History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 1486 - History’s Number One Founder!

Chapter 1486: History’s Number One Founder!

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Light enveloped the Mountain in the Sky. Everyone felt as if the void was being sliced into various tiny worlds by some unseen power when they came onto the mountain, and there were parties arriving from all corners of the world.

Radiance surged around within these tiny worlds. Nobody could see clearly what was going on inside, but Jing Yun and the others knew that these were mighty beings that existed at the top of the world, and most of them had friendly relations with the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

There were other human and demon cultivators of lower masteries in the other small worlds.

Space was being separated into many parts, and everyone that was here had a spot to listen. There was no need to compete for space, and neither was there any hurdle to cross.

Everyone knew that this was the spectacle ever since Lin Feng conducted his first seminar. Just as Lin Feng himself said, every single cultivator in the world was permitted to participate, whether they were smart or stupid, no matter if they were powerful or weak.

There were fewer individuals who came forth today compared to the previous time. This wasn't because these people weren't willing to come – on the contrary, there were always more and more people every who came forth every time Lin Feng conducted a seminar.

The Celestial Sect of Wonders had announced to the world that their Founder's seminar this time would be directed at the entire Grand Celestial World. His speech would be casted across heaven and earth, and nobody needed to come to Mount Kunlun anymore.

However, quite a few people still travelled here to show their sincerity, or in the hopes of obtaining some unexpected takeaways.

People like Gu Jun and the other powerful individuals who were closer to the Celestial Sect of Wonders still made their way here. They detected something strange in the Celestial Sect of Wonders' announcement, and they began to have their own speculations and decided to come forth personally in the end.

In the Grand Heavens Pavilion on the Mountain in the Sky, the third-generation sect leader Tang Jun was sitting on the main seat and he said to the crowd, "Everyone here is a guest, and I hereby express my gratitude to everyone on behalf of the Founder."

"The time is here – please welcome the Founder for his seminar!"

When his voice dropped, boundless purple energy drifted and loomed over the heavens in the ocean of stars and at the light pillar that covered the Mountain in the Sky.

The vast and endless universe was filled with purple energy, and the darkness of the unknown became purple in this instant.

Purple energy continued to expand in the all directions, and eventually blanketed over the entire Greater World. There was no limit, and it was just endless.

The skies above the Kunlun Mountains turned purple; the skies above the sprawling East Sea on the other side of the world became purple; the skies above the Great Void Sect's Mount Baiyun became purple; the skies above the Great Zhou Empire's Tianjing City turned purple as well.

The various habitats and homes of demons who were now on the same geographical plane as the human world were also covered with endless purple energy.

It wasn't just the Greater World – all the middle worlds in between and around, including the Black Sea, the Ying Sea, the Netherworld Sea, and the other intermediate worlds were all tainted with a layer of purple. Everything just seemed to enchanting and profound at the same time.

Nobody felt a single ounce of pressure wherever the purple energy reached. The spiritual energy of the world didn't change, and nobody could detect anything different from before.

It felt as if heaven and earth was supposed to be this way in the first place, much like the Celestial Sect of Wonders and Lin Feng's existence over the years – they were colossal like the heavens, and they seemed as unassuming as ever. Some people tended to overlook them from time to time, yet they were always high above the world and nobody could touch them.

Purple energy rolled around above the Mountain in the Sky. It gradually dispersed, and a white magical mountain descended from the sky, while the seven-colored treasure tree on the mountain top swayed in the wind and radiated brightly.

Eight people sat around at the foot of the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree. Their expressions were plain and casual, and they were the Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders' eight personal disciples – Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi, Wang Lin, Shi Tianhao, Yue Hongyan, Yang Qing, Li Yuanfang, and Luo Qingwu.

For the Grand Celestial World, every single one of them had become beings of legend. They didn't interfere or set foot in the world much, and the only time when they would come together like this was during Lin Feng's seminar.

A purple-robed youth sat with his legs crossed on the tip of the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree. This man was the person that reigned supreme over the Grand Celestial World, the man that would be a legend for eternity, the Founder of the Celestial Sect of Wonders – Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wore a faint smile on his face, and he didn't waste words after showing up and immediately opened the seminar.

His voice reached every corner of the Grand Celestial World, and his voice was truly omnipresent. He wasn't loud, but it touched the bottom of everyone's hearts as if he was whispering into their minds.

All the human commotions and voices in the world quietened down, and everyone listened intently to Lin Feng's seminar in silence.

Lin Feng spoke of the great Dao of heaven and earth that seemed so sophisticated and acroamatic yet so simple and shallow. These principles and concepts were imprinted into everyone's minds, and everyone seemed to be in a daze as they immersed themselves within.

