Himekishi ga Classmate Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem

Chapter 11: Five Loyal Slaves and My Feast

Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

In front of my eyes, five of my slaves were lined up as they thrust out their hips towards me.

They were still standing up and had their hands against the bed room wall, it was a superb view.

This is a man’s dream, a man’s romance!

「I’m sure you understand this already but, you are truly the worst! Moreover why are all of us still wearing our clothes and armor?!」

「That’s the whole point. when everyone are wearing their usual clothes, it almost seems as though we are still in a party, and seeing your party member’s get violated, doesn’t that arouse you even more?」

「It isn’t possible to understand such a logic…..! This fellow, is way too much of a low-life…..!」

Only Kirika whom was wearing her knightly armor and Palmyra whom was wearing her goth-loli dress, were the only ones that Tooru had to force by compulsion to stand with their hips thrust out towards him.

The remaining three people were already shaking their ships as their feet quivered little by little, they were impatiently waiting for my penis to penetrate them.

「Now〜then, Who shall be the first person, I – w-o-n-d-e-r…….」

「Ah, it’s so hot…….!?」


「Nahnnn, Master your huge penis-sama is touching me!」(Amelia Speaking)

「Hyaaa…….I don’t know when you will insert it, and it’s making my heart beat like crazy」

My fully erected cock was brushed against the rear end of the girls as I occasionally poked them with the tip of my penis, slowly building their anticipation.

From the left sequentially, it was Kirika, Sierra, Amelia, Nina and Palmyra.

I slid my cock back and forth, and the feeling of their different shaped asses were really soft, my penis began to leak its fluids and little by little It would leave a mark on their butts as it passes by them.

「That’s right Sierra I promised you that I would reward you for your service last time. Do you want to be the first to be penetrated by me? 」


When I traced my cock slowly over the slit of her vagina, her elf butt which didn’t have an ounce of unnecessary fat in it, began to tremble and her slender hips shivered in pleasure.

「B…..But, Sierra caused so many troubles for, everyone that’s why…….. it would be bad if………Hyaa!? HniyaaaaaaaAAhnn!!?」

Nuchun………Nurugugunn…….!! (*poke*, *slip*, *slide*)

When I inserted my penis inside of her in a surprise attack, her tight elf vagina was already slopping wet, and it was happily swallowing my cock whole.

「It’s really good that Sierra has a strong sense of responsibility, but at times like these, you should just obediently accept my generosity……Toh! 」

「That’s true, nobody is blaming you……..Ahhh, I’m so jealous though…….! 」(Amelia speaking)

「I’m happy for you〜, Sierra-chan」(Nina speaking)

Being watched by her two adventurer comrades, Sierra moves her long ears up and down (flapping) as she feels the happiness of being pierced by my penis.

The pleasure of digging my way through her extremely tight yet soft walls was so intense that a tingle of pain went up my penis.

The real thrill of conquering this elf pussy was the fact that I was forming her narrow hole into the shape of my cock.

「Ahh, My lord……! It’s so sudden, your thrust it so deep into mee………Ah〜, Nhaaa, Ah, Ah〜〜!!!?」

「Eh, it’s a lie…….She’s letting out that kind of voice…….!?」

Even through her clothes, anyone could tell that Sierra had gigantic boobs, normally she would be a really quiet spoken person, but now she was acting like a totally different person, this caused Kirika to become bewildered.

「Ahh, Kirika this is probably the first time you’ve heard such a thing. Sierra who is being pounded by my cock, is truly a sight to behold isn’t it? 」

Elves are biologically much more slender than their human counterparts. Both the men and the women seem to have small sizes in terms of their private parts.

Although there is individual variation in size, when having sex with a human male, it cannot be compared to having sex with their own species, and there is this extremely sensitive spot that is unbearably pleasant to them, and it can only be reached when an elf’s most interior womb is vigorously stimulated.

It seems that one of the reasons why half-elf’s appear in this world is for such a pathetic reason………I really do sympathize with the man-elf’s.

