History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 2: Being the Old Grandpa for People

Making up his mind Lin Feng looked towards the old elder beside him, a flawless master demeanor once again appearing.

Lin Feng cooly said: “Yesterday I was seized by a sudden impulse, suddenly sensing a person whose fate is related to mine in this mountain.Thus I came looking, but I did not think that I would meet him in this kind of little mountain village.”

While speaking Lin Feng’s gaze turned towards the little guy holding onto the dog’s tail who still had a puzzle face, sighing in his heart: “Other people are main characters who carry old grandpas around with them, but I have to go be an old grandpa for other people.”

Although, thinking of a group of OP main characters being his disciples and that in the future if there’s something to do he can let these OP disciple go out and wreck everybody, Lin Feng’s mood instantly became a lot better.

“This guy in front is the first.”

The old elder was dazed for a moment and also looked towards the little guy: “Is the one you speak of… him?”

Lin Feng faintly nodded: “I was originally puzzled where this fated person came from, but seeing this child I now understand the story of this matter.”

He let out a sigh with deep feelings, telling the story that he’d prepared beforehand.

In this story, Lin Feng once had a disciple that he was very proud of, but because he was unable to see through the demon of love in his heart he failed to pass ascension crisis and died, reincarnating.

Lin Feng has always been looking for his reincarnated disciple, hoping that he can renew their master, student relation. In the end after a long one hundred years he finally found him today.

The old elder was stupefied by his story, looking towards the little guy in disbelief: “This little guy is your disciple reincarnated?”

Lin Feng lightly nodded his head, his gaze while looking at the little guy revealing a hard to notice but just spot on feeling of care.

You’ve got to go all the way when putting on a show, Lin Feng did the best that he could but he was not optimistic in his heart.

Because he noticed that underneath the old chief’s stunned expression there clearly hid a heavy sense of vigilance.

The old dude even had one hand behind his back lightly waving towards the little guy.

Lin Feng secretly frowned, he sensed a familiar aura fluctuation from this old guy’s body.

The fluctuations of a truth cultivator’s mana.

The old person of this little mountain village is actually a cultivator. Even though he’s only Qi Disciple level 3, but he is a genuine cultivator.

Truth cultivators are different from martial artists, to become a truth cultivator and guide the energy of the world into one’s body turning it into mana, one must train in a dao technique.

Wolf’s Village’s Lang Feng can be considered to have cultivation talent, but he is still just a martial artist, he cannot be considered a truth cultivator.

Before, the old village chief purposely hid his aura so Lin Feng did not notice. Now because he is wary of Lin Feng, mana fluctuations naturally rose up in his body and Lin Feng immediately noticed it.

Lin Feng secretly sighed. Even though this old man may not be a match for him, but he wants to be the master of the little guy, the old grandpa in stories, not a human trafficker. So forcibly snatching him is clearly a no-no.

Lin Feng stared at the little guy, calmly asking: “Qing Feng, do you wish to return under my wing?”

The old elder’s expression did not change, but the hand behind his back was practically about to shake off.

The little guy scratched his head in confusion, looking at Lin Feng and then staring at the old chief, saying a bit sheepishly: “Eyah, my… My name isn’t Qing Feng, and I don’t want to leave the village.”

Lin Feng was silent and did not speak, for a moment the atmosphere became stiff. The old village elder nervously stared at him, his mana fluctuation became increasingly more obvious, prepared to attack at any time.

“Okay then, you have yet to unlock your wisdom from previous incarnations and do not remember the matters of your previous life, I will not force you.” Right when the old elder was almost about to break down Lin Feng let out a light sigh, finally opening his mouth saying: “But, I have foretold that the fate between you and I has not ended. In the end we will meet again after my departure today.”

Lin Feng took out a purple talisman from his robe and handed it over to the little guy: “I leave this talisman with you for you to protect yourself. If you encounter danger then throw this talisman towards your enemy and it will protect you well, we will meet again when fate wills it.”

Finishing speaking Lin Feng did not drag things on anymore, turning around and leaving. When he walked past the old chief his gaze casually swept across him, the corners of his lips revealing a faint smile, but he did not say anything, directly leaving.

The old elder was drenched in cold sweat. He knew that Lin Feng had already seen through him, yet he was unable to see the depths of Lin Feng’s level. This made him afraid, thinking that Lin Feng’s level was a lot higher than his, maybe a great cultivator of the Foundation Establishment level or even the Aurous Core level?

At ordinary times truth cultivators can hide their aura, but with any slight fluctuations it will be discovered by cultivators of the same level or higher levels.

This could be a hidden benefit of the system. According to the system explanation, as long as Lin Feng doesn’t act he will be no different from a regular person in the eyes of other people. Even cultivators with a higher level than him are unable to see through him.

This is very beneficial for Lin Feng to act like he’s a boss.

