History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 15: It’s Not Easy Being A Milk Dad

Lin Feng left the lake and went to the market, buying a good dozen different kinds of animal milk.

Returning to his place Xiao Budian was sitting cross-legged, quietly doing his breathing technique.

The little guy may still like to play around, but he who has matured early is very serious in terms of cultivating, carrying a tenacity that regular people do not have and working extremely hard.

Lin Feng watched and secretly nodded his head. That clan brother of Xiao Buridan’s has brought to Xiao Budian an enormous pressure.

Xiao Budian is in the middle of a meditating state. Lin Feng did not pay attention to him, going to sit at the side and taking out a crystal in the shape of a semi-circle recessed at the center, like the form of a big bowl.

This is the remaining stone shell left behind after Lin Feng cut it open and took out the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade. Even though it is not as valuable as the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade, it is still a type of natural treasure and harbors a large amount of thunder energy.

Being cut open by Lin Feng there were originally two pieces of the stone shell. One was left at Stone Village to help strengthen the bodies of the villagers and children of Stone Village, the other piece the old village elder insisted on Lin Feng to bring it along.

Lin Feng scraped off a little piece from the stone shell. These little crystal pieces can be used by Lin Feng as the materials for setting up the Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning, and it is also because of this stone shell that Lin Feng doesn’t need to exchange for thunder crystals from the system, saving on additional expenses.

“Speaking of it, not only the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade, most likely even this stone shell was also originally a lucky treasure prepared for Xiao Budian.” Lin Feng thought in his heart: “Taking Xiao Budian as my disciple this lucky opportunity has also become mine.”

Putting away the scraped off crystal piece, Lin Feng placed the stone shell in front of him. Through his deliberate polishing the stone shell right now was already a large bowl, a large bowl grinded from an entire thunder crystal.

The animal milk that was placed in the kitchen to be heated up was also finished at this time. After the inn’s waiter brought it in Lin Feng poured all of the animal milk into the big thunder crystal bowl. After thinking for a moment he then took out the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade.

The Heaven Thunder Moon Jade that was originally the size of a fist was now only the size of an egg after Lin Feng’s constant use of it these past few days.

Lin Feng no longer prepared to absorb energy from within it again to help himself train, he needs to leave a portion to act as the Northern Aurora Sword’s energy source.

But besides this he can also use it to add an extra meal for Xiao Budian.

Soaking the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade in the animal milk, Lin Feng used his own mana as a guide to assimilate a bit of thunder energy into the milk.

In the first place the thunder crystal bowl and the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade are from the same source. With the energy of the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade as a guide, the thunder energy in the big thunder crystal bowl also instantly flowed out and mixed into the animal milk in the bowl.

The milk white animal milk releasing a sweet milk fragrance instantly started tossing around like it was boiling. On the surface massive bubbles constantly rose up and then popped one after another.

Arcs of tiny blue and violet lightning shuttled and weaved in the milk, releasing crackling electrical current sounds.

At this time Xiao Budian finally finished training, waking up from his state of meditation. Just waking up his little nose took in two sniffs.

Xiao Budian opened his eyes. Seeing Lin Feng and the animal milk in the thunder crystal bowl he immediately let out a cry of joy: “Master!” He abruptly jumped up and went over to Lin Feng, circling around the big bowl, two big, black eyes staring straight at the animal milk and muttering: “Smells so good.”

Lin Feng laughed, taking out the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade from the bowl and handing the bowl over to Xiao Budian. He warning him saying: “Master has added some extra ingredients into the milk, be careful when you drink it. Use your mana to guide the energy in the milk, if you feel uncomfortable stop right away.”

Xiao Budian repeatedly nodded his head, taking over the bowl with a big smiling face and wolfing it down, drinking the bowl clean of animal milk in a moment.

Xiao Budian had a great time drinking it, but the side effects after drinking it also showed up.

Xiao Budian who was usually very cute transformed into a problem child, possessing a pair of big red eyes like a white rabbit and running around everywhere, yelling non-stop.

Lin Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He’d already told the little guy that he has to use his mana to guide the energy in the milk while drinking it. But look at what this guy did, he only cared about eating happily and completely threw the matter of guiding the energy to the back of his head.