「Wh, what a miserably lewd voice jya. It’s so shameless that we would not think you came from a race of prideful forest beings……! 」

「Heh, Are you really one to criticize other’s Demoness-sama? Even though you let out such a voice previously? 」

「It, it is to be expected jya! We for one will not be pleased if a dirty human thing was thrust into us, and we would not let out such a beastly sound…………HaaaaooooUmyuuuuuu!!?」

Biku Bikuuu! (twitch, twitchhh) Palmyra’s black frill which resembled a rose fluttered as her spine bent backwards in an arch.

When the insides of her skirts were peeked at………a sliver of love juices could be seen flowing down her slender thighs.

「Oioi, you are really full of lip service aren’t you? Letting out such a lewd voice, your voice was like a cat or animal in heat of some sort.」

「Ehh, ehh? What’s with you so suddenly Palm-chan? 」

「Wh, what’s happening, Haah…..!? Some, something feels like it’s coming in………..it’s almost like something thick iss penetratingg us……Higuuuuu!?」

The fact that she’s confused is actually quite reasonable. This is because, my penis was still settled in Sierra’s vagina, and I haven’t even used my hands to touch Palmyra.

However, what Palmyra is feeling right now is, without a doubt the pleasurable sensations of being violated by my cock.

「You see, the thing is I found a use for the new ability I obtained in the afternoon. When I supply magical energy to my slaves, a network is created between you guys, and just like this I am able to align your senses together」

「Wh, wha…..Did you say?……Hii, Hiiahyaaaa!? Our, our vagina iss………automatically caving in as if something is poking ittttt!? Nnaaaahyaaa!!」

Although it isn’t able to share 100 % of their body sensations, it’s at least to the extent that Palmyra is able to feel the intoxicating feeling of her insides being penetrated by my penis similar to how Sierra is currently melting in the pleasure. Moreover Palmyra’s pussy whom received my surprise attack was now spraying hot fluids and before she knew it she already surrendered her body to me.

「It, its amazingg……..Pl, please master, won’t you do the same thing to me? 」

「No, isn’t it better for you if I gave you the real thing, Amelia?」

For the time being, Sierra reluctantly parted from my penis as I slowly pulled it out of her.

To the right of Sierra, Amelia’s sun tanned ass was shaking since a while ago in anticipation of my cock, her pussy lips were already dripping wet and opening up to receive me as I plunged right into her.

「Ahhhh, Nnnnhaaaaaaaa!! Kitaaaa (It’s here)! Master’s penis-sama is finally in meee! I’m so happy, I’m so happy that it’s finally my turnnn!!」(Illustration: Joint Sensations Amelia & Sierra)

In comparison to Sierra’s narrow/tight vagina, Amelia’s flesh was thicker, her love juices were overflowing and her tempered muscles were firm and supple and it was strangling my cock.

This was also, unbearably good in its own way.

「Normally you are quite tomboyish, but being cornered like this, you quickly turn so adorable don’t you, Amelia……..Hora, Hora!! Even though you are getting screwed from behind does it make you happy? 」

「Ye, Yeeeshhh!! I used to be made fun by all the boys, they said that I was weak! But, but, I lost and I was taught how wonderful penis-sama is by Master!! Now getting disciplined/trained from the back is my favorite thing, I loveee ittt!!」

Her darkest and deepest desires were let out as she panted with pleasure.

Sierra and Palmyra also moved in accordance to my hip movements and they raised a high moan……..I made sure to tune their sense of pleasure so that they would be able to share in Amelia’s pleasant sensations.

And Kirika whom was watching the sudden change in Amelia, began to blush with embarrassment and surprise.

「Alright, the next in line is Nina! Firmly raise your hips and try begging for it! 」

「y, yes My Master! Ni…..Nina can’t wait for it any longer, please plunge it in …… hearing the sounds of my comrades letting out those erotic moans, my vagina has become slopping wet! Please I beg of you My Master please punish my dirty hole which is dedicated just for you…….! 」

She’s completely in heat, what a cute and erotic begging/pleading it was.