Leaving the sights of the old chief and the little dude Lin Feng instantly used shadow sneak technique and secretly returned to Stone Village. (TL: The actual word is just sneak, but that sounds bad so I added the word shadow…)

Even the trading system’s cheapest little spells require 100 trading points. After carefully thinking Lin Feng did not choose an attack or defense spell but instead exchanged for the shadow sneak technique.

It can hide his body and as long as he doesn’t do anything else he will not be revealed. In Lin Feng’s opinion if this spell is used properly then its practicality is very strong.

The old chief’s reaction was a bit strange and it aroused Lin Feng’s suspicion.

Lin Feng silently snuck into Stone Village. The environment was pretty much the same as Wolf Village, only currently compared to Wolf Village’s cloud of gloom, Stone Village was full of joy.

The center of the village is filled with all kinds of beast corpses, from the old people to the children the villagers were all smiling in happiness.

Lin Feng found the stone house of the village elder. Just entering the house he saw the little guy holding onto a little porcelain bowl, using a little wooden spoon to drink milk.

A child at the courtyard entrance yelled loudly: “Oh wow, you’re drinking milk again little dot, you’re already three and a half years old now!”

“Eyah!” The little guy was greatly embarrassed. He hugged onto the little bowl using his tender white arms to hide it, not letting the older child see it. His little face was flushed, his long eyelashes lightly trembling, unconfidently arguing: “You guys saw wrong, I’m… actually… drinking water.”

“Haha…” A group of big kids laughed loudly.

This cute little guy also made Lin Feng let out an amused smile. Not paying attention to those laughing children he passed straight through the courtyard arriving at the side of the stone house. His ears twitched and he heard the old elder in the stone house say: “Three years have passed by in the blink of an eye, the little guy is also three and a half years of age”

The sound of an old woman rose up in the house, should be the village elder’s wife: “You let the little guy reject that priest, will there be trouble? Do you think if the little guy is actually the reincarnation of the priest’s disciple?”

The old village chief said pondering: “I initially thought that daoshi was a person of the Shi family helping Shi Tianyi or someone from the Yu family of Shi Tianyi’s maternal grandfather come looking for the little guy to finish him off. But now it doesn’t seem like it, as for disciple reincarnated…”

The old village chief hesitated for a moment: “You also know that the little guy was extraordinary at birth, he was born at Foundation Establishment level! In addition he also had the earthshaking supreme-king dao root of legends, if you want to say that he is a great cultivator reincarnated, that also seems to be plausible.”

The village chief’s spouse said sighing: “Too bad his supreme king dao root was actually stolen by Shi Tianyi. They are cousins from the same line, how can he be so cruel? At that time the little guy wasn’t even 6 months old, he really is a poor child.”

The old village chief said seriously: “All in all, I promised his father that I would definitely take good care of the little guy. In the end that daoshi’s background is unknown, its best to be careful. Only you and I the two of us know of the little guy’s background, we absolutely cannot leak out any information or else the little guy will be in danger.”

Lin Feng who was listening outside of the house beamed with joy, this little guy, 9 out of 10 is a main character level character.

As for that Shi Tianyi that robbed his dao root, he belongs to the rival villain type.

No wonder this kid’s bone root can reach the max value of 10. Natural born Foundation Establishment level, moreover it was the most top-level supreme king dao root. If this kind of talent wasn’t max value then nobody could be max value.

Although his dao root has already been taken away, why is his bone root still 10?

Could it be, his dao root can regenerate? Or when after he practises a dao technique, when he ascends to Foundation Establishment level he can still forge a supreme king dao root?

While thinking Lin Feng quietly retreated out of Stone Village, arriving at the mountain path not far away from the village entrance.

Taking out 9 shining purple crystals from his pocket and arranging them on the mountain path according to a certain pattern, Lin Feng let out a sigh. Being an old grandpa for people isn’t that easy either.

Out of the 300 trading points from the novice gift, Lin Feng used 50 points in exchange for a set of clothing and 100 points for a shadow sneak technique. The remaining 150 points were all invested into these purple crystals.

His gaze looking towards the direction of Wolf Village, Lin Feng brushed his nose: “If Wolf Village wants to attack Stone Village, this place here should be a must-cross path.”

Finishing his preparations Lin Feng started to ponder about his next move. While he was thinking a massive rumble suddenly exploded from the depths of the mountain, like a clap of thunder exploding on the ground.

In the depths of the mountains a beam of purple light shot up into the sky, from a glance one can tell that it is an extraordinary treasure. Thinking of the birth of a mountain treasure the Wolf Village villager’s mentioned, Lin Feng was dumbfounded: “ This is prepared for that little guy, right? A blessing of 8, even though it’s not max value it still cannot be looked down upon.”

His eyes turning, a warm smile like the sun once again appeared on Lin Feng’s face. He rapidly rushed towards the place that the mountain treasure appeared.

Somebody please give this guy an oscar award.

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