His Genius Wife Is A Superstar

Chapter 1402 Is He Targeting Me?

Chapter 1402 Is He Targeting Me?

Iris sat on her husband’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Jin Liwei held her waist and smiled at her actions. He always enjoyed it whenever she seduced him. He loved that she wasn’t shy at all when getting intimate with him.

They kissed each other in a slow, almost playful manner. The air sizzled, immediately turning sensual.

He stroked her waist, lowering his hands bit by bit, and feeling the beautiful curves of her hips. When he reached her buttocks, he squeezed them, eliciting a thrilling moan from her.

Iris’ hands weren’t idle either. She caressed his hair, face, neck and then chest. When her fingers slipped inside his shirt, she felt his muscles contract and something harden below her.

She pulled her head away and pressed their foreheads together. Both of them were panting, their eyes heavy with desire.

”Are you tired?” she asked, her voice sultry.

He tightened his hold around her. “No. Not tired. I want you tonight, baby. So much.”

She chuckled and dove for another kiss.

Their tongues dueled at times and danced together at the other times. They took their time and just simply enjoyed the slow-building pleasure of foreplay.

Just as they were about to start removing their clothes, a loud wail interrupted them.

Iris jumped out of her husband’s lap by instinct and rushed to check on her crying baby.

Jin Liwei was left there hanging in the living area. He sighed and stared at the ceiling with an angry, raging hard-on. Without even looking with his own eyes, he knew that it was their eldest twin son who interrupted them.


Little Mochi had timing so good and so accurate that it was starting to become frightening. Almost 90% of the time, the baby would interrupt the husband and wife when they were about to do something naughty. It was as if the baby was equipped with some sort of radar to prevent his parents from doing anything similar to how he and his twin brother had been conceived.

The remaining 10% of the time was when the husband and wife left the babies to their nannies. They didn’t do this often because of their wish to personally care for their children as much as possible. But there were times that they needed some time for themselves as a couple without their children. It was only during these times that the two of them were able to make love.

Unfortunately, tonight was not the night.

Jin Liwei sighed once again before dragging himself (and his now softening erection) back to the bedroom. He saw his wife changing Little Mochi’s diaper. If not for the uncomfortable state of his lower region, he would have taken over the task.

”Be careful of that naughty boy shooting pee at you,” he warned his wife after remembering his own experience.

Iris chuckled and tickled her baby who laughed in delight. “Little Mochi never does that to Mommy. Right, Little Mochi? You’re Mommy’s good little baby, aren’t you?”

Little Mochi cooed and laughed as if agreeing to what his mother was saying.

”Is that naughty boy targeting me, his own dad?” Jin Liwei grumbled in a sullen tone.

”Why would you think that?” Iris laughed at him.

He narrowed his eyes at her before stealing a kiss from her sweet, smiling lips.

Little Mochi expressed his complaint upon seeing this scene by punching his cute little hands and kicking his cute little socked feet in the air. His dissatisfied expression looked so adorable that Iris felt her heart melt from unconditional maternal love.

She laughed from joy and kissed her baby several times. Little Mochi immediately laughed as well, delighted by his mother’s kisses.

Jin Liwei gave his son a meaningful look before pulling his wife and giving her another kiss, longer this time.

Once again, the baby protested.

Jin Liwei chuckled from amusement. He kissed his wife again, causing their eldest twin son to complain even louder.

”You demanding boy,” he muttered while chuckling.

Then he also dropped several kisses on the baby’s face.

Little Mochi giggled. He even grabbed his dad’s face with both his cute, little hands and returned the kisses.

Jin Liwei’s gaze softened, not at all minding the baby’s saliva that was now glistening on his cheek.

The parents savoured this precious moment playing with their attention-seeking but very adorable eldest twin son.

”Oh, Little Mochi. You. Are. So. Cute!” Iris punctuated each word with a kiss to her adorable baby.”

While Iris continued playing with their eldest twin son, Jin Liwei went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. The mother and son weren’t done yet when he finished and climbed on the bed.