Rewarding her excellent performance, I took out my penis from Amelia and stood right in between Nina’s soft ass, my target was her dancing pink colored slit which was lightly shivering.

Her dancing flesh readily accepted my cock as it slowly sunk into her deepest parts, both of us leak a moan of pleasure.

「Haaaa, Ahhhhh…….! I feel blessed/happy, my master….. Is deep inside me, I thoroughly remember the shape of Master’s peniss……! 」

「Ahh, I also like how Nina’s warm and soft vagina fits perfectly with my cock……!」

Her inner walls kept on slowly changing shape, as if it was tasting and devoting itself to the shape of my penis, I slowly grinded my cock in her.

Of course I already linked the sensations of the three girls whom were comrades with each other, the three of them raised their voices in an exquisite harmony as if playing an instrument, and the room was dyed in a pink atmosphere.

「My Lordd……..My Lorddd!! Sierraa, Sierrra insides are completely filled with my lord’s thing, I’m soo happpy……!!」

「Ahhh Master, I love you Masterr! I’m also very happy, being made to submit/surrender to penis-sama is truly a lucky thingggg!!」

「I’m m, melttinggg…….My brain is meltinggg in the pleasureee, its soo deep inside of Ninaaa……..Ah, ah, Ahhhn! 」

Their brains were completely filled with the pleasure given to them by my cock. This feeling of domination is totally amazing.

When I glanced in Kirika’s direction, her cheeks were flushing from being exposed to the lewd atmosphere, and her armor rattled slightly, and her body whom was unable to move freely began to tremble/shake.

I specifically made sure that only Kirika was unable to feel the pleasurable sensations…..But I think it’s about time now.

「Hey Himeno-san, have you realized it? The truth is I have been slowly sharing the sensations of the three girls and sending it to you」

「Eh?…….N, now that I think about it I have been feeling a strange sensation…..So, so it was you all along wasn’t it……!?」

I matched my movements with the swaying of her hips and deep inside that black eyes of hers I could see her trying to repress the pleasures of her body as it slowly became unbearable for her. I was laughing inside my own head as I knew that I wasn’t actually doing anything to her, however I kept my cool and earnestly nodded my head to her question.

「Himeno-san, whilst you are sharing the partial sensations of everyone’s pleasure……..I will not allow you by any means to climax. It will be like a tantalizing itch that can never be scratched, as it continues to grow in pleasure」

「Th……That kind of thing, humph, it’s not like I want to cum……….uu, auuu……! 」

「Ohh, is that so? In that case, please enjoy that unbearable sensation. If you don’t want to climax, then this time around I won’t force it upon you. I will go straight to Palmyra, and skip you all together and end it with her, alright? 」


Without waiting for Kirika’s response, I took out my penis from Nina’s vagina and went towards the Palmyra’s ass.

Palmyra whom has continued to experience the shared sensations of the girls, finally receives my bare cock as I insert it into her vagina that does not lose in tightness to Sierra’s, I completely submerged into her most inner depths, as she let out a feeble breath and a thin whimper.

「Kuu, As usual this vagina is really small…..Oh if I remember correctly I said that I would punish you, isn’t that right?……..Alright, take this!!」

「TsuunnnHiiiiii!!? How dare you, myy buttt!?」

Pachiiiinn!! (Slap)!! A slapping sound resounds around the room.

I rolled up her goth-loli skirt and I slapped Palmyra’s white ass with the palm of my hands.

「Hora, Hora, your punishment for acting all haughty is getting your ass beaten as my penis is driven into you! It’s seems to be really effective for someone like you with such high pride, isn’t that right?!」

「Nnooo, Nhaaaaaa, Hii………Wa, waitt, do you think you will be forgiven for treating us in such a rude manner………Ahyuuuuuuiiiiiiii!!?」

I ignored her protests as she began to tear up, and continued to Pachin, Pachin! (Spank) that tiny ass of hers repeatedly.

