History's Strongest Senior Brother

Chapter 28: Six Spirits Demonic Fist, All-round increase in power

HSSB28: Six Spirits Demonic Fist, All-round increase in power

Between the mountains located just outside the Sealing Dragon Abyss, within a small valley, were congregated a crowd of youngsters.

They were all garbed in white, and all their red-bordered sleeves similarly held the image of a sun.

While dressed in the same white clothes, the border on the sleeve of the leading youngster was dyed gold.

However, his most distinguishing feature would still be the multiple scars that still crisscrossed his face. While these scars were already very faint, having almost disappeared completely, this youth could still feel the same fiery pain that had originally been inflicted on him along with them.

It was especially when the gazes of the people in front of him were directed straight at these scars that Chao Yuanlong felt his already non-existent injuries flaring up even more strongly.

Behind Chao Yuanlong was a bunch of Sacred Sun Clan disciples. They all had their heads lowered, with their eyes looking down at their noses and their noses viewing their chests as they maintained their silence.

The youth who had similarly been whacked by Yan Zhaoge with a twig, even more so, did not even dare to breath loudly, lest the sound be heard.

In front of all of them was a man in a white robe, currently looking towards them expressionlessly.

The white-robed man’s actual age was not actually that high, at around twenty-five years of age. However, the large beard that he had grown out over his face caused him to look extremely wild and ferocious.

His voice was also very rough, “Have you tracked down her movements?”

Chao Yuanlong said, “Outside the Sealing Dragon Abyss, at the Luliao Mountains, she was spotted by someone.”

The white-robed man nodded, as Chao Yuanlong continued, “I have just received news; junior apprentice-sister Meng has also left the clan, and is headed for this place.”

“That, you don’t need to care about.” The white-robed man’s expression didn’t change, but the focus of his words abruptly changed in an instant, “All of you were beaten to this state by just a single Yan Zhaoge?”

Chao Yuanlong was silent for a moment, before he slowly said, “This time was this one’s defeat; this one has nothing to say about it. This humiliation; this one will personally avenge it in the future!”

Some of the young disciples glanced at Chao Yuanlong, before saying in a low tone, “Senior apprentice-brother Xiao, could it be that you intend to…”

The bearded man snorted, “Before that, I’ll be personally going to take a look at this Yan Zhaoge’s skills.”

He laughed mockingly, “Of the Four Young Masters of the current era, it is him of Broad Creed Mountain who’s most unworthy of the title.”

“But while not having even reached the outer aura stage, he could actually beat junior apprentice-brother Chao to such a state; I must admit that such a thing was out of my expectations.”

Chao Yuanlong’s face darkened, but he did not speak.

Meanwhile, looks of anticipation appeared on the faces of the other Sacred Sun Clan disciples, “Senior apprentice-brother Xiao, you plan to fight him personally?”

The person in question was called Xiao Shen. Being older than Chao Yuanlong, he had naturally cultivated for a longer time than him. At the present moment, his cultivation was also much higher than that of Chao Yuanlong; he was a Martial Scholar of the late outer aura stage.

Like Chao Yuanlong, he was one of the most prominent figures within the Sacred Sun Clan; they were undefeated amongst those of the same generation as well as those in the same cultivation stage.

The difference was that although Chao Yuanlong was a genius, he had no background to speak of. It was only that his potential had been recognised by some members of the senior generation, who had therefore put in effort in grooming him.

Xiao Shen was similar to Yan Zhaoge, in that his grandfather was a Grand Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan, and a renowned peak-stage Martial Grandmaster within the Eight Extremities World.

The four who had been acclaimed as the Four Young Masters, other than being extremely talented in the area of cultivation, all possessed extraordinary backgrounds.

The son of the Sacred Sun Clan’s Chief, also known as the Radiant Prince, stood side by side along with Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge as one of the era’s four Young Masters.

Due to him being in the same clan as the Radiant Prince, Xiao Shen had not been placed within the ranks of the Four Young Masters; this had actually been one of Xiao Shen’s greatest sources of lament all along.

Thus, he usually saw Yan Zhaoge, the youngest of the Four Young Masters, as a thorn in his flesh.

However, due to his age and the long time he had already spent cultivating, as well as the fact that Yan Zhaoge’s nemesis had always been Chao Yuanlong, he had so far been unable to find a good reason to make his move, considering his current cultivation realm.

“The so-called Broad Creed Young Master; I’ve always treated him as a joke.”

Xiao Shen laughed coldly, “Now, it looks like I have underestimated him?”

“All of you are to continue the search; if reliable results are obtained, I will definitely give you no less than what I have promised.”

“I’ll be heading to Overlooking Abyss City for a showdown; Hah, how much is that Yan Zhaoge really worth?”


