High School DxD

Volume 2 Chapter 5

Life.5 High Praises During the Decisive Battle

It happens during my way to the sports court where Kiba is waiting for me.

[Raiser Phoenix-sama’s three [Pawns] retires.]

It’s the announcement! Three of Raiser’s [Pawns] were defeated!?

Who did it? I’m still on my way to the destination, Akeno-san is battling the [Queen], and Buchou and Asia are on their way here……so it must be Kiba!

With this, seven of their pieces have been defeated. With this, they have nine members left including Raiser. We only have five members left with Koneko-chan gone. It’s a situation where we still can’t let our guard down!

—! Someone grabs my arm while I’m on my way to the court! An enemy!? I make my stance, but the one who is holding my arm is Kiba. He’s putting on a refreshing smile like always.

“Oh, it’s you.”


Kiba is observing the sports court from behind the storage room which is a blind spot from the court.

“Sorry, Kiba. Koneko-chan is……”

“I know it since I heard the announcement as well. She must be feeling regrets. I never knew what she was always thinking about, but she was really pumped for this match. She was working hard when we were setting the traps in the forest.”

“......Let’s win.”

“Of course, Ise-kun.”

We hit our knuckles together. Kiba pisses me off during our normal school life, but he is the most dependable ally in terms of battle.

Occult Research Club’s male pair! If we don’t show guts right here, then we will look totally uncool in front of the girls.

“Also, was it you who defeated the enemy [Pawns]?”

Kiba nods at my question.

“Yeah. The clubroom located at the sports court is an important location. So it’s natural that there are lots of enemies. I somehow managed to lure the [Pawns] that were keeping their eyes over there and took them down. But the person in charge of this location is quite calm and hasn’t responded to my provocation. Well, it seems like she used the [Pawns] to watch my attacks. Seems like Raiser Phoenix likes to battle by sacrificing his servants. It’s something only he is able to pull off because of his immortality and the number of servants he has.”

Kiba is smiling, but his eyes aren’t.

“The enemies who are in charge of here are one [Knight], one [Rook], and one [Bishop]. Three pieces in total.”

“……That’s a severe defence.”

“Well, that’s how much they are keeping up their guard for this place. Against our intrusion here, that is. Since we eliminated the gym, they will put more strength here.”

The two routes that were seen as a path to the bases. The route from the gym and the route from the sports court that is behind the new school building. Buchou chose to destroy one path, so the only place they need to guard is this sports court.

So it will be natural for them to increase the strength here. Well, because of our plan earlier, it ended by making their [Queen] come to the front lines……

Looks like the battle at this place will be more intense than the one at the gym. Ugh, I’m getting a bit nervous!

“Are you nervous?”

Kiba asks me with a smile. It makes my face red.

“O-Of course! I basically have no battle experience! And now I’m here in an actual battle. I would be a grunt compared to you who is full of battle experience.”

I have the powerful Boosted Gear. That will be enough for me to be a threat.

But the wielder, which is me, is still a newbie in terms of battle. It’s like a waste of treasure.

But still, I want to fight for Buchou. I want to do something for Buchou.

Even if I’m a weakling on this battlefield, I won’t go down without a fight. If I’m going to get defeated, I will at least take many opponents down along with me.


While I try to make my determination strong, Kiba shows me his hand.

—! Kiba’s hands are shaking.

“Ise-kun, you said I have a lot of battle experience. That’s certainly true. But it’s my first time participating in the Rating Game. A serious battle between Devils. Even if this match is a special case, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a serious fight. We get involved in Devils fights, whether we like it or not. And this is our first game. We can’t show them even a slight opening in our guard. This is a match where we have to give it all we got as Buchou’s servant Devils. It’s something that will be important even in the future. I feel delighted and also scared. I don’t want to forget the feeling of my hands' shaking. This feeling of being nervous, this intense atmosphere, I want to feel everything and turn it into my experience. Let’s become stronger together, Ise-kun.”

Kiba……has been thinking that much about this match…… Like I thought, in terms of battle he’s—.

“Then let’s do a combination that would make the girls get aroused.”

“Hahaha! Does it mean that I’m the one who goes from “behind”?”

“Dumbass! If it’s sticking in, then it’s my job! I mean, no! Die, handsome!”

I totally got dragged into his pace! Ugh, what am I doing?

Then I hear a loud voice of a brave woman.

“I’m the [Knight] of Raiser Phoenix-sama, Carlamaine! I've become bored of trying to sniff through each other’s strategy! Rias Gremory’s [Knight]! I challenge you to a duel!”

At the baseball court. There is a woman cladded in armour who is standing at the centre of it daringly.

What a bold female [Knight]! She can’t complain if someone shoots her from the back!

Fu. Kiba who is standing next to me laughs.

“Since she introduced herself, I can’t hide myself both as a [Knight] and as a swordsman.”

After he mutters that out, he leaves from behind the storage room.

He then walks straight to the baseball court.

“That idiot.”

Even though I’m complaining, I also follow after Kiba by heading there from the front.

—He looks cool.

That’s what I thought after observing Kiba from his back.

“I’m the [Knight] of Rias Gremory, Kiba Yuuto.”

“I’m the [Pawn], Hyoudou Issei!”

Kiba and I named ourselves to Raiser’s [Knight], Carlamaine. The female knight then makes a happy face.

“I’m happy that there are warriors like you two in Rias Gremory’s group. Coming out here directly from the front. That’s something people with normal sanity won’t do.”

So we don’t have normal sanity, huh.

“But I love idiots like you two. Now then, let’s begin.”

Carlamaine draws her sword out from the sheath. Kiba also gets ready to draw his sword out.

“The match between [Knights]. I have been waiting for this. Personally I would like to fight in an intense sword fight.”

Kiba’s aggressive words. Oh my, Kiba is making a really lively smile!