Whenever I beat her ass, she squeezes really tightly, and her tiny hole grasps unto my cock as if it was trying to bite it off.

「Kuu! When I smack that ass you are seriously squeezing so hard………….Don’t tell me are you actually a masochist? Are you feeling good getting teased by the human you despise so much Princess Palmyra-sama? Surprisingly you are quite the mazo deep inside, aren’t you?!」

「It, it can’t be, We are not like that…….Nhyaaaa! We are not pleased when you hit our butt, that kind of thingg………for me to have such a shameless fetish is impossibleee, Hiiiiii please forgive uss!!」

Her demon ass was starting to redden slightly under my constant smacking, it was obvious that the pain and humiliation was turning into pleasure for Palmyra and she was continuously cumming.

Although I thought it was only a little bit, but I think that Palmyra has the makings to become a full-fledged masochist……..I will slowly but surely develop this sexual fetish.

「Uu……Auuu, everyone looks to be feeling so amazingg……! Haaa, Haaah…….Wh, why do I have this unbearable feeling………You are making my bodyy, feel so weird with that strange skill…… of yoursss….!」

Seeing how the four other people are completely enjoying themselves, Kirika as planned was the only one missing out.

The princess knight whom was wearing her dignified silvery costume. Kirika can only feel a halfhearted amount of pleasure, and she was starting to rub her inner thighs together in order to seek more pleasure.

「A re re (what do we have here) What’s wrong Himeno-san? What’s wrong with your body? 」

「………Eh? Ahh!?」

I promptly took my penis out of Palmyra’s insides (Whilst giving her one last big slap), I moved closer to Kirika and she began to notice getting closer.

If I didn’t compel Kirika to thrust out her ass with my Enslavement Magic, and stay in this pose, most likely she would have already begun to touch herself, that was how vigorous she was rubbing her thighs.

「Don’t you seem like you are in quite a bit of pain? As I thought you don’t want to be the only one left out do you? 」

「Th…….That’s no true…….! 」

Her words of denial are much more meek than usual.

Being exposed to this constant sexual tension/energy, my former classmate’s body was damp and sweaty, and her whole body seemed to release an odor of a young maiden in heat.

「Holding it in to yourself, is like poison for your body desuyo, Kirika-chan?」(Nina Speaking)

「Ahhaa………Stop being so stubborn and just surrender to Master, Kirika」 (Amelia Speaking)

「Everyonee…………. alll together its better this way………! 」(Sierra Speaking)

With haggard breaths and an entranced expression the three adventurer’s tempted Kirika to join them.

Even then, they could not sway the stubborn Kirika into letting go.

She has complicated feelings towards me, furthermore, she tries to resist the taboo of drowning in pleasure by keeping a distance, as it conflicts with her old fashioned morals/ethics. This is getting in the way of her from being honest to the aching of her body.

Himeno Kirika is a girl with such standards/morals.

Therefore, I prepared this scenario in advance……Well at the least I am still trying to convince her by doing such things.

「……Ahh it’s not good, I wanted to just tease you in the beginning but seeing how cute/lovely this ass of yours is, I’ve become unable to hold myself, Himeno-san. Is it alright, if I insert my cock?」

「Eh?……T….that iss…….Isn’t that kind of thing up to you………?! It’s not like I can resist even if I wanted to, isn’t that right Odamori-kun……?!」

For a brief moment, truly just for an instant.

I could see her long eye lashes flutter, and she was hesitating for a second and I could see it in her eyes that she anticipated my cock entering her desperate vagina and the relief in her eyes.

It was unlikely that Kirika herself realized her true feelings, however, this was a huge step………..All for the goal of making her truly surrender both her body and her mind to me.

「Thank you, In that case I won’t hold back……Ah, that’s right. There’s one thing that I haven’t told you yet」

Her vagina was already slopping wet with her own nectar juices and I used the tip of my head to press into it teasingly as I began to talk…………….I finally disclosed my “scenario/plan” and put it into motion.

