Holding On to My Man

Chapter 109

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Things developed more crazily than Lu Yaoji expected.

When the news of Yin Baigu’s death reached the demon realm, Ye Cang, who was originally quiet, suddenly began to riot as he quickly ran out of the demon realm.

Since ancient times, there was no undeserved reputation for the demon realm’s god of war. Every god of war could be classified as the most powerful one in the demon realm during their reign. In the demon realm, where it was clear that whoever was the strongest had the most respect, the god of war was a being that even surpassed the demon emperor.

Not one demon dared to stop him, and no one could actually stop him. Ye Cang left the demon realm alone, and while holding a long halberd he broke into the realm of the immortals.

Without stopping, he killed the immortal who attempted to obstruct him from advancing. Throughout the bloodshed, Ye Cang kept calling out one name: “Baigu”. Blood flowed everywhere he passed.

Until he robbed a puppet the size of a hand from Yin Li. It was lifeless and was no different from ordinary jade carvings. From then on, whenever anyone mentioned Ye Cang, he was no longer referred to as the god of war but a lunatic.

He seemed to have lost his sanity. He completely fell into a state of madness. The strong stimulation drove him into a frenzy. His power soared, and his eyes were red as he slaughtered without stopping in the realm of immortals.

Yin Li led the immortals to fight to the death, but they were only able to seriously injure him.

People had thought that things would end with that, but no one thought that Ye Cang would become so crazy.

After disappearing for several months, he reappeared, still in his black armor, carrying a silver halberd as he broke into the realm of the immortals alone.

This time, unlike when he had lost his mind before, he was now extremely calm, but was more frightening than before.

He began to break into each of the immortal cities, killed wildly, reaped the lives of the immortals, and slaughtered tens of thousands of immortals, before finally coming to the heavenly palace.

Even if three thousand years had passed, the immortals who personally experienced it would still be chilled to the bone.

Only, they saw this crazy man take out densely packed bodies of dead immortals from his storage ring. As if it was raining, the bodies fell, piling up to surround the whole immortal palace.

Blood accumulated and flowed across the ground to cover the insteps of their feet. The corpses that died a violent death exuded bursts of death qi. Every immortal face at the scene paled. Even if they had seen countless deaths, they still could feel fear at this moment.

But they were more concerned about what this lunatic was about to do at this moment.

“It’s the Ninth Punishing Immortal Blood Transfusion Technique! It’s the legendary taboo technique that could reverse reincarnations, the Ninth Punishing Immortal Blood Transfusion Technique! He’s going to sacrifice the whole immortal realm to reverse reincarnation!

The wise immortals shouted in horror.

There weren’t many people who knew this technique, and most of them were at a loss, but those immortals who knew were all frightened.

This technique had no great effect. The only effect was to reverse reincarnation. To put it bluntly, it was to let the dead come alive again.

No one knew who its creator was, but the immortals who were proficient in spell formations knew that this technique was completely a taboo existence.

No matter life or death, as long as their souls were not annihilated, all six beings could be reincarnated. There was no need to resurrect since they could just find the reincarnation of that person.

But this technique reversed reincarnation and resurrected those who had turned into ashes and couldn’t enter the reincarnation cycle.

Since they had gone up in smoke, if you wanted to resurrect them, it was an act against heaven, so naturally you had to pay a certain price.

There was no doubt that at this moment, Ye Cang was just going to take the lives of the entire realm of immortals in exchange for Yin Baigu.

Insane, Insane. This man is seriously insane!

This was the only thought left in everyone’s heads besides fear.

Yes, at this moment, Ye Cang was indeed crazy.For someone who had never fallen in love, once they did, it would be a deep love that was to an extreme level and until death.

What did the lives of the people in the immortal realm have to do with him? And so what if he suffered the disdain of tens of thousands of demons in the demon realm? He was originally an enemy of the immortal realm, and the demon realm’s god of war would also have another successor.

But there was only one Yin Baigu, and there was only one person who would hide behind the big stone and stick out his small head and open his mouth to smile at him….

His unfeeling eyes flashed with blood-red light as he watched the pale-faced immortals. He began to initiate his plan, with a cold and detached voice.

“Since he died because of you all, then you will pay the price to let him live again!”

Ye Cang’s madness was unthinkable for everyone. All the immortals who had survived that terrible catastrophe couldn’t forget that scene.

The bloody mist shrouded all of the immortal palace. The howls of countless immortal friends, known or unknown, were heard. The thick bloody smell filled their noses. Fear, fear, besides fear, there was still more fear!

