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Chapter 1484 - A Brand New Era

Chapter 1484: A Brand New Era

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When the Gate of the Starry Sea was being remade, the universe and the stars descended into chaos, and meteor showers battered the entire barren universe and affected every single world in the void.

At this moment, the Greater World trembled, but the universe and the countless stars had settled down.

This was an absolute tranquility. The stars in the sky stopped shifting at this moment, and everything stopped while the starlight dimmed and faded.

The stars' natural movement in the heavens carried so much force that making it move was a nearly insurmountable task – at this moment, every single star seemed to freeze and this lack of movement and the power it produced was even more terrifying than forcing them to move, to an almost incalculable amount.

This was all in the background as Lin Feng closed his palms before him. The Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses began to twist and transform, and they continued to tremble.

Everyone in the Greater World watched on with intense fear. The world was changing, as if the entire world was turning on itself.

The sky was no longer sky, and the ground was no longer the ground. The oceans separated and broke apart, while the sun and the stars vanished. Strong winds billowed through and stirred up a million hurricanes that blew across the world.

Streaks of white light swept across the entire world and filled up the void space above it. Dimensional power was so dense and concentrated, to a level nobody had ever seen before.

It felt like a scene that resembled the end of the world, where apocalypse would consume everything. However, the living beings residing in the world were all fine and nobody was affected.

On top of Mount Yujing and within the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, the Great Void Holy Man pushed away the Celestial Heavenly Array after throwing away his chess piece and came beside Lin Feng as he watched everything that was happening in silence.

Inside the Divine Lands, and in the Vaidūryanirbhāsā World, Shakyamuni stood up within the towering stupa and watched the drastic changes the world was experiencing. He shook his head and heaved a sigh before he sat down in the stupa once more.

Loud sounds could be heard inside the Vaidūryanirbhāsā World. Shakyamuni closed his eyes and no longer paid attention to the Greater World. Instead, he began to teach Buddhist scripture and whatnot to the countless monks within the Vaidūryanirbhāsā World.

Xiao Yana and the others were still outside the Black Sea and inside the Barren Expanses. Their expressions changed a little as they watched the miracles around them solemnly.

If there were no unforeseen circumstances, this was probably the only opportunity in a lifetime.

The various phenomena occurring within the Greater World triggered torrential waves within the intimately connected Spirit Sea. Beams of light pierced through the inter-dimensional borders and landed onto the changing Greater World.

The beams of light interacted and intertwined with the white light looming over the world, before they gradually dispersed into light specks and quickly transformed back into light beams.

They broke down and remade themselves again and again, and this cycle continued on.

Everyone in the Celestial Sect of Wonders was watching these miraculous events and studying the great Dao of heaven and earth seriously, while referencing what they saw to what they had learned.

Yue Hongyan, Yang Qing, Li Yuanfang, Luo Qingwu were especially solemn and their eyes were extremely focused. Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi, Wang Lin, and Shi Tianhao began to smile at the same time when they saw this.

The people within the Celestial Sect of Wonders and all the cultivators of the Greater World began to understand, and they began to realize what was going on.

Everyone began to concentrate all their energies to study and welcome this event that would probably happen only once in their lifetime.

During the epic battle that ended the Primordial Age, Xuan Shang, the Great Void Holy Man and Emperor Tai's power caused the Greater World to give birth to the Destiny-level magic treasure, the Supreme Heavenly Mirror, while the Greater World separated into two and became the Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses. This became the Greater World's landscape for many years to come.

The Grand Celestial World and the destiny of the Greater World was split into two parts, and the Greater World walked into the Antiquity Age, then into the Middle Age, and now into the Modern Age. Everything had remained the same until this moment.

The Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders remade the Gate to the Starry Sea, and the next step he decided to take was to recombine the Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses – he wanted to recombine the destiny of the Greater World, like the days of the Primordial Age.

In comparison to this feat, recreating the path to the Starry Sea was just a simple task and a casual accomplishment.

Such mystical and profound transformations were unmatched by anything in history.

The Great Void Sect's mountain gate, Mount Baiyun, was enveloped by the white light at this moment and disappeared into the contorting and layering dimensional power.

The Great Void Sect's cultivators were unhurt, but they watched the events unfurl before them with complicated expressions on their faces and everyone remained silent.

The Supreme Heavenly Mirror's shadow that permeated the heavens disappeared above their heads, and only a single mirror remained while its radiance grew dark and dusky.

The Supreme Heavenly Mirror trembled incessantly at this moment, as large amounts of light and dimensional power congregated upon this natural-born magic treasure that used to be the number-one magic treasure in the entire world.

A vast and boundless will poured forth from this magic treasure.

This was the Supreme Heavenly Mirror's will and consciousness, and the Great Void Sect could feel that this consciousness was flowing with elation and excitement.

When the Supreme Heavenly Mirror was fixed and restored every time it was damaged, the Tai Yi Holy Man and the others would feel similar emotions from the Supreme Heavenly Mirror. However, over the history o the entire Great Void Sect, these emotions had never been as strong and vivid as they were today.