“Well said! Rias Gremory’s [Knight]!”

Carlamaine starts to slash as if she is dancing.


The swords hit each other making sparks! They both have god speed because they are [Knights]!

They started their battle! Exchanges of swords that I can’t follow with my eyes. They both keep on appearing and disappearing due to their high speed!

So what am I supposed to do? ......Hmm, I will be killing the tension if I help Kiba. No matter how you look at it, this is a one on one fight.

Hmm, maybe I should give him cheers like, “Go Kiba!” or “You can do it Kiba”.

“You seem bored.”


When I look at the direction where the voice came from, there is a woman wearing a mask that just covers half of her face.

I’m certain this woman is a [Rook].

Then another person came while complaining.

“Geez, this only seems like a mud fight since both of them only thinks about swords, swords and swords. Carlamaine was making a bitter face when the [Pawns] were being sacrificed, so does she hate the battle strategy planned by her Master who happens to be her [King]? Furthermore, when I thought I found a cute boy, he also happens to be a sword freak so I can’t stand this.”

There is also a beautiful girl who is wearing a dress like the ones worn by western princesses. I think she is Raiser’s [Bishop]. She has a drill shaped hairstyle on both sides. She seems like a real princess. Wow! I’m surrounded by the Devils that are in charge of this place!

The [Bishop] princess looks at me with weird eyes. W-What is it?

“Hmm. So this boy is the [Pawn] that Rias Gremory adores? Does that person have bad taste in looking at gentleman?”

She then starts to say rude things. Ku! She has a bad tongue even though she has a cute face!

I take my distance from where I was standing and make a fighting stance against the two.

“Boosted Gear standby!”


The Sacred Gear power up starts. I have to leave the [Knight] to Kiba, and take care of these two! But the [Bishop] girl just sighs.

“I’m not going to be your opponent. Isabella, why don’t you be his opponent?”

The masked woman who is called Isabella nods obediently. The girl wearing a dress moves away from us after she got a confirmation from Isabella, and is looking at us from a distance.

Eh!? The drill-roll haired girl isn’t fighting!?

“I was planning to in the first place. Now then, let’s fight since we are both bored.”

“Ah, yeah. That’s okay, but isn’t that [Bishop] going to fight?”

It’s my question to her. That’s because this is supposed to be an important fight, right? Even I don’t know how to react if she decides to withdraw from a fight like this……

Hearing that question, Isabella-san the mask woman, put her hand on her forehead and make a troubled face.

“Ah, don’t worry about her. That girl is special. She will be mostly observing for this fight as well.”

“W-What the hell is that!?”

Words slips out from my mouth. Seriously, can’t you make a better excuse than “watching”!? This is supposed to be an important battle!

“She is—. No, that person is Ravel Phoenix. Raiser-sama’s little sister. She became Raiser-sama’s servant by using a special method, but she is Raiser-sama’s actual sister.”


That beautiful girl? That bird guy’s? Huh? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

The bird bastard’s sister waves her hand with a smile at me as if she realised that I’m in shock to find the truth.

…………Hey, is that even allowed? He put his sister in his group and made her participate in the battle!?

“According to Raiser-sama, “Having your sister in your harem has a significant meaning. You know the significant view of having your close relatives? You know how there are people who look up to and also get jealous about it? Well, I’m not into little sisters, so I have her in my group as fashion.”.”

……So that bird guy is really a perv and also a dumb-ass! But I think I know the feeling of having your little sister in your harem! Little sisters are good! I also wanted one!

No, that’s not it! Fine then! So that girl is his sister, and she won't fight me huh!

“Now, here I come! Rias Gremory’s [Pawn]!”


When I thought that the [Rook] Isabella came forward, a really sharp punch passes through my cheek!

Uwah! Lucky I dodged the attack by instinct!

“I see. So you can dodge a punch like this. Sorry. I was looking down on you a bit. I’ll put one gear, no, I will increase by two gears then!”

Isabella makes a suspicious move while moving her body. But—.


She starts to attack from unpredictable angles and places! Wow! When I thought that I dodged her attack which she did by bending her arm, it came back again like a whip!

Is this one of those flicker jabs you see in boxing!? It will definitely hurt if I get hit by it!

I can’t attack unless I have my Boosted Gear to a certain degree! For now I have to dodge! I dodge the attacks like mad and then—



I suddenly feel an intense pain in my stomach. A kick. I was kicked! I was too focused on her punches so I didn’t pay attention to her legs……! I became unbalanced, and more punches came at my face!

Lots of her flicker jabs hits my face. It hurts! This is seriously bad!


Ku! I’m sure that was my fifth boost! This will be enough if my opponent is a [Pawn], but this isn’t enough to defeat a [Rook]! In terms of piece value, [Rook] is the next highest after [Queen]! I won’t be able to take her down with half-assed attacks!

I cross my arms to guard against her punches. Her punches are heavy even with my guard on! I will retire right away if I continue to receive these hits!

I step back when she withdrew her fist!

The enemy’s attack stops. But she is still moving. I won’t know when she will attack again.

I’m glad that I sparred with Kiba and Koneko-chan. That proved to be very useful. That’s because it gave me the sense to know when the opponent will stop attacking. Buchou also told me how to run so I was able to dodge the attacks just now. Then the [Rook] Isabella smiles.

“I was taking you lightly. To tell you the truth, I thought I got you when my kick hit you…… Looks like Rias Gremory has been training you well. Especially your stamina is magnificent.”

Stamina……? Did I do something amazing?

“In a serious battle, the most important thing is the stamina. Even idiots can fight. But you need stamina to continue for a few minutes. Battles consume lots of stamina and concentration. Just dodging the attack requires quite an amount of effort. So being able to do it till now means that you have been training your body a lot.”


My heart becomes full. The bitter training. The shouts which made Buchou seem like a Devil.

