High School DxD

Volume 4 Chapter 2

Life 2: Class visit Begins

“Ise. Asia-chan. I’ll come later with Otou-san.”

My mother is full of spirit since this morning. It’s all right even if you don’t say these things in front of the entrance but more than me she seems to want to see how Asia is. She said that even father took a paid vacation.

Well, since my parents adore Asia like their own daughter, they’ll want to see her.

The person in question, Asia replies with a “Yes!” and a huge smile that stretched her entire face.

The “Family” living with you will come but Asia has been so happy and was waiting for this day.

And just like that, it is the day of the visit.

They say it’s a classroom visit but in actuality it is more of an open house display. It’s natural that it’s all right for parents to come, but it’s also all right for students from middle school to visit and see how the classes are. It’s possible that the guardians of those Middle school students will also come to visit; it’s quite an open event.

Not only our parents, but also because Kuou Academy’s Middle school division’s Kouhais will come to visit, we of the high school division are excessively nervous, since we don’t want to wrongly answer in front of the kouhais. [1].

“…… I am not interested.”

While sighing Buchou says that. She somehow seems to dislike classroom visit. Though her father and Sirzechs-sama are visiting, it seems even Buchou hates for her family to see what her class is like. If two crimson haired men visit the classroom, it'll become a hot topic of discussion.

I sympathise with you from my heart.

This time for my parents, beyond me it’s Asia as well so I’ll be attending class like normal.

We head for our classroom after parting ways with Buchou at the school entrance.

As soon as I sat on my seat, Matsuda and Motohama approached.

“Are your parents coming, Ise?”

“Yeah. More like, both mom and dad said they are coming to see Asia.”

Matsuda nods strongly on my reply.

“Ah, I understand. If Asia-chan is one’s daughter then you would want to come see her by all means.”

That’s true. If I had a little sister like Asia, I would be doting on her. No, in essence she’s like a sister. And I am doting on her as well.

“This sort of thing is a first for me so I am really excited.”

Asia seems to be completely excited from her heart. Yeah, if I can see Asia excited, that alone is enough.


Before I knew it, Xenovia had approached our group.

To be honest, Xenovia is popular among boys as well. Since she’s quite a bishoujo as well. Maybe because her physical abilities were also good, so she’s popular among girls as well.

“What’s wrong, Xenovia.”

Xenovia lowers her head on my response.

“Sorry for saying that sort of thing suddenly the other day.”

That sort of thing, Ah, it’s about that. About making children. So she came to apologise for that.

“I kept on speaking without thinking about you.”

Yeah, as a matter of fact I was scared. Suddenly talking about making children. No, if I can do ecchi stuff, then please let me do it. Having Xenovia as my partner, I am totally fine! But the order is all wrong.

“Suddenly doing that kind of thing is difficult after all, I think.”

Yes, yes. Like that, just like that. For the time being, we should improve our relations to the point we can do ecchi stuff.

“That’s why----“

Xenovia takes out something from her pocket----wait that’s!?

“First we should practice using this.”

Xenovia opens a thing packed in a small pouch in front of my eyes -----a condom.

All of the class’ eyes were gathered on the thing Xenovia was holding.

“……... I-IdiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOT! W-What are you taking out in front of the public!?”

I am troubled. I-It’s obvious, this sort of a situation!

That is, she is! It’s an extremely intense item to show to high school students who are in a sensitive time! More like, it’s totally bad to take it out at school!

Immediately the class was noisy. Hey, they saw that! More like, I am basking in all that attention!

“In the world I was in, there was dispute in the use of this but putting it on in Japan would be more convenient following the country’s pattern after all.”

That doesn’t matter! Do something about this atmosphere! Everyone in the class is looking at me and you with strange looks, you know!?

“To be looked at in that way, me and you… It isn’t bad for me I think, but think about the time and plaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!”

To my reply, Xenovia tilts her head, she seems to not understand it quite well.

Not good! She’s just like Asia at first, she’s living in a separate world from this society!

“It’s good for Asia to use it as well. Unplanned sexual intercourse would hurt both of you. The relationship between men and women is difficult.”

With that Xenovia handed over a piece to Asia. “?” Asia had a questioning look but the perverted glasses Kiryuu, without letting a single hair escape, kept whispering to Asia.

Suddenly Asia started blushing.


Ah! Asia fainted after her head became pure red!

“What what? Is Hyoudou going to become something amazing again?”

With full interest, while shining her glasses, the erotic girl Kiryuu asks.

“But, I wonder if it’s all right. If you sleep with Xenovia then Asia will----.”

“Kiryuu-saaaaan! Please stoooooooop!”

Ooh! The suddenly revived Asia covers Kiryuu’s mouth. Somehow, she seemed to be in a maximum hurry level, but about what?

“Geez, Asia. I told you right? If you don’t start moving soon, Hyoudou will become something troublesome. There are a lot of formidable enemies around him, you know? If you keep dilly dallying, before you know it he may be eaten. You won’t like that, right? A man with the scent of another woman.”

“Ouch! Why does Kiryuu-san keep on giving me explosive blasts like that…”

“I am worried. You’re fine with me being your only ally, right? I am fine with a clean mood as well but you gotta do what you gotta do at times! Even you, Asia is ripe enough for eating!”

“Am I r-ripe enough for eating?”

Is what Asia asked me. Um… seriously what’s this about? I don’t understand the meaning of their conversation…?

“Ye-Yeah. Maybe you’re ripe enough for eating?”

I answer it while puzzled.

“Isn’t that great, Asia! You’ll be eaten!”

Kiryuu is filled with a deep emotion. What? What? Hey, don’t leave me behind and continue the conversation!

