High School DxD

Volume 25 Chapter 8

""""Nice job, everyone!""""

We raised our glass for a toast.

After we finished the preliminaries of the Rating Game World Tournament, we invited not only all members of the Occult Research Club, but also team [DxD] and the people who had helped us, for a party in the Hyoudou residence! We used the underground training room as our party venue and called many people over. Aside from just Rias, my team members, dad and mom, we also invited Sona-senpai and her Sitri peerage, Sairaorg-san and others from the Bael peerage, Seekvaira-san and others from the Agares peerage, Dulio and other Reincarnated angels, the Slash Dog team, Riser and others from the Phoenix peerage, the Journey to the West team, and also Vali. And to my surprise, Cao Cao and others from the Hero Faction also came! Even though I didn't think that they would come, I thought 'I guess I'll call all the people who have helped me over', and when I invited him, he really came.

"Congratulations on qualifying for the main stage."

"You too, congratulations."

And such voices congratulating each other could be heard. What was amazing was that more than half of team [DxD] members' teams were going to the main stage! Well, I was also surprised. Although the progress was turbulent, and there were more ups and downs than I expected, team [DxD] had produced a nice result. All of the mythologies were surprised, but also seemed to concur. The first generation Sun Wukong said.

"Hohoho, as expected, I knew that it would turn out like this. Even though you are young, you guys are the young people who fought against the Khaos Brigade head on and survived through that. Even if the enemy were an Ultimate-class Devil, Maou-class, or even God-class being, you guys would surely defeat them. If there weren't any battle-maniac Gods, every member of [DxD] would be unstoppable by now."

Jii-san's evaluation looked like it was the same reason as to why the higher-ups of every mythology had approved of us. Considering that we were fighting continuously against terrorists and taking our Longinus abilities into account, it looked like we became quite a force to be reckoned with by each mythology. And to top that off, during the tournament, everyone got stronger and kept growing even now. We were also told that the performance of the anti-terrorist team couldn't be any better by Ajuka Beelzebub-sama. It meant that if we kept increasing our strength, the number of people who would think and execute bad ideas would decrease. …Well, it seemed like there are still many people who are planning bad things on the other side though. And, on the opposite side of the party… There was a conversation between Rias and Sona-senpai.

"Rias, congratulations."

"Sona…it's a shame"

Indeed, the Sitri peerage was eliminated in the preliminaries. Even though Sona-senpai's tactics worked even against the upper-ranks, as expected, it seemed like the compatibility with the teams with great power was poor, and she didn't have enough wins to get her team into the main stage. Saji poured juice into my glass as he said.

"Damn, even though I wanted to fight against you once more in the main stage."

"Well, since the tournament isn't just a one-off, there will be another chance."

I replied like that. Actually, the Sitri peerage had moved on as they transitioned to get the data for the next time.

"Well, we are the support for other young Devils."

Seekvaira-san said. The Agares peerage was also eliminated in the preliminaries. Anyway, their luck on matching was bad as they fought only against higher-ranked opponents and struggled to win. In the end, it seemed like they didn't get the result they wanted. I was afraid of this tournament as there might be luck involved in the matching. Sairaorg said to me as he held a spare rib in one hand.

"How is it, Hyoudou Issei? Were you able to see the issues in the main stage?"

"Yes, there are lots of them."

After I unexpectedly blasted through the preliminaries, I became worried about Sakra's words. Using a communications magic circle, Sakra informed me.

[In the Gremory group, do you know the biggest difference between you and Rias Gremory? Rias Gremory is strong even without you. However, without Ravel, there are times when you wouldn't be able to function properly. That is a big difference ZE?]

…I…couldn't answer Sakra's words as I felt like what he said was true.

[Being able to use the Phoenix girl is good and all. However, you also have to be able to do a special move from now on. Your current condition will serve you alright in the preliminaries. —However, you might get matched with me in the main tournament, and when that happens, you won't be able to do anything in that condition, you know? It should be clear in your head now just how weak you were when you defeated Cao Cao in the Demonic Beast Riot.]

…To put it simply, like the time when I struggled against strong opponents, if I don't figure out a lot of ways to fight from now on, I won't even be able to aim to be the winner. Although I mostly fought against high-ranked enemies… However, it's certain that I've relied too much on Ravel. …If I don't think more, and Ravel gets defeated in the middle of the match, our team might collapse. The stage we're about to enter is probably going to be like that. That's all the more reason for me to study as I might run into Rias's team in the main stage. As I once again renewed my determination, Vali, who was standing there, held his yakisoba plate in one hand as he said to me.

"Hyoudou Issei, as we are both going to the main stage, I guess it's just the beginning. Of course, I am aiming to be the winner."

This man! Even though he was holding a yakisoba plate, he still spoke with such rivalry! As I gulped all my juice down at once, I replied to Vali.

