History's Strongest Senior Brother

Chapter 8: Adversary from the Past

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Yan Zhaoge did not pay much mind to the thoughts of others. Whether it was Ye Jing or Si Kongqing or anyone else, he simply did not care.

While the matter of the Dragon Sealing Abyss was rather pressing, their current route crossed through Eastern Tang Kingdom. If it was just some bystander then it would not matter, but the current ruler of Eastern Tang Kingdom was someone Yan Zhaoge needed to pay his respects to in official capacity.

That person was more than just the king of Eastern Tang Kingdom, one of East Heaven Region’s powerful and influential figures. More importantly, he was an old friend of Yan Zhaoge’s father from when he was young and he had also shown a lot of care towards Yan Zhaoge in the past.

When there were abnormalities at the Dragon Sealing Abyss, the strongest warriors of Eastern Tang Kingdom including the lord and the overseer from Broad Creed Mountain would naturally respond first because they were the closest. As the first to arrive on the scene, they had already investigated and suppressed the unusual activity. Yan Zhaoge’s expedition to the danger zone, the Dragon Sealing Abyss, required that he acquire a thorough understanding of the area and information on its newest developments.

After visiting the Lord of Eastern Tang Kingdom, Yan Zhaoge paid an official visit to the affairs elder of Broad Creed Mountain managing Eastern Tang Kingdom.

This visitation would not be as easygoing or harmonious as the previous one, because this member of Broad Creed Mountain’s presence in Eastern Tang Kingdom happened to belong to Yan Zhaoge’s second martial uncle’s faction.

The Eastern Tang affairs elder appeared to be a serious old man on the outside. He peered at Yan Zhaoge and without any unneeded nonsense, he stated what was already known about the situation in a couple simple sentences. Yan Zhaoge listened and pondered at the same time.

“Sun Saint Sect’s Chao Yuanlong has also appeared at the Dragon Sealing Abyss. Keep focused and be prepared,” the elder stated tranquilly after describing the changes that occurred in the Dragon Sealing Abyss.

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Was it not because of him that the sect asked me to lead this expedition?”

In the present world, several Holy Grounds stood equal to one another. The Sun Saint Sect is one of those few enormous forces that could to compared to Broad Creed Mountain. In fact, its strength was even greater than Broad Creed Mountain and imperceptibly held the position of number one Holy Ground.

Chao Yuanlong was one of Sun Saint Sect’s great geniuses of the younger generation, he too was known as a chosen son of heaven. It just happened that he was of similar age to Yan Zhaoge and possessed the same level of cultivation, internalized astral qi late phase. In the Eight Extremities World, he is also a famous up and coming member of the young generation.

The original owner of Yan Zhaoge’s body conflicted with Chao Yuanlong three times, and all three exchanges ended up in a tie. The two were known to be old adversaries of the younger generation in the Eight Extremities World.

The Eastern Tang affairs elder said, “That person is also a rare talent. To cultivate the Greater Yang Golden Needle Technique of the Sun Saint Sect to the eighth level, he needs more than just incredible aptitude; immense perseverance is also necessary. If he can break through to the next level, you should understand without this old man telling you, correct?”

Greater Yang Golden Needle Technique is an unpopular martial technique of the Sun Saint Sect. If cultivated to a high level, it can demonstrate extremely formidable prowess. Among warriors of the same level, it is one of the techniques existing at the peak.

However, its might is rather limited in the early stages, at least before reaching the sixth level. Only after reaching the seventh level will it demonstrate its power.

And it just so happens that the technique was very difficult to cultivate. The process requires the cultivator to endure the pain of a raging inferno scorching their body, as if the entire body was being stabbed by ten million steel needles. Cultivating this technique is like abusing yourself.

Moreover, the Sun Saint Sect naturally has stronger and more profound techniques for the disciples as their cultivation increased. Therefore very few sect members would choose to cultivate this technique.

Yan Zhaoge spoke nonchalantly, “At his age, to have cultivated the Greater Yang Golden Needle Technique to the ninth stage is rare indeed. In the entire history of the Sun Saint Sect, there are no more than five who have achieved this. To become famous within his generation at the Sun Saint Sect, he would naturally have some aspect surpassing the norm.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Thank you elder for your reminder. I am well aware of the situation.”

Eastern Tang affairs elder gave him a glance before he calmly said, “If that is the case, then you may go. Should something happen at the Dragon Sealing Abysss, immediately make a report. Take care of the disciples on this expedition and do not allow any mishaps to occur.”