“Dammmmmit! Asia-chan will be eaten!”

“This will be something great….. “Asia-chan of the committee” we have to do an emergency meeting with our comrades and make counter measures!”

Both Motohama and Matsuda also looked strange. They were shaking strongly!

“Something is wrong with the world if Ise's popular!”

Matsuda shouts that out. Geez, I don’t get it.

“Show me your hand a bit.”

Kiryuu takes my hand and shines her glasses.

“…...It’s good enough, you cut your fingernails quite deep.”

“I-Is that so?”

Why do you care about my nails so much?

“Those men who cut their fingernails quickly play intensely with women is what I hear. ----Yes, to grope a women’s body, if you have long fingernails then it’s quite inconvenient.”

“T-That’s a false accusation! This is just by chance----.”

While saying that I remember. That’s it, I had my fingernails taken care of by Buchou. Buchou said it was practice of fingernails or something……

Maybe the meaning may be deep but I just did some unjust suspicion.

“Ise, you shitty bastaraaaaaaard!”

“Go get some disease or something!”

“Scary. As expected of a beast. In the crucial moment just don’t transfer the disease to Asia. Asia will be sullied.”

Matsuda, Motohama and Kiryuu tease me! Uuh, bullies! Even though I don’t have even a single girlfriend, what’s the meaning of this!? What sort of magic is this, it makes me feel like I am a contaminated person!

…... Wait, am I recently becoming popular…? I don’t really get it.

Starting from Matsuda and Motohama, the surrounding guys have also started looking at me with jealousy. But, it’s not like I have a girlfriend.

I can understand why Buchou and Akeno-san adore me but, it seems to me they’re simply having fun teasing their servant and their Kouhai, me. It’s definitely the feeling of pets.

Since they got a good toy, it’s like those two fighting over it……

Xenovia is…... since she’s unique I can’t count her. If you ask why, it seems she’s only interested in the thing residing within me.

Asia. We’re living together, she’s the girl who has the best relationship with me. I come in contact with her in a more or less family like way. That’s obvious. If you start living under the same roof, it’ll become like that. I think of her as a cute younger sister as well. I am happy that she’s depending on me from the bottom of her heart.

Could you call shopping together a date? We go shopping together for dry goods a lot to discount stores but it’s quite different from the showiness of a date.

It would be strange if Koneko-chan yearns for me.

…...Yeah, after all, more than being popular, it’s just that the number of girls have increased from my previous life. Isn’t it totally different from the Harem life that I desire?

Harem is, to do as much as you like with the above previously mentioned girls and indulge in them as much as I want; that is what I think it is. If I was able to do an experiment, as my daily special meal, it would be to adjust the people watching me!

However this life, compared to my previous life of not having a single breath of girls, is like a totally different life; like the difference between heaven and earth! With this big of a difference, I am enjoying it just by being able to talk with girls. I am satisfied with this lifestyle.

No, with this preparedness I won’t be able realise my dream Harem! All right! Let’s get the power to be able to take girls in hordes!

……On the contrary, after I loved someone sincerely, it’s now difficult to even extend my hands towards girls even a bit. Raynare, my first girlfriend, was a fallen angel who killed me after deceiving me.

Maybe because that happened, even the perverted me would be like this. It’s not like I am afraid of girls but, somewhere within my heart, I have a feeling that maybe in the end, I will be repudiated by them.

Buchou, Asia, I know that the girls of the club wouldn’t do such a thing. However, the more I start liking, the more I am worried.

…...Am I being hated by Buchou and the others?

Sometimes I ask that of myself. The girls I got on good terms with after such a long wait. I don’t want to be hated. That’s why, in the end, I don’t want to do anything weird and be hated by them. I don’t want that to happen once more------.

“Everyone, Ise-san isn’t a bad person. Please don’t bully him.”

Asia stands in front of me and protects me from Matsuda’s staggering.

“Uuh, Asiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s only you who is my ally!”

“I will believe in Ise-san forever and ever.”

What a good girl! She obstinately believes in me! Aah, our Asia-chan is my ally! I am seriously happy, Asia!

“……Asia, to confess amidst the confusion…... not bad…”

Kiryuu muttered something, I am sure it must be something bad about me.

“That’s it. No matter how indecent Ise is, Ise is a frank person. It’s just that his sexual desire is also as frank as him, surely.”

Xenovia also follows up with that…? Somehow, I feel like I was slightly made fun of but from this girl’s perspective it would probably be a top class follow up.

“And with that, it’s time for the sexual intercourse but…”

“That’s why, don’t say that stuff in front of people…”

I wrapped my hands around my head and hit the table in response to Xenovia, whom seemed to not have understood anything up till now.

Part 2

Somehow the class starts, and from the open door in the back, parents of my classmates keep coming in.

The class is English. The male teacher, who was pumped up more than usual, was for some reason distributing a rectangular object wrapped in a bag to the students. Huh? What’s this? Does this sort of thing happen in English?

For the devils who can speak in all languages, English is the best place to show it. Fufufu, today as well let’s do it proficiently and fluently.

But, give me a break in writing words. That is impossible.

While thinking that, looking at the object closely------um, this is PVC clay? The teacher gleefully says to me who was dubiously thinking that. [2]

“Got it, try making something you like with the PVC clay I handed you just now. An animal is fine as well. A person is fine as well. A house is fine as well. Whatever image you’re thinking about in your mind right now, try making it into a shape. That sort of English conversation is also there.”

There’s no such thing! I don’t get what you mean, Sensei! Let’s do a usual English class! Allow me to show my English Conversation skills to my parents! I don’t want to make PVC clay!