By the time Iris finished lulling Little Mochi back to sleep, her husband had already fallen asleep in their bed. She climbed beside him and studied his face.

Now that she looked at him more closely, there were dark circles under his eyes. A furrow also formed between his brows, most likely from exhaustion and stress from work.

Her heart ached for him. Now that she was also running a group of fast-growing and increasingly successful companies, she knew firsthand how tiring and stressful it felt.

Jin Liwei had always been supportive of her business endeavours and would even provide helpful, timely assistance to ease her overall burden. She also wanted to do the same thing for him but her time and energy were extremely limited right now because of their babies.

The best thing that she could do right now was to provide some warm and comforting family moments during his breaks from work. This was why she brought their twins to his company earlier today and ate lunch with him. They might not be able to spend as much time together as they liked but at least she helped relax him even for just a bit.

She decided to optimize Ketchup in the next few days to provide better assistance to Jin Liwei especially during this hectic time at Jin Corporation. This was what she was best at anyway.

Iris pressed a gentle finger between Jin Liwei’s brows and smoothed out the furrow.

He turned his head and instinctively rubbed his cheek against her hand while not waking up. He must be really exhausted.

She lowered her head and gave his lips a soft, lingering peck.

”Good night, Liwei.”


The alarm went off early in the morning. Long Hui reached over and turned it off. He blinked, adjusting his eyes to the bedroom’s darkness.

Still feeling groggy from tiredness and insufficient sleep, he threw a woman’s arm and leg away from his body.

Oh, right.

The woman was now his wife.

Mao Qiuyue didn’t wake up. She only turned over to the other side and continued sleeping.

Long Hui sighed in relief. If she knew that he pushed her away just now, she would be livid and fight with him again.

Ever since their wedding, the days passed by without any meaning. He felt lonelier and emptier.

It was the complete opposite of his original expectations. Where was the wedding bliss? The happy and contented married life?

Even the honeymoon that he was having with Mao Qiuyue now felt like a chore.

If only everything went according to his original plan, the woman sleeping beside him would be Jiang Ying Yue. If she were his wife, he would be reluctant to even leave their bed with her in it.

He would slowly seduce her until she woke up. They would have morning sex before washing up together and then heading to the dining area to eat breakfast with their son, Little Jun.

Maybe in the next year, Little Jun would have a new brother or sister—a full biological sibling, not a half one.

What the hell happened? How did things turn to shit like this?

Everything had been going well when he connected Jiang Ying Yue to Iris for a bodyguard job. They had all been happy at that time.

It was when Wei Lan, that old whore, returned to the country. She began corrupting Jiang Ying Yue. Then Jiang Ying Yue began caring a bit more about her appearance. As a result, she began attracting the damn farmer, Lin Yehan.

Long Hui gritted his teeth at the thought of Lin Yehan.

He climbed out of the bed and locked himself in the bathroom. There wasn’t a shred of clothing on his body. His skin was filled with red marks, both hickeys and scratches, left by Mao Qiuyue in the past few nights.

Was Lin Yehan like this, too? Did Jiang Ying Yue leave a lot of love marks on him, too? Or maybe vice versa?

Just the thought was enough to make Long Hui burn with jealousy, fury and hatred.

Although he suspected and accused Jiang Ying Yue of cheating on him with Lin Yehan which triggered the complete breakdown of their own relationship, there was still hope in his heart that everything would be fine between them in the end.

Truth be told, he never really believed that Jiang Ying Yue cheated on him. He just reacted like a normal man and lashed out at her due to jealousy. He knew that despite her having a lot of reservations about their relationship right from the start, she still loved him a lot because of their child, Little Jun.

Now, however, he felt like she had slapped him in the face. No, more like she punched him in the face with all her muscled might.

The day after his terrible wedding, he saw a slew of photos and videos of Jiang Ying Yue and Lin Yehan together at the highly-publicized victory gala for the national shooting team. They were partners for the event.

Jiang Ying Yue looked so beautiful in her tuxedo suit. Despite her intimidating demeanour, her eyes were soft and gentle whenever she locked eyes with Lin Yehan.

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