「Sorry, sorry, I think I’ve made a mistake in my statement earlier. 『Only Himeno-san, has yet to be tuned into the feelings of the others』」」

「Eh…….? Ah………….!? Wh, what do you mean…….You’re lying, don’t tell me!?」

「Yeah, that’s why if Himeno-san’s pussy is wet to this extent, then in reality it’s because Himeno-san is erotic and thinking about dirty things………….Such a thing can’t possibly be true right? 」

「Ahh, Ehh ehhhh!? Wa, wait a minute Odamori-kun, Waitt……..」


「…..AhhaHhhAhhhh!?………. NhaaaaaaaaaHyaaaaaaaaaaAA!!!?」

As she was still hesitating and confused about what was just said by me, I interrupted her train of thought and cut it right in half by plunging my cock deep into her.

It was surprising at how easily she let me slide my fully erected cock into her deepest areas, without resistance and obediently, my cock slid deeper and deeper as if she was inviting me and urging me on, she swallowed my member.

Whilst still wearing her full Princess Knight Armor, Kirika was connected to me from the back, with complete ecstasy and without being able to say a word of complaint her whole body shook as it was penetrated by me so deeply and she let out a moan of pleasure.

「Ouuu, This is amazing, out of the five people, you are the one with the most slippery and wet vagina, did Himeno-san honestly, want my cock that badly?」

「Hyaguuuuu, It, it’s not truee, that kind of thinggg oooo!? I wasn’t wa, waitttingg………Stop asking me thingss I don’t knoww!!」

I made her answer me truthfully with the power of my compulsion, it would seem that she herself was not aware of her own desires and was not able to clearly say it.

In that case, I will continue to corner her until she understands. Using my penis that is.

I groped her plump/ripe ass through her skirt, and attacked her slopping vagina without any mercy.

「Afuu, Hyaahyuuuuu!? This is completely different to when we did it beforeee……….Nhaaaaa, AhyiiiiiiiI!!?」

「From the entrance to the middle to the deepest parts of your vulva…….All three places are gradually tightening what an amazing vagina you have Himeno-san…….Your (honor student) pussy is really good at pleasing my cock」

「Iyaa, yaaadaaa, Don’t say those kind of thingss, if you praise me with such things its embarassingggg!!」

「Isn’t it fine like this, You should just let yourself go and show everyone how good you are feeling Himeno-san…………….Hora, Let me give you the real taste of what it’s like to share the pleasures with everyone!!」

I transmitted the pleasure Kirika was feeling to my other loyal slaves and linked them together.

Immediately, the four other people bent their backs in ecstasy as they let out a scream simultaneously.

「Hyaaaa!? Th, this is amazing………Kirika-chan I can feel electricity running through the deepest parts of my interior」 (Nina Speaking)

「It’s a feeling that is more intense than anything I’ve felt so far!」(Amelia Speaking)

「Kirika…………..You aren’t honest with yourself………! If you feel this good, you should be honestly and just say it…………..Ahh, Hyaaaa! 」(Sierra Speaking)

「Uuuuu, Aguuuuuu!? Pl, please…….hit our pathetic/miserable ass moreee……! 」(Palmyra Speaking)

Kirika whom had the fact that she was indulging in the pleasures granted by Tooru’s cock be shared with everyone, was sobbing with tears. Her long black hair was disheveled as she kept saying “iyaaa iyaaa”.

On the other side of the spectrum, Palmyra was begging to be abused by me, and instead I was punishing her by not giving her what she wanted the most.

「Hyaaa Usoo(It’s a lie) Usoo, Iyadaa yadaaa, everyone please don’t look at mee, don’t feel goodd!!」

「The moment when you climax, I will be sure to thoroughly share the experience with everyone whilst flaunting it, Himeno-san!」

「Naaaaaahyaaaaa, I’m not goingg to cummm, I’m not going to cumm just fromm thisss Ahhhhhhaaaa!!? Nhaaaahhhhh ahh〜〜〜〜!?」

Contrary to her words, Kirika constricted her vagina violently and she reached closer and closer to an extremely big climax.