“Let’s Try!”[3]

It’s not Let’s Tryyyyyyyyyyyyyy! In which world is there an English class with PVC clay!

“I-It’s difficult.”

Huh!? Asia-chan, she’s already making it!? As usual her adaptation to these sort of things is fast!

“Asia-chan, keep going!”

“Asia-chan, you’re looking cute!”

While turning my head to the voices I recognise, my parents were turned facing Asia and yelling.

Ooh, When did you enter the room. More like, while their son is over here, they’re facing their video camera towards Asia. Dad…

Realising father and mother’s voice, she turned back and did it happily. Aren’t they perfectly like a parent-child. No, with that I am also more than happy enough. My little sister, Asia-chan. It’s the best.

And, surveying the surrounding, everyone was reluctantly kneading the PVC clay. Is it all right with this, everyone of the class!

[Knead Knead] I also started kneading with no way out. What did he say we should make?

He said it’s fine to make anything that you image in your mind. While twisting the clay, I close my eyes and start having wild ideas. The very first thing that I imagine is…..

“Ise ♪”

It was a nude Buchou who was smiling at me.

Aah, Buchou. My Onee-sama. To imagine you first, my devotion, my wholehearted thought is the real thing. Fufufu, I even remember the breasts and the nipples perfectly. I remember perfectly in my memory about Buchou’s boobs, the size, the elasticity and the softness.

Buchou said that there are many parts of her body that I haven’t touched. Indeed that’s true. I may have somehow or other touched Buchou’s every point. It’s slippery and soft, even then it’s full of elasticity. While noticing a red thing of desire oozing from my nose, I reproduced Buchou’s body from my mind. While my eyes are closed, only from the image in my mind, I move my hands.

Aah, Buchou’s boobs! Buchou’s constricted waist! Buchou’s butt which are meant for an easy delivery! Buchou’s thick thighs perfect for me! The vision of everything is burned in the memory of my brain!

I remember it vividly! It’s natural. Everyday, I remember it during that time!


Noticing, there is someone’s hand on my shoulder. Opening my eyes and turning my face I found it was Sensei.

For some reason, with an astonished expression he was shaking his whole body.

What? Somehow, it seems by looking at my hands he’s astonished. I also look at my hands and---- there was a magnificent statue of Buchou present.


There’s an excited cheer from the class. More like, looking at me, they let out a breath of admiration “Ooh!”. Amazing. It’s surely a mini Buchou! The shape of the boobs, the shape of the butt, the lines of the thighs are perfect as well.

I-I made this……? Moving my hands based on the image of Buchou I had burned in my brain, a miracle occurred!

“W-Wonderful… Hyoudou-kun. To think that you had this sort of talent… This class was the right choice after all. Once again I was able to draw out a student’s hidden ability…”

Sensei says that while his eyes are soaked with tears.

Indeed, to think that this power was hiding inside me…. Even if I say so myself, it’s easy to bloom a talent related to my pervertedness.

“T-That is Rias-senpai? Shit! As I thought, Ise you rascal! With senpai…….!”

“No way! Rias onee-sama with that beast……!”

Somehow I can hear screams nearby as well but the moment someone in the class said “5000!”, the class started changing.

“No, 6000!”

“I’ll pay 7000! I’ll be skilful with Gremory-senpai’s body!”

“Don’t joke with me! I’ll buy it! Tonight she'll keep me company! 8000!”

The English class which used the PVC clay did a complete change, it changed into an auction house for the statue of Buchou I made.

Part 3

It was lunch break.

“It is well made.”

Is what Buchou said smiling while touching the statue made of PVC clay during the class. In the end, I didn’t sell the statue to my classmates. I couldn’t sell it, since it was Buchou’s statue.

When Asia and I went outside to buy something to drink, we encountered Buchou and Akeno-san coincidentally in front of the vending machine.

“Ara ara, as expected of Ise-kun who looks and touches Buchou’s body everyday.”

Akeno-san was also smiling, surprised by the quality of the statue. No, I wasn’t doing those things every day with Buchou as you were expecting…… When I personally experienced the valuable body, I burned it into my brain.

“Would you make one for me as well next time? If you want to reproduce my body I will remove my clothes. You can touch me.”

“Seriously, Akeno-san!?”

That’s the best! By all means! While trying to say that, Buchou and Asia pull my cheeks.

“Don’t do it.”

“Don’t do it.”

The girls of my house were harsh.

“By the way, Buchou. Did Sirzechs-sama come?”

On my question, Buchou puts a hand on her forehead and let out her breath.

“Yeah, he came along with my father.”

So her father came as well. What kind of class visit was it, I was curious.

“Ah, Buchou. Moreover everyone came as well.”

Kiba appeared there. Hm? Did Kiba also come to buy a drink?

“Ara, Yuuto. Tea?”

Upon Buchou’s question, Kiba pointed with his finger ahead of the corridor.

“No, for some reason I heard a witch was doing a photography event so I thought to see it a bit.”

On Kiba’s reply, Buchou and I while exchanging glances tilted our head.

[Kaccha Kaccha!]

Flashes kept going off, the men who were holding cameras were photographing something at a corner of the corridor.

Since there was a crowd present, I didn’t know what they were taking pictures of. According to Kiba’s story “A witch” was present but… I somehow came out of the crowd and faced in the front direction.

Yeah, I could see it in a glance. As I progressed further, a recognisable outfit came jumping in my eyes.

Quite a good bishoujo-chan was wearing a costume of an anime character. If I remember correctly it was “Magical Girl, Mil kiss Viral 7 alternative”. Heart of a maiden, body of a male, the special “Miru-tan” was engrossed in this anime.

