Himekishi ga Classmate Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem

Chapter 59: The Party before the Storm and the Method of Capturing

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The massive and distorted silhouette resembling a human being was towering over the center of Paravata City, its sheer size brings the perspective of things out of order within this evening sky.

The floating mass of rock which contained the existence had finally settled on to the ground and now ruins and wreckages could be seen resembling the form of destroyed flower petals in the ground. Although many houses both inside and outside of the rock lump was destroyed, due to the prompt and efficient guidance of Deputy Mayor Leifell the citizens were barely able to find safe refuge.

The giant does not move from the posture of extending both of its big hands as it tries to reach up into the skies with an open palm. Its hands were like a bundle of very large trees that were several hundred years old and bundled up together. It was like an eerie monument which grew from the ground.

At times, you could see shining objects fly towards the surface of the giant’s body. Elemental magic attacks such as fireballs or lightning bolts, and even enhanced arrows were fired at it.

Adventurers and the citizens of Paravata alike were trying to enclose the giant and attack it, however, even if they were able to strip off the layers of rocks in the surrounding area, when they hit the giants main body it was like there was absolutely no damage being done to the giant.

「Damn it! It feels like it’s totally ignoring us and is not putting us in its eyes at all…..!」

Looking at the scene before him from a hill a little bit away, a young Ax warrior by the name of Saineku was clicking his tongue.

After seeing how Tooru’s party was fighting and how brilliant and dazzling they were, he had completely lost confidence in himself, he was troubled by his future course and was thinking about what he could do from now on, that was when the city of Paravata started to shake and rumble leading to this current situation he was in.

「In truth that is probably the case. Just a little while ago, Paravata used their military grade magical ship to bombard what seemed to be the giants head, but not a single wound seemed to have been sustained by it」

Rubbing his own smooth head one of Saineku’s party members the Shinto Priest Warrior Shasosu leaked a sigh.

The Half-Elf Girl thief Juno took a side glance at her childhood friend Saineku with a worried expression on her face.

「Hey, don’t you think that it’s going to get even worse if we don’t quickly run away from here? Right now it might not be moving, but if that thing started to move its definitely going to start crushing people like bugs isn’t it?」

「It is exactly as Juno-ojouchan has said. It would appear that this is no longer a safe place for us, Saineku-bo」1

「Oi oi……. What else do you think can occur after all of this has already happened, Rikushino-jiisan?」

Using the farsighted magic (that was comparable to the monocle that Nina enchanted) An old magician by the name of Rikushino was looking at the ground where the giant had half of its body buried, magnifying the area, he began to speak about the situation that was occurring on top of this already abnormal situation.

「It’s the shadow beasts. Those strange things have started emerging out from the inside of the giant, and they have started to attack any adventurer parties who have been trying to investigate and search for clues inside of the giant!」

「A-are you serious!?」

In that case, are you telling me that the master of the Shadow Beasts is in fact that giant structure?!

Or did it somehow gain control of the crystal shadow beasts, and is now commanding them directly?

And why is that Giant just staying there without moving? Is that Giant saving up its energy and gathering power right now…?

What kind of power will it have once it was fully awake and able to move around…… the surrounding areas, perhaps the surrounding countries will be thrown into chaos? Who the hell is going to be capable of stopping such a thing?

「Well, no matter the case, it is clear that this Paravata city is already done for…….」

「Shit……..! At a time like this, what the hell is he doing?」

「He? Who is this “he” you are talking about?」

A weak looking evil-eyed young man…… Surrounded by beautiful women, like glittering stars they were drawn to this young man, he was their mysterious party leader, and his appearance floated in Saineku’s mind.

Without a doubt he was feeling that it was unfair and he was definitely jealous and envious of this young man, however, he also thought that perhaps if it was his group, they may actually be able to do something in this horrid situation—— there was a string of hope and anticipation that they would come save them from this crisis.

Those beautiful war maidens who were capable of easily defeating a full huge sized shadow beast like it was nothing.

However, there was no sign of him and his ensemble of girls appearing in this place.

(Don’t tell me, they’ve already run away…..? No, they must be preparing themselves in order to fight this giant thing. I just have a strong hunch that this is the case….. No it must be so, it’s definitely like this! Right?! That’s your plan right?)

Like he was praying to the gods, Saineku was gazing into the sky wishing that those war maidens that saved his party’s life before would appear again, especially that enchanting black haired beauty wearing a knight’s costume.