I was forced to run from the morning, and even had to carry rocks on my back in the mountain path. I thought I was going to die.

It even made me think if those were necessary. But Buchou stayed by my side from morning to dawn. Then my eyes got teary. I start to shed some tears pathetically in front of the enemy.


Buchou! I am able to fight! I am standing!

Everything that you have done for me is showing results!

I can’t lose. I won’t lose! I will definitely make Buchou win! This woman! I will defeat this [Rook] who is right in front of me!

“……Looks like I said something unnecessary. I felt your pressure increase.”

“[Rook] Isabella. I am the weakest and the least experienced member in Rias Gremory-sama’s group. But still I will defeat you!”

It happens when I made my resolve.


I heard the sound of the wind. When I look, I witness Kiba’s darkness sword dispersing.

—Holy Eraser.

A Sacred Gear where a darkness sword devours light and its blade is engulfed by darkness. It’s Kiba’s Sacred Gear, but it looks like a part of it was blown away by the enemy [Knight].

“Unfortunately, your Sacred Gear won’t work on me.”

Carlamaine’s sword is covered in flames. A flame sword? So the darkness sword got beaten by that huh.

But Kiba doesn’t seem bothered by it, and instead makes a smirk.

“Then I will also tell you this. Unfortunately, this isn’t everything of my Sacred Gear.”

“What? Nonsense. [Knight] of Gremory, it’s unsightly for a swordsman to……”


After Kiba says that with a small voice, there is something gathering in the blade-less sword.

Huh? It feels like it has gotten cold…… Chills starts to gather around here.

When I was feeling something like that, Kiba’s sword starts to freeze. The ice starts to pile up and it takes the shape of a sword.


At the same time with the sound of ice breaking, Kiba’s sword forms into a blade of ice.

“In front of this sword, “Flame Delete”, all types of fire will disappear.”

—I-Ice sword!?

Hey, hey, hey, hey! The darkness sword isn’t the only weapon of Kiba's!?

Everyone except Kiba has a shocked expression. That’s obvious. Is it even possible!?

“A-Absurd! Are you telling me that you have two Sacred Gears!?”

Carlamaine swings her flame sword to the side! She has an impatient look.


The instant Carlamaine’s sword touches Kiba’s sword, the flame sword starts to freeze and turn into a solid. Then—.

It makes a sound and breaks. Then it disappears.

But she doesn’t stop attacking. As soon as she throws away her sword, she takes a short sword from her hip. She then put her sword up and shouts.

“We are the members of the all mighty House of Phoenix that rule over fire and wind! Taste it! The whirlwind of fire!”


There is a wind of fire around the baseball court with Carlamaine and Kiba in the middle of it. The hot wind is burning my skin.

“That Carlamaine. Has she forgotten that her allies are here as well!?”

Isabella comments, while using her arm to guard her face.

Kiba’s ice sword starts to melt after receiving the wind of fire. Even so, Kiba still doesn’t seem to be bothered.

“I see, you are trying to burn us with the whirlwind of fire…… But.”

Kiba put his blade-less sword in front of him. He then says it with a strong voice.



The wind is getting sucked into Kiba’s sword while making a large noise. The wind stops within few seconds, and the baseball ground becomes silent.

“Replenish Calm”. It’s been a while since I last showed more than two demonic swords for one battle.”

There is a unique looking blade in Kiba’s sword. There is a mysterious whirlwind in the middle of the blade. The winds were sucked in there?

He can even make that kind of sword as well!?

“……Multiple Sacred Gears. Are you a Sacred Gear possessor who takes the weapons of other Sacred Gear users and makes it their own?”

Kiba shakes his head at Carlamaine’s question.

“I don’t have multiple Sacred Gears. I also don’t take the Sacred Gears of others and make them my own. I created it.”


“Yes. “Sword Birth”. I can make any type of demonic swords. That is the name of my Sacred Gear and its true ability.”

Multiple swords appear from the ground when he put his hand downwards! There are swords with different shapes. Even the blades are different! From Kiba’s words, all of them must be demonic swords!


—Here it comes!

One hundred and fifty seconds exact! Now I’m also ready!

—When you form a block of demonic-power, shoot it with a shape you imagine the most.

What Buchou said comes back to my mind. The easiest way for shooting a block of power for me is how the main character of “Dragon Ball”, “Son Goku”, shoots “Kamehameha”!

“Boosted Gear! Explode!”


A massive load of energy waves gathers on both my hands.

I spread my arms across and put them together! I imagine how I will shoot it, and then shoot it out by feeling the energy flowing within me!

But I need to hold back. The power that destroyed the mountain is bad. It may affect Buchou’s strategy if I destroy the school building. I shoot it while holding back—.

My special move! “Dragon Shot”!

I scream the name of my special move inside myself since the enemy may predict what I’m about to do by hearing it.


A mass of demonic-power gets released from my hands.


I get pushed back because of its power. I continue to look at the “Dragon Shot” even though I get myself pushed back!

It’s huge!

Even if you compare it to my body, it’s about five times the size of my height. And that is heading towards my opponent really fast. My target is Raiser’s [Rook].

Buchou told me that in a “Rating Game”, [Rooks] are the most troublesome ones.

Their attacks and defences gets higher.

These are the [Rooks] traits and that is what their most terrifying aspect is. It’s normal to give the role of [Rook] to someone with high attack and defence, but it is also used in a different way.

You can also give a role of [Rook] to someone with high speed or high demonic-power.

People who fight using demonic-power tends to have weak physical builds. So they used the trait to overcome their weakness. So if you give the role of [Rook] to someone with fast legs, they will turn into all-rounder type with fast legs, high defence and high attack.

Furthermore, [Rook] has a special ability similar to the “promotion” of a [Pawn].

—The “Castling”.