Ah, when looked at closely she resembled Mil Kiss. She was spinning her stick or whatever round and round as well. The camera-men were taking photographs, excited like a youngster, I also wanted to take 1 picture. Her skirt was short so her panties were intermittently being exposed…….

Buchou arrived beside me after coming out of the crowd; as soon she looked forward to the Magical Girl Mil kiss, she panicked.


Because of her excessive confusion I got surprised as well. For Buchou to be surprised in this way…..

“Hey hey! You, who’s doing a photography shoot on a public path!”

While saying that, my friend from the student council, Saji came jumping through the crowd.

Girls who looked like members of the student council as well come following Saji towards the photography scene.

“Hey hey, disperse disperse! Today’s the day for displaying classes to the public! Don’t make a ruckus at this kind of place!”

Saji, he was doing his job properly, huh. That big of a crowd was disappearing like spider’s children dispersing. The young men with the cameras who were photographing were also leaving reluctantly due to Saji’s pushing.

The remaining people were our group and Saji’s group, and the cosplay girl.

“You too, please don’t wear that kind of costume. Wait, would you be a parent perhaps? Even if that’s the case, you know there’s a dress code according to the place. This is troublesome.”

“Eh, but this is my uniform☆”

Saji pressed his warning but Mil Kiss while posing in cute poses didn’t pay heed.

Saji ground his teeth but as soon as he recognised Buchou he lowers his head.

“Oh, it’s Rias-senpai. You came at the right time. I was just guiding Maou-sama and senpai’s Otou-san.”

As Saji turned his head towards the back, under the guidance of Sona Sitri Kaichou, the crimson haired males approached.

“What’s this? Saji, I always tell you to settle things concisely-------.”

The strict Kaichou said that, but as soon as she saw Mil Kiss, she stopped speaking.

“Sona-chan! Found you ☆”

After finding Kaichou, Mil Kiss happily clung to Kaichou.

Ooh. An acquaintance of Kaichou? As expected, even Saji was having an expression like he was having trouble dealing with this.

……...Hm? I just noticed this then but, Huhuh? Huh? Somehow, I felt like Kaichou and that cosplay girl seemed to resemble…… I doubtfully thought this. Without minding, Sirzechs-sama called out to the cosplay girl.

“Aah, it’s you, Serafall. So you came here as well.”

……Serafall---……? I-I seem to have heard of this name before……

“It’s Leviathan-sama.”

……… For a moment, I couldn’t understand Buchou’s words. Buchou said once more to me who didn’t get it.

“That person is one of the current four Dai-Maous, Serafall Leviathan-sama. And also, Sona’s onee-sama.”


My scream echoes in the corridor! Naturally! You serious! It must be a lie!? The super beauty Maou-sama that I even saw in my dreams was this person!?

No, indeed she’s a super beauty! Even though she was Kaichou’s onee-sama, her beauty was something that won’t lose to Buchou! However, I was imagining a more fascinating onee-sama with more hormones floating around! And Glamorous! Boobs huge as well! While showing her thighs from a slit! I imagined a female Maou-sama who would speak sensual words from her glossy lips!

……I didn’t think it would be a girl wearing a cosplay uniform speaking in a cute way…… Although it was true that she was beautiful……

“Serafall-sama, it’s been a long time.”

“Ara, Rias-chan☆. Long time~☆Have you been doing well?”

What a cute tone! Buchou was also a bit troubled!

“Y-Yes. Thanks to you. Did you come today for Sona’s class visit?”

“Yeah☆Sona-chan is really mean. She didn’t tell me about today! Geez! Because of the shock, Onee-chan was going to attack Heaven☆”

Just cause of that you would attack Heaven!? I don’t know if she was joking or being serious!

“Ise. Greet her.”

Like Buchou said, I lower my head and greet her.

“N-Nice to meet you, I am Hyoudou Issei. I am Rias Gremory-sama’s servant, pawn! I’ll be under your care!”

“Nice to meet you☆. I am the Maou Serafall Leviathan ☆. Call me Levi-tan☆”

While turning sideways, she makes a peace sign, the cosplay girl----No, Maou Leviathan-sama.

………W-What’s with this, this super light developmentttttttttt!

“Hey, Sirzechs-chan. Is this boy the rumoured Dragon-kun?”

She called Sirzechs-sama with a ‘chan’!? Can you forgive her! No, since they’re both Maou-samas it was ok………?

“Yes, he’s the person in which the Welsh Dragon resides, Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

Sirzechs-sama also doesn’t say anything about adding ‘chan’. So he must be called like that always?

“Ara ara, Uncle Gremory.”

“Yes, Serafall-dono.[4] This is another novel uniform. I somewhat think as a Maou how it is but……”

“Ara, uncle☆Don’t you know? This is the fashion in this country, you know?

“Heh, was that so. It seems this was my ignorance.”

“Hahaha, Tou-ue, don’t believe it.”

Etc., are what Gremory family and Leviathan-sama are conversing.

“Bu-Buchou, it’s a light mood far surpassing my imagination but, Serafall-sama is……”

Buchou also apologises “Sorry” on seeing my bewildered state.

“I forgot to say it----No, I didn’t want to say it but for the 4 current Maou-samas, everyone of them is like this. During private times, they are really amenable, to a severe extent.”

While letting out a sigh Buchou said that. Impossible! Was it fine for the Maou-samas of the devils to be like that!?

Looking at it, Kaichou’s face was also completely red! It was like looking at her elder sister, her speech and conduct, she was feeling completely embarrassed! Noticing that, Leviathan-sama looked into Kaichou’s face with worry.