In the days following the investigation, Yan Zhaoge remained within Overlooking Abyss City. Every once in a while, he would enter the Sealing Dragon Abyss, drawing on the chaotic streams of baleful qi within to polish his aura-qi and work on his cultivation.

When within Overlooking Abyss City, he also did not slack off, continuing to cultivate diligently.

Within an enclosed room, Yan Zhaoge was seated on the floor. Adopting a stance with his fist, his entire aura changed in an instant!

The pose looked a little comical, making him resemble a giant ape. However, Yan Zhaoge’s entire body actually began emitting a ferocious, bloodthirsty feel, as his muscles bulged one by one, the blood vessels beneath them jumping up and down non-stop, resembling a suppressed, furious dragon thrashing about in unabated fury.

Instantly, his entire person resembled a primordial demonic ape, aggressive beyond compare.

Yan Zhaoge nodded satisfactorily, “The Six Spirits Demonic Fist is indeed a good martial art.”

The Six Spirits Demonic Fist was one of the top-tier martial arts kept by the Divine Palace in the era before the Great Calamity. It had originated from observing six different formidable demonic beasts, and slowly transformed into a secret martial art on the demonic side.

It contained six different paths of fist techniques; any single one of these alone, would already be considered an excellent martial art.

Although Yan Zhaoge’s body was currently already in the Martial Scholar realm, having successfully converted his inner qi into aura form and attained a cultivation of the late inner aura stage, as he saw it, it had not been developed very well during the initial Body Refinement stage. There was still much room for improvement.

Thus, he had specially chosen the Six Spirits Demonic Fist, to resume the training of his fleshly body.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Ever since having crossed worlds for the second time and become the new owner of his current body, Yan Zhaoge had always been cultivating like this.

That the Chao Yuanlong who had always been on equal terms with this body’s original owner now got beaten like a dead dog by the current Yan Zhaoge was not because he was too incompetent, but was because Yan Zhaoge’s had experienced an all-round increase in power.

It was not only just that his sword arts had become more profound, causing him to be able to fight with opponents at a higher level. At the same time, his body’s foundation had also improved tremendously.

After having finished training in the Mighty Ape Demonic Fist, Yan Zhaoge’s form changed, as he adopted yet another stance with his fist.

With his low exhalation, the muscles on Yan Zhaoge’s entire body began coiling and entwining. Beneath his skin, several large blood vessels tangled up, pushing on his flesh, causing his flesh which had already been quite tough originally to grow even stronger.

This was another path of the Six Spirits Demonic Fist, the Tough Rhino Demonic Fist, originating from the great rhinoceroses that roamed the wild in the primordial era, their defensive power almost unmatched under the heavens.

After the Tough Rhino Demonic Fist was the Ocean Stabilising Fist. Yan Zhaoge sat down on the floor in the meditative position, resembling a statue as he remained completely unmoving.

However, the floor beneath him was rumbling weirdly, as it had suddenly transformed into a water surface.

The water surface was quiet at times while rowdy at others, such that most would find it hard to scrutinize.

It was as if there was a gigantic turtle, its four pillar-like legs striding through the ocean, resembling four Heaven Stabilising Needles, keeping all the waves within a five thousand kilometre radius in check, not being able to move as they wanted.

This gigantic turtle looked as though it possessed tremendous power, yet had an extremely gentle personality, resembling a high monk sitting still in meditation, possessing extreme patience and not making waves whatsoever.

After having trained in the Ocean Stabilising Fist, Yan Zhaoge got up, his stance changing yet again.

Earlier, the Mighty Ape Demonic Fist had been unyielding and violent, resembling a raging fire and an unrestrained storm, causing the oceans to tremble and the mountains to collapse. It was a technique that followed the path of the unyielding, extreme yang.

In contrast, the fist technique that he was training in now was exquisite and agile, resembling silk being woven and the wind greeting the willows. It was a technique that followed the path of the gentle, extreme yin.

The Heavenly Snake King Fist, also one of the six techniques of the Six Spirits Martial Fist. As Yan Zhaoge made his move, his arms intertwined and twisted, falling into sync with his breathing, giving off ‘Si…si…’ sounds, resembling an intelligent snake spitting out a warning.

It was not Yan Zhaoge intentionally imitating one; the voice had come completely naturally. It was as if the room contained a large snake, incessantly letting out hissing noises.

And these hissing noises had not been induced by his aura-qi; they were purely being emitted from his body of flesh and blood.

Yan Zhaoge was currently training in fist techniques, not touching his qi whatsoever. It was a pure tempering of his fleshly body.

The various fist techniques all having been performed once, Yan Zhaoge stopped. However, he had not stopped to rest; he was currently entering the meditative position once again.

“The Sealing Dragon Abyss has already sufficiently tempered my aura-qi; all preparations are complete. I should just take that step right here, right now.”

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