They can change the position of themselves with the [King] immediately. Buchou told me this is the most troublesome technique. It doesn’t do anything after “Checkmate”, but swapping the position of the [King] and [Rook] is certainly powerful. Increasing their strong points or covering their weak points is up to the Master. There are so many ways of using the pieces.

That’s why I will take on the [Rook] Isabella.

“Isabella! Don’t take it! Dodge!”

Raiser’s [Knight], Carlamaine shouts. Isabella who was trying to take the attack before changes her action by evading it.


Isabella just dodges my attack. My Dragon Shot that misses the target went far away. It’s heading for the tennis court.

The next moment—.


The sound of the ground rumbling! A red glow of light and whirlwind hit us!

I look at the Dragon Shot that had hit the tennis court and I can’t believe what I am seeing.

—It’s gone! The tennis court along with the surrounding sports grounds is gone!

Did it get blown away!? With my attack!? Even if it is a replica, the school looks totally different from before! There isn’t even a trace left of the tennis court! Instead there is a huge crater! I hold back, yet this destructive power!?

I realise it once again. My Sacred Gear is abnormal!

“Isabella! Defeat that [Pawn]! That boy! That Sacred Gear has the power to change the outcome of the battle!”

By following the shouts of Carlamaine, Raiser’s [Rook] Isabella locked-on at me.

“Affirmative! Boosted Gear! It will become a big threat if we allow him to use “promotion”! I will take him down before that happens!”

It’s different from before, Isabella! My current attack power is that of a High-class Devil!

The enemy came rushing in at me, starting to kick and punch. I guard them, and put strength in my left arm!


My knuckle went towards Isabella. She crosses her arms and guards, but……


My heavy blow breaks the guard and sends the masked [Rook] flying!

Yes! I touched her! I can use it now!

“Burst! Dress Break!”

POP! That moment, Isabella’s clothes gets blown away. Her naked body becomes visible. Wow, those are huge oppais! It’s really good since her body is tight! I have saved it in my brain's memory!

“What! What is this!?”

Isabella reacts by hiding her private parts. Well of course you will react that way!

Here it is! Without wasting anytime, I put forward the small block of demonic-power that I created with my right hand! What I imagine is a block of demonic-power launching from my hand! I shoot it towards the enemy!



The mass of demonic-power that has been powered up significantly with the gauntlet went forward!

“Ku! With a move like this!”

The waves of demonic-power cover the naked Isabella’s body.


A big shock-wave spread throughout the area. When it calms down, Isabella who is on the ground starts to get covered with light. She starts to fade away and disappear from this place.


The effect of Boosted Gear runs out. Then—.

[Raiser Phoenix-sama’s [Rook] retires.]

I heard the announcement of Grayfia-san.

“Hell yeaaaaaah!!”

I shout with joy because I defeated a [Rook].

I can fight! I can fight because of you, Buchou!

Part 2

I try to inhale some air after the fight with Isabella.

……I used quite a lot of stamina and demonic-power. In terms of demonic-power, I used my potential energy within me, so the stronger the attack the more exhausted I will get.

I guess it will be good if I can release two more shots of demonic-power which has the same strength is the one I just shot. No, after my second shot, there's a threat that my demonic-power will run out and I may faint due to it. I need to think that I only have one more shot left.

Raiser’s [Knight], Carlamaine, smirks after losing Isabella.

“Apparently both Isabella and I have been taking that [Pawn] and the Boosted Gear lightly. Just like I thought, I shouldn’t take him as an ordinary [Pawn].”

The enemy praises me. This doesn’t feel bad at all. I feel a bit happy.

“But it’s an awful attack. No, I should say it’s a scary attack. B-Blowing away a woman’s clothes……”

“Yeah, I’m truly sorry. I will apologise as well. I’m sorry for our Ise-kun being a lecher.”

Like that, Kiba apologises to Carlamaine. ……Why are you apologising? I feel complicated.

Carlamaine says it while holding the short sword with the other hand.

“But a demonic sword wielder……what fortune. I may have a destiny of meeting swordsmen who wield special swords.”

Kiba seems quite interested after hearing that.

“Hmm, so there is someone besides me who uses demonic swords?”

“No, it wasn’t a demonic sword. It was a holy sword.”


Everyone here realises how Kiba’s expression changes after hearing that.

Instantly there is a load of killing intent coming out from Kiba.

Wow. What killing intent! It feels really cold. My whole body feels cold.

Kiba asks with a low voice while having cold eyes.

“Tell me about that holy sword wielder.”

……What intense force. He has the same level of hostility as Buchou when she’s pissed.

Holy sword? What does that have to do with Kiba?

“Hmm, seems like that swordsman has some connection to you. But since we are swordsmen, talking would be rude. I will answer you with my sword!”

“……Is that right. ……If your mouth can move, then it won’t be a problem even if you turn into a state where you are on the verge of death.”


There is killing intent between the two. The killing intents are so strong that it is making me shake as well.

Kiba! What happened to you!? Your usual refreshing smile is gone!?

Someone approaches me while I’m feeling nervous at Kiba’s change.

“So it’s here.”

“Huh? Where’s Isabella-neesan?”

“Don’t tell me she was defeated?”

Lots of Raiser’s servant girls starts to gather.

I remember their faces. There are two [Pawns], one [Bishop], and one [Knight] here……hey, it’s the gathering of the remaining servants!

What the. Are they trying to pull off a massive battle here!? There are only me and Kiba from our group!?

Akeno-san is probably still fighting the enemy [Queen]. There are still lightning in the sky.

Buchou and Asia are…… Yeah, what happened to those two? They should be moving ahead from the base according to the plan……

“Hey, the [Pawn]-kun over there.”

Raiser’s girl calls me. What is it?

“Raiser-sama said he’s going to fight your princess one-on-one. See there.”

