Himekishi ga Classmate Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem

Chapter 13: Assault Strategy and Crossing Swords

The sunlight at the break of noon, blazes across the vast red brown wasteland.

When I looked down from a steep cliff, what I saw was a meandering (zigzagging) narrow valley, it kind of resembled a deep dried up river. (Note: This is what I think the Valley Looks like)

If I was to use my former world as a comparison, it was like one of these scenes from a North American movie.

「In the entrance of the valley, there were no marks of animal hoofs or wheels, My Master」

「It seems that we have managed to arrive here before the Princess」

From then onwards the four of us procured a small sized wagon driven by two horses, as we rushed towards Siberia Valley.

It will become troublesome if the Princess manages to enter the “Tower of Revelation”. That’s why we are currently rushing towards the location, if we waited for Sierra and the others to arrive, the possibility that we will lose the opportune moment will increase.

Thankfully this valley has a suitable geographical features to set up an ambush.

Before Princess Sistina arrives at this place, I plan on using my current war potential to set up an ambush and settle it in one fell swoop.

「Alright Nina, using your gravity field, please close the exit route with a couple of those big rocks. Make sure it isn’t discoverable from a long distance so place them around the bend」

「I see, it’s to trap them in place desune」

「I will leave the duty of using the spyglass in Himeno-sans care. If you see even a hint of a wagon approaching us, please inform me immediately, you whom has previously served the royal family would know of their symbol, right? 」

「Affirmative………Hey, Odamori-kun. Do you think Iblis will also be aiming for the Princess in this location? 」

「I wouldn’t know about that. However, there is something that bothers me」

Whilst we were moving, Kirika told me a more detailed background story of the “Tower of Revelations”.

It was said that the facility has not been used for the past hundred years.

Whilst it was true that there was a lack of people with Princess Sistina’s caliber of skill. Another main reason was that it was forbidden to be used recklessly, if the prophecy did not affect the destiny of the whole country.

「The thing that bothers me the most is, why now? Is the appearance of the “Slavemancer”…..that big of a deal to warrant the royal family to mobilize? Or is it that she has discovered other prophecies that could affect the whole country? 」

「From what I know, there is no other prophecies…….However, the Princess is a very intelligent person. Unless there was a very good reason, she wouldn’t willingly break the laws of her own country」

A reason…..What reason could it be?

This made me think for a little while.

「Maybe, just as an off chance. What if there was someone whom recommended the Princess to go towards the Tower of Revelations…….? Somebody whom wanted to kill two birds with one stone by securing the princess and obtaining an accurate prophecy, for example」

Kirika’s expression hardened as she heard my speculation.

「Ah…..! Don’t tell me that the spy Iblis has planted has already infiltrated as deep as the royal palace!?」

「Well in the end, this is only one of my hypotheses. However, one thing is certain, the fact that Princess Sistina doesn’t have her most elite Princess Knight guarding her right now. This is a big opportunity」

「Then my mobilization, and this situation……..」

Himeno had a lovely face as she looked down in shame. Woops, I should have taken into consideration that she had a strong sense of responsibility towards the princess before spouting out those words.

「Don’t worry, you need to look at the bigger picture. Because you were with me, we were able to discern the fact that the demon Iblis was aiming for the Princess with evil intent, isn’t that right?」

「That, is…….Certainly true. We mustn’t let the Princess fall into the hands of the demon」

「Yeah, that’s more like it」

She nods her head slightly and returns to her usual serious expression as she turned towards the valley entrance.

Suddenly her footsteps stopped.

「Hey……..Odamori-kun. You are……..planning on turning Princess Sistina into one of your slaves aren’t you? 」

「Ahh, I’ve said it many times haven’t I? Don’t tell me, you are going to start begging me to stop now」

Kirika whom was under my absolute compulsion, was not really a position to be giving me any unwanted suggestions, as there was nothing she could give of equal trade.

She probably already realized the fact that she couldn’t really negotiate with me.

「…………No. However, I have one thing I need to tell you」

A strong wind approached from the empty valley, and Kirika’s long black hair and blue mantle started to flutter.

She had a determined expression that I’ve seen before on her face.

「The Princess is my benefactor. If by some chance, you were to push that person’s mind to the depths of despair……….It will add to the list of things I will not be able to forgive you for」

Surprisingly, Kirika has yet to let go of her obstinate hope for a reversal to occur, and she is still very defiant towards me.

Her gaze sends a shiver up my spine. It wasn’t in fear, but in joy.

Yes, it was this…….This was the reason that having Kirika next to me was so amusing.

「Ahh. I will remember your words, Himeno-san」

「Yes, Thank you. That’s all I have to say」

She started walking again without a hint of hesitation.

Palmyra was floating nearby whilst having her legs crossed, she approached me soundlessly.