Yan Zhaoge got up and said, “Then I will be taking my leave. Take care elder.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge’s departing back, the old man’s placid eyes slowly closed, “Fickle and frivolous brat, he can speak the words but lacks understanding.”


The Dragon Sealing Abyss is an enormous rift valley that stretches horizontally across the land. Both sides are surrounded by mountains and it is so deep that its depth cannot be seen. Black mist covers this place all year long.

The black mist is a harmful substance. The deeper one goes into the Abyss, the thicker the mist becomes. Even strong warriors do not dare venture inside unless necessary. There are also many strange demonbeasts born within these mists that are unusually aggressive.

Venturing deep in the Dragon Sealing Abyss where the black mist covers everything also causes bizarre spatial disorders, which make it difficult to determine one’s actual location. It is extremely difficult for those outside to rescue those lost within.

Nevertheless, there are often warriors who enter the place to seek treasure because the Dragon Sealing Abyss produces many special treasures that are completely unique or at least rare elsewhere.

Of course, many of those who enter are never seen again alive.

Therefore one must carefully consider the risks. The Dragon Sealing Abyss is a place famous for peril.

Yan Zhaoge and his expedition left Eastern Tang Kingdom’s capital and traveled all the way to the outer edges of this danger zone.

“Do you all know the history of the Dragon Sealing Abyss?” Standing on the mountain ridge right beside the steep drop, Yan Zhaoge said, “The Eight Extremities World is commonly divided into eight vast territories, known as Heaven, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Mountain, and Lake.

“One of these, the earth territory, has become a wasteland after many years of transformation. It is the world’s largest danger zone. Because of this, we now call that place the ‘Underworld’.

“And from the Underworld many giant cracks extend to the surrounding regions. This Dragon Sealing Abyss happens to be one of the largest of these cracks. And a large portion of this Abyss happens to pass through our Broad Creed Mountain’s Heaven Territory.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “A sudden anomaly at the Dragon Sealing Abyss without any clear cause, we will need to remain prudent.”

All the Broad Creed Mountain disciples nodded to signal their understanding.

Under Yan Zhaoge’s lead, everyone slowly walked down into the rift.

Even though this is a dangerous place, people have already built paths on the outer edges.

Lanterns lit up along the path at fixed intervals. Thin streams of green smoke steadily rose and partitioned off the black mist from a small area allowing people to advance forward.

This is Eastern Tang Kingdom and Broad Creed Mountain’s work. When the strong members of both forces reacted and came to suppress the anomaly, they created this pathway. Afterward, they guarded the Abyss while contacting Broad Creed Mountain waiting for people to come and investigate the abnormalities.

Had the anomaly not been promptly suppressed, the black mist might have surge out of the rift.

Yan Zhaoge’s group visited those local forces responsible for guarding this place, then they started to advance deeper into the Dragon Sealing Abyss.

Yan Zhaoge walked in the very front. Part of his attention was on the surrounding while he pondered in his mind, “This black mist is chaotic dao baleful qi as expected. Even though it can be used to create something that benefits the internal crystal furnace. The substance itself is harmful in a hundred ways without a single benefit.

“No wait… perhaps it isn’t without a single merit?

“There is a large difference in increase of strength between internalized astral qi middle phase to late phase and internalized astral qi late phase to externalized astral qi early phase. The latter produces a much larger increase. While it can’t be said to be the difference between heaven and earth, but at least it is like shedding one’s mortal body and being reborn again.”

Yan Zhaoge thought to himself, “When astral is externalized, the body’s defenses become extremely strong.

“If an internalized martial scholar attacks an externalized martial scholar with all his strength, assuming the externalized martial scholar is not defending his weak points, then there is a chance of success. Otherwise, most of the time, the internalized martial scholar is just wasting his strength.

“On the other hand, an externalized martial scholar can release astral qi outside his body and demonstrate amazing attack power. Breaking through an internalized martial scholar’s astral qi defense layer is quite easy.”

“Too bad that while internalized to externalized is only a single step, this step is a wide gap that is difficult to cross. Breaking through will not be easy. The main difficulty is the large amount of time required to meticulously polish one’s astral qi and refine one’s body.”

Walking through the Dragon Sealing Abyss surrounded by incalculable danger, Yan Zhaoge unexpectedly smiled.

“However, if one uses the whirlpool reverse stream method from the heaven and hell reversal technique with some modifications, then conduct this chaotic dao baleful qi into one’s body, then trash can be changed into treasure. A great whetstone can be obtain for polishing one’s astral qi. This is perfect for helping me break through the hurdle of externalizing astral qi outside the body, from internalized martial scholar to external martial scholar.”

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