“Sona-chan, what’s wrong? Your face is completely red, you know? Since it’s the long awaited reunion with your onee-sama, me, I think it would be better if you were a bit more happy? 'Onee-sama!' 'So-tan!', calling like that and embracing each other in a yuri way, that sort of development is fine with me as well, Onee-chan!”

……That was extremely difficult. Was this Leviathan-sama!?

Kaichou said with an unsatisfied expression. While twitching near her eyes.

“……O-Onee-sama. This is my school and I am entrusted with the job of the student council president here…… No matter how close relatives we are, Onee-sama’s behaviour is, too much…… I can’t approve of that sort of outfit.”

“No way, Sona-chan! If I am told that by Sona-chan, your Onee-chan will be sad! Sona-chan doesn’t know that her onee-chan is admired as the Magical girl! Since with the glittering stick, I erase angels and fallen angels ☆.”

“Onee-sama, Please be prudent. If my onee-sama, the Maou glitters, then this small country would be destroyed many times over.”

She isn’t a Mahou shoujo, but more like a Maou shoujo! Maou shoujo, Serafall Leviathan-sama is scary![5].

“Hey, Saji. When one of the leaders of the fallen angels invaded, Kaichou didn’t call her Onee-san… Looking at this, are they not on good terms?”

“It’s the opposite. The opposite. Since in conversation Serafall Leviathan-sama dotes on her little sister so much, if she would have been called, it would have become something terrible. It seems if she found out that her little sister was injured by the fallen angel, we didn't know how she would have reacted. It would have probably been instant war. It was the correct decision to not call Serafall-sama, and rather call Lucifer-sama. However, I am meeting her for the first time as well, but this is……”

Ah, I see. Wait, was Maou-sama okay with that!? Ah, Saji is also bewildered.

“Uuh, I can’t bear it!”

That calm and composed Kaichou had her eyes wet, and ran away from that place.

“Wait! Sona-chan! Where are you going leaving your Onee-chan behind!”

Maou-shoujo-sama ran behind her.

“Please don’t follow me!”

“Noooooo! Don’t abandon your Onee-chaaaaaaan! So-taaaaaan!”

“I have asked you so many times not to add ‘tan’!”

……The Maou sisters’ chase. It’s my request, please don’t erase this school with some rhythm of yours.

“Yeah. The Sitri household is peaceful. Don’t you think so, Ria-tan.”

“Onii-sama, don’t add a ‘tan’ to my pet name and call me that please……”

This time the embarrassing conversation started in the Gremory household.

Heh, Buchou was called Ria in her home, huh.

“No way…Ria-tan. Even though in the past you followed me every-time while saying ‘Onii-sama Onii-sama’…… It’s the rebellious age, huh……”

Sirzechs-sama took a shock. I felt some banter was involved as well.

“Geez! Onii-sama! Why do you remind me of my childhood------.”


Buchou’s Otou-sama took Buchou’s picture when she was mad. It was an expression filled with emotion.

“That’s a nice face, Rias. It’s good, to raise you so splendidly…... I will fill my wife’s share of enthusiasm as she couldn’t come here today.”

“Otou-sama! Geez!”

Maou-sama’s family is full of this, huh. More than peaceful, there isn’t much difference from the relations between parent and child of humans. Well, if the scale becomes that of a fight, this small country may be erased.

“Maou-sama and, Maou-sama’s family have interesting common features.”

Akeno-san says that happily from the bottom of her heart with a smile.

“Common feature?”

“Maou-sama and everyone are all just amusing. And also, your sister, without exception is a serious person. Ufufu, definitely because her free natured brother became the Maou-sama, she couldn’t not become serious.”

They must be both having hardships, Buchou and Kaichou as well, and also Maou-sama’s family as well. And, over there-----.

“Oh my, Ise.”


Maybe they were touring the school, dad and mom appeared with their hands raised.

“Hyoudou Issei-kun, are those people your parents?”

Buchou’s Otou-sama asks me that.

“Y-Yes. They’re my parents.”

“I see. Yeah.”

Buchou’s father stood in front of my mother and father……?

“Nice to meet you, I am Rias’ father.”

While seeking to handshake, Buchou’s father extends his hand to my father.

Getting to know that the gentleman with crimson hair was Buchou’s Otou-sama, my father and mother’s expression does a complete change from an enjoying expression to a dark colour of nervousness. Well that was a given. If they suddenly meet Buchou’s father, they would become like that.

“T-T-TTTTTTTTTTTThis is, thank you! Ah, um, I am Hyoudou Issei’s father! We’re being taken care of by Rias-san, um, that is…..”

Otou-san! This is our home! I can’t see this! It’s an amazing temperament!

“No, same here. Thanks for taking care of Rias. I thought to come greet you anyhow, anyway, Sirzechs and I were busy with work so it wasn’t easy to able to get an opportunity. It seems this occasion was blessed by good luck. It’s an honour to meet you today.”

“No-No way! I too also said to greet you once to Issei’s father ---- No no, I talked to my husband about it.”

Mother! Your words are weird! Since you are not used to using these words usually, it become like this! Uwah, I am seriously embarrassed!

Buchou’s face was red as well! She was just like me! A meeting of parents is way too embarrassing after all!

“Yeah. I want to talk at a calmer place. This place is a bit conspicuous. Above all, our children are embarrassed, right.”

Ooh, as expected of Buchou’s Otou-sama! He can read the atmosphere! Compared to him, isn’t my father nervous! Buchou’s father extends his hand towards Kiba.



“Sorry but could you lead us to a calmer place?”

“Yes. Then, please follow me.”

Kiba bows to my father and mother and started walking in the corridor.

“Well then Rias, Hyoudou Issei-kun. I’ll come back after talking a bit. Sirzechs, can I leave the rest to you?”

“Yes, Otou-ue.”