The girl points very high at the sky. When I look in that direction, there is a shadow with fire wings and a shadow with black wings above the rooftop of the new school building.

No matter how I look at it, the person with black wings clearly has a crimson hair! That is Buchou!

[Ise-san! Can you hear me, Ise-san!?]

Asia’s voice comes out from the transceiver.

“Asia! What happened? Is it about Buchou?”

[Yes. Right now I’m with Buchou-san on the school rooftop. The opponent, Raiser-san, challenged Buchou to a duel and Buchou-san accepted it! Thanks to that we were able to get into the school building without any problem……]

……What kind of thing is happening?

I’m making a clueless face, and Raiser’s sister comes to talk to me with a slim grin.

“Seems like Onii-sama made a challenge since Rias-sama was doing well in the battle unexpectedly. It would have been our win if we fought normally, so he gave her pity. At this rate, she will be defeated before you fight him.”

His sister starts laughing by putting her hand on her mouth where the sound of her laughter went as “Hohoho”. I’m starting to get pissed!

“Buchou is strong! Akeno-san will also come here as soon as she defeats the [Queen]! Kiba will also defeat all of the servants here with his demonic swords combo! I will also use my Boosted Gear and……”

“The “Crimson-hair Ruin-princess”, “Priestess of Lightning”, “Sword Birth”, and “Boosted Gear”. Just hearing the names gives me chills. But your opponent is the “immortal bird”. No matter what kind of power you have, it means nothing against the immortal bird.”

“But the “Phoenix” also has weak points!”

His sister laughs at my argument with her nose.

“Are you going to beat him until he loses the will to fight? Or are you going to defeat him with a strike that rivals God? Are you trying to win this match? That’s a laugh.”

“Why is it!?”

“That’s because there was no chance for Rias-sama to win from the beginning. That’s how much despair the thing “immortal” is to you.”

Raiser’s sister makes a click with her fingers.

The servant Devils surrounds me.

“Carlamaine. I will leave that [Knight] boy to you, but if you lose we won’t fight in one-on-one. We will defeat him together. Or are you trying to lower the name of Phoenix?”

Carlamaine agrees to Raiser’s sisters words reluctantly.



The one who steps forward is a woman with a wild appearance. She is carrying a sword on her back.

“She is Onii-sama’s other [Knight]. Unlike Carlamaine over there, she doesn’t have any of that “honour of a knight”. She will defeat her opponent. Just like that.”

The woman called Sieris draws her sword from her back…… It’s a big sword. It’s really wide. Will I die if I get cut by that thing?

“But she can do the finishing. Ni and Li.”



The one who responds to her words are two girls with beast ears. I think they are [Pawns].

“They are female beast warriors. Their hand to hand combat is remarkable you know.”


The two beast girls disappear from my sight! Then I receive a blow on my stomach and head!


Without a time to whine, I start to receive blows in my legs, arms, shoulders, back. Everywhere in my body!

I-I can’t see their fists! What speed!

“B-Boosted Gear!”


The boost starts! But the enemy’s attack increases more.

“Ni! Li! Boosted Gear is a Sacred Gear that doubles the power every ten seconds! From how the chainsaw twins, Eel and Nel, were defeated, you won’t be able to take him after he gets his third boost! Finish the fight within twenty seconds. Due to his Sacred Gear ability, he can’t fight when he increases his boosts! He will just run away! Aim for his legs! Also don’t touch his hands! It seems like that person has a shameless move that blows away clothes by touching his opponents!”

After hearing that, the twins make an expression of fear.

“That’s low!”


Shut up! What’s wrong with it!? What’s wrong with obtaining a move that strips down girls naked!?

“It’s vulgar to think with your lower body!”

“What’s wrong with thinking with my lower body!? I’m a guy!!”

Well it may be pointless talking back at them.

But Raiser’s sister, she understands my weakness very well!


Ouch! Shit! They are aiming for my legs now! They low kicked me in my calves!

Does a beast girl’s kick hurt this much!? Are their basic physical bodies high because they are beasts!?

I can’t attack recklessly while the Boosted Gear is doubling my power! Starting from one where I don’t have any time to spare will be the worst scenario! I have to run and evade……



Another low kick! It hurts! It’s not only that! My legs are shaking because of the pain! With this, I can’t run away—.


I receive a heavy punch in my face. My blood comes out. Blood. Blood! From my mouth and nose!

Tears starts to come out because of the pain!

“Ise-kun! Shit!”

When Kiba sees my situation, he holds the sword with two hands and starts slashing so he can defeat Carlamaine quickly!

“Carlamaine! Hold it for another ten seconds! I know that you can’t win against that [Knight]! But we will be able to defeat the Dragon-user shortly! Keep that [Knight] busy!”

Raiser’s sister laughs with enjoyment. Are you just observing like a king!? She truly is a bitch!


Finally, my legs can’t move anymore. My knee hit the ground. ……Crap. I don’t have any strength left in my legs. My head starts to get heavy as well. I take too much damage……

Shit! If I faint now, I will retire! I don’t want that! I don’t want to lose while not being of help to Buchou!


A shock-wave shakes the whole field! I look up because I thought it might be, and it was Buchou and Raiser fighting. They are clashing against each other by using their crimson demonic-power and fire demonic-power up in the air.

Raiser doesn’t even have a scratch. Even his clothes aren’t ripped.

And Buchou on the other hand has some parts of her uniform burnt. I think she is breathing heavily as well.

—That’s because there is no chance for Rias-sama to win from the beginning. That’s how much despair the thing “immortal” is to you.

The thing that Raiser’s sister said earlier crosses my mind.

……Lose? Us? Buchou is?

What will happen if we lose? Then Buchou will……with him……

That! That I won't forgive!

I have to stand. I have to stand even if my body gets turned into meat.

