it to Asia again.

“That’s not it, Asia. Guy’s around my age……guys in their teens are very interested in girls. It’s not an exaggeration if I were to say that they are always thinking about girls. Actually, we think about naughty stuff every few seconds. If there are days when we see a panty-shot, then that will be a day to celebrate for us. By the way, panty-shot is a phenomenon where we get a glimpse of girl’s panties from under their skirt.”

“Do you also think about naughty stuff as well, Ise-san?”

“Yeah, of course. I’m also perverted. You know that very well, right Asia?”


Asia replied with a smile. There’s a crack in my heart from her carefree smile.

I see, so she knows I’m perverted.

“Y-Yeah, I’m perverted. Guys like that are really scary. That’s why guys like that drag pure girls like you into a dark place and do something very bad.”

“Something very bad?”

Asia tilts her head adorably. Man, each of her actions is damn cute.

“T-They touch your body! Then they touch your body again! Then again they touch your body! In other words they do indecent actions towards girls! It’s dangerous, right? Scary, right?”

“Yes, I’m scared. But if I am in danger, Ise-san will come and save me.”

Asia smiles and answers me like she actually means it.

—My eyes are getting hot.

Like I thought, she truly believes in me. I’m emotionally moved.

No, no. I’m getting off topic. It’s not the time to be emotional. I then continued after making a cough.

“But Asia, you have to increase your awareness as a girl. I’m really scared because you don’t doubt other people.”

“You are scared, Ise-san?”

“Yeah, I am. If some guys do something to you when I’m not looking, then I might kill those guys. I’m that worried about you, Asia.”

I told her seriously and sincerely. Asia is listening to me seriously as well since I’m putting on a serious face.

What I told her is my actual feeling. If someone ever deceives and hurts Asia, then I won’t hold back even if that person is a human. I’m a Devil. I also possess an insane Sacred Gear. Even if I’m far superior to a human, I won’t hold back my anger.

Even if Buchou tries to kill me, I will still beat the crap out of that guy. That’s how important Asia is to me.

Is it because she’s a girl? That is part of it. Because I like her? That is also the part of it.

But more than that, I changed her life drastically. I changed her life that she could have finished as a Sister to a life that is the complete opposite of it. I made her into a Devil because of my own justice. —No, my own selfishness. At that time, that may have been the best solution. However I……

Buchou isn’t blaming me since she said to me, “I wanted to make her into my servant, so you don’t have to be concerned about it, Ise”. But that’s won’t be enough.

I need to look after her so she can live peacefully. For the rest of my life, that is.

I, Hyoudou Issei, need to protect Asia Argento for the rest of my life. Obviously, I will also protect Buchou, but protecting Asia may be similar yet a bit different.

Yeah, I need to think about it carefully again.

“Protecting Buchou”. I like Buchou as a girl, but I want to protect her since I also look up to her. It’s similar to how a samurai serves his master.

You can say that it’s a similar feeling of a subordinate of a person who is aiming to reach the top.

“Protecting Asia”. I like Asia as a girl. However, I think it’s more like how a brother wants to protect his adorable little sister.

That’s why I’m chasing away guys very strictly that are trying to get close to Asia.

Well, since I don’t have a sister, I don’t know if it’s similar or not.

Except, I also want Asia to get stronger as well. So I can have a lifestyle where I can always laugh with her.

“I understand. I would definitely not do anything that would trouble you, Ise-san. That’s why, please teach me a more.”

“Yeah, I know. But I think it’s better to be taught by a girl rather than a person of the opposite sex like me. I will also talk to Buchou and Akeno-san, so just get used to the current lifestyle bit by bit.”


Phew. I sigh.

Looks like it will work. Anyway, I will talk to the girls from Occult Research Club once I get to school.

Obviously, I will tell them while hiding the fact about the bathroom incident.

Then Asia asks me a question.

“U-Umm……Ise-san, there’s one question I want to ask you.”

Asia got shy and her face got red. What is it? So abruptly.

“I-If the bath incident……happened with Buchou-san instead of me……would you have had a bath with her……?”


I got speechless at a question I didn’t expect to hear. I never expected Asia to ask me a question like this. But Asia has a serious face even though her face is red.

Huh? Huh? Why did she ask me a question like that? I don’t get it.

Why did Buchou come into the topic? However, even if Buchou was at that scene, and she said the same thing Asia did……

“Ise, come over here. I will wash your back. Ufufu, are you feeling nervous? It’s alright, you are my cute servant so you can leave everything to me.”

Buchou’s slim white fingers touches my back. I started getting excited.