At this time, a privately owned magical ship softly landed right in front of his eyes…

「Fuu….. I’ve kept you waiting Celesta, it’s your turn for the insertion」

「W-wait a minute! Or more like, no one is waiting for you….. Fuaa, Aaahhhhnn!!? 」

My cock was covered in various different liquids, a feeling of comfortable tightness wrapped around my penis as I sunk into her vagina, we were in the sitting cowgirl position with her on top.

Amelia and Kirika were fully naked right next to us, they were breathing roughly and covered in sweat, being completely exhausted they were wearily lying on my huge bed.

The thick cloudy fluids that were flowing down their thighs were proof that I had already amply came inside of them.

「Y-you bastard! We don’t even know when that giant is going to start moving, this is not the time to be doing something indecent like this, Nnnahhnn Hyaaannn!? 」

「It’s quite the opposite, Celesta. Rather because we are in this situation, I need to charge everyone and fill them up with my mana, not just Kirika but all my magical slaves!」

I plan to thoroughly develop her body into a slutty bitch, plunging myself into the depths of her soft flesh, I rhythmically drive my waist faster and faster into her, at first she was glaring at me but her almond shaped eyes soon began to melt and her expression was going slack.

Contrary to her words, being made love to by me was making her insides melt, reacting to my piston thrusts, she was beginning to shrink and constrict her womb, it was like she was trying to kiss the tip of my penis head with her uterus.

「That’s it, just like that. Isn’t this good, Celesta? Don’t you like feeling good? Ah, if you still going to hold back, I will help you so that you will become more honest with yourself, okay?」

Flamia appeared from behind us suddenly and although Celesta breasts was not as big as Kirika’s, Flamia begun to suck her right nipple. *Kiss, lick*

「S-stop it Flamia! E-even if you do something like that it’s not like milk will come ou……ttttt!!? T-the left one too!?」

「Ohh, you’re right that nothing is coming out, but this nipple is still quite delicious」

「I think so too, Onii-san! Celesta is usually so uptight but this part of her is really cute~! 」

「W-who is cutee………. Fuaaahh!? T-the both of you are playing around with my breasts like it’s a toyy, s-stoppp!? Ahhhhhnn, my nipples and that place is becoming so hott, I feel so weirddd………!!?」

Flamia was imitating my actions, sometimes we would suck on it strongly, and at other times we would lick it gently, Celesta’s body was bending backwards and I further scooped out her insides by accelerating my waist movement.

The woman knight’s pussy which was totally wet due to the stimulation of her erect nipples, made her clamp down on my cock even more and this only served to expose her most sensitive weak spots which was being ravished by my penis.

「Oh what do we have here? You’ve become slopping wet and this tightness is also intense. Having your nipples played around with by this loli looking demoness who could be mistaken as your younger sister, are you feeling aroused? Knight-sama is this perhaps one of your fetishes?」

「Uuuu, N-noo that’s not true…..!?」

「Fuu~hnn, I’d be glad if you were to feel good because of me~. You know that I like you Celesta? Let’s just feel good together?」

「B-but if such a thing were to occur…… NnnnahhhhhhHaaaaaauuu!!?」

This Loli demoness did not really differentiate between feeling affection and sexual interest and she aimed her small fingers and tongue to freely play around with the defenseless Celesta.

Even at the best of times, this woman knight was an honest and strait-laced person but she was now being driven into a corner and made to fall into the depths of depravity. A beautiful woman and a beautiful girl, the sight of these two becoming intertwined with each other only made my cock larger and fill with even more vigor.

Moreover, the ambush for Celesta did not end there.

「Celesta………Holding it in, is not good for your body……. Hamu」2

「S-Sierra!? E-even you are here, wha……. Yaaaaah!? N-not my earss!?」

「That’s cause……. if Celesta doesn’t cum, My Lord is not going to take me to bed」

Unable to wait for her turn any longer, even the completely nude huge breasted elf snuggled up to the ponytailed knight. Sierra was using a light feather touch to caress her collarbone which was dripping with sweat and she also started to play-bite Celesta’s ears, supporting me from behind the scenes.

In the edge of my bed a little bit away, Palmyra couldn’t bear to miss the party and she was watching us with a feverish gaze whilst rubbing her thighs together in anticipation. Because of her high pride as a Noble Demoness, she may have been unable to tell me in an upfront manner, but, it was clearly obvious from her feverish breaths and that indecent look in her eyes, she was already in a state of sexual excitement.

