High School DxD

Volume 25 Chapter 7-5

The leaders of Hell were holding a conference in a certain room inside Hades' research facility that was located in Cocytus. Malicious auras were emitted from every seat around the giant round table even though Hades was the only one sitting at it. Those auras were the phantoms of the rulers who were not present in that place as they projected only their consciousness to attend the meeting. The leaders were receiving a report from Hades' subordinates, the Grim Reapers. The Grim Reapers informed them.

<<The people that we are currently spying on are the agents of the Grigori and Maou Beelzebub's servant, [Slash Dog]… It seems like every mythology has also dispatched their intelligence operatives. Also…>>

<<It looks like the people of [Innovate Clear], the [Cross Times Kiss] group, have started to move.>>

One of the formless phantoms, the primordial God of Darkness Erebus from Greek mythology, reacted to this.

[They have finally started to move, huh? The whereabouts of those two Longinus. It seems like our cooperation and persistent searching finally paid off.]

<<What should we do?>>

Hades said in response to his underling's question.

<<Kanzaki Mitsuya. He is like…the dead. You could say that he is an existence that was assembled from human hatred and karma itself. He will be harmful even to Gods if he were to come in conflict with them. However, we shall eradicate all Longinus users.>>

One of the formless phantoms, the primordial God who ruled Hell, Tartarus, said.

{Oh, God of Death whose name is unknown, you had better remember this. At times, a human's curse is scarier than that of a God's. [First Dark] can possibly reform the human world. That guy is the unexpected person who attained the Balance Breaker of the detestable thirteenth Longinus, [Telos Karma].]

Erebus added.

[While Telos Karma is, there is also this rumour of the newly acknowledged Longinus being troublesome as well… As expected, the Longinus are indeed a threat. [DxD] and [X x X(Cross Times Kiss)]… As [ExE(Evie Etoulde)] approaches…we shall purge them once again.]

In response to that, another formless phantom, — God Erebus' sister, the Goddess of the Night Nyx, said.

[However, brother. I presume that sending the human world into chaos for those people and [the person who impersonates God] might also be entertaining.]

While the meeting of the Gods of Hell continued, one of the Grim Reapers whispered an emergency report to Hades. Upon receiving the report, Hades told the Grim Reaper to <<Connect it here!>>. Then, a communication magic circle developed in the middle of the round table as the correspondent was projected into the air. What was displayed there was — the Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei. Hades said.

<<My, [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]-dono. It looks like you successfully qualified for the main stage. First of all, a congratulation—>>

Hyoudou Issei interrupted his words as he said.

[I heard that you attacked my father?]

Yesterday, Hades' underlings, to be precise, the Grim Reapers from the Thanatos group, came into contact with Ophis and her other self without permission. There were also times where they would disobey Hades' orders. Not only that, but they also tried to summon the sealed Dragon Eater Samael. The Sekiryuutei was probably talking about that incident. The eyes of that young man — looked incredibly ferocious.

[There are some things that I have decided.]

The young man passionately stated.

[…There are times where I wonder about how many years I have left with my parents… Another thirty years? Forty years? The longest would probably be fifty years. I've been thinking about those things… At least, during those times, I would like to devote everything to them, or rather, I have decided that I will absolutely treasure them. I have sworn that to myself. That's why, if there is any improper shadow sneaking up on my parents, I have decided that I will try to prevent that. Even if you are monsters, terrorists…or even Gods, if you put my parents in danger—]

All of the Grim Reapers were breathless. The look in Hyoudou Issei's eyes made their minds and bodies shiver from the sheer coldness.

[I will beat you, whoever it is!]

—The master of the Netherworld Hades had infuriated Hyoudou Issei.



The phantoms of the siblings God Erebus and Goddess Nyx also wavered upon feeling his warning and intensity. He had defeated Vidar in the previous match, and had also resurrected the strongest Red Dragon Emperor in history, the Heavenly Dragon Ddraig. The masters of Hell in that place knew very well that he was not an enemy they could take half-heartedly as well. As the communication got cut, there was someone who laughed.


A chaotic, jet-black phantom. That person was the evil God of Zoroastrianism, Angra Mainyu.

[What an interesting brat. I am looking forward to our meeting]

While the tournament progressed into the main stage, the rulers of hell, the movement of [Innovate Clear] and [Telos Karma] of [Cross Times Kiss], and the threatening shadows continued to intensify—.

In the village prepared for the players of the Rating Game World Tournament. Balberith of the [Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King] Team was lost in thought in their lodging house. He was looking at the recording of the match in the player's room. The content was — the match between the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team and the [Leisure of the Kings] Team. As he watched the match, the jade-haired girl, Verrine, said.

"Ahahahaha! The Sekiryuutei won by saying boobs or oppai again! Even though he has the power of a transcendental being, it's surprising to see him win against the chief God of Norse mythology with incomprehensible power like oppai or boobs!"

On the other hand, Balberith, who was extremely focused on the Sekiryuutei's match, said.

"I don't know why, but…I cannot help but feel interested in this Hyoudou Issei."

After the teams going to the main stage had been decided, Balberith once again looked over the matches of every opposing team, but…since he was interested in the match of the Sekiryuutei A.K.A Hyoudou Issei, he also checked his previous matches against Bael, and also the match against the Phoenix that wasn't made public. And while at that, he replayed the recording many times as he paid attention to how Hyoudou Issei's expression changed and his power up in response to a female body's — breasts. Good grief, because of this series of incomprehensible things, Balberith had no choice but to be confused.. but for some reason, he also became interested.

—How does he get the power to defeat even Gods through his obsession with boobs?

Balberith was lost in thought. And then, he realised something.

"Chichi (boobs)… Chichi (father)… Don't tell me, they are the same…? No, but…!"

Verrine was also surprised by Balberith, who unusually put his hands on his head.

"W-What happened, Balberith?"

After getting lost in his thoughts for a while, Balberith murmured.

"…He might become our father."

"Huh? Balberith's boobs?"

Balberith made an expression as if he had gotten enlightenment in response to Verrine's words.

"Yes, my father."

—Another man (_ age) who had become captivated by Hyoudou Issei was about to be born again.

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