Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce

Chapter 83

Publishedat 22nd of October 2019 07:33:51 PMChapter 83

Mo Liancheng said: "Regarding this matter you should ask your father . Why? Lord Qu didn't tell you?"

"Does w.a.n.g Ye mean that you are willing to divorce Tan'er?" It'll be good if that's the case . She will never cling to a man who does not like her . Also, she he doesn't have a hobby for stalking .

"Do you think Ben w.a.n.g will let you go?" Mo Liancheng smiled and without looking back, he casually replied .

"I already said before, I'm not a roundworm in your stomach . I can't guess what you mean . But what I know is this, if you really want to divorce me, it's okay you don't have to worry, initially it was a marriage in name only and still is so it doesn't matter . All you need to do is pay a little compensation and after that, this w.a.n.g fei will disappear . " Qu Tan'er calmly replied, nodding acting as if being very understanding of his feelings . Unexpectedly she wasn't angry at his words at all, yet talked as if she already designed the road ahead .

Mo Liancheng asked while frowning: "Oh? What compensation?"


"Before I leave, I only need one thing from the w.a.n.gfu . w.a.n.g Ye should not refuse such a small request, right?" Qu Tan'er smiled calmly, her way of talking had already left all those tender and soft expressions, making it seem as if the soft and weak tone she used to use is now scattered all over the Ocean .

"This is your true nature . " Mo Liancheng looked at the zither in front of him with a smile, his fingers gently stroking it's strings .

"That's right, why? Do you have a complaint? Anyway, since I'm already exposed, then why continue working hard in putting an act? I am not that gentle, obedient w.a.n.g fei which you want . I won't learn the rules of respecting my husband . Such acts like waiting for you to eat during the day, and waiting for you to come back to my room at night, all those are of no interest to me, so please w.a.n.g Ye, find another lover, and let me go . "

"Oh, is it?" Mo Liancheng raised his eyebrows . Suddenly, he stood up, approached her step by step and finally sat down on the bench next to her, then leaned against the stone pillar behind her, with a casual face and a raised corner of his mouth, he stared at her with a smile .

"What are you looking at? Have you not seen a beautiful woman before?" Qu Tan'er also followed raising her eyebrows, all this standing has rendered her tired, she moved her legs and sat down on the chair next to her . Who cares about image when tired, anyway, since Mo Liancheng this guy does not seem to mind my actions, it's better to recharge my energy . When thinking back to all that pretending that she had to endure the entire time, she feels really tired . And the ending was the worst, she had endured all for nothing, sure enough, acting against her nature was a big mistake .

"Now, you're seem much more interesting than Ben w.a.n.g imagined," Mo Liancheng said lightly .

"You knew I was pretending?" Qutan'er squinted . She really doubted what was her worth in the end . She tried her best thinking she succeeded in tricking everyone by her act yet now Mo Liancheng tells her he was clear from beginning to end .

"Indeed . " He's really blunt in his answer .

"When did it happen?" Sure enough . . .

"From the first time Ben w.a.n.g saw you . " Mo Liancheng answered very naturally .

Qu Taner recalled the first time they met, and she couldn't help but twitch her mouth . "w.a.n.g Ye's skill is not bad, this act is also first-rate . "

"Thank you for your compliment . " Mo Liencheng smiled faintly .

"w.a.n.g Ye, don't forget, I am a person of Qu fu . Is w.a.n.g Ye not afraid that I will tell your affairs to my father?" Qu Tan'er chuckled . Now she say whatever on her mind without having to worry . Since all the cards are open, she should get a little benefit before leaving the w.a.n.g fu .

"Will you?"

"That's hard to say . " Qu Tan'er shrugged . She was not sure about it either . Maybe one day, she would have a slip of tongue when unhappy .

"Yin Xiangnong, she was sent by the second w.a.n.g Ye . In the end, she's been in w.a.n.g fu for two years but still lived well because she knew nothing about Ben w.a.n.g . "

Mo Liancheng suddenly changed the topic, did not continue his original words, paused for a while, glanced at her, and then continued to say: "As for Yu Yunyou, she was sent by the eldest w.a.n.g Ye, and from a brothel at that, but everyone thinks she's a lady from a distinguished family . "

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