The various problems and conundrums that people couldn't figure out, or those that blocked their path of cultivation were suddenly resolved and everything became clear.

From time to time, and in every corner of the Grand Celestial World, people began to have sudden enlightenments and epiphanies. Some people broke through their bottlenecks and reached a higher level of mastery. Some people even opened the door of the immortal soul and formed their immortal soul avatar at that moment, while some people obtained their virtual entity and some even reached the third-level immortal soul stage.

Some mighty individuals felt the mist blocking their vision ahead dissipate, and their paths became clear and smooth. They felt as if they would have sufficient confidence if they attempted the tribulations right now.

Everybody was elated – such things always happened during each one of Lin Feng's seminars, but something about this episode felt a little different and especially esoteric.

All the cultivators and mortals of the world would stop what they were doing, and everyone would listen intently to the voice of this divine being. They felt as if the world before them was changing, and the beasts that walked the earth and soared through the skies would stop in their tracks and rest their wings. Their eyes sparkled, and it felt as if their intelligences were being unlocked.

Xiao Yan and the others were calm beneath the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree as they stared upwards at the top of the tree with respect and reverence.

Lin Feng was conducting his seminar while seated down, and there was a Dao fruit above his head. It was a single dot that continuously displayed the principles of the Book of Taiji and continuously explained the boundless principles and concepts of the great Dao.

There was nothing else besides this tiny dot. There was no time, there was no space, there was no Yin and Yang, there was no warmth or coldness, there was no fast and slow, there was no light or darkness.

The concept of space was nonexistent, and one wouldn't be able to tell up from down and left from right. There was no sense of time, and one couldn't tell the past from the future.

There was no way of describing its size, and no way of describing its shape. Nobody could pinpoint its exact location, and nobody could understand what this single dot was made of.

It felt like the beginning of the Dao, yet it also felt like the ultimate end of the great Dao. There was no head and no tail, no beginning and no end – it was just so mystical, and all the wisdom and profundities of the world were condensed into this single dot.

However, when Lin Feng's Book of Taiji was approaching its end, everything began to change once more.

This time, even that mystical and unfathomable dot vanished into nothingness.

Lin Feng himself didn't seem any different in terms of physical appearance. The Bell of Destiny appeared once more above his head, and the chimes echoed between heaven and earth and resonated through every corner of the Greater World.

The enormous Bell of Destiny began to transform between the chimes, and it eventually became a tremendous stone door. The stone door was completely black, and its surface was engraved with countless landscapes. It felt ancient and barren, yet it emanated with dense vitality and the energy of life.

The large door grunted and gradually opened to both sides. A formless sprawling river flowed out from within, and the river's water traversed continuously. It wasn't fast and neither was it slow, and it exuded with a force that felt like it was never going to stop.

Once the river reached its end, an ancient scripture drifted to the river's surface. The pages of the book flipped and turned – if there was glory and splendor, then there would be decay and infirmness; all livings beings of the world would perish one day, and their paths towards success and glory would eventually become a path towards diminishment and frailty, from a path of flourishment to a path of weakness.

When this ancient scripture reached its last page, it disappeared like Lin Feng's Dao fruit. All that was a left was a patch of nothingness – it was obscure, murky, and nothing much could be seen while the entire scene was almost impossible to describe and understand.

This nothingness hovered over Lin Feng's head. It felt like this nothingness had a form and substance, but Xiao Yan and the others watched on but felt an inscrutable feeling rise from the bottom of their hearts.

Lin Feng's Dao fruit of before was hard to define and describe, but it could still be described as a "dot", and one could still feel the concept of power that represented the beginning and the end of all things.

However, after Lin Feng's Dao fruit transformed and after the Bell of Destiny transformed, people began to feel a real sense of indescribability.

It wasn't because there was a lack of vocabulary, and neither was it because there was simply no way of describing it. People just had a feeling that no matter how they described it and no matter how much they tried to understand, they would still have a wrong answer.

Lin Feng was underneath this patch of nothingness, and he seemed to transcend above all logic and reason.

Everything that seemed incredulous, impossible, or unimaginable, felt normal for Lin Feng.

In Xiao Yan's eyes, his master could determine the life and death of the Greater World with a single word, and he could do everything with his heart. He was high and mighty, and there was no conundrum he couldn't solve.

In Zhu Yi's eyes, his master could watch over the entire Greater World, and there was nothing that his master didn't know or didn't understand. The endless Destiny of the world was within his grasp.

In Wang Lin's eyes, his master was powerful enough to change karma itself, and to twist the Samsara. If his master wanted to, he could change the Grand Celestial World's past and its future, and he could do what he wanted with the various karmas and fortunes of the world.