“Here, turn around. Ara? Ufufu. Even though you are feeling nervous, this thing down here is being so honest. It’s just like you, Ise.”

Buchou’s hand reaches between my legs, and then—.


Huh!? Oh shit I was imagining something bad. Ah! There’s blood flowing out of my nose!

B-But if Buchou did say that to me, I won’t know what to do!

“Can I wash your oppai, Buchou!?”

I may ask her that without feeling scared. I can also imagine Buchou allowing me to touch it while smiling.

Damn it! This imagination alone would be enough for using it for those kind of things!

I look at Asia, and her eyes are teary.

“So that’s it, isn’t it? Then it’s okay if it’s Buchou-san? Sob……it’s okay. I know. I knew about it. I already knew about it. But still, sob……”

She’s crying! Asia is crying! Why!? How!?

I start to panic after seeing her.

“Geez, what are you two doing, early in the morning?”

A familiar voice. When I turn around, Buchou is sighing while wavering her crimson hair.


“A lover’s quarrel in the morning? You two are so close like always.”

“N-No, t-this is!”

“Hurry, let’s go. Get ready for lodging.”

Go? Where? Wait, lodging!? Buchou answers me with a smile.

“We will go to the mountain to train.”

Part 7


I’m inhaling a lot of air while carrying a crazy number of bags.



I can hear someone’s echo. Damn it, it must be a mountain hiker. They sure are having fun.

Right now, I’m in the mountains. We were brought here by Buchou, after she said we were going to train.

Buchou who suddenly came to my house this morning, made me and Asia pack our stuff. The other members were already gathered and we came here by teleporting from the magic-circle.

The weather is so good that the sky is clear. The surrounding is filled with trees, and you can hear the cries of the birds. In terms of viewing the mountain, it’s incredible.

But the problem is this slope. Every step I take drains my stamina away. And a lot of my sweat falls onto the ground.

“Hurry, Ise. Quick.”

Buchou, who is way ahead of me, urges me. Beside Buchou is Asia. She is looking at me with a worried expression.

“……I will help as well.”

“It’s okay, since Ise won’t be able to get stronger if he can’t do this much.”

I can hear the two talking. Thank you Asia. And Buchou, you are cruel like always.

……More importantly, carrying this much luggage is impossible. Buchou, they are too heavy……

I have a huge piece of luggage on my back. I also have other bags on my shoulders. They are my bags and Buchou’s bags. I also have Akeno-san’s bag as well.

Apparently this is also part of the training. I think I’m going to die before I reach the destination. What’s inside this luggage?

“Buchou, I gathered some herbs. Let’s use it for the meal tonight.”

Kiba says that while walking pass me with a cool expression. He’s also carrying a huge piece of luggage on his back. I lost my words when I saw him walk up the mountains without any difficulty.

He has quite the amount of stamina since he also went to gather some herbs during our way here.

“……See you later.”

Then Koneko-chan who is carrying more luggage than me walks past me! Guha! Superhuman girl show her talent! Damn, I can’t lose to them!


I then went up the mountain at full throttle! Haahaaha! Shit I’m going to die! I’m seriously going to die!

While repeating something like this over and over again, we reach the mansion.

Part 8

This mansion made from wood belongs to the House of Gremory.

Usually it is hidden by blending in with the scenery from humans by using demonic-powers, but it has appeared since we will be using it. I can smell the scent of wood after getting inside.

I went to the living room to put the bags away, and slept on the floor after drinking a glass of water. The girls went upstairs to get changed into a clothing where they can move easier.

“I will also go and get changed.”

Kiba went to a room located on the first floor carrying a blue jersey.

“Don’t peek.”

Kiba says something messed up jokingly.

“I will seriously punch you, bastard!”

I didn’t have the strength to stand, so I glared at him with eyes filled with killing intent.

Geez, if girls from our school saw us, then they will cause an uproar again. It’s already bad since the BL pairing of “Me x Kiba” and “Kiba x Me” are getting popular lately. [3]

It got popular because it was the “Beauty and the Beast” pairing. I don’t understand what’s going on in their heads. Wait, that means that I’m the beast. I won’t forgive them!

I got changed at the empty room after I rested for a bit, and my stamina restored a bit as well. Even the empty room comes with bed and equipment necessary for everyday use. But it doesn’t come with a television.

By the time I finished getting changed, everyone has already gathered in the living room. Buchou who is wearing a red jersey smiles and says it after she sees me.

“Now then let’s start our training outside right away.”

Translator's notes and references ↑ Yakitori – Grilled Chicken ↑ Seiza – Japanese formal sitting posture. Can be translated as “Proper Sitting”. ↑ BL: Short for Boys Love, another term for yaoi

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