Sirzechs-sama will remain here, huh. Well, they just recently exchanged greetings. This time it’s between parents.

“Ise, me and your mother will come back after talking a bit.”

“Aah, Otou-san, don’t say anything weird, okay?”

“Leave it to me.”

I am doubting if he really gets it, but on Kiba’s guidance, Otou-san and Okaa-san and Buchou’s Otou-sama left this place.


“What is it, Onii-sama?”

“There’s something I wanted to talk about for a bit. Sorry, Ise-kun. I’ll be borrowing my little sister for a bit. Akeno-kun, would you mind coming along with us?”

Is what Sirzechs said.


Akeno-san also affirmed. What will they talk about? Well, I guess it would be something important to both the upper class devils. They won’t call a lower class devil like me, right.

“Y-Yes. It’s fine with me…...”

Sirzechs-sama takes Buchou and Akeno-san, and disappeared somewhere.

Asia and I were left alone. Asia and I exchanged glances.

“Yeah, shall we return to our class?”


Like this, Asia and I returned to the classroom at once.

Part 4

“Ara, Asia-chan, you’re looking good in the video!”

My mother was in a trance looking at Asia on the TV.

“Hahahaha! Paying attention to a daughter’s blossoming is a parent’s duty, after all!”

While drinking sake, Buchou’s father was heartily laughing. That person, after drinking sake becomes a different cheerful person all together… Even though he was that much of a dandy person before!

After dinner at the Hyodou house, the admiration meeting for today’s classroom visit had begun.

The participants were, my mother and father, Buchou’s father and Sirzechs-sama.

While gulping down sake, they were comparing the video they shot mutually.

The girls in question were at the end of living room with their faces red and were praying “End quickly, end quickly!”. This was like being half dead.

They had cheekily shot me as well! Don’t take shots of me working on my PVC clay! I don’t know what my parents and Buchou’s father talked about in school but it’s certain they hit off well and had become close. Really, what happened?

“This is… A hell, the likes of which hasn't been seen before...…”

Buchou was shaking her whole body while blushing to the maximum limit.

“Please look! Our Ria-tan is raising her hand and answering Sensei’s question!”

Sirzechs-sama! He’s commenting on his little sister’s blossoming with a high tension! Ooh! Buchou covered her face with her hands!

“I can’t bear it! Onii-sama, you idiot!”

Aah! Buchou ran away not being able to bear it any more!


Sirzechs-sama is knocked down by Grayfia-san’s paper fan!


I became worried and chased after Buchou.

Part 5

Buchou was sitting in front of my room.

She was puffing her cheeks as if in displeasure. I wonder what’s wrong.

“Bu-Buchou. Would you like to enter my room?”

Buchou nodded without any words. Somehow, she became a normal girl.

After entering the room, Buchou jumped on the bed, and was quiet while lying upside down.

It was a situation where it was difficult to say anything. I sat on the floor and was searching for some sensible words in my brain.

“My mother, father, and your family sure got along well.”


Uh, no words. No, I felt that a silent room was more displeasing, so without worrying I continued.

“This meeting is… I feel it is good. Dad and mom also seem to be enjoying it. Your father and the others as well…...there’s also the point that they were too upbeat but…”

“……...I know. I am happy too that my father and Ise’s father were talking happily.”

Ah, I got a reply. That’s good.

“Hey, Ise.”


“Are you happy to have met me?”


I didn’t imagine that question. Buchou continues on.

“I am happy to have met Ise. A life without you is impossible. Think of it as an honour. You hold a lot of space in my heart, you know?”

Y-You were that affectionate for me, huh…... I have got her favour as a servant!

“It’s an honour! I am also happy to have met Buchou! I can declare this positively!..... But, when I think that someday Buchou will also get a boyfriend, I, can’t take it…... thinking that you might go some place far away.”

Buchou raises her head, and tells me.

“Ara, I, won’t get myself a boyfriend, you know? More than that, for you to say that stuff, it’s a bit of a shock.”

“Eh? B-But, don’t you have to get yourself a husband?”

“That’s true. For the continuation of the house, getting a son-in law for the house is important.”

...? No, once more I didn’t get it.

“I decided to model the son-in-law of my house, myself. If I have to do it any ways, I’ll rear him according to my own ideals. That way is faster. Hey, Ise.”

“Haah, I see.”

I didn’t get it much but Buchou is going to raise the son-in-law herself, huh. If I were to wish, I want to be in that place but that itself was very hard. The future husband of Buchou…... What kind of husband will be born after being reared by Buchou?

Nooo, I want to be in that place after all! …...But, I wonder if it’s impossible.

“I have thought about my marriage ceremony as well, you know? Japanese style would be good. For the reception, someplace in Japan would be good. If you talk about a place with beautiful scenery then----.”

Buchou already had imagined it till there, huh. No, I want to marry Buchou!


My mouth was suddenly closed. She had her arms around my neck, with a chuu… I received Buchou’s kiss!? Uoooooooh! I-I am kissing Buchou once againnnnnnn!

T-This, sensation of lips! To be able to taste it again! It’s a soft and sensual contact!

It's my second kiss with Buchou! I did it! I received Buchou’s second kiss! Um, for what thing is this a reward for? N-No, let’s leave the small details out! I-I want to be proficient in this sensationnnnn!

With that, while I was moved, abruptly Buchou’s tongue was tasting my lips! Like that it’ll enter my mouth----.


Mine and Buchou’s tongues intertwined a bit and doing that I was pulled back by my neck, and the kiss that I felt would go deeper had ended!

A thread of saliva was going though mine and Buchou’s mouth, Buchou seemed to be making an expression of regret.