「Geez, what impatient girls you are. Alright then, I’ll give Sierra a deep french kiss for a short time. Ora, Palmyra get over here and go down on all fours, turn your ass towards me. I will stir up your favourite hole!」

「A deep kiss with My Lord, I’m so happyy………. Nnnuu, Nnnchuuuuu!」

「Uuuu, w-why is it that only I am being treated in such a strange manner, aren’t you being too rough on me…….? Nnhiii, Hihigiiii!? S-so suddenly, your fingers are so deeeeppppp!!?」

Sierra’s gigantic marshmallows were profoundly brushing up against me and this sensation was really satisfying, moreover I was kissing her soft lips as we entwined our tongues together exchanging our fluids.

On the other side, I was picking Palmyra’s butt hole which I had trained exclusively to become my personal use sex hole. her inner rectum membrane was so hot that it surprised me, I was just fully enjoying her tight resistance with my fingers.

Naturally while doing all of this I was still enjoying Celesta’s vagina which had already begun lightly cumming over and over as her body convulsed……… This was precisely what the true charm of a party harem play should be like.

「Uuuu….. I seemed to have come a little late」

「Don’t worry Nina, once I’ve made both Celesta and Paru cum, I’ll insert it into you next…… Alright!!」3

「Higuuu!!? I-it’s suddenly moving faster inside of me, i-if you stir me up so rapidly I– Ahh, Nnnnhaaaaaaaah!!?」

「Fufun, i-if you thought that this great me, will so easily succumb just from having my ass hole played with, you are severely mistaken……..!? T-two fingers are coming insideee!!? Y-you can’t i-if you do that I’ll go crazyyy!!」

「That seems good~ Celesta and Paru looks like they feel so good~. Will Oniisan do it with me later as well?」

Flamia was looking at the scene with fascination and star struck eyes. This noble demoness who was only capable of talking big, immediately came the moment I played around with her masochistic ass hole. Since I couldn’t use both of my arms, I compensated by moving my lower body that much more as I drove my hot meat stick into Celesta’s uterus.

Perhaps their feverish state was contagious? But with the addition of my passionate tongue play with Sierra, entwining our tongues together, my lower half was also starting to tingle as this hot mass was building up and rising forth from within.

「Kuuuuu, I’m going to let it out soon Celesta! The moment that I spurt my hot semen into your womb you will cum, cum as your womb bathes in my sperm!!」

「Ahhhhh~~~~, Nnah ah ahh~~~~!!? Ahh I’m cumming I’m cummingggg!!? W-with this kind of bad man pouring his semen into mee, and being watched by everyonee, I’m going to cummm againnnn!!?」

Dokunn……….. Nnbyurururuuuu!!

Byukudokun, Byukukunn!! Dobyu dobyuunnn!!

I didn’t even need to use my compulsion magic, I merely used my own words to order her. But the disheveled flaxen ponytail girl was currently weak in both body and mind and as her body received my hot male fluids inside the depths of her womb, she reached her peak and was going mad with orgasms.

Unlike Kirika who was recently becoming much more dere with me, Celesta still had a strong will and was still quite reluctant to do it with me, forcefully discharging my semen into her I felt a sense of conquest as I corrupted her further into a state of immorality…….. And whilst thinking about something I wanted to ask both of these girls which would probably get me a double slap, I just continued to immerse myself in this entrancing pleasure of release. 4

「You’ve totally learnt how to adjust your timing and cum together in sync with me haven’t you, Celesta? You should be happy, at the rate that you are improving you will soon reach a state that does not lose to Kirika」

「B-bakamono…..! D-don’t compare us girls in that kind of thing, you nasty man….. Nnn, nnchuuu…..」5

I separated my lips from Sierra for the time being. This cute teary-eyed woman knight had just cum and her face looked really sexy and amorous. I softly embraced her and we entangled our tongues together. At these types of times, Celesta doesn’t resist me very much.

Shoving her face in between us, Flamia interrupted us with her pouting face.

「Celesta, your kiss is too long it’s no fairrr! Oniisan can I have a kiss with you next~?」

「Sierra also….. wants to have another kiss…. With My Lord……」

「I-I haven’t even cum yet, if it’s like this I’ll be in stuck in this half-unsatisfied state jyaaa……!」

「Ahh I got it, I know, for now I’ll make sure that you both cum…… Nina I’m counting on you to bring the Energy replenishing enchantment spell to a new level」


Celebrating, the swarm of girls gather as the faced me on the other side of the bed. Perhaps it was because Celesta was being so showy this time around, everyone’s passions were stirred and the girls were full of desire.

Although it gives off a luxurious impression, going around so many girls one after another was actually quite difficult to pull off——.