Seeing Xiao Budian transform into a tiny beast, barging around everywhere and messing things up, if Lin Feng doesn’t stop him soon he’ll demolish the entire inn.

Helplessly Lin Feng could only take action himself to stop Xiao Budian. When Xiao Budian woke up and saw his master’s black face he immediately understood what happened. He scratched his head in a daze, saying in a tiny voice: “Eyah, I screwed up.”

Being sent away by the inn’s manager, Lin Feng angrily and amusingly poked Xiao Budian’s tiny noggin: “When we captured maternal animals in the jungle you always jumped straight in and started drinking. Now we’ve arrived in the city, if you want to drink milk again then buy it at the market.”

“After you’ve bought the animal milk you have to use this bowl to drink it, from now on this is your personal food bowl. Take care of your own food bowl.”

Xiao Budian repeatedly nodded his head, happily hugging the thunder crystal bowl: “Thank you master.”

Seeing his happy look Lin Feng also felt happy in his heart. After advising him a bit more Lin Feng crossed his legs and sat down.

Lin Feng carefully studied the uses of the Northern Aurora Sword along with Cloud Dragon Escape and Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning these two spells. In his mind he thought about how he can put the cards already in his hands to the greatest use.

…I am a dividing line…

At the edge of the Boundless Mountains a couple of fiery, crimson red lights flashed by, landing on the ground.

A dozen red-clothed people stood together, their entire bodies surged with mana. Blazing fire energy thrashed around without stop like a furnace, the grass shrubs beneath their feet and the surrounding ancient, towering trees all slowly withered from the heat.

Of the leading three people, the mana of two of them was as deep as the ocean, mighty and endless. They were Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

But right now these two Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were both respectfully standing behind the other old man.

The old man has a head of red hair that is very showy, his appearance is very fierce but not a shred of his body reveals the aura of one with power, he is just like a regular human.

But behind the old man, all of the red-clothed people including the two Foundation Establishment stage cultivators are all using a gaze of reverence to look at him.

An aurous core big shot, even if not a shred of aura is revealed it is still enough to make everybody afraid.

Everybody’s gaze looked in the distance outside of the mountains, that is the direction of Wuzhou City.

One of the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators suddenly opened his mouth asking: “You’re certain they left the mountains?”

One of the people behind him stood out and bowed. It was precisely the red-robed youth that Xiao Budian tricked before. He replied respectfully: “According to the traces that they left behind they were indeed heading outside of the mountains.”

A fiery light flickered in the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator’s eyes. He looked towards the direction of Wuzhou City: “Exiting the mountains from here the closest big city is Wuzhou City. We’ll go check out over there first.”

The red-robed youth hesitated for a moment and asked: “Even though Wuzhou is located at the border, from the geography it is closer to the Celeritas Sword Sect’s territory…”

The other Foundation Establishment stage cultivator waved his hands: “If that kid really does possess the talent that you say he has, then even if it’s the Mt. Shu Sword Sect’s territory we still need to give it a go…”

The red-haired old man that did not speak the entire time suddenly opened his mouth saying: “Enough with the nonsense. Let’s go, our target is Wuzhou!” Before his voice had even died away he patted the flying sword on his back, the sword aura that was already like a burning fire charged into the sky.

The group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators all followed closely behind him, one after another streaks of fiery red light soared across the sky like meteors, rushing towards Wuzhou City.

…I am a dividing line…

At the same time, Lin Feng was quietly meditating in an inn in Wuzhou City when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Lin Feng opened the room door, the waiter was standing outside of the door with a fawning smile. Seeing Lin Feng he said with a smile: “Sir, didn’t you tell me to pay attention to anything interesting that happens in the city and to tell you at the first moment? Well there really is something now.”

Lin Feng smiled lightly, casually throwing a piece of silver to him. The waiter instantly became overjoyed, he didn’t dare to keep Lin Feng guessing and hurriedly said: “You know how the Xiao family’s young master Xiao Yan can no longer cultivate? Before when he was still a cultivating prodigy he had a marriage engagement, now the female side has come knocking on the door!”

Murong Yanran has finally arrive at Wuzhou.

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