Uhiiii! For a thread of saliva to form from mine and Buchou’s mouth! I feel like I’ll die after being moved so much!

No, it’s all right to die! Ah, as I thought, no! If I had to die then I want to die after doing more tongue action with Buchou! More like, I don’t want to ever forget the sensation of Buchou’s licking! It was really amazing!


The one who had pulled my neck back was Asia. She’s teary eyed.

“Hey Asia. Don’t interrupt me when I am being affectionate with Ise. Even though he seemed to be enjoying his long awaited deep kiss that he was desiring… It’s quite difficult to create opportunities, you know?”

B-Buchou! Your method of being affectionate with your servant is escalating! I am happy! Thank you very much! But, due to the stimulation being too strong every-time my brain goes numb!

“…Just... Buchou-san is unfair.”

“The early bird gets the worm. I learned it in my battle against Akeno.”

What did you learn, Buchou! Uoooooh! Buchou and Asia are glaring at each otheeeeeeer! Once again in my room a battle of girls is beginning! Recently, it’s happening a lot here!

----While I think that, the silver haired Maid-san intervenes.

“You two, fighting isn’t good. I think especially in front of Issei-sama, it’s unwise.”

She separates the two who are glaring at each other, Grayfia-san calms them down.

“That’s true, fighting isn’t good.”

Moreover, Sirzechs-sama also enters my room. Is the admiration meeting over?

“I slipped out for a bit. There’s something that I need to talk about again. Rias, it’s the continuation of the talk from daytime.”

Talk? What would it be? Ah, Buchou and Akeno-san were called by Sirzechs-sama.

To me who was questioningly thinking that, Sirzechs-sama said something which was beyond my imagination.

“Let’s talk about the other Bishop.”

-----. That was, about the mysterious Bishop who was already present before me and Asia were reincarnated.

Part 6

The next day after school.

I was standing on the ground floor of the old school building’s room that had been made the “Sealed classroom”.

Everyone from the club was gathered. Even from the outside, this room was securely closed so we couldn’t see inside of the room. What was it used for, the explanation was without exception but…it seemed according to the conversation, that the other Bishop was here.

The other Bishop-----. For a long time, it was a mystery club member for both Asia and me. Likewise, except for newcomer Xenovia, the rest of the members knew about it.

He existed before I became a devil but, due to various circumstances, he couldn’t participate in the Rating Game between the Phoenix household and the battle against Kokabiel.

According to the conversation, it seemed his ability was regarded as dangerous, and because Buchou wasn’t able to completely control him with her powers, he was ordered to be sealed by the higher-ups. What exactly was he? Was he that dangerous?

Last night, Sirzechs-sama explained it in my room, it seems Buchou received a high evaluation by the 4 Maous, the Great King Bael house, the Archduke Agares house, and the great devils due to her fight with the Phoenix house and the fight against Kokabiel. The sealing condition of the other Bishop was lifted while thinking that maybe she could control him now. And with that we’re in front of the “Sealed Classroom” but…

A tape with “KEEP OUT” written on was heavily pasted with magical seals carved on.

“The kid is over here. All day, that bishop lives here. For the time being, his powers are loosened deep in the night, and if it’s just in the old building, he can exit the room, but the kid inside refuses to do that.”

Was what Buchou said. For some reason, she knocked on the door, and then started expanding her magic circle. She’s releasing the seal? If one was sealed in this cramped space for even half a day, wouldn’t one go insane? It was impossible for me. If I was told that I was free to do anything in the old school building only in the night, I would have happily run out.

“I-is the person a hikikomori?”

On my question Buchou nodded while letting out a sigh. Was that so? A hikikomori, huh.

Kiba removed the tape, Akeno-san also helped out alongside Buchou in removing the seal.

“The kid inside has been the biggest earner among the servants.”

Akeno-san said that. Seriously! Biggest earner….. How does that person earn?

Akeno-san continued as if replying to my question.

“Through a computer, the kid takes special contracts from humans. Frankly, it’s a person who doesn’t want to meet us. Those type of people negotiate in a different way, and make relations differently. They solve things through the computer. In the dealings through computers, amongst the new devil servants, this kid grabs enough numbers like those of a superior rank.”

Amazing! Negotiating through a computer! And with that, this kid took contracts from humans, huh!

“------Now then, I am opening the door.”

The magical seals carved on the door also disappeared, it became a simple door. Buchou opened the door-----.


-------!An outrageously high scream emitted from inside! W-What was it?

Buchou wasn’t even surprised, rather while sighing, entered alongside Akeno-san.

“Good day to you. It’s nice to see you all energetic.”


The exchange happening inside was heard. Judging from the voice, it could have been a middle schooler but… a girl? Or was it a younger male? I couldn’t say for sure yet. Though I could say that the person was extremely confused.

“Ara ara, the seal got removed, you know? You are able to go out now. Now, let’s all go out together?”

Akeno-san’s gentle voice. I sensed sympathy. I felt she was gently trying to connect.


“Noooooooooooooooooo!This place is gooooooooooood! I don’t want to go outside! I don’t want to meet peopleeeeeee!”

………W-wasn’t that a serious case of hikikomori…...?

Asia and I exchanged glances, and tilted our heads. Xenovia also let out a questioning look. Only Kiba and Koneko-chan understood the circumstances, huh, Kiba was smiling bitterly and Koneko-chan was letting out a sigh.

I strengthened my resolve, and timidly peeked in. Walking in just a bit, I glanced in the room.

The curtains were tightly shut close. Dim. The room was decorated in an unexpectedly cute manner, it looked like a girl’s room. Stuffed dolls were present as well.

A-a coffin? There was a single coffin present in one corner that seemed to be used in funerals abroad.