「Fuu, indeed keeping all my magical slaves happy is no small feat…..」

「Thank you for your hard work, Tooru-sama」

I was lying down on the sofa in the cabin room of the magical ship, Princess Sistina was lending me her body to use as a pillow and I was entrusting my upper body to her voluminous royal oppai’s. A floating sensation was wrapping against the back of my head, it was like I was lying down on two enormous milk balloons. This comfortable feeling is really healing me from the fatigue of the harem play a little while ago.

「So Princess, can you tell me how Riruna is doing?」

「Diane-sama was accompanying her before, but she had locked herself in her room…….. As expected, she must be really shocked at a variety of things」

「Well, I can understand it. Her most trusted partner actually betrayed her in such a manner」

Because I didn’t want to make everyone panic before, I actually didn’t mention it, but in all honestly, I am not entirely confident that we can win against our current opponent “Oruto”, and I cannot help but say that we are probably at a disadvantage right now.

According to the report by Deputy Mayor Leifell, even after she sent the best adventurers from Paravata City, they were unable to deal a single form of damage to the body of this giant structure.

In addition to this,

Even if Kirika was to use her full power in an all-out attack, there is no doubt that there will be a retaliation and counterattack made by the other side. it doesn’t seem like we will be able to easily reach Oruto’s main body.

「As long as Riruna is willing to cooperate with us, we may be able to see some hope…..」

「No…. The “current” Riruna, is unlikely to change the results all that much」

The one who understood her abilities the most is without a doubt her previously trusted partner Oruto, who she has fought countless battles with.

This Oruto, actually prioritized obtaining this “plant” or whatever it was so that it would be able to control the weapon concealed in the deepest part of the ancient ruins…… even at the expense of antagonizing Riruna.

In other words, it was already completely prepared for this situation and even if we were able to get Riruna to join us in a struggle against Oruto, our war potential is simply insufficient to destroy it.

「However, perhaps there is one exception that will enable us to overturn the situation」

「That is….. If Tooru-sama were to make Riruna-san into his magical slave and then strengthen and enhance her powers….. desuwane?」

The Princess quickly grasps what I want to say, as expected of such a wise person.

「Yeah. However, needless to say, Riruna has the magical reflection ability which is an obstacle that stops me from implementing this action. If I cannot establish a link with my Enslavement Magic, it will be impossible for me to strengthen her」

I doubt that this would have been included as part of Oruto’s calculations.

That’s why Oruto was just leisurely taking its time to charge up its energy and it even let Riruna just leave together with us. It seriously makes me angry.

「Then, Tooru-sama, you are saying that there is no definite solution in the present situation?」


Princess Sistina was looking down past her oppai pillows and towards me with an anxious expression on her face.

I answered her question by remaining silent.

That’s because——.

「……But, you’ve found the method haven’t you Tooru-sama?」


The words that the Princess uttered all of a sudden was filled with conviction.

Her round beautiful emerald pupils were staring at me straight from above.

「If I have been too outspoken, I’m very sorry. To me I can see that Tooru-sama has actually found a breakthrough plan, but even so, he is hesitant to put it into practice….. That’s what I think desuwa」

「…..I can’t hide anything from you can I? Princess Sistina」

I turned my head to the side and leaned back into her royal breast pillows and her soft flesh changed into an interesting shape. The Princess let out a short moan of “Ahhn” leak from her mouth.

「It is as you say. If I were to do it as usual, my Enslavement magic will have no effect on Riruna….. However, if I were to use “that”, the outcome could be different」

My eyes that have currently turned to the side landed on the shelf, on this shelf there is a slim parcel which had been wrapped.

This was the fragment of the Divine Corpse that I managed to obtain in the Forest of the Elves, it was the left over piece which had been partly stolen by Cruz.

「You remember it don’t you, Princess? That thing…… is capable of eroding everything that it touches. It does not belong to any type of magical school, instead it is one of the inherent properties of the corpse. In actuality, even Diane’s body which had strong magical resistance was incapable of fighting against it and it easily invaded her body」

「Tooru-sama, surely that’s…?!」


If the Divine Corpse was to invade Riruna’s body, and then what if I used my Enslavement Magic on was the “fragmented corpse”, what would the result be?

What Oruto fears the most is that I will gather the fragments of the Demon King’s corpse and one by one I will subject those pieces to my rule. In other words, my Enslavement Magic will work on the corpse.

In actual fact, when Nana’s body fused with the Divine Corpse, previously I was able to compel the Corpse with my connection to Nana, in order remove the corrosion from Diane’s body. In a way, I was trying to do the opposite of that.