In Shi Tianhao's eyes, his master could return the Greater World to the great primordial barrens with a single thought, and he could change the destinies of all the landscapes in the world with a single thought.

Everyone had a different sensation and understanding as they watched Lin Feng in this moment. They couldn't really describe what they saw and felt, and neither could they estimate, understand, or define.

Xiao Yan and the others heaved a sigh in unison before everyone stood up together and knelt down respectfully before Lin Feng. Everyone said together, "Congratulations on your transcendence, master!"

Beneath Mount Yujing, above the Mountain in the Sky, in the eight great schools of the Celestial Sect of Wonders in the greater world.

Every single disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders bowed down respectfully towards the purple sky above their heads. "Congratulations on your transcendence, Founder!"

Around the Mountain in the Sky, every cultivator that came to listen to the seminar finally realized what was going on and everyone bowed respectfully towards the purple sky as well. "Congratulations on your transcendence, Master Lin!"

Outside Mount Kunlun, the various sects and countless residences, both humans and demons of all levels of mastery bowed respectfully towards the purple sky above their heads. "Congratulations on your transcendence, Master Lin!"

In the Vaidūryanirbhāsā World above the East Sea, the Cosmic Marble Buddha and Shakyamuni placed their palms together and muttered, "Congratulations on your transcendence, Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders!"

After their congratulations, the Buddha that was already on the Bridge of Eternity, Shakyamuni, suddenly started to vanish.

The Cosmic Marble Buddha's figure shifted from the central and present position to the left position of the past. The formless shadow of the Buddha on the right position that represented the future began to shift towards the central position of the present. Its figure became increasingly clear and substantial, and Buddhist light began to flow from within.

The Great Void Holy Man hadn't set foot on Mount Baiyun after the contest of the Spirit Sea, and he finally returned to Mount Baiyun. The group of cultivators from the Great Void Sect followed behind him, and everyone appeared as calm as ever as they bowed respectfully towards the purple heavens. "Congratulations on your transcendence, Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

Lin Feng chuckled on top of Mount Yujing, before he suddenly reached out to grab something in the void. He withdrew his hands, and there was a light sphere in his palm that flickered with faint luster.

He reached out once more, and the Obsidian Realm that even the Supreme Heavenly Mirror had difficulty seeking out, ended up in the center of his palm. The Hades City stood within the Obsidian Realm, while the Illusory Sun Hades and the other powerful individuals of the Hades Tribe watched on, lost and dazed

Lin Feng grabbed into the sky yet again, and he broke through the void. The water of the Death Sea that could annihilate all things rippled through the void, and Lin Feng's palm extended deep within. A light sphere in the Death Sea that seemed like a door that led to the boundless unknown and the future appeared in Lin Feng's hands.

Lin Feng shook his sleeve and kept everything that he took. He said nothing, and neither did he attempt to explain as he turned towards another direction.

The void split open in the distance, and a cold and pretty girl stepped out from within. Her eyes were just so ice-cold, calm, and isolated, and her beauty was unrivaled.

Lin Feng laughed softly and said, "Let's go."

The girl's tough expression suddenly became gentle and tender, and the corner of her mouth curled upwards into a grin.

She nodded and said nothing as she came to Lin Feng's side. Lin Feng looked down at his disciples beneath him and said, "I will wait for you guys on the outside. Don't make me wait for too long."

Xiao Yan and the others laughed together and knelt before Lin Feng once more. "We won't even dare to let you down."

Lin Feng laughed heartily into the sky, and he waved his sleeve into the sky once more before he stepped through the sky with the girl and vanished into the purple heavens.

The purple energy didn't dissipate after Lin Feng's departure. From this day onwards, the Grand Celestial World and the skies above would forever be purple, and it was so beautiful yet profound.

Today became a day that would be forever frozen into the Grand Celestial World's history, the most important day that everyone would remember for eternity.

Because today was the day that someone in the history of the Grand Celestial World reached the Realm of Big Luo, and the Realm of Eternity. He became the first person to achieve eternal freedom, the first person to transcend the Greater World and the present.

Lin Feng, the Founder that single-handedly brought the Celestial Sect of Wonders to become the number-one holy ground in the Grand Celestial World, conducted his last and final seminar and imparted the principles of heaven and earth to the world before he tore through the skies and vanished.

From this day onwards, the world never saw the Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders ever again. However, he had left his mark on the Grand Celestial World. The Celestial Sect of Wonders was the number-one holy ground across history, and his legend would live on for eternity – Lin Feng, the supreme ruler of the whole wide world, the World's Teacher, and History's Number-One Founder!

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