History's Strongest Senior Brother

Chapter 3: Performing a Great Play

TN: I don’t actually have a schedule but I’ll try to update often. This chapter was extremely annoying to translate with all the looks, glares and glances. There’s only one word in Chinese but as a rule, English doesn’t like repetition so I needed synonyms. Of course, there’s less of that in future, but this time I was really troubled by the wording of some of these sentences.

Si Kongqing looked towards Yan Zhaoge and seemed to examine him closely.

They were heading towards the Dragon Sealing Abyss, an infamous danger zone. Should Yan Zhaoge decide to make life difficult for Ye Jing as the leader of this expedition, then it would be difficult for Ye Jing to survive the trip.

The thoughts of the others were much simpler. Some were glad that someone as strong as senior brother Yan was leading the training expedition. Others stared at Yan Zhaoge fervently because they wanted to befriend and curry favor with him.

The few in the know were looking at Ye Jing as if waiting to watch a good show.

Ye Jing’s eyebrows drew together tightly, after joining the sect, he had already learned of many things.

The slightly older youth before him not only had higher cultivation and strength, but he also possessed deeply profound backing within the sect.

Yan Zhaoge’s father was an elder who happened to be one of the highest authority figures of Broad Creed sect. Even without accounting for martial strength, his position and authority within the sect was solidly top five. He was also a direct disciple of the sect leader and a strong contender for the position of sect leader’s successor.

Ye Jing’s fists gradually tightened. His eyes focused on Yan Zhaoge without hiding or showing weakness.

“Are these the so-called eyes full of unyielding flames?”

Without knowing whether to laugh or cry, Yan Zhaoge shifted his line of sight towards the doorway leading to the side chamber, “Greetings, elder Cui.”

A white haired old man appeared in the doorway. Ye Jing and the other hurriedly bowed and paid their respects upon seeing him, “Disciple greets honored elder.”

This white haired elder happened to be a deacon elder of the assignment hall just like the middle aged man who requested Yan Zhaoge the day before.

To Ye Jing and the others, whether it was his cultivation or his position both signified that he was a powerful figure deserving of respect.

The old man regarded Yan Zhaoge with a smile on his face, “Martial nephew Yan, you already arrived? Very good. Very good.”

Yan Zhaoge replied, “Elder Cui, in that case I will leave the task of disseminating information regarding the matter of the Dragon Sealing Abyss to you, please.”

Allowing his gaze to fall upon Yan Zhaoge, Ye Jing, Si Kongqing and others like them, Elder Cui smiled and said, “An unexpected surge up suddenly occurred in the Dragon Sealing Abyss. The local forces have already performed the initial handling. Your task this time is to help investigate the abnormal behavior of the Dragon Sealing Abyss by entering the pool itself.”

He paused for a bit before looking towards Yan Zhaoge, “In principle, this task only requires a simple report after verifying the situation. However, should your group encounter an unexpected situation that requires prompt decision making, this old man has faith in your abilities. Martial nephew Yan, please act at your discretion.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Elder Cui overpraises me.”*

Elder Cui laughed along, before his gaze shifted towards three people including Ye Jing, “You three should have each received an artifact as a reward from youth competition. How have you progressed in nourishing them and figuring out their function?”

Ye Jing and the two others replied together in respectful tones, “Ever since receiving the artifacts, we disciples have been continuously nourishing them even as we keep up our training. We can already control them on a basic level.”

In this world, ordinary weapons and defensive equipment were called mortal tools. Above mortal tool grade, there existed demi artifacts, artifacts, spirit artifacts, and even sacred artifacts. These can provide a power boost for warriors like adding wings to a tiger.

High level weapons and defensive equipment were even mighty on their own, fully capable of piercing the heavens or sundering the earth.

Unfortunately, normal craftsmen can only create mortal tools. Any equipment above mortal tool grade required martial warriors to create it themselves. In addition, in order to refine artifacts of certain rank, proportional strength is needed in the form of a certain level of cultivation.

Not only that, artifact refinement was not something just anyone could learn. Its methods were exceedingly difficult to comprehend. The materials required were also scarce. Overall, the current world had fewer artifacts than martial warriors of the equivalent rank.

Nevertheless, Holy Grounds like Broad Creed Mountain were affluent enough to award their disciples with artifacts.

Ye Jing and them just happened to win the first three places of the youth competition for new disciples. The artifacts they received were enough to fill their peers with envy.