「This Princess Sistina seems to be a very important existence, for the Princess Knight」

「That might also be true……. However, that’s just the kind of diligent/serious person she is. At heart, she was a natural at being the “Class President”」

「We don’t really understand the words, you speak sometimes」

Sense of Responsibility. That keyword was the word you could attach to the person known as Himeno Kirika.

Well, that in itself makes it fun for me to tease her, moreover it actually made it easier to steer her in a certain direction.

「Regardless of the case, This time round I will make sure to put you to work as well」

「Humph, We know this already. Rather than struggling fruitlessly, we’d rather submit slightly」

「………It’s good that you understand」

I have revised my strategies and then analyzed them again. Now then, will this plan be able to work in my favor?

Sooner or later, the big players will make their moves……That’s when we will find out.

「They have arrived……..Without a doubt, it’s the Ranbadeia Royal Family Wagon」

Around the time the sun began to set, a big white wagon enters the valley.

To the left and right sides of the wagon, four guards riding on horseback was riding parallel to the wagon.

「Alright, commence according to my arrangements. Everyone, start the mission」

Tooru was overlooking the situation from on top a cliff as he swallowed down his saliva during this moment of tension.

Just as I planned, the huge rocks appeared at the end of the valley and it blocked their path and made them abruptly stop.

As expected the guards of the Princess became high on alert, as two of them pulled out their bows whilst the other two guards unsheathed their swords, they also tried to rapidly turn around their wagons.

That’s right, this was the moment I was looking for.

「Do it now! Give it to them Palmyra! 」

The demoness was floating buoyantly on top of the big rocks blocking their paths.

As our magic was aligned, my hands which had the mark of obedience along with the mark carved on Palmyra’s forehead shone/glittered.

And then it struck me, my magical power was being absorbed towards Palmyra from 100 meters away and my whole body began to feel fatigued.

「Kuu, this is way more intense than I had expected!」

「Kufufu……….I can feel it, it is flowing into us through the contract, your comforting magical power! 」

Palmyra was currently weakened as a result of being limited by my magical power, therefore in order to cast her more high level demonic magic’s, I supplied her the maximum amount of magical power I could muster even though it may have been slightly dangerous to me.

Though the guards may have noticed her existence now, it is too late!

「Now, Allow us to dispel the resentment that has welled up within us! Purgatory smoldering cage…………..Violet Flame Prison: Blazing Cage!!」

Violet colored flames surrounded the wagon in an instant, it was the blazing flames from hell.

The guards were heavily surprised as they let out a scream of fear.

This flame doesn’t burn the flesh, instead it will burn the spirit/soul of a person.

The guards and the wagon driver were overcome with rapid lethargy and symptoms of shock as they were confined by the fire, even the horses began to collapse one after another.

The princess should also have fainted inside of the wagon. The move that was used to capture Sierra previously was the most suitable ability to use in this situation.

「Don’t be alarmed, their life is not in any danger……….With this our duties towards you have ended」

「Good work, I will be sure to reward your ass later」

「Th, that kind of thing, we don’t need it!?」

Recently I have forgotten just how powerful Palmyra was. As expected though, a demoness of the Fourth rank is not a title just for show.

Although, we were only able to capture them so flawlessly because of the fact that we were one step ahead and was able to plan an ambush beforehand.

I looked towards Kirika and gave her the signal to move.

「Alright, it’s your turn. Kirika it will be your responsibility to collect the Princess! 」

「Even if you didn’t tell me……….Haaaa!!」

Kirika kicks off from the slope and dashed towards the wagon which was still burning brightly.

Using her ability Aerial Circle she launched herself elegantly towards the wagon making use of the footsteps which shone in the air to reduce any impact as she gracefully arrives in front of the wagon.

Because the Princess Knight has a high magical resistance, the effects of “Blazing Cage” did not really influence her as much.

「I can’t believe that I would meet the Princess again in such a situation…..!」

Even without looking directly at her face, I could tell that she was troubled by the situation.

Although it was for the purpose of protecting the Princess from the Demon’s, seeing her previous comrades on the floor and having to kidnap her former lord with her own hands must be unnerving.

However, any orders given by me could not be disobeyed.

Kirika’s hands extended slowly towards the door of the wagon which was deathly silent.

「It seems that everything has gone according to my calculations, with this the mission is complete—–……..」

In that moment.

The door was kicked open from the inside and a shining blade was aimed directly at Kirika!


Gakiinnnn!! (Clash)

The resounding sound of metal’s clashing, Kirika was barely able to avoid being stabbed as she parried the blow with her own sword…….The opponent’s blade had the same exact design as Kirika’s knight sword.

「You’ve been fooled, intruder! It’s a shame for you but I’m just the bait! The Princess is not here—–」

The voice of a young sharp woman.

Having recognized who the “intruder” was, her tone of voice change to one of complete astonishment.

「Whaa, it………It’s you Kirika!?」

「So it’s you………..Celesta! 」

Kirika was clashing swords with another person inside of the blazing fire.

It was another, Woman Knight.

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