Experiencing the wonderful vaginas of five very unique girls, even for me I began to approach my limit.

My left hand was on her hips whilst my right hand grabbing unto her blue mantle which was wrapped around her neck. From the back to the front, I gouged out the princess knight’s body and scooped out her vagina out to the depths.

「Now Kirika, This is not an order!! Using your own body and your own mind, experience the ultimate pleasure of my penis and reach your climax!!! Kuuuuo!!」

「Dame dame dame dameeee (basically same as iyada)………Ahh, Ahh, Ah……….NnnooooahyaaaaaaaaaAAAAnnnAAAhh〜〜〜〜〜〜! ! ! ? ? 」

Biku Biku…………….Dobyuuuruuruuruuuu !! Dobyuu, Byukunn Dokunnnn ! ! (twitch, twitch, splurttttt, splurt, splish splosh)

I pricked her womb and vigorously began my last spurt driving into her and scooping out her insides in a piston motion.

I poured my semen into her weak point at point blank range and Kirika’s body undulated in a big wave motion as if she was getting swept away by a tsunami, she experienced an orgasm she never felt before in her life as she screamed her lungs out.

This intense sensation of ecstasy as she came, was naturally transmitted to all my other slaves.

「Ahh 〜〜, Nhaaaahhh 〜〜〜!? M, My Lorddd, itss……….A, Amazingggg…….! 」(Sierra Speaking)

「Higuuu, Nhaaaaooooo……!! Haa haaa, Even I am cumming…………! 」(Amelia Speaking)

「Buaaaahh!? Ah, Ahhaaaaa………My Master your cockk is sooo goood…………! 」(Nina Speaking)

I was overflowing with pleasure and as a last bit of service for Palmyra, at the same time Kirika was squeezing the last bits of my ejaculation into her womb, I hit Kirika’s round/plump ass once.

「Igiiii, Hiiiiiii!? We are goingg to cumm again just from the sensation of getting our butt smackked!?」

I was enjoying everyone’s cute voices and the fact that I just busted my full load into Himeno-san vagina which was now permeating with my sperm, filled me with a sense of conquest and overall well-being.

The amount of semen I shot out was more than I ever spurted before, but Kirika seemed to have no qualms in accepting my full load without leaving any left over.

「That was the best, Himeno-san……! A re (oh?)……Why is it that you are desperately trying to hide your face? 」

「Sh, shutt upp………….shutt uppp………………Bakaaa………..!」

My former Chairman Princess Knight Kirika was desperately using the mantle and her long black hair to cover up her face.

Although, she was still grasping unto my cock which was still inserted in her, and she was happily wriggling her insides around it.

「Kirika, I’m so jealous of you……….Th, this time, is it alright if you came inside of Sierra………? 」(Sierra Speaking)

「I also don’t want to lose out on such an experience, Master please love me lots as well」(Amelia Speaking)

「You guys don’t need to be worried, I will be able to pour it into everyone as much as they’d like」

「Fufu, It’s because Nina has perfectly prepared energy reinforcement and physical reinforcement magic〜 」

「it, it can’t bee, you’re still going at it?………Just like we just did just then, over and over…………..? If you continue to do that, I, I……………Uwaaa Auuuu……..!」

「Pl, pleasee………Our ass, moreee, moreee……..!」

That’s right, our fun feast is not over just yet. We have only just begun!

In this way, my Slaves and I have a long lively night ahead of us………..

「You guys Geez, Nana doesn’t really understand the reason……….As to why everyone likes to play such a strange game」 (Naive Nana speaking)

Nana had a body that did not need to sleep and she was put on guard duty to stay outside our room, Nana was complaining.

If she was able to sigh, right now she would let out a really big sigh.

「Or perhaps…….If I changed my body to be like everyone else, I will be able to comprehend………? 」

Nana the Magical Being, grumbled out her thoughts as she looked up towards the sky of this world which had two moons unlike earth.

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