History's Strongest Senior Brother

Chapter 12: Dragon Sealing Abyss, an inauspicious omen for Yan Zhaoge?

Chapter 12: Dragon Sealing Abyss, an inauspicious omen for Yan Zhaoge?

Among the younger generation of martial practitioners, Chao Yuanlong had a resounding reputation—in part because of his position in the Sun Saint Sect, but more so because of his boundless prospects and immense personal strength. Only half a year ago, while journeying outside the sect, he encountered three enemies—each of whom had the same cultivation as he did. Despite fighting one against three, he had managed to defeat them.

This simultaneously served as a demonstration of the Sun Saint Sect’s power and also as a reminder as to why Chao Yuanlong, among all the disciples of the Sun Saint holy ground, was qualified to be the leader of this generation’s disciples.

At this moment, the sudden appearance of Chao Yuanlong caused everyone present to feel suppression from his cultivation base. This disparity between the two sides was far from trivial—causing the disciples from the Broad Creek Sect, each of whom would usually be considered an expert within the sect, to feel immense pressure.

Someone subconsciously opened their mouth and answered, “We were following elder brother Yan’s instructions…”

Before he had even finished speaking, Chao Yuanlong’s eyes exploded out with an intense radiance like that of the sun—forcing everybody to shield their gazes from the intense light.

Chao Yuanlong asked “Yan Zhaoge?”

All of the surrounding people were greatly shocked, and a Broad Creek Sect disciple responded, “That’s right! It was senior martial brother Yan who sent us!”

The light issuing from his eyes became even more blinding. Chao Yuanlong took one step forward.

All of the artifacts and weapons scattered among the Broad Creek Sect disciples suddenly began vibrating. Though each of the artifacts was truly valuable treasure, in the end, they were still just tools, and lacked consciousness. If the spiritual connection with their owners was broken, then they would become useless.

As Chao Yuanlong stepped forward, the Broad Creek Sect disciples felt a sudden jolt from their magical treasures and realized that their spiritual connection with their treasures had been forcibly severed. Chao Yuanlong’s indifferent voice rang out, “Does your Broad Creek Sect have a surfeit of magical treasures? Trying to show off in front of my Sun Saint Sect, then leave these treasures behind for us.”

“Though this one (TN Note: Chao Yuanlong referring to himself in third person) here is not interested in any of these things, they are quite suitable to give to my martial brothers and sisters as playthings for a couple of years. Since you were trying to use these tools to fight against my fellow disciples, then we will have to take them as amends for your offense.”

He randomly picked a few disciples from the crowd behind him and gestured with his hand. “Each of you should select a fitting treasure.”

The Sun Saint Sect disciples all laughed and said, “Thank you Senior Brother!”

The Broad Creek Sect disciples all trembled in anger, but after Chao Yuanlong swept his cold gaze over them, they could only steel themselves suffer this humiliation. His gaze stopped on Si Kongqing – “This one knows that you also have a middle grade magical treasure. Why don’t you take it out so I can have a look?”

Si Kongqing frowned and fiercely returned Chao Yuanlong’s gaze. Ye Jing kept his face apathetic, and almost imperceptibly rubbed the pale red ring on his finger.

Chao Yuanlong stood there with his hands clasped behind his back with his entire body radiating intense sunlight which seemed almost like countless golden needles. “This one didn’t come to bully you juniors, go back and call out Yan Zhaoge to come see this one. This one will wait for him here.”

Chao Yuanlong then added with a cold laugh, “If he dares.”

Chao Yuanlong had his entire body covered by golden light, with every single pore on his body pouring out seemingly endless amounts of radiance and seemed to spectators almost as if his entire body was painted with gold dust. Gazing at Chao Yuanlong, even his fellow disciples seemed to express equal parts veneration and fear. This senior brother, who was able to endure the pain of having training every single muscle, every single hair, and every piece of skin being refined by the fire plate, used his unshakeable commitment to cultivation and terrifying insight into magical techniques to cultivate the Solar Lily technique to an extremely profound level.