Buchou and Akeno-san were in the interior. Was the bishop present past them?

Approaching further, the one present there was-----a bishoujo with noble looks, golden hair and red eyes who looked like a doll. Sitting down on the floor, with a pose that looked as if wanting to escape from Buchou and Akeno-san. She was shaking a lot.

Wait, she was dressed in Kuou Academy’s girl’s uniform. More like, she was extremely cute!

“Ooh! A girl! Not to mention a foreigner!”

Wonderful! Another golden haired bishoujo after Asia, huh! I am happy! There would be two blonde bishops! There was no greater joy than that!

I was happy like that but Buchou turned her head sideways.

“Appearance-wise, this kid looks like a girl but without a doubt he is a boy.”

………Eh? For a moment, I doubted my ears. Plainly absurd words entered my ears. B-Buchou, please stop with the jokes. Doesn't this kid look like a bishoujo!

“No no no, no matter how you look at it. It’s a girl, Buchou! ……Eh? Seriously?”

“He has a hobby of dressing in female clothes.”

Akeno-san said that calmly. ……Hobby of dressing in female clothes? T-Then this kid was not wearing that uniform because he’s a girl but------because of a hobby?


I gave out a large shriek due to my big shock.

“Eeeeeeeeeeek!I am sorry, I am sorryyyyyyyyyyy!”

The golden haired bishoujo-----no, the golden haired girl clothing guy let out a shriek due to my voice.

Seriously! He’s a boy even like this!? No no, no matter how you look at it, that part of him was more like a bishoujo than even girls! I seriously didn’t get it! Even the voice was like a girl! His height was small as well!


I held my head with my arms, and crouched down in that place! This is irrational! For him to be a boy even though he was so cute! Was God merciless!? Wait, God wasn’t present then! It was merciless!

He definitely got his gender wrong! While inside his mother, he got something extra stuck on him! Uwaaaaaa, I can’t take it!

“Is it alright to have such a cruel story…... He perfectly looks like a bishojo…for him to be a man……for him to have a penis on him…...”

“……Talking about vulgar words is prohibited.”

Auh! Before I knew it Koneko-chan had entered the room!

Sorry, Koneko-chan. But, this is a cruel story!

“It’s an even more painful story that he has a hobby for wearing girl’s clothes! Since it suits him, when I heard the unnecessary truth, the shock was too huge! Even though he’s a hikikomori, he’s got a hobby of wearing girl’s clothes! Are the girl’s clothes to show to someone!?”

On my words the girl cross-dressing young boy refutes.

“B-B-B-But, girl’s clothes are super cute.”

“Don’t say things like super cuteeeeeeeeeee! Shit! Even though you’re a guuuuy! You shattered my dream in a instanttttttttt! I-I was actually dreaming about you and Asia, the double blonde bishoujo bishops, you know!? Give it back! Give back my dream!

“……Writings and dreams of people are transient.”

“Koneko-chaaaaaaaaan! That didn’t sound like a joke!”

However, that was cruel! I thought of him as a girl, but it was a girl's clothing guy!

“B-B-B-By the way, who is this person?”

The girl’s clothing guy asked Buchou. Buchou said it while pointing to me, Asia and Xenovia.

"These are new servants who came while you were here. The pawn, Hyoudou Issei; The knight, Xenovia; and like you, the Bishop, Asia.”

We said “nice to meet you” because we were introduced but, girl’s clothing-kun only fearfully said “Eeeeek, the members increased by a lot!” No, is he phobic to humans? This is terrible.

“Please, can we go out? Okay? It’s all right for you not to be sealed any more, you know?”

Buchou said it gently but----.

“Noooooooo! For me the outside world is impossibleeeeeeee! I am scared! I am scared of the outside! In any case, even if I go outside it would only cause trouble for otherssssss!”

Somehow, I got angry. Also, I couldn’t forgive him for being a male with that face! I approached him, and pulled his arms.

“Hey, Buchou said to go outside-----.”

It was the moment I was trying to pull him.


Along with the girl clothing-kun’s scream, the scenery in front of me became white-----.

…… ………Hm? Huh? Even though I should have been holding his arms right then, girl's clothing-kun wasn’t there.

Looking at it, he was shaking in one corner of the room. Huh? Why? I was definitely just pulling his arm then……

“This is strange. Something in this moment…...”

“…...It’s certain something happened.”

Asia, Xenovia and I were surprised by the mysterious phenomenon but the rest of the members were only letting out sighs. Kiba and the others of course knew about it.

“Don’t get angry! Don’t get angry! Please don’t hit meeeeeeeee!”

As usual, the girl's clothing-kun was just shouting. What did this guy do?

Noticing my doubt Akeno-san explained.

“That kid possesses a sacred gear that when he’s excited, the time of everything in his field of vision can be stopped for a fixed interval of time.”

……Wait, stopping time? Seriously? That idiot looking kid had a powerful ability sacred gear!

He possess that gear. That’s why, for a moment we felt malice.

He stopped us and ran away, huh. Even though I said running away, I thought he possessed a serious illness of not being able to go out from this room. That was, tolerable.

“Because he can’t control his sacred gear, by the orders of the Archduke and Maou, Sirzechs-sama, he was sealed.”

I understood that thanks to Akeno-san’s supplementary explanation. He could stop time. That was an extremely fearful power. If he couldn’t control it, then he’ll probably hurt his comrades as well. Was that the reason?

Buchou hugged girl's clothing-kun from behind, and said to us.

“This boy is Gasper Vladi. He’s my bishop. For the time being, he’s Kuou Academy’s 1st year. ------Also, before being reincarnated he was half human, half vampire.”

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