High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 5.1

[Let’s grasp it~♪ Dragon ball~♪]

In the karaoke room.

I'm singing an anime song while holding the microphone in one hand.

“Yo! Dragon ball idiot!”

“Damn it! You should just be with Asia, you damn brute!”

Motohama and Matsuda continues to boo at me.

Asia also seems like she’s enjoying it. Though Koneko-chan isn’t participating in singing and is eating ice cream and pizza. The glasses-girl, Kiryu, is still choosing her song.

Kiba is drinking coffee elegantly. Chi! That good looking guy even shows off in a place like this, huh. Is that right?

Using the day off, just like we had planned, started to play for half a day.

We met up at the front of the station. Motohama, Kiryu and I beat up Matsuda who came thirty minutes late and went straight to bowl!

We wasted our stamina by playing four games of bowling and then went inside the Karaoke Box.

And we have been singing endlessly since then as the song changes.

Asia and Kiba haven’t sung yet, but I will make them do so afterwards. Actually, I want to sing in a duet with Asia at least once! Singing in a duet with a blonde beauty will surely be the best!

Also, Asia is wearing a gothic-lolita outfit today! She’s too cute!

That was Kiryu's idea. How do I say it? So the “master mind” can even make Asia, who was a former Christian, look good in such outfits!

“I'll start with reciting some prayer hymns.”

Asia seems like she will say that, but if she does that, then Kiba, Koneko-chan and I who are Devils will die so please don’t.

I invited Saji but he declined it while crying and saying “Kaichou forbids me from playing with the opposite sex”. He must have wanted to come! It must be strict being a servant of Kaichou.

I drink a sip of a juice to clear my dry throat after singing. I sure did sing a lot.

Buchou and Akeno-san who haven’t come today are enjoying shopping together.

Previously, I received a photo via message that had “Currently picking a swimsuit. I will choose the one that you will like” with a heart mark. It was a photo sent from the changing room so blood burst out from my nose on the spot. Hahaha, my Onee-sama sure is erotic.

Gufufu. Oh yeah, the pool is about to open soon. According to Buchou, we can use the day off to play as much as we want at the pool.

Apparently she will show me her swimsuit then. Akeno-san as well! Uhyoooooou! An erotic-swimsuit worn by two Onee-sama’s with erotic bodies!

M-My drool isn’t stopping! Ah, come quickly, summer!

“......Ise-senpai. There is blood dripping from your nose.”

Koneko-chan says that with a reproachful look. Oh, is that right? A nose bleed.

“......You were thinking something lewd, right?”

Ouch! Koneko-chan is right on the spot!

“Oya? The size of the thing in your crotch is......”

Oooooooi! Kiryu! Don’t use your glasses to measure my thingy right now!

“......Were you thinking about Buchou-san?”

Asia says that with an unpleasant face. Lately she is starting to become really sharp......

“Hahaha, it’s nothing! I-I have to visit the wash room for a bit!”

I stand up from my seat and left the scene!

As I was exiting after wiping off my nosebleed, I see Kiba who is sitting on a nearby chair.

“Oh. Did something happen?”

“Yeah. Something did.”

I also sit on the chair next to Kiba.

“Aaah, I’m so tired. I got too carried away.”

“Seems like we were too excited in the first bowling game.”

“That’s also a part of it.”

Both of us laugh at this normal conversation. Then Kiba speaks with a serious face.

“Ise-kun. I wanted to give you my gratitude. Thank you.”

So this guy was waiting in front of the wash room to say this......

“......It’s all right. Your comrades also forgave you. Buchou and the others also forgave you as well. That’s why it doesn’t matter.”


Ugh. Don’t call out my name with teary eyes! Y-You’re scaring me!

“T-Then should we sing my favourite song?”

“Hmm, so you have a favourite song, Ise-kun?”

“Leave it to me. I can sing Dragon Ball’s intro endlessly for twenty-four hours.”

“L-Looks like I need to be prepared for that.”

“Who cares. Let’s do a duet between the [Pawn] and the [Knight] of the Occult Research Club.”

“Yes, yes.”

We return to the karaoke room while talking about casual stuff and take the microphones immediately. We then perform a burning duet.

-That time I witness Kiba’s true smile.

Later that day, the photo of the duet between me and Kiba that was taken by Kiryu got spread around the whole school. The rumour of me and Kiba being gay increased even more.

Give me a break!

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