Is it because I like her? That’s part of it. Love is a part of it.

But more than that, I have to protect her.

I want to protect that person.

It's not about the contract or constraint.

That person needs to stand strong while wavering her crimson hair.

That’s Buchou. That's the person who I came to admire.

Buchou told me she doesn’t want him. Buchou told me to fight.

Then I— I just have to fight.

—Hey Red Dragon Emperor-san. Answer me if you can hear me.

“Give me strength! Boosted Gear!”

[Dragon Booster!!]

My Sacred Gear makes a red light.

It’s not enough. This isn’t enough! I want more strength!

“More! That time it was Asia! Now it’s Buchou! Answer my feelings! Boosted Geeeeeear!”

[Dragon Booster second Liberation!!]

The gauntlet makes a sound that I have never heard before, and there is a change to my left arm.

The red aura covers my left arm, and it shapes into something. The gauntlet starts to change its shape and form.

When the aura disappears, the Boosted Gear—

“......It changed?”

The gauntlet, which was said to be a crystallisation of insane power, changed into a new form. The jewel that is on the hand part of the gauntlet also shows up on my arm. Therefore it has changed the overlook of it.

……Huh? What is this—? I’m wondering about it, and the jewel sends the information to my head.


……So that’s how I use my new power…… A smirk appears on my face, naturally on its own.

I can, we can still get stronger!


I put all my strength to my legs and got up! Haha, I can hear screams from various places in my body! But keep moving for a bit more, my body! And—

I sprint! I sprint towards Kiba!

“Release your Sacred Geeeeeear!”

Kiba seems confused at my shout. But he put his sword on the ground and howls highly!

“Sword Birth!”


The ground glows, and lots of demonic swords appears. It’s here!

I thrust my fist on the glowing ground and shout!

“Boosted Gear! The second ability!”

With the power I increased with my Sacred Gear, I send the power to the ground! There is only one target! Kiba’s ability to create demonic swords!

“Boosted Gear Gift!”



The sound of metal rumbling violently echoes through the area.

All of the sports court becomes a sea of swords. There are different shapes of swords in various places where the blades are directed towards the sky. The whole area becomes like a display area of demonic swords.

All of them are the demonic swords created by Kiba.

—The second power, “Boosted Gear Gift”.

The effect is to send the power that I boosted with the gauntlet to other people or objects and increase its power drastically. I sent my power to Kiba’s demonic swords through the ground. And this is the result.

It increased the power of creating demonic swords and the area around us became a field of blades.


“Are you telling me this is also the power of the Dragon……?”

Raiser’s servants blurt out their anguish. That can't be helped. Their bodies are penetrated by the many sharp swords that are sticking out from the ground.

Then their body starts to glow and disappear from the battlefield.

—They are retiring!

[Raiser Phoenix-sama’s two [Pawns], two [Knights], and one [Bishop], retires.]


I make a victory pose after hearing Grayfia-san’s announcement.

With that attack, it took down a large number of their servants!

I can do it! We can do it! With this new power, “Gift”, Buchou, Akeno-san and Kiba’s power will increase! Oh yeah! We can even enhance Asia’s healing ability!

Yes, with this new ability we can defeat Raiser!

“Ise-kun. I’m surprised. This power……”

Kiba looks around at the various demonic swords with an awestruck look. He seems surprised since his ability did more effects than he thought.

“Yeah, Kiba. I used the gauntlet to strengthen your—”

That instant, an announcement which we can’t believe is revealed.

[Rias Gremory-sama’s [Queen] retires.]



Kiba and I can’t believe our ears. Of course! I can’t believe it!

A-Akeno-san…… That can’t be! Akeno-san is the strongest out of us—


The ground vibrateS violently and I hear a familiar noise. The sound came from where Kiba is. When I look in that direction timidly, I lost my words.

Kiba—. Our [Knight] is on the ground with smoke coming out from his body.

There is blood around him. Even without any time reaching him, his body gets covered with light and he disappears.

[Rias Gremory-sama’s [Knight] retires.]

Another unbelievable announcement echoes through the field.

I can only stand there in a daze with the continued outcome of unexpected events……

Part 3

I’m the only one out in the athletic fields, which were flooded with both the enemies and my comrade.


The world of demonic swords that is covering the sports ground. But by losing its master, the demonic swords make a sound and start to shatter one by one.

The fragments of demonic swords that float in the air of the sports ground while making a silver glow. It’s making a magical atmosphere due to the sparkling lights. All of the demonic swords disappears from the sports ground within few seconds.


Without a second to spare, I catch a glimpse of a shadow up in the air. When I look up, there is a magician with a hood.

—It’s Raiser’s [Queen]!

She is supposed to be fighting Akeno-san! But only Akeno-san retired!? It doesn’t seem like the enemy received any wounds! What is going on! It’s not possible for Akeno-san to lose without achieving anything!

“The [Knight], eliminated.”

Raiser’s [Queen] makes derisive laughter while saying that cold word. That moment, I snap.

“Were you the one who did in Kiba and Akeno-san!?”

That explosion! Yeah, Koneko-chan also retired because of that explosion created from the demonic-power! Damn it! She even took Kiba!

“Come down here! Akeno-san! Koneko-chan! And Kiba! I will avenge them! Come down! I will take you down with my Sacred Gear so come doooooown!”

I put my fist upwards and provoke the [Queen]. The [Queen] looks at me with a grin and flies off towards the new school building rooftop with her black wings as if she lost interest in me.

“Wait! I said wait, damn it!”

I chase after the [Queen] with my anger! I won’t let you go! Like hell I will! Buchou is there! Asia is also there! I won’t let you hurt any of my comrades anymore! I won’t let yoooooou!



There is no strength in my legs, and I fall. I try to get up quickly, but there isn’t any power left in my body……! My body won’t move because it’s shaking like mad……!