Elder Cui nodded, “Artifacts possess spirit. If you nourish them consistently without slacking off, then they will help you demonstrate additional might when time comes to face the enemy.”

Ye Jing and the two others promptly nodded. Even though the rewarded artifacts were only low grade, but for the current them, these artifacts were already world-changing supreme treasures.

Actually their current cultivation was only enough to control demi artifacts. The artifacts they had could be considered extremely luxurious equipment.

There was only a limited amount of good equipment. If they were not members of Broad Creed Mountain, simply owning a demi artifact would be heaven’s grace.

There were countless people with cultivation levels similar to Ye Jing and them in this world who could only depend on mortal tools.

Elder Cui looked towards Si Kongqing, Ye Jing, and the others, “These eight are all new disciples. They might have also undertaking training tasks, but their experience is a bit lacking. You eight, remember to take extra care.”

Si Kongqing calmly said, “This disciple complies.”

The other seven hurriedly voiced their agreement as well.

Elder Cui examined the sixteen young disciples assigned to this expedition as he stroked his beard. His gaze suddenly fell upon Ye Jing almost as if in surprise, “Hmm? Your cultivation… you’ve already successfully established your dantian’s qi ocean?! You weren’t at this stage earlier during the youth competition. In such a short time, you’ve actually improved by a realm?”

Acting neither servile nor overbearing, Ye Jing replied with a smile, “The techniques and resources provided by the sect are much superior to those of my clan.”

“You’ve only joined the sect for a short time. This is mainly a result of your outstanding talent,” praised elder Cui.

Th young disciples who joined the sect together with Ye Jing underwent a slow change in opinion at that moment, “Before, he was already number one in the youth competition, but in a short time, he has once again advanced another step. I used to think I could catch up at least a little, but who would have thought the difference actually became bigger.”

“Even though his background isn’t as good as senior brother Yan, but… this is also a true genius!”

Almost as if he suddenly realized something, elder Cui continued to ask, “This old man just thought of something. If I remember correctly, you should have cultivated for barely three full years, correct?”

Ye Jing replied, “Yes, honored elder. In my youth, I struggled by myself to strengthen my body and build my foundation. I truly came into contact with cultivation techniques and martial skills at the age of thirteen.”

Elder Cui burst out with abnormally genial laughter, “Good! Very good!”

Yan Zhaoge stood on the other side observing this act, his lips twitched strangely.

“I just knew it wouldn’t be this simple. So it was waiting for me here.” Yan Zhaoge glanced at elder Cui with a shadow of a smile.

Some of the other young disciples suddenly seemed to realize something and secretly sneaked peeks at Yan Zhaoge.

Elder Cui looked between Yan Zhaoge and Ye Jing and stated with appreciative sigh of admiration, “If I still remember correctly, martial nephew Yan trained for barely three full years before successfully establishing the qi ocean in his dantian. The heavens are assisting my Broad Creed Mountain. Another genius among geniuses has appeared!”

Everyone’s expressions gradually became restrained and ambiguous. Their gaze shifted back and forth between Yan Zhaoge and Ye Jing.

“We didn’t understand Ye Jing’s circumstances before. In truth, he only officially cultivated for only barely three years!”

“This Ye Jing is actually someone comparable to senior brother Yan. What frightening talent!”

“No wait. Senior brother Yan grew up in Board Creed Mountain with the personal instruction of elder Yan. His cultivation environment, conditions, techniques, resources, and legacy, no matter which aspect, they are all superior to Ye Jing’s.”

“Looking at it that way, isn’t this Ye Jing even more… even more… my god, how is that possible?”

Ye Jing took a deep breath. He raised his eyes and calmly stared towards Yan Zhaoge with his back straighter than before, as if he were a javelin that would pierce the heavens.”

Yan Zhaoge conversely did not look at him. His interest had gathered upon the still smiling elder Cui.

Other disciples of the younger generation might not know this man’s bottom line, but how could Yan Zhaoge not know?

This old man was someone backed by his second martial uncle, who was his father’s competitor for the position of successor and next sect leader of Broad Creed Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge slightly squinted his eyes for a moment. Then he started laughing soundlessly.

*This line xhuoxiao ‘说笑‘ transliterates to ‘elder Cui is making a joke’ or ‘elder Cui is telling jokes’ or ‘elder Cui is trying to make me laugh’ but actually this line is simply a modest response to praise. You can think of it as a type of etiquette. You’ll be seeing more of this in future.

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