The Supreme Heavenly Mirror shuddered and erupted into brilliant lights before it transformed into a beam of light and soared into the sky, and vanished right before the Great Void Sect.

This beam of light threw itself into the rippling and transforming Greater World. From a distance, it felt as if this beam of light seemed to reside in the middle of the Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses, and both worlds sandwiched it before all three bodies layered together and gradually integrated as one.

The white lights became stronger and stronger, and people could no longer see the events that were occurring inside.

The Tai Yi Holy Man and the others naturally understood as they watched on – the Supreme Heavenly Mirror had returned to where it was meant to be.

This was the Supreme Heavenly Mirror's wish, and nobody across history could fulfill this wish. The opportunity was finally here, and nobody could stop what was happening. Even if the Great Void Holy Man wanted to keep the Supreme Heavenly Mirror, his only choice would be to battle.

This moment could have been predicted from the distant past, but nobody had ever been able to bring the Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses back together as one.

All this was a fantasy in the past, but it became real today.

The Great Void Holy Man watched these events calmly beside Lin Feng. He shook his head faintly and said, "The Supreme Heavenly Mirror has returned to the Greater World, and the two worlds are back as one. This is another brand new era."

He turned towards Lin Feng and said, "How far are you from the last step?"

Lin Feng closed his palms before his chest and looked at everything with a calm look. "Not far."

The Great Void Holy Man heaved a long sigh as he gazed at the void space above him with no focal point in his vision. After a long while, a faint smile appeared on his face. "This chess game with you has been very beneficial. Much gratitude, friend."

"You're too polite. We're all travelers along the same path." Lin Feng shook his head as he smiled. The Great Void Holy Man departed the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, and his voice echoed from a distance, "Since that's the case, you can continue going about what you have to do and I will take my leave."

The Greater World outside began to settle down as the Great Void Holy Man walked away.

The white light formed by the contorting dimensional power began to dissipate and recede, and the landscapes and everything in between could be seen once more.

The uncountable stars in the universe began to orbit and shift once again as the stars sparkled brilliantly. The light that was coming from the Spirit Sea disappeared and returned to the Spirit Sea, while its inter-dimensional border with the Greater World appeared once more.

All the living beings inside the Greater World stared at their world before them – the landscapes they were looking at seemed similar to what they had been before the drastic transformations.

However, all the powerful cultivators in the world fell into silent contemplation. If one looked down on the Greater World from a vantage point, one would see that the landscapes were starkly different from before.

The Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses were separate worlds before, but they were integrated into a single body and their borders touched.

From the next day onwards, there would no longer be the Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses – all that was left was the Grand Celestial World.

The Great Void Holy Man left Mount Yujing and glanced at this scene calmly. He was one of the most powerful beings that had been around since the Primordial Age, and he could naturally tell that the Greater World's appearance was the same as it had been during the Primordial Age, as if time had flowed backwards.

The Great Void Holy Man withdrew his gaze after a single glance and vanished into the void.

Lin Feng sat cross-legged beneath the tiny Black Heavenly Treasure Tree within the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World once more. He tapped lightly on the Celestial Heavenly Array continuously as he looked up into the sky.

There seemed to be light projections flickering inside the cave. Lin Feng's eyes were as calm as water, and he shook his head while he said amusingly, "All this is because of the game, yet it has unintentionally created positive results."

He laughed heartily into the sky, and a voice seemed to ring out in his mind – it was the System, which he hadn't heard from for a long time.

The System's sounds mixed with Lin Feng's laughter, and it became softer and softer before nothing else could be heard anymore.

The System's sounds weren't the only thing that disappeared. The System had accompanied Lin Feng ever since he reached this world, and the entire System vanished as well.

Lin Feng's heart was as calm as ever, and not a single ripple could be detected. He laughed once more and shook his head, "This feels different. Everything hasn't been a waste – good, very good!"

He flicked his finger in midair, and the faint light projections within the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World gradually dissipated. There seemed to be laughter coming from a place in the distance, a place so far away that time and space couldn't measure.

Inside the Greater World at this moment, everybody was left in awe at the entire world being remade and it took a long time for them to reorient themselves.

It didn't take long before they could feel that the combination of the two worlds changed the flow of spiritual energy in the Greater World.

The paradises and residences could have lost their splendor and richness, while the most dangerous places of before could have different feels and profundities.

This was a more pertinent issue for the various powers of the world, especially the smaller ones and even the mortals of the world.

They quickly realized that the flow of spiritual energy in the Greater World had been completely changed, but somebody was guiding this flow and the sects and powers retained the stability and richness of their mountain gates and residences.

Even the demons' resting places and their ancestral grounds felt the same way.

Of course, it was Lin Feng who did this.

He could change the entire world, yet he could also manipulate the details. He could control everything at will, and everybody was convinced of his power and nobody thought about going against him anymore.

In the next moment, a plain voice could be heard in every corner of the world. "I have had some revelatiaons over the years. I have discovered heaven and earth, and I have returned the world to its natural state. I will open a seminar at Mount Kunlun in three days, and every single cultivator is welcome to attend. It doesn't matter whether you're a human or a demon, or what sect you're from."

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