"I aim to be the winner as well! But I have to settle things with you first. If we get matched…I don't think there is going to be any stage like ours."

"Heh, you said it. I want to continue our battle from that time as soon as possible."

The continuation of that time... It must be about the fight we had a year ago when I was still a second year. Since that time, Vali and I haven't been able to settle things. With this guy, this time for sure, we would settle things as fellow Heavenly Dragons...

"Wait, it's not only you who wants to fight against Hyoudou Issei."

Sairaorg stepped in between us as he said that.

"Indeed. I was even made to accompany him stirring the Ocean of Milk. I want to take my revenge on the main stage."

Cao Cao also came! And even Dulio barged in!

"I also want to fight against you one more time in the main stage. And I am sure that with that, the flow of the tournament will be the best."

"Ise-kun, me too. After having come to this point, I also want to fight against you to my heart's content."

Kiba stood beside me as he told me that. If I got matched with Rias's team, then it would be possible for such a thing to happen. Crom Cruach said to me while eating meat as well.

"I want to fight against you and Ddraig head on as well, in order to satisfy myself in this tournament."

[Yeah, there is nothing better than being able to fight you with my own body and flesh.]

Ddraig answered fearlessly as well! There were still many things we didn't know about the manifestation of Ddraig, and I am sure that there must be dangerous aspects.

"If I get matched as well, I also want to try to fight. Against you and Vali, that is."

Even Ikuse-san said those things!

"Ku, I also want to join."

Saji said it frustratingly, but…Sona-senpai said.

"Saji, that means that you just have to train for the next tournament. The life of a Devil is long after all. There is no need to rush."

Riser looked at me, who was surrounded by a group of men, from afar.

"Nu, so I have to declare it to fight against the Sekiryuutei, huh…"

Somehow, it seemed like he took the situation of this place as a joke… I was surrounded by men! And at that time, there were several people who pulled my arms!

"Ise is going to be taken by men!"

"He is my darling, you know!"

"Ise-san, please talk to us as well!"

Xenovia, Irina and Asia, the Church Trio, pulled me away from the group of men! As I got pulled, I could feel the softness of oppai in my face 'Boin Boin'!

"Ufufu, so you have returned to my chest, huh, my husband."

It was Akeno-san! She tried to hug me, but — once again, my arm was pulled as I dived into a pair of well-endowed boobs!

"Ise-kun likes my boobs best, nyan."

This time it was Kuroka! Shirone-chan a.k.a Koneko-chan who was beside her then pulled my hand!

"Kuroka-oneesama, I also want to celebrate Ise-kun going to the main stage."

The sisters pulled me back and forth, but — Ravel stepped in as a mediator!

"Shirone! Kuroka-sama! Ise-sama is only one person! We have to share here! Of course, I will also join though!"

While in that situation, the one who hugged me from behind was—.

"Ise-kun iwf my hufband! I won't hand him over to anyone!"

It was a drunk Rossweisse-sannnn! She must have gotten carried away in the party and ended up drinking alcohol! On my back was Rossweisse-san, both of my hands were taken by Koneko-chan and Kuroka, and even the Church Trio and Akeno-san barged in!

""""""He is mine!""""""

Ravel the mediator also said 'Oh! Please let me in too!' as she stopped her mediation act!

"…Somehow, I feel jealous."

"…What should I do to get in there?"

Le Fay and Elmenhilde murmured that as they saw this situation. I was finally sent flying by the tug of war of the girls as I arrived at a certain pair of oppai. My face was buried into her chest. My vision was then enveloped with a crimson colour. Red — crimson hair more brilliant than strawberry-blonde. Yes, her beautiful long red hair was the same colour as my armour. The place I arrived at as I was sent flying was — my precious person, Rias Gremory. She then smiled sweetly as she gently hugged me.

"Ufufu, as expected, Ise arrived here."

Rias then said to me.

"Ise, congratulations for qualifying for the main stage."

"Yeah, thank you. Congratulations to you too."

As we congratulated each other on making it to the main stage, she boldly said.

"However, even though you are my most beloved person, and a partner who has sworn about the future, a match is a match. If we get matched—"

"I know. Let's give our best then! That is how the Gremory peerage is after all."

She laughed in response to my words, looking satisfied.

"As expected of my most beloved person. Ufufu, I love you! I really like you, you know."

"Me too, Rias. I really love you!"

The guys were also cheering 'whoo whoo' as we looked at each other and held each other's hands saying those words in the middle of the party venue! However, the girls didn't let that slide off! Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san and Kuroka then simultaneously said.

[Say 'I love you' to me as well!]

"It's obvious that I love you guyssss! After all, everyone is my bride!"

In the basement of the Hyoudou residence — I shouted my love!

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