Given his harsh attitude towards himself, towards other people, the level of his ruthlessness and severity could easily be imagined.

The Sun Saint Sect disciples, despite coming from the same sect as Chao Yuanlong, also felt dread towards him. “Senior Brother Chao has indeed reached the ninth level of the Solar Lily technique!”

“Gang qi manifestation, this is a skill that only Gang qi masters should possess, yet Chao Yuanlong can actually use this technique only at the late stage of the Gang realm. Even though it falls short of the technique used by an actual Gang master, but it is terrifying nonetheless. No wonder he can so easily suppress others of the same cultivation realm!”

As the onlookers were thinking this, Chao Yuanlong’s presence was still climbing without stopped! It was as if his entire person was transforming into small sun, making others even afraid to look at him.

The black mist in the surrounding area momentarily seemed to be greatly reduced.

Without even needing to make a move, just by vibrating his Gang qi, Chao Yuanlong the rock in the nearby canyon began to shatter.

“No—it’s not the ninth level—it’s actually the tenth level!” This time, even Chao Yuanlong’s disciples were scared out of their wits. “Senior Brother Chao has actually managed to successfully cultivate the entire technique to completion!”

The Sun Saint Sect disciples looked at each other in shock. Even though not many people cultivated the Solar Lily Technique, from ancient times until now, the number of people who cultivated it was not insignificant. Yet, if one was to talk about those who had fully comprehended the technique to the tenth level, then Chao Yuanlong… was on the only one!

Though this group of Broad Creek Sect disciples did not know the specifics of the technique that Chao Yuanlong cultivated and weren’t aware of the significance of his achievement, the terrifying aura that was emanating from his body caused them all to be clear about the awe-inspiring might of the person in front of them. Previously, not even Yan Zhaoge had demonstrated such a level of power, causing many of those present to feel unease in their hearts.

Senior brother Yan, would he be able to emerge victorious from this fight?

“Since the last time we fought, Yan Zhaoge should also have some improvement right? At least, he should be able to resist the ninth level of my Solar Lily technique, though I don’t know if it’s possible for him to resist the tenth level of my consummate Solar Lily technique!”

From the middle of the small sun, Chao Yuanlong’s cold voice issued out: “This one believes that Yan Zhaoge will probably have some improvement, but if it isn’t enough, this one will be disappointed.”

“Although the last three times we fought, we were unable to determine a victor, but this time this matter will finally be concluded.”

Suddenly, a Sun Saint Sect disciple laughingly proclaimed -- “Dragon sealing abyss, dragon sealing, ha! This location, for this Broad Creek prince, isn’t this name foretelling his defeat?”

Upon hearing this exclamation, all of the Sun Saint Sect disciples immediately revealed mocking expressions.

“To not come is admitting to his own humiliation, yet coming is just slapping his own face to make his face more imposing*, and it won’t just be a matter of losing face.”

*TN Note: Chinese idiom that means embarrassing yourself by pretending to possess greater abilities than in reality

Just like Chao Yuanlong’s defining technique was his Solar Lily Technique, Yan Zhaoge had a self-created trademark technique known as the Azure Dragon Sleeve, also well known by numerous people.

The present Broad Creek Sect disciples’ faces became even more unsightly.

Chao Yuanlong unenthusiastically said, “Towards “hiding one’s strength to suddenly attack”, this one has no interest.”

“You disciples—go back and directly tell Yan Zhaoge, this one has already reached the consummate stage of the tenth level of the Solar Lily technique and ask him if he still has the guts to compete with me.”

Before Chao Yuanlong had even finished speaking, the Sealing Dragon Abyss suddenly resounded with an unfettered sound.

“I am already here.”

An azure light flashed through the black mist, resembling a lightning bolt tearing apart the night sky!

“Yan Zhaoge, still using your same old Azure Dragon Sleeve?” Chao Yuanlong let out a roar and let the golden sun qi rush out. Reaching out with both hands outstretched, palms facing towards the middle, awe-inspiringly challenging his adversary to match palms, he clapped down on the azure sword light.

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