Even I know it. My stamina has hit its limit—.

I lasted this long because Buchou trained me, but this will be the outcome if someone like me, with no battle experience, fights this long. My heart beat is pulsing really fast as well. I’m also breathing hard.

The damage is getting worse and it looks bad. I’m about to lose my mind because my face, arms, legs, and stomach hurts.

I also can't think straight because I lost my comrades right in front of me. This is probably because I just witnessed the situation that made me feel as if my heart got ripped out from my body.

—But I have to stand.

What moves me even under this situation is my duty where I have to go to where Buchou is.


I shout out really loudly so I can put my spirit up. It seems like there is a bit of energy left in my legs. Then I can stand!

I stand up slowly and I manage to face the direction of the school building. Yeah, I need to go to the rooftop.

When I was thinking of going, someone speaks to me.

“Are you still going to continue to fight?”

When I turn around, Raiser’s sister comes down from the sky with her wings of fire.

……She wasn’t eliminated with the demonic swords? Did she evade it by flying? If I think about it, the announcement said only one [Bishop] retired.

I make a stance against her but she shrugs her shoulders.

“I’m not going to fight any more. Because no matter how you think about it, it’s your group’s loss.”

“Shut up. Neither me or Buchou have fallen yet.”

“The power of the Dragon from earlier. It certainly was something tremendous. To transfer the power you boosted to the person you choose. I think it’s an abnormal power and thinking of Rias-sama’s power of destruction and “Priestess of Lightning” power’s rising scares me. That power would be a threat to the High-class Devils in the Rating Game in the future. —But it’s your group’s loss for this battle.”

“……Is it because Phoenix is immortal?”

“That’s part of it but also because both you and Rias-sama barely have any stamina left, correct? Even if you can heal any wounds, you can’t heal stamina. In this situation you will lose because you will get even more worn out. Also—”

Raiser’s sister takes out a small bottle…… What is that? Is it holy water? It can’t be.

“—Phoenix’s Tear. Have you heard of it? This is it. Our tears can heal all types of injuries.”

Phoenix’s Tears!? Buchou told me about it at the camp in the mountain.

But is it even allowed!?

“Don’t say it’s cheating. Your group also has a person who possesses the “Twilight Healing”, correct?”

She says it as if she read my mind.

“And it even is in the rule book that “Only two Devils participating in the Rating Game can use it”. It was restricted because it was too powerful. Well, that would be natural. In our case our [Queen] and myself was in possession of it. That’s why our [Queen] was able to defeat the “Priestess of Lightning”. Also our tears are sold for high prices. Thanks to that, the House of Phoenix is very wealthy. Only good things happened since the game was created. Immortality and tears, this certainly is our age.”

Raiser’s sister starts to speak proudly.

Phoenix’s Tear. ……N-No, if the opponent can heal during battle then even Akeno-san will…… It won’t go anywhere if I just think about the negatives.

I make up my mind again and walk towards the building.

“H-Hold on! Are you ignoring me!? You are going to lose anyway so it’s safer to stay here with me!?”

“Shut up. Just talk to yourself bird-girl. If you get close to me I will strip you naked.”

Raiser’s sister makes a stance to defend herself. Yeah, since she is a girl, that’s the right response.

I move towards the building. After a while, I heard a shrill voice from behind.

Part 4

I got into the building from the back door and am running through the corridor. My goal is the rooftop! To Buchou’s side!

HEARTBEAT. There is a change of “trait” inside me. I have met the criteria since I got into the enemy base!

“Promotion! [Queen]!”

I can feel power within my body. I run thorough the corridor! But—.


I fell violently in the corridor. I have lost the sense of feeling in my legs. I know the reason for it. My stamina hit the limit, right? Even if I gained a new ability, I don’t have the stamina to use it.

Even so, I still have to stand. I have to go to the rooftop even if I have to crawl.

Akeno-san’s gone. Koneko-chan’s gone. Kiba’s gone.

All of my comrades disappeared from this field. I’m the only member left that can protect Buchou! I have to persistently go to the rooftop!

I don’t want to lose! I can’t lose! Buchou! I will make you win, Buchou!

I stand and fall. I stand and fall again…… I continue to move up as I keep on repeating that.

I’m heading towards Buchou while I shed tears, drool, and blood—.

I then come to see the door to the rooftop! I open the door vigorously without taking a breath!


Buchou and Raiser are confronting each other. Asia is looking at them nervously from a distance. Good. They are both safe.

But Buchou is inhaling her breath painfully. Her beautiful crimson hair is messed up and her uniform is torn. I then inhale a large amount of air and,

“Buchoooooooou! Hyoudou Issei, here at your seeeeeervice!”

I say it out loudly so everyone on the rooftop can hear me. Everyone’s gazes are directed at me.



Buchou and Asia makes a shout of joy.

Hehehe, now I’m here! I can’t let the girls wait!

“The Dragon-brat, huh. That Ravel, she let him pass huh.”

Raiser makes a sound with his tongue. It seems like his sister is going through a rebellious age. Thanks to that I got here safely.

Then Raiser’s [Queen] comes down next to him.

“Raiser-sama. Should I take care of the [Pawn] boy and the [Bishop] girl? Also, the power of the [Pawn] boy could be troublesome. His ability to get rid of what his opponents wear—”

Raiser stops his [Queen] who stepped forward with his hand.

“It would be troublesome if he gets rid of the flame that covers my body? I wonder about that. From that ability and from Rias’s [Pawn]’s personality, it probably only has an effect on women. I will be their opponent. Then they will also be convinced.”

......What the hell is that? “It’s the last part so I will let them do what they want” , is that what he’s trying to say?

He also understands the ability of my “Dress break” completely. Yeah, it only has an effect on girls. I made it by imaging it like that. I don’t want to see a guy’s naked body nor do I want to touch it.