Even if I could not control Riruna directly, if I was to merge and assimilate the Divine Corpse into the Hero’s body, then wouldn’t I be able to control her body and her mind indirectly?

And if I were to pour my power and enhance the Divine Corpse attached to her, it would be synonymous as literally giving Riruna the power boost.

It is likely that the Immortal Fox Goddess had this in mind when she wanted to use this information as a bargaining tool.

Her clue of “It’s something that I would be able to think of in my present condition” aligns with this idea.

「However….! What if something were to happen and it negatively effects Riruna-san’s body and mind!?」

It was exactly as the Princess has said.

I have had apprehensions because of it and it made me hesitate to put this action into practice.

If the fusion is in an imperfect state like it was with Diane, this strategy would be a failure. In order for this to succeed, I would have to integrate it almost completely and the Divine Corpse would have to “deeply” invade her body.

And when the fight with Oruto was over, just like that time when I was capable of ordering the Diving Corpse within Nana’s body, I would then draw it out of Riruna’s body……. But would I be able to accomplish this fast enough? There is no guarantee that if we take too long, the corpse may enter into a state of being unable to be extracted from her anymore.

「That’s right. Therefore….. this is really only to be used as a final resort. I’ve just managed to save Diane, but this time if Riruna was to be corroded by this crystal, then even if we managed to defeat Oruto, it would have no meaning for us. Moreover….」


「If a former classmate of ours that we finally met after such great lengths were to meet such an end, then Kirika would get really angry at me」

After a moment of just blankly staring, her elegant long eyelashes blinked.

Princess Sistina began to giggle and burst into laughter.

Ah~ having her oppai pillows shake gently like this feel good.

「Eh, why are you laughing, Princess?」

「Ahh, no that is… I’m sorry…. It’s just that Tooru-sama was saying something so kind」

「Kind? Me? Princess I think that your impression of me is a little off?」

All this time, I’ve only acted upon my lust and my calculations. I definitely don’t want Riruna to die, but to begin with, how can she call someone like me who subjects people to my Enslavement magic, a “kind” person?

「Fufuh…….. Then perhaps, my way of thinking is just slightly different from a normal person’s desuwa」

「Perhaps… At any rate, that method I just told you is really my last resort. I intend to explore for other means all the way up until the very limit」

Once again I adjusted my head from the side position to a lying back position and I was looking at the Princess’s face from under her oppai pillow.

And then her broadly smiling face suddenly shifted abruptly to one of seriousness.

「…..Tooru-sama. Allow me to say this one thing」


「If. If, after Tooru-sama searches for other means but is unable to find a solution and ends up inadvertently selecting the method from a little while ago…… even so」

Her milky tits were firmly embracing my upper body closely.

「I will, abide by Tooru-sama’s decision desuwa. No matter what, I will always remain as Tooru-sama’s ally, forever. Just this one thing….. Please do not forget it」

This act of mine could potentially destroy Riruna in both body and soul. And she’s saying that she’s willing to stick by my side, even if Kirika was to raise an objection and reject me——.

Thank you……. I was going to say, but I had this strange thought. The Princess wasn’t even under the control of my Enslavement Magic, why does she devote herself to me like so? How is she able to accept everything about me?

Although I want to be conceited and assume it is because I totally made her fall in love with my both body and mind…… But is that really the only explicable reason to it?

「Princess, you are…..」

I was opening my mouth and at that time.

The door of the cabin suddenly opened with force.



We were both surprised, and the person who was in front of us was the usual big breasted girl with a side tail, she was the cheerful and energetic Tachibana Riruna.

Her expression was not one that had just been betrayed by her most trusted partner, nor was it one of anger in case she overhead what I just said moments ago about my true intentions…..

「That is, after thinking about a variety of things….. I have a request that I need to ask you, Tooru-chi!」

The Gal Yuusha had glossy lips and it was pursed together forming this strong willed expression as if she was determined to do something.

1. Saineku-bo is this old man magician calling Saineku a boy, or sonny

2. hamu= sound sfx for taking something into the mouth (could be food or something else…) ha= opening mouth part, mu is closing it

3. Paru= Palmyra pet name version

4. dere = lovey dovey, its used often in Japanese culture, tsundere, yandere, dandere etc…

5. Bakamono= foolish person, baka= idiot, somehow putting it in English doesn’t feel right sometimes so I like to alternate between the two depending on if she’s joking or whether she’s literally calling an enemy a fool/idiot

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