However, Ye Cang was admittedly valiant and crazy, but Lu Yaoji was right. He couldn’t fight against everyone in the six realms alone.

So the horrible sacrifice was not successful. In the middle of the uproar, the other four realms’ monarchs came to fight with Yin Li, and the elders of the immortal realm went against Ye Cang and finally banished him into the ninth hell abyss seal.

Since then, the name of Yin Baigu had also become an unspeakable name in the immortal realm.


When all of the truth unfolded, Gu Bai could only feel pain in his chest.

“This game of chess began to be laid out when you found that I fell in love with Ye Cang. You knew that it was impossible for me to let go of Ye Cang because of my character, so you intended to completely erase Ye Cang from my memories. That’s why even though you’ll know that I’ll alienate myself from you because of Ye Cang, you still let Lu Yaoji steal the compass that controls me…

“Because no matter how much resentment and estrangement I have towards you at that time, as long as Nirvana succeeds, everything that once existed will disappear, never to have existed…

“You know me so well, but I also know you well. After all, you and I have been together for thousands of years, haven’t we?…”

Gu Bai looked at Yin Li, whose throat was so dry it made it hard for him to speak, and his eyes were as cold as a deep pool.

At this moment, he was no longer the Yin Baigu from before; he was Gu Bai who had freedom, so he wouldn’t call him his master anymore.

“You have thought well and guessed all my reactions, but one thing you didn’t expect was that I don’t believe anyone in the immortal realm. From the moment I was controlled, I no longer believed anyone anymore…”

“When Feng Siming appeared, I guessed what you wanted to do, just as you guessed all my reactions.”

“But I didn’t know if I could win this chess game, so I decided to take a risk. I took advantage of Lu Yaoji, making use of her hatred for me. I sealed all the memories in my heart and let her keep them for me, because I knew that with her hatred toward me, it was absolutely impossible for me to come back alive… As it turns out, I won the bet.”

Speaking of this, Gu Bai looked at Lu Yaoji, who was paralyzed on the ground, and smiled.

“Lu Yaoji, you once said I was stupid. Do you think I’m smart now? Rest assured, I won’t laugh at you, because the stupid one is really you.”

“I don’t hate you, but you shouldn’t have, really shouldn’t have schemed against Ye Cang. Remember what I said? As long as I live one day, I will not let Yin Li fall in love with you…”

“No, don’t…” Lu Yaoji shook her head violently. Her ten fingers on the white jaded steps left behind lines of blood.

Gu Bai smiled, but his expression didn’t reach his eyes. He wasn’t a saint, nor was he the pure Yin Baigu from before anymore. He would hate and complain too. He spoke softly to Yin Li.

“If you don’t want me to hate you, you must promise me that you will never, in any life, fall in love with Lu Yaoji.”

Yin Li didn’t speak, but neither did he hesitate to nod slowly.

“No–!” Lu Yaoji roared out, her mouth spilling out blood. She fell to the ground powerlessly, as she painfully cried.

Looking at her, from the innermost part of his heart, the corner of Gu Bai’s mouth perked up into a smile.

Yin Li was unlikely to fall in love with Lu Yaoji. Even if Gu Bai didn’t exist, Yin Li wouldn’t fall in love with Lu Yaoji. He said this on purpose, of course. Look at how bad he was…

However, it didn’t matter whether he was the previously pure Yin Baigu, or the present Gu Bai, who was playing with the whole world. There was such a person who was always willing to fight against the whole world for him.

He turned around and walked to Ye Cang, reaching out to brush the man’s handsome and resolute face slowly.

“I once asked you about the original hosts of those tasks. They exchanged their souls with you, so where would they go after the tasks were completed? You told me they go where they should go… This place is the seventh realm you’ve created for me, right?”

Because he was not a man from the six realms, the six realms were a place that would not allow him to stay.


Gu Bai was choked with laughter, and he reached for Ye Cang’s hand and tightly intersected them.

Even if the whole world repelled him and couldn’t tolerate him, so what? It was sufficient enough for him to only have this man.

The realm of the immortals for him was simply desolate. He motioned to Ye Cang to leave. When he turned around, Yin Li suddenly grabbed the corner of his clothes and bitterly spoke with hope.

“If our fate in the next life has not come to an end, I would rather turn my back on heaven than betray you…”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have another life.”

Gu Bai calmly looked back and brushed off his hand and departed.

As he watched the red-clothed man leave, Yin Li finally fell to his knees on the ground, dejected.

As he watched the red-clothed man leave, Yin Li covered his chest, having difficulty breathing.


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