Well, it does have the power to peel off fruits and vegetables skins, but it doesn’t show any effect besides girls.

“Don’t mess around Raiser!”

The angered Buchou shoots her demonic-power ball at Raiser’s face! He doesn’t even dodge it and receives it on his face.

Ah, his face is blown away! Yes! While I was making a sign of joy, fire appears from the part of his blown face and starts to form a shape.

Raiser’s face returns to its original shape since the flame turns into his face and hair. Raiser starts to twitch his neck as if nothing happened.


This is the regeneration ability of the fire bird, Phoenix……

“Rias, resign. You will make your Otou-sama and Sirzechs-sama who are watching from another place look bad. You have no more choices. Everyone already has foreseen the outcome. —It’s checkmate, Rias.”

Raiser says it as if he can see the outcome. But Buchou just glares at him.

“Shut your mouth, Raiser. I won’t give up! They knew the outcome? I have no more choices? Me, the [King], is still active you know?”

Buchou laughs fearlessly.

Yeah! If Buchou says that then I can continue to fight! It’s not over yet! We are going to turn the table now! I went to Buchou’s side and stand between Raiser and her.


When I called Asia, she looks at Raiser and his [Queen] nervously, and then she comes to me.

Both Raiser and his [Queen] don’t even try to shoot Asia who is moving towards me.

I kind of imagined they wouldn’t, but for them to have this much confidence!

Asia starts to heal mine and Buchou’s wounds. When Asia’s hand touches me and Buchou, our body starts to get surrounded by a shade of green light.

……The pain disappears from my body as if the earlier pain was just my imagination. My swollen face starts to heal and my numb legs returns back to normal slowly.

But my stamina doesn’t return. Even if the wounds healed, the stamina hasn’t……huh……

“Asia, stay back after you heal us.”


Asia puts on a shocked face. Her expression tells me that she didn’t imagine for me to say that to her.

“If Asia stays, then you can heal me and Buchou. You are like our lifeline.”

Asia has a sad face and it seems like she wants to say something. But she closes her lips and steps back. This is right. If Asia is safe—.


What!? I hear Asia’s scream. What comes into my eyes is the unfamiliar magic-circle below Asia’s foot. It seems like it is restricting Asia from moving.

“Sorry about that. It would make you guys seem pathetic if it takes too long. I could have taken that girl down but…… I just made sure you guys can’t heal any more. That magic-circle can only be unsealed if my [Queen] is defeated.”

Raiser says that plainly. The opponent's [Queen] is putting her hand forward and her fingers are glowing.

I see, so that [Queen] is restricting Asia……

Shit! Asia is one of our last trump cards!

But I don’t have the time to complain! The last battle!

“Buchou. The battle continues right?”

“Yes it does!”

Buchou sounds as if she hasn’t given up yet! Yeah! We can still do it!

“But only me, Buchou and Asia are left. And Asia is captured. He on the other hand is immortal. He also has two servants as well. The situation is the worst.”

I make a grin and say it out loudly.

“But I won’t give up. I’m dumb so I don’t know anything about “foreseen” or “checkmate”. But I can still fight. I can continue fighting as long as I can crunch my fist!”

“Well said! Ise, let’s defeat Raiser together!”

“Yes Buchou!”

Buchou orders me proudly like usual.

You heard right, Boosted Gear!? My Master gave me an order! It’s simple. I just need to beat the guy in front of me.

Yeah, just that!

“Let’s go!”


That is the sound that I shouldn’t have listened to.

When the jewel makes that sound, my body feels heavy instantly and it feels like my body stopped working—. My consciousness is fading! No! Anything but that!

I fall to the ground and vomit what is coming out of my mouth.

—It’s a vomit of blood.

I realise it when I see that. I realise that my insides are at their limit as well.

The light disappears from the jewel. That’s because, me, the possessor, has reached the limit and so it has stopped functioning.

……I don’t have any injuries…… I can still fight……

Raiser says it to me who am on the ground:

“The Boosted Gear’s ability exhausts the possessor more than you can imagine. Doubling your power is something very abnormal. The burden it puts on the body is several times higher than the ordinary Sacred Gear. You have been running around the battlefield fighting my servants and continued using the Boosted Gear. —Rias’s [Pawn], you already reached your limit a long time ago.”

……Not yet. Even if you say that, even if that is true, I can still……

Buchou who is next to me makes a sad face. I’m sorry for making you worry. It’s not a problem. I will stand up now. I will.

I put strength in my legs and got up. How many times have I fell down and got up now?

“Buchou let’s go!”

I went running towards Raiser.

Part 5


Intense pain strikes me.

I lost count of how many times I received this intense pain today. ……I went down on the ground countless of times. I look so uncool……

Buchou……, let’s win. I will definitely win.

Buchou is already on her knees and isn’t trying to stand up.

Buchou ran out of her demonic-power. She blowed away Raiser countless of time, but Raiser kept on resurrecting while spreading his fire. As if nothing happened.

I need to protect Buchou and Asia…… I’m the only one who can protect those two now……



Raiser’s fist went deep into my stomach, and he twists his fist to make it go deeper.


Bloods comes out of my mouth. ......So I can cough out blood even though I already spat out so much blood before......

My eyes become blurry...... I shake my head so I can make my eyes clear.

It’s alright...... I will win...... I will defeat this Raiser......and will present you with victory, Buchou......

Then you will smile, right......?

If you and Asia will laugh then I......

Yeah, ......Buchou...... ......Thank you for training me......

I can still stand because of you......

......I will win. I’m a [Pawn] ......

I will become the strongest [Pawn]. Yeah, the strongest—.


The fist went in to my face. It feels like it’s moving at slow motion the moment it hits me.

......I can still fight......, Buchou......

......I